Beach Cottage Decor ~ Thrifting Tales ~ Vintage Nautical Coastal Style

Fri 20th, Jan, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage lovely lovely ladies, so, I have been spending some time thrifting lately…and found some lovely things for a bit of  beach cottage vintage coastal style

(BTW do we have any gents with us today?  If so get yeeselves outta Lurkdom and say G’day ;-) )


So, one of my goals for 2012 is to do more finding of vintage things (Mr Beach Cottage doesn’t know this yet…um actually I’m thinking I might actually give telling him that a miss).

In particular I want to finds some more vintage furntiure, especially small little chairs and stools and trunks, stuff like that, ‘cos of course I haven’t got enough of those already

…half of it, of course, is purely the pleasure of the thrill of the chase…not the actual stuff, which is dangerous and can mean one ends up with a garage full of vintage things and one’s husband’s eyebrows are extremely busy…


However, over the last eighteen months or so, vintage treasure hunting has become a lot less fun…you see most of the shops that I frequent around here have got stupid with their prices…and I cannot stand that.  When I am out on the hunt for old stuff, for some beach cottage decor, some vintage coastal style I really really don’t want to see a sticker with ‘vintage’ on it, or much worse ‘retro’ and a co-ordinating huge price tag….it’s not the money part, I dunno, it just kinda stinks to me…I always think, hello I am in a charity shop here!

So after repeatedly seeing this again and again at all my local shops, after thrifting with lg, and us laughing at the prices, and after seeing new stuff in places like Target (yes I know not vintage so not a great comparison) for less money, I kinda lost the thrifters urge a bit…I virtually got down to only looking at vintage cooking utensils (which also carry that ‘vintage’ ticket on them…and don’t even get me started on Tupperware, crazy!) and china and even that lost it’s shine…


Anyway this week, I had a bit of a score, it was a beautiful sunny day, actually it was hot and humid and I was on my way to pick up one of the kiddos from a play date…and going past an op-shop that I used to go in all the time, but now is out of my day-to-day route so haven’t been to for yonks.

In there I scored….

First of all these little bowls, I collect bowls, we always have our pre-dinner drink & snack with bowls plus I like to collect them for when people come over…

these are heavily crazed…just how I like them….they were originally $5, but at the register, what started was a hilarious discussion and deliveration of all the things I had gathered by the two ladies residing behind the counter…

after some discussion, they believed that, although these were


they were not ‘BRANDED’

and probably not


….so I got them for $4



Next up this teapot.  I always always look out for teapots, for two reasons, one I like them and love the old English ones, two, I drink a lot of (Australian) tea.

This one I thought would be good for camping, because, of course, I do go camping so very much in my life ;-)


When I took it to the register, there was much deliberation over the price, because there wasn’t a sticker on it (some shops I go to have big signs in there about that…if there isn’t a sticker on it they refuse to sell it to you…yeah really!)…so I was a bit hesitant to ask how much it was because they might accuse me of pulling off the sticker to try and get it cheaper (yes I have had that happen to me before, yes really!)…

So, the two lovely ladies behind the counter, first of all checked me out as to whether or not they thought I was a dodgy thrifter and had I removed the sticker…I guess I passed that test…

next they held it up…hmmm, they said, it’s not ENGLISH, but it is old

“do we think this is VINTAGE?’

I’m about rolling up by now, as if ‘VINTAGE’ is a brand

‘hmmm I don’t think so’

and they continued on, they lifted it up, inspected the underneath for a mark or brand, they turned it over and then they opened the lid

‘oooh! needs a clean!’

‘oooh ‘

and continued to tell me how best to clean it….they settled on a bit of vinegar plus some bicarb of soda.

still no price

they started at $8 because, even though they weren’t sure, it was old and they thought it could be ‘VINTAGE’

but in the end, they went for $6.

because I had to clean it


Next up I found my fave Grindley in Petal…I love this china and I have a growing collection of it now…it’s dead plain, with a lovely shape and I love all the colours it comes in, I’ve blogged about it before, it’s English from the war era if I remember rightly, hence the utility feel

This one is green and more unusual, it’s normally the pink that is more common, over here in Australia anyway…

the bowl was $5


This caused much more deliberation

‘Now this one, this is ENGLISH, no I can’t let it go less than $5′

I hadn’t said a word and now am nearly creased up with laughter.

‘Oh yes, this is a GRIMBEE’

I am rolling about on the floor.

‘Yes, GRIMBEE, from England’


the other one agreed

‘oh yes, definitely VINTAGE’

I am in stitches

they look at me quizzically

Do I want it?

Yes please.





And then there was the platter.

Oh my, this caused some discussion.

I liked it because I always buy platters, I prefer them to bowls for salads, and two have recently been broken in our house by those Beach Cottage rugrats who do the dishwasher, so this one, plain, white, simple and chic fit the bill perfectly.


Far from ‘VINTAGE’ but it threw another spanner in the works, because this my little Beach Cottage friends is from Country Road…and for some people that equates to posh and expensive.

So we had a little deliberating about this.

As to whether or not we could let it go for any less than six dollars.

‘hmmmm, well it’s not VINTAGE, but it is COUNTRY ROAD you know’

‘Yes, you know COUNTRY ROAD’

I’m on the floor again.

‘So, it’s going to have to be six, I think’

‘Yes, COUNTRY ROAD,  so six’

I’ll take it.


And last, but not least we have a vintage quilt.


I have stashed this away, because there is no way we needed any further bedding in our cottage and, actually, we have one very very similar.

It’s white and vintage and gorgeous and tassely and soft and I love it.



I hope you enjoyed thrifting for vintage things with me…I had a fun time…enhanced with a coffee and entertained by the Ladies from Lifeline

Have you had any good thrifted finds lately, or is it the same where you live…are the prices silly?  Love to know, leave me a comment….

See you next time Beach Cottage Girls, thanks for the Vlog love yesterday, you girls are just too kind…yes errrm Episode II of Beach Cottage Coastal TV is very much on the way.

love ya



p.s. Saturday Club is very much on tomorrow…get ready for downtime, post will be up in the morning Sydney time for all us Aussies



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96 Responses to “Beach Cottage Decor ~ Thrifting Tales ~ Vintage Nautical Coastal Style”

  1. Kimberly Buca says:

    g’day!! yesss! the prices here have gotten a bit crazy too! i am thinking because people are really getting on to shopping at thrifts!! my mom (mum) says shhhh dont tell everyone where we get our deals lol!! but i think here with the economy thats part of it!! i too like you am like geesh this stuff is donated!!!i have a few white quits like that i use them for couch slips i recently got a cream colored one that is more like a lacey crochet love it hangs over the arm of my couch! love all your finds! thanks for sharing enjoy your weekend and i need another beach pic fix soon!!!!!lol

    • sarah says:

      hmmm interesting Kimberly, I never thought of the economy influence..though you’d think that with people feeling the pinch the charities would lover their prices!

      boy do I have some HOT Aussie beach pics on the way for ya

  2. Leah says:

    That quilt is gorgeous! What a find. Your story cracked me up. It is so funny how this vintage thing has become such a THING and everyone is onto it. I think it is really hard to find good stuff now and when you do, the prices really are ridiculous. It doesn’t stop me looking though. Every now and again you come up with a winner. I think it’s the thrill of the hunt. Leahx

  3. You got some great bargains, luv it. How funny those ladies were, I’m not into thrifting anymore, we used to have the best 2nd hand man in our town who had ‘The eye for it’. and of course I go to many clearing sales. But I have not stepped into a charity shop to buy since my mum used to be one of those volunteer ladies in the lifeline shop at Hornsby. She too used to change the prices at her discretion, only charging 5 10 20c for items for people who were in real difficulty. My old girl was a savvy Personnel manager of a large international company and an after hours volunteer Lifeline counsellor too and could pretty quickly sniff out the ones who really needed a hand. I can’t tell you the number of things she used to bring home to polish up or wash to try to make more money for them. Lifeline does such a wonderful, wonderful job and thank you for supporting them.

    • sarah says:

      sounds like she was a good one Jodie!

      thanks I did have some good finds this time, the ladies were lovely! x

  4. Caz says:

    Hi Sarah

    Thank you so much for another great story what a crack up :-) I can just imagine those ladies at the thrift store – hilarious! You found some fabulous things and the quilt is divine – I just never seem to have much luck in the thrifting game.

  5. Alice says:

    lol… Oh my this is why I have stopped thrifting…. :( The prices have gone beyond silly for things that I can buy in better condition /new and cheaper…. I haven’t found anything interesting enough for me to buy ( I am hunting for mirrors, recomend anywhere?). Bought what I thought was the skirt (there were 3 left!) only to try it on and see that it was clearly the dress…. It looks terrible on me so I will be modifying it to be a little more flattering on me (curse my saddle bags – I can’t stand you, you bloody useless lumps!)… Sigh, looking foward to saturday club, I need a bit of a pick me up I have been as blue as the ocean water in your lovely photos….

    • sarah says:

      sorry to hear you are feeling blue Alice! I had that last week…

      oh with the dress, just wear a long flowy top over it…it’s tight enough to take that, hope that helps x

  6. Karen says:

    Nothing drives me more crazy when I am out thrifting and I find pieces that have been pained and then purposefully chipped up and then a tag that says vintage. Makes me want to scream.

    Your finds are lovely!

  7. loving ALL of your “new” “Vintage” Goodies, that quilt looks divine. our local op-shop is closed for January, can’t wait until it re-opens, as most people have been having clear outs, me being one of them, so looking forward to adding some “new / vintage” goodies at a great price, because the op-shop hasn’t caught onto that vintage tag yet, and there is no prices on anything, so i can usually walk out with a bundle of stuff for very little cost. The local Buy and Sell salvage store has only just before christmas opened up again he closed down and moved out of town, but came back, big was i glad of that, as his prices are really reasonable and he can get some great stuff in sometimes. i have pretty much finished our whole house from the products from his store. A smaller “junk” shop has opened this past year as well, but i was really put off with the fact that they “the ones running it” sat inside and smoked, but they do have some ok stuff so a visit back in there maybe in order. hmmm thinking this could turn into my very own blog post on my blog.. :)

    • sarah says:

      Nicole it sounds like you have some good ones near you then…lucky duck

      euuuuh to the smoking inside the shop, I would hate that!

  8. Tammi says:

    I have been thrifting for most of my life Sarah and have seen a huge increase in the prices charged…not to mention how trendy vintage and retro now is. I used to volunteer at Vinnies in Brisbane and was horrified at what was thrown away, it was criminal really.

    On the weekend two friends and I headed south to Albany and everywhere in between on a thrifting jaunt and I am most happy to report that most of the small country towns we passed through were still charging charity prices so we scored a bunch of ahem…real vintages finds for a bargain :) One of the shops we went to was like a huge warehouse and had been in the family for over 60 yrs…it was jam packed fill of the most wonderful treasures that we all got giddy and spent rather a long time in there rummaging…it was definitely the highlight of our trip.

    Love your finds too…that quilt is rather lovely as are the bowls.


    • sarah says:

      thanks TAmmi, yes I have seen a MASSIVE increase since I have been in Australia, it really irks me

      I am planning a big big thrifting jaunt to take in country towns, I love those old op shops xo

      • Tammi says:

        The country towns are definitely the place to scour for treasures Sarah :)
        I’m sure you will have a blast and find lots of lovely things to share with us.

  9. Annastacia says:

    I feel ya on the prices thing! It does kind of bother me a little too because I’m like I’ve always liked old things, but now old things are trendy so they cost more. I found a gorgeous pair of ballet flats for $3 the other day, they have ruffles :) My favorite place to look for cool old stuff is yard sales. You absolutely can not beat them! I always find awesome stuff for awesome prices. I found an old (dare I say vintage :) wood fruit crate filled with old wood tinker toys for $5. Now that cannot be beat :) Good luck with your treasure hunting!

    • sarah says:

      oooh that sounds nice Annastacia…yes I love garage sales, but with my kiddos busy sports schedules I don’t get to them as often as I’d like!

      thanks for popping by my blog

  10. Oh, they are all so pretty and they look like they are in good condition. Love the teapot. Hope you’re having a grand day. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  11. I LOVE your thrifty find adventures so this is my favourite post! Love the quilt. I’m all inspired to go ‘treasure hunting’ again.

    • sarah says:

      we’ll just have to go together one day Michelle, with a coffee xo

      • I’m down at mollymook at the moment and drove past the most amazing second hand shop today. Can’t wait to sneak away by myself and have a proper look. Will definitely treasure hunt with you!! X

  12. annie says:

    My husband has busy eyebrows too and does not understand the compulsion to NEVER drive past my favourite oppy. My penchant is small stools and linen and bowls and pretty much anything else that evokes a bit of nostalgia. They don’t use dirty words like ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’. More like ‘sturdy’ and ‘useful’. I had a similar lovely teapot like that that I bought for the 7yr old daughter’s tea party. It was big and embossed and, yes, ‘vintage’. Weeks after foolishly allowing the husband to clean up the party I realised he had disposed of the teapot, deeming it no longer useful after the event. Philistine!

  13. Brilliant tale Sarah- I haven’t started thrifting for our house here yet…my last thrifting was of course done in the country villages of ol’Blighty- familiar to you in memory!

    They don’t talk about any of that stuff- they don’t throw round big ticket words like *vintage* {tee hee!! that made me giggle!!}

    So I’ve only ever spent a fiver on anything…though I’d have paid more for that gorgeous quilt!!!

    Cracking find!!

    Melissa x

  14. Rukmini Roy says:

    Hahahahaha. You are right. These days they sell anything in the name of “English” & “vintage”. Plus the prices have really gone bad and high…things are not how its supposed to be. Thankfully, we have a saturday flea market that still sells some great ol’ stuff at reasonable prices. They dont know it yet maybe that we are crazy about it. There is less demand for old things here in India- people are more inclined towards “modern” spaces with steel shine and loads of carbon and matte aluminium finish. The few of us who likes thrifting get our stuff quite easily. There is supply but there is less demand. Lucky us. If you ever visit India, I’d love to take you there. :)

  15. cherrie says:

    Love that quilt. Sad that charity shops have to rip people off just because a donated item might or might not be vintage. I’ve seen Millers clothes and Homeart products priced like vintage because they are the products the old dears like for themselves. Recently I saw a brand new MixIt tshirt (the new Coles range) selling for $8 because it still had its tags on. I think the original price was @16 and they were selling it on for $8. Pity is that Coles has discovered the product wasn’t selling well and was marked down to $3. On a brighter note, the local op shop people are giving me ultra cheap prices because I asm not a tourist. It pays to be a regular. Cherrie

  16. Leisa Flanigan says:

    Sounds like you had fun and I enjoyed reading about it, lovely displays as well :))

  17. Alyson says:

    I think I first ‘met’ you after we were both having a whinge in another blog’s comments section about this very topic! Similarly I had to let it all go for a while because it suddenly became trendy and then expensive as a result. I have found though, that going to the Vinnie’s in small country towns is always fun and successful – more so if you take the time to chat with the lovely people volunteering there! Last week at the coast, I got a set of cream colored bowls with red rims – I’ve no idea the brand but they were fabulous and will do nicely for our one bowl meals!

    • sarah says:

      yes I think I might remember Alyson!

      I am planning a thrifting tour….country towns is the way to go!

  18. Al Young says:

    Aussies wouldn’t say ‘thrifting’! You’re revealing your Englishness…

    • sarah says:

      that’s funny cos nor do Pommmies say ‘thrifting’…its American and the result of lovely blog sharing…thrifty ways rock

      p.s. I am an Aussie tyvm

      • Al Young says:

        American English always seems to find its way into to vernacular! Ps. Love the thrill of thrifting, op, charity and vintage shopping too!

  19. Manda says:

    I too love a good hunt, and can’t go past a Vinnies without having a little peruse. Heading off this weekend down the south coast again (yes, Nanny Kate goes coastal yet again;) So I will have to pop into the Vinnies, the Anglican Charity shop and the other bargain haven…can’t remember it’s name. My dad picked me up an old metal bucket there one time, which now sits outside my back door, very handy for a wet umbrella.
    thanks for sharing your finds, I will keep an eye for for some “Grimbee…from England” for you.
    x manda

  20. Beth says:

    Hi Sarah

    Love the blog. First time I have commented………. Def wanting to start a blog of my own.

    I am always in charity shops much to the almost grown up kids distaste…… But still a few goodies.

    Yesterday managed to get a beautiful greeny glass water jug and 4 glasses for £4, a real steal and 2x Ted baker shirts hardly worn the 18 year old son for £5 each.

    Have a great day


    • sonia lidbury says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Once again you made me laugh so much – I have heard many conversations like that by the lovely Op Shop ladies but I must say I have never heard that brand referred to as a ‘Grimbee’!!!

      Love the word thrifting but I usually call it either ‘op shopping’ or, if it is a council clean up, I call it ‘treasure trawling’ – my husband has a somewhat different term for it (along the lines of collecting crap!!) :)

      Enjoy the lovely treasures you found!!


    • sarah says:

      hello Beth!

      thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

      wow your Ted Baker shirts were a rocking find…I love stuff like that

  21. Krissie says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Love your buys! the quilt looks lovely…is it ENGLISH? ;) lol

    this post really made me laugh as i had a similar experience in a charity shop i frequently visit,i have got to know one of the ladies called Mary in there really well and when she spots me she will say hey i have something in the back i think you will love,this one day it was four pairs of curtains and i loved them so she takes me to the till and says right four pounds each and i am like wow! the old lady who was on the till starts squacking but they are LAURA ASHLEY! lol and the whole of the conversation i had with Mary was just broken by the old lady and her squacking of LAURA ASHLEY until Mary who is old herself told her to “to get over it!” lol


  22. RosieRose says:

    I so agree about the cost of thrifting these days…………….the bargains I used to find were the best but now not so much and with so many shops lowering their prices..op shops are upping them…..crazy…….I am happy though to find less as really don’t need much anymore but for me its the thrill of the chase…..

    My only 2011 bargains were:

    6 Real Made in France Mason jars: The old dears in shop felt sorry for me…”Now you know there is no rubber seals on these so they are not airtight, that’s why they are 50c” I just kept my poker face on as was so damn excited….The say Le Maison and Made in France and are old and perfect……

    I also got a pair of True Religion jeans in the $1 bin of men’s jeans.. But these were ladies and in great nik…and the perfect size…

    I also find trash and treasure and garage sales great but prefer Trash and treasure as more sellers in one place…..

    • sarah says:

      hmmm I want those jars lol!!!! I am forever on the lookout for those…sometimes they are more exxie than buying them online lol!

      oh I really want to go to a Trash & Treasure….there’s one here that I have been meaning to go to for so long

      thanks for stopping by x

  23. alison says:

    My dear old mum worked in an op shop for nearly 30 years as a volunteer before op shops were cool. As a teenager I was mortified and didn’t tell anyone. I now know mum was ahead of her time and doing great stuff for the community. Both my parents always did some type of volunteer work throughout their lives. As a result I always try to volunteer and now I notice that my daughters quite happily donate to worthy causes, buy raffle tickets etc which carries on that “giving back” attitude

    I seem to come across my best op shop type finds quite by chance. I never set out to go “thrifting”.

    Sarah, your posts seem to stay with me the next day and I often think of your ideas, photos etc. You always give us food for thought. Thank you.


  24. the freckled minx says:

    bhaha – too funny! Lucky you didn’t pick up an antique – that would really have bamboozled them! ;)

  25. Robynne says:

    I think they should have charge you more for that Country Road platter Sarah, as although it’s not English it is from China!! I’m currently fretting over some dining chairs I’ve spied in an emporium…old Victorian (I think….I really wouldn’t know)…with cracked red leather upholstered seats…hubby says no…but I’m still fretting! Hilarious post..Robx

  26. le@third says:

    loved loved loved – hilarious !! tried to tweet won’t let me – too funny for more words le xox

  27. Janelle says:

    Grimbee AND country road – look at you!!?! LOVE the look of that quilt!! x

  28. Kathryn says:

    Hi all, I had a great buy at the op shop a 20 piece square dinner set for $10.00 the lot, although it is gorgeous to use, it just won’t fit in the dishwasher, but with most other stuff treasures are hard to come by where I live. Love your fashion blog Sarah and your accent!!! Great to have you as a new Aussie (I aspire to your photography skills and might do a class at the neighbourhood group run by volunteer pensioners to pick up some skills) Happy Saturday…

    • sarah says:

      Hi Kathryn, hey thanks for the feedback on the vlog, it was fun!

      wow go you with the $10 dinner set…I don’t think I would ever find that here these days x

  29. kath says:

    You’re so lucky to have found some deals! I used to love thrifting, but now that the economy is so bad and shabby chic is making a bit of a comeback, there are no bargains to be found anywhere. Plus, I live a little more than an hour outside of NYC, so we have all of the designers and decorators and wealthy people coming up this way looking for “quaint” vintage things so all of the shops have raised their prices to the point where us regular folks can’t afford them anymore. Even the Goodwill is getting way too overpriced. No more bargains to be had around here :(

    • sarah says:

      same here Kath…there are still good things out there, but the overpriced stuff much outweighs the finds which is a real shame….,

  30. i just love the teapot idea!

  31. Barefoot Liz says:

    Ooh, I love the quilt! Around here, even the thrift shop is expensive. It’s silly. I swear, they would charge $20 for the broken off head of a Barbie doll.

  32. Candy says:

    Your finds are devine and I do think you got some great deals. I’ve crossed the big thrift stores off my list as the prices have become laughable and the items are not worth a fourth of the asking price! Most everything marked vintage is a joke as well. Would love to find a quilt like yours…now that would be a miracle ’round these parts!!

    • sarah says:

      yes, it’s getting less and less common for me to find nice things though Candy…I actually think it is now cheaper to go to Target etc than it is opshopping!

  33. Elaine in Laguna says:

    We have identical problem here on the West Coast-USA….”Vintage” things are now overpriced and even Goodwill and Salvation Army have raised theirs, too. But I really like Sarah’s scores…We love bowls too! We try to find extras as this is the piece that seems to get broken the most in the dish set. Have a great weekend!

  34. Hi Sarah

    It’s the same in London. Markets and second stores are completely taking the proverbial and have hiked up their prices. Everything old and second hand has suddenly become ‘vintage and retro” and it is very difficult now to find a real bargain. The worst culprit is Portobello market on a Saturday which gets alot of tourists.

    Lovely post, drop by my blog when you can.



    • sarah says:

      hmm, yeah I don’t think I would waste my time with Portobello Road…I heard years and years ago that that was a tourist trap… x

  35. My gran always had a teapot like that filled with water on her woodstove. I wonder where it is now?

    Should I even mention vintage pyrex? :-)

    • sarah says:

      oh man! vintage pyrex is crazy around here….just as bad as vintage Tupperware…I kinda stopped looking and collecting Pyrex because of the high labels…!

  36. Angie says:

    Love all your finds Sarah ! Especially the crazed bowls. So perfect for ice cream at our house. Havent you found the clerks in the thrifts almost as fun as the hunt is??? It must take a special kind of person ! Your prices sound very similar to ours here, they are much higher than they used to be. I did find a “Jones of New York” navy cardigan in perfect condition the other day for 8.99. Most everything else in this shop was out of sight with the prices !

  37. melissa says:

    This post really was so funny! I love those bowls! I just had to comment…thrifting in Canada has gotten outrageous! If there’s a little stamp on the bottom of the china, no matter what the condition, cracking, tea stains, etc., there is often a tag attached for around $30!!! For.One.Plate. The garage sales here are pretty horrid, too. Grossly overpriced items. They’ve managed to take the fun out of it. :( And being a charity shop, how do people who really, really need these items, even afford them? As you say, they can go to the Dollar Store, Wal-mart, Target for cheaper…A real shame.
    I do get to see my family in the States often, though, and they still have a couple of real gems of places to shop at. I love mismatched china and you can still get little pieces for .25/.50. Now THAT is fun! :) When I’m able to go there, by hope is restored. :)

    • sarah says:

      hmmm interesting to hear that it’s the same in Canada too….

      what I want to know is : just who does buy these things, or does it all get reduced eventually?

  38. Ann V says:

    Love, love to thrift too!! And hate, hate high prices….truly many similar items in the shops can be found at Ross or Target for much less (usually on clearance bcuz that’s where we thrifters find ourselves!) I find tag/yard sales to be much more reasonable! But here in NorCal there is a wonderful, throwback thrift store in Santa Cruz that rock!!! Great prices, lots of stuff….a dream!

  39. Susan says:

    I agree with what you’re saying about the ridiculous prices some of these thrifting stores charge – I think that they have discovered eBay or Etsy, and can see how much some of this stuff sells for on there. I have been on the lookout for a kitchen dresser/hutch to redo (I love yours!), but all the ones I see either at “antique” malls or at Goodwill etc. are priced at close to $100 (if not more!).

    Sadly, garage sales are just a semi-annual event around here (most home owners associations do not allow home owners to have a garage sale whenever they want – they have to be “community sponsored” events), so I don’t get a chance to pick up bargains very often. I envy your ability to go haunt garage sales on a more regular basis!

  40. Sharon Forward says:

    The quilt is gorgeous and yep noticed the prices going up over here in good ol UK – do you think its cos its now trendy to thrift even though some of us have been at it for years lol?x

    • barbara woods says:

      i have a house full of old and vintage no place to put any more

    • sarah says:

      I think it is a combo of blogs making it trendy and ebay…charity shops just google search something on ebay and then try to get the same prices for it…

      shame it’s ruined it for me x

  41. Jessica says:

    Yes! I agree, there has become a price to pay for “vintage”, I actually just posted about that this week. I love thrifting, but if the price is what I consider to be off, I don’t buy it. Vintage clothing has become pricier and especially architectural salvage!! Too bad that is one of my fav things, but the success is even sweeter when you score something great right?! Glad to see you post about your finds and htanks for sharing!

  42. Kylee says:

    I’m hearing you Sarah!!!! Love ya work though – those finds are fab!! My new hobby is to find discarded items on the side of the road and get my lovely husband to go pick them up! Our most recent find was a weathered bike that had really had it’s day. So we brought it home painted it white with red rims, a brown seat and handle grips, popped on a basket, put some flowers in and ‘voila’ – a vintage bike that sits at our front door which looks um…. vintage and gorgeous! What’s the saying? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!!!

  43. Deanne says:

    The problem I find is actually even getting something vintage- 80′s junk is more the go here!

  44. Melanie says:

    Oh Sarah, I love your thrifting posts!
    I always need some inspiration before I hit the thrift stores, or I can never think of what to buy and will most likely walk by an absolute bargain… am planning to hit a few up next week once the kids are back at school :)
    It is funny the prices you see in some places – there is a salvage yard down the road from me whose prices would rival even the poshiest antique store – such craziness!

    Good luck with your thrifting goal, I hope to find some bargains this year too!

  45. Your vintage shopping trips always turn out to be an experience, don’t they, Sarah! lolol! But you sure nab the deals, girl! That soft white coverlet is so pretty! Hey, I loved watching your Vblog yesterday! It was wonderful hearing the lapping waves behind you. What a beautiful place!!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  46. Lizzie says:

    Oooh lovely finds! I really like the quilt, so pretty!

  47. Jenny says:

    Hi Sarah. I didn’t exactly have a laid-back-Saturday-Club-kind-of-day yesterday, but it was All About Me!! Instead I hosted a party for my 50th birthday (50 is the new 40!!!) and had about 70 friends & family for a “vintage” garden party. Afternoon tea all served on gorgeous old mismatched thrifted china! It was SO much fun collecting it over the last few months. It was nice to “rescue” all that beautiful old stuff and to support the local charities. It was a lot of work (I catered it myself) but we had a blast! My hubby even conceded that my “obsessive” hunting had paid off! Love to hear about your junking expeditions. Love from the very southernmost tip of New Zealand! x

  48. kerrie says:

    I rarely buy anything at the thrifts because of the prices. I think blogs have made it popular…etsy, and magazines have caught on to the blog and etsy trend. Then shops like Target try to reproduce them and sell for much better prices. It all becomes a bit disheartening really. Maybe that is why I love Ikea so much! The prices are great and the homewares are practical.

  49. Karlee says:

    Hey Sarah
    I….love….thrifting! A good rumage on a random day….there’s nothing better. Especially when you find unexpected treasures that yes, often these days are over priced, but if the price isn’t toooo ridiculous I’ll snatch it up.
    Driving to a friends place yesterday, I always drive past this one shop ‘The Rummage Room’ which would have to be the only op shop I’ve never been in around my home town. I called in yesterday for the first time and found treasures gallore! I scored a old school aluminium cake storage tin (nice big one in good nic), old kitchen scales (which I’ve been looking for for a while and this one was perfect for my kitchen) and some mason jars, can never have enough ;-)
    Your teapot is great. The quilt ticks a few of your boxes – white, pretty, ‘vintage’, sweet, cosy! Nice find.
    Happy treasure hunting ☮