Beach Cottage Photo Journalling A Photo A Day Challenge

Mon 2nd, Jan, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage ladies!

Thanks for all your comments over the last week or so, I appreciate it…

Following on from yesterday I wanted to tell you about a special thing I am doing for January 2012.

If you have been with me for a long time, you will know that I went from being the worst amateur photographer in the world to being a slightly better amateur photographer in the world with a all singing all dancing camera.

So, this year, is the year I expolore life, through photography, I am never quite as happy, it seems, than when snapping…whether I am zapping the beach with my phone, with my big-girls camera on a walk, snapping buildings or embracing the light in this old cottage…

Yesterday someone said to me on the beach

‘Everytime I have looked at you you have been holding up your phone taking a photo!’

Yes sirreee Mr President, I have been.

Idig it.  I heart it.  I want it.   I love it.  Like I really love it.

Taking photos, rather than ‘photography’ floats my Beach Cottage boat…

And this year I am getting well out of my comfort zone, I will be photo journalling on Instagram and I am taking a photography course, plus I am making my camera manual my new best friend.

For this month, I will be joining lots of other lovely girls to explore their creativity, their life, their loves, in a Photo-a-Day prompt…I am hoping it will be good to jolt me out of my photography complacency  (there are only so many pictures of the Australian beach / sea / flowers / sky one girl can take) and get me learning a whole lot more about composition, and depth of field, but more importantly opening my eyes and getting me grateful for the little things around us all the time

Wanna play too?

Here’s the challenge….take a photo a day with the following prompts…I may be taking more than one ;-)






The lovely Chantelle from FatMumSlim is our intrepid leader…she has devised this 31 day plan of prompts (go see her lovely blog here)

How to take part?
Use the list above as a guide, and as inspiration, and take a photo each day. You can take it with your point-and-shoot camera, your big, fancy-pants DSLR, your iPhone {or equivalent} or whatever photo-taking-device you own.

You can upload you photos to Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Path, Facebook, your blog or just keep them on your desktop {and not share at all}. Whatever you want to do is totally fine. You can take the list above literally and stick to it, or take inspiration and go crazy.

If you’re sharing them on Twitter or Instagram – you can tag them with the hashtag #JANphotoaday so that everyone can follow along with you

If you want to follow me you can find me on Instagram as ‘abeachcottage’ (Followgram here if you don’t have an iPhone), on Twitter here, and I’l be posting to my Facebook too…or you can just follow along with my Twitpic page


My Day 1 is above, I am looking forward to Day 5, Day 11, and Day 17 and I will be expanding on Day 23.  A lot.

I’d love you to join me…leave me your names, or tag me so I can follow you too

Happy Days Beach Cottage ladies.  Happy Days.


love from the beaches


beach decor


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69 Responses to “Beach Cottage Photo Journalling A Photo A Day Challenge”

  1. Lois Gibbs says:

    I don’t want to hurt your feelings, critisize you, or sound mean, but I just don’t understand why all your pictures lately have been in shades of green and purple. You usually take beautiful pictures, so this has been a shock to me.

  2. Emma Tandy says:

    Hi Sarah Yourself and mrs a in the cove have inspired my to follow along, with this great fun, I’m getting my Camera manual out this year and going to use my camera more, you’ve also inspired me to use my phone more, I’m thinking, no I am signing up to do a distance learning course in photography, can’t wait to see you pictures have have x

  3. Hi Sarah! This is fantastic. I’m so happy you are expanding your amazing photography skills. You have such a talent x x

  4. this will be the 4th year that i am going to attempt photo a day / project 365 / capture your 365. lots of prompts out there and ideas. i used shutter cal for the past few years and in 2011 only missed 56 days which i am shocked at as i thought it would have been a lot more. Looking forward to seeing your daily photo journal.

    • sarah says:

      Hi Nicole

      I am very much enjoying this already…the prompting helps…

      Instagram is doing it for me…I love the way the filters change things up!

  5. Great idea – I am planning to do proejct 365 (or 366 this year) and hoping not to fall off the wagon.

    I am being easier on myself, and although I have signed up to some daily prompts/suggesstions etc I’ll not join in with these ones too!

    Planning to do mine with a combination of iphone and DSLR.

    Good luck! :)

    • sarah says:

      Yeah good idea Janmary…one of the reasons I have never done the 365 cos I don’t want to take on too much…even though I easily take more than one photo every day of my life lol!

      I am planning a iphone / DSLR combo too

  6. Happy New Year, Sarah! This sounds like such a fun adventure! You already take such gorgeously wonderful beach pics and home decor pics. I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing where new learnings will take you, too. These “x-a-day” challenges are fun. I’m doing a January writing challenge called A River Of Stones; participants just take notice of of things in their day and post a small “stone” (writing) about it. Good luck with your challenge and with your photography course!

    • sarah says:

      oooh your challegne sounds interesting Rose, I like the idea of writing a small stone…enjoy


      • Jos says:

        I’m writing stones as well – it makes you take notice of a moment and take a breath – think I’ll team it up with an Instagram for a double whammy!

  7. Catherine says:

    I have NO skill taking pictures but this sounds fun. I’m up for the challenge!

    • sarah says:

      you don’t need skill Catherine…it’s about photo journalling & so much fun looking at what everyone has come up with. ENJOY!


  8. Susan says:

    What a great idea! My resolution this year (in addition to revamping my blog) is to become a better photographer – you would think it would be easy for me – my father was a professional (career military) photographer, and I was always his model when I was growing up, and my husband has turned his hobby of photography into a budding profession, so I should use those resources to help my own picture taking skills.

    I need to wash my hair before I will consider taking a photo of myself, though LOL

    Happy New Year.

    • sarah says:

      haha Susan, I stuck my hair under a beach hat for mine!

      good luck with the photography, sounds like you have it in your genes!

  9. Janelle says:

    Hi Sarah. I’ve been following,lurking,stalking etc your gorgeous blog for over a year now and feel its time I finally left you a comment to say Thanks! for the inspiration and laughs you continually provide!! Happy New Year to you and look forward to 2012 @ b.c!!

  10. Barefoot Liz says:

    Hi Sarah! I’m actually going to join you in this photo challenge! Really sounds like fun. I’ll have to be creative on some of them so I think things could get silly. :-)

  11. clara turbay says:

    Happy new year, i wish you the best love this post!


  12. Sue says:

    I’m in, Sarah! Thanks for suggesting and hosting this bit of fun. Never done something like this so I’m really looking forward to it. Will post on my blog.

  13. Alyson says:

    Yeah, OK, I’m doing it! Mostly because I’ve just figured out how to send photos straight from my phone to my blog magically. As soon as there are cords involved I go into a coma! I’d love it if someone could explain Instagram to me though!

  14. Denita says:

    I just *love*, *love*, *love* challenges and especially challenges that include documenting our daily lives!

  15. Anna Todd says:

    Hey lovely beachside neighbour, you know I’m with you for the 30 day January photo challenge… (anna162)… instagram just makes a daily photo challenge soooo easy, not to mention fun! I’m also doing 2 other challenges… a photography I’m part of, we are using the 45 ‘words’ we all came up with for our 1st assignment we completed late last year on line…I’m using my DLSR for this one. I’m also doing another Instagram 365 Grateful project…storyboarding you know, all the little things I am grateful for in moi life…with a focus on ‘me’ time… Hey goodluck with the photography course you are doing…I did a few on-line course last year. Absolutely loved them…especially because we have all stayed in touch on FB, sharing, caring & continue to learn from one another! The world of photography ROCKS!!! See you round the Instagram corridors :oD xx

    • sarah says:

      yes instagram makes it so very easy…and I love the idea of just having it in my pocket and then finding inspiration….so good to open your photography eyes don’t you think? and sometimes my big girl camera is a bind to lug around…
      I love the sound of your group…need an extra participant? ;-)

      oh & I’d love to hear your feedback on the online course you did,…I am booked onto one but wouldn’t mind more!


  16. hi Sarah, I’m also doing this. I’m on Instagram as lilyfieldlife (of course!). I’ll check out your photos on Instagram also.
    Loving this Sydney sunshine!
    cheers Fiona

    • sarah says:

      errrm yes I am loving this Sydney sunshine so much that today I have a very sore back to show for it…I feel like a VERY bad Australian with this sunburn…haven’t had it since we first arrived here…I think I had forgotten with all this bad weather we have been having

      I followed you on Instagram, enjoy!


  17. michele in texas says:

    Perfect idea as usual! …..photography made No 1 on my 2012 list. I have a nice little Kodak C330 point&shoot digital but want a “real” camera to capture the beauty of nature. On a budget…anybody have suggestions for camera?

  18. What a great idea. My little camera is giving out it seems, just not taking the photos it used to. Maybe being dropped about a zillion times by my twins has contributed :) I look forward to viewing your photo adventures!
    Happy New Year Sarah.

  19. Jayne says:

    I was planning to do project 365 and I’m already a complete Instagram addict-so I’m in too :-)

  20. Rukmini Roy says:

    Happy new year sarah :) Sounds like fun. I think I will take this up but might have to skip a day or two- perils of being employed.
    I do not have an iphone and i think its time i gifted myself one in my birthday. 10 days to another party!

    • ouch, have you got some aloe vera lotion in the fridge (in true aussie style)? I spent my childhood naked and sunburnt on the beach…no rashies or hats back then.
      Hope you can sleep ok tonight.
      cheers Fiona

      • sarah says:

        yes, it was the first thing I did…went out & cut some aloe vera from the garden…showered and slathered it on! amazing how well it works…actually using it on my face at night too with my moisturizer xx

    • sarah says:

      you should gift it Rukmini, I LOVE my iPhone…and I LOVE instagram
      happy days x

  21. marcia says:

    Small world I’m thinking! I just signed up with Instagram 2 days ago, and out of the blue I took a picture of myself this morning. Now, the photo I took is totally cheesy, it’s basically the top of my head. After reading your post, I thought… “why not?” You can find me as frenchhen. This sounds like fun Sarah, I can’t wait to view your daily pictures. You’re such an inspiration! Marcia in Cali

  22. Alice says:

    I too have been loving my camera. My hubby has indulged this love by buying me a new camera last year… I have gone crazy taking pictures but like you I am to make the manual my friend… I can’t believe how much I am having and I am planning on taking a photography course too once the little ones are a bit more independent…I will have to look at this whole instagram… I might actually join (cue the angels singing Halleluiah)…

  23. Going over a year in pictures I realised I had far more pictures of my house and decorations than of us and our real life. So that is my resolution for 2012, chronicle our day-to-day better. I think this challenge will help. I have posted my first one (= day 2).

  24. I’m in! This sounds like a riot-I’ll get caught up today and post on instagram.

  25. Eileen. @ cottage beach house says:

    Hi Sarah, Now this is a real challenge, I’ m not so sure I have the resolve to commit, but I really do want to. I’ve been thinking about trying that instagram thing out. I believe I will give this a shot. I do love how you challenge us, last year was so fun to do the Saturday missions. You are fun to follow along with, and I always enjoy your photos. Thanks for inspiring us to expand our horizons. Happy New Year!
    Eileen :)

  26. Eileen. @ cottage beach house says:

    Yippee skippe, I just did the instagram thing. I think this is gonna be a blast. I love a New discovery, I just posted breakfast with my new Christmas present/ lover/ ipad. Oh boy Sarah I may become addicted to this!

  27. Susan says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I’m thinking of joining this challenge although I’m already a day late! Looks like fun!
    Happy New Year!

    • sarah says:

      I don’t think it matters if you are late, other people are joining all the time Susan, love to see you there x

  28. barbara woods says:

    i take hundreds of the grandkids every year and now i am starting on the great grands, take so many that hubby laughs at me

  29. Cheryl says:

    BOO HOO! I have BEACH ENVY!!!

  30. Candy says:

    Well, I’m hopelessly camera stupid and am actually known to forget to take a photo on special occasions! Yes, I know, no excuse but I will be enjoying your challenge vicariously!!

  31. alicia says:

    joining in on this Sars cause i just got my instagram working again though a few days behind!!

  32. Sonia says:

    I too am playing along with this one. Can’t wait to see your gorgeous pictures though :) xx sonia

  33. Susan says:

    shall give it a go…….. I am totally swamped during these holidays now but will MAKE AN EFFORT……. I shall take days 1,2,3 & 4 tomorrow……….. hopefully :)

  34. kath says:

    You know, the iPhone has an app called Photo365, that saves your photo right onto a calendar on your phone so you will be able to see what you photographed on any given day. I installed it a couple of days ago and I love it!

  35. Jos says:

    hey Sarah – do you use idarkroom by any chance on your iphone? A friend told me about it yesterday (I have been hunkered down in the dark ages clearly). It is faaaaaaaaaaaab!

  36. Sannah says:

    I did a 30 day one last year via flickr which I really enjoyed, and this year I am going to try a 365 day project based on Joy, and finding the joy in every day.
    Good luck with yours, and I am looking forward to seeing your pics!
    xx Sannah

  37. alison says:

    Oh Sarah I’ve had a shocker of a day and haven’t tuned in to your blog for what feels like a month. Then i read about a photo a day after wrangling with MS Publisher all day at work. I think I need a Bex and a good lie down.

    I look forward to your results and others to entertain me.