Beach Cottage Coastal Style Blue & Nautical Stripe Putty Love

Wed 18th, Jan, 2012

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G’day Beach Cottage lovelies, seeing as there’s a lot of rubble and a lot of male stuff in this house, I thought you might to have a look elsewhere…at a little more coastal, beachy, nautical, blue things…?

Welcome to Good Life Wednesdays.


This post started with an 8 dollar bunch of dahlias I bought to wallow in self-pity because my home-grown dahlias are, at best, mediocre…it’s what my Good Life is all about this week…



With those 8 dollar dahlias I intended to


1. point my face away from various tradie things


2. do some foofing with my new yellow stripe homey things


3. put some of them by my bed so when I slam the door in evening because I am without a bath, something might make me smile.


What actually happened is I cleaned and de-tradie-fied the front Sitting Room and started foofing…and trying to fix up my poster bus blind, I like the casual look of it ‘taped’ to the wall but it’s gone a bit bubbly…anyone got a solution to that?  I don’t want it in a frame though…

And ended up with not an ounce of yellow, but a whole lot of blue.

I was sent the ‘runner’ …I think in blogland that I am meant to write c/o when I say where I got it from…because I didn’t buy it and because it was given to me as part of ‘things for my blog’


Anyway, when I opened this, which in actual fact, I think might be a guest ‘towel’,  it had my name written all over, indeed, someone, somewhere I think designed this with me in mind…they sat there and thought, I know, that girl on the beaches, with all the white stuff, the vintage things and the ratty old cottage on the wrong side of town…oh yeah she’s in her Aqua & Blues phase…but she still loves her some of her statement putty, yeah I’ll design these for her.

And so here we have it.


The coffee table scape that came off of a bunch of 8 dollar dahlias and a c/o towel.



What do you think of my aquas?  C’mon tell me.  I am definitely moving into a more colourful stage with my cottage…while I don’t do ‘fashion’ in home decor, I do think bright pops of colour with white are trendy right now, which is what has probably, unknowingly, influenced me…

The best thing about white though and neutral decor is that changing colours with things like runners & cushions & throws is mega-simple and mega-easy on one’s pocketbook

I’ll be seeing you….there is talk right now of fitting up the old bath on the deck for me tonight, it’s Day Seven with no tub and last night and this morning the broomstick was out…




p.s. stop by tomorrow, I have a fashion post for you…one that’s super easy on the pocket, simple, chic, oh and there might me a mini giveaway

 ’runner’ / guest towels  Linen& Moore and see more of their lovely homewares on their blog here


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67 Responses to “Beach Cottage Coastal Style Blue & Nautical Stripe Putty Love”

  1. Sharon Smart says:

    Love it…as you know I’m loving the aquas/torqouise/beachy blues at the moment! Love that scarf on the oar. And do I spy some GREEN beach glass as well! (My OTHER passion in beachiness!!)

    • Sharon Smart says:

      Doh the scarf is not hanging from the oar…lol..obviously I was too busy looking at the scarf to notice properly what it was hanging on lol

      • sarah says:

        yep Sharon I am right into greens & blues…I love that piece of seaglass, I found a few in that colour, but that one was the most smooth…I love it next to whites

        thanks for stopping by

  2. Susan says:

    I definitely like the idea of working with a white “stage”, and adding colored “props” to brighten things up a bit – I think aqua works perfectly, because it melds with the sea and the blue skies that you have in Sydney right now.

    I hope you get to have your bath soon!!!

  3. jen says:

    Hi Sarah

    I luv the putty aqua combo…I have been going through a putty and aqua phase for a few years and I still luv it…have been collecting aqua plates and bowls different shades from Ikea and bought a beautiful aqua teapot in the half price sales shes a beauty..also bought a greenie aqua butterfly plate in the sales which looks pretty with fresh scones on top…..one thing I am also looking out for is nice tablecloths that don’t cost the earth do you have any suggestions? At Xmas I bought a really long piece of fabric from a material shop and it worked well but and looking for pretty tablecloths to spruce up an old vinnies table…
    Your runner looks great!! and the dahlias look so pretty makes me want to have a cup of tea in your lovely room :-)

    • sarah says:

      yes Jen…keep your eye open in IKEA for fabric…some of it comes ‘edged’ so all you have to do is finish the ends…though to be honest I have left mine raw

      some of the linen in IKEA is amazing value…and I have a very pale blue linen fabric in there I used for tablecloths…I bought metres of

      I also scour the bed/bath shops in their sales, plus Myer…tablecloths are always reduced…

      hope that helps


  4. Mummaducka says:

    Nice to see some pretties. with the poster, how about taking it down and dry ironing it and then taking it and getting it laminated with a matt finish, the black might go a bit grey though. Humidity will do that to paper posters. good luck.

    • Mummaducka says:

      Forgot to add that I looove anything white, let the people in the room be the colour I say! I agree so easy to change things up. And shades of Tiffany blue with white is my absolute fave at the moment.

    • sarah says:

      hmmm, I will definitely iron it, why didn’t I think of that????? thanks

      not sure about laminating it, I sort of want it to look like a poster taped to the wall…xx

      • Mummaducka says:

        make sure you put blank paper or Glad bake on top in case the black smudges. Glad bake is fabulous stuff. And start with low heat then work up in temperature. I laminate everthing at work, teachers bring me all sorts of crumpled up stuff and I have an old iron to get them straight again.

        • sarah says:

          errrrm ok I didn’t think about the smudging either…thanks for that too….I will go easy on it and get the Glad Bake later xo

  5. Neita says:

    I love the sand & shells in the jar

  6. Heidi Meyer says:

    I love the aqua and putty phase! The pop of aqua against the putty is fresh and calming. I especially love the bit of colored glass in the seashell jar. xxoo

  7. Kirsty says:

    Love it! I am all about blues and pops of fun colour in my little cottage, nothing says summer to me like a pop of nautical blue! Looks great Sarah, I think I have that same sun-hat, cute :) xo K

  8. Love the glass jar with sand, shells and sea glass. Simply but striking. Also, sorry you’ve had to live without a tub for so long, but one out on the deck actually sounds delightful, depending on the privacy of the spot.

  9. Your introduction of aqua truly adds a beachy feel to your rooms, Sarah! Bright, happy, and it just makes you smile….while riding your broomstick. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  10. Linda Hilbrands says:

    It is all so very pretty and relaxing! Thanks for sharing. I get inspired every time.

  11. Tabby says:

    I really love your sitting room. It always looks as though the light is just pouring into that room. And I just love the aqua. Just beautiful.

    Hope you have a lovely bubble bath in the moonlight.

    • sarah says:

      oh I hope so Tabby…I tell you what if I manage to get that I will be taking photos for sure lol !!!!


  12. Melinda says:

    Hi Sarah, maybe get yourself some modge podge ( at Spotlight / craft store ) and modgepodge the bus blind onto a canvas or an inexpensive sheet of plywood – you can get matt or gloss depending on finish required. Then you can hang / prop it up. Worth a try!

    • sarah says:

      thanks Melinda, I actually have some modge podge…hmmm x

      • Melinda says:

        Just wondering…. I think you have mentioned previously that you/one could link to Good Life Wednesday even without a blog – I did try this but it wouldnt allow – is there a trick ?

  13. Glennie says:

    Loving the aqua … and the green …. not loving living without the bath …. how many days now?……. imagine the future bathing bliss tho

  14. The aqua is fabulous! So fresh and summery!

  15. I spent the whole summer, studiously not looking in various directions with all the workmen. It’s surprisingly easy after a short period of time :-)

  16. Alice says:

    Sarah I am loving your aqua blue phase but then again I offer my opinion with some bias since I loooveee my blue (but funnily enough I am glad I did paint my walls white over my precious blues one, I am really liking it!).

    Having a bath in the deck!!! Fantastic idea lol, that brought me back to my 7 year old self bathing in one of those plastic laundry bucket/tub type thing in the middle of summer in the middle of my grandmothers vegie patch and having my mum hose me down with the cold water from their garden well/spring (best water and coldest ever tasted to this day!)… I remember telling my mum to hurry as I was afraid some school friend of mine (or any one really) might come round and see me starkers!lol! Too funny but you know if it was screened I think I would do it if I were in your situation…

    • sarah says:

      ahhh yes, I loved bathing my little ones in the sink too….errrm I don’t think I will look that cute… xx

  17. Becky says:

    Oh. My. Staaaaaaars. I LOVE this room!!!

    I’m not even sure how I found this blog, but I love your style, so I’m so glad I stumbled across! :)

    The grey striped pillow is a perfect accent to the whites and aquas – it really pops. It’s what drew me in initially. I’m having such a great love affair with grey lately. :) I’m also digging the pitcher that the flowers are in.

    So cute!!!


  18. Yep..I like it. Subtle color. My kind of thing.

  19. Karen says:

    Loving all your aqua/Tiffany blue accents. Your sitting room would be the place I would sit with a book and a pot of tea (or coffee) relaxing! Jealous of your summer days – we have snow here.

    Although I love white my walls are a lovely grey color with white trim. I do the same thing with accents though. Right now my accent color is a pomegranite red but I can easily change it with new throws, slipcovering pillows, flowers, etc.

    If you placed your sign on a thin piece of wood you could hang (or lean) it easily and it would not be bubbled.

  20. Kerry Rossow says:

    I love the pops of color. For my birthday, all of my gal pals bought me items with color. Very subtle, those ladies. I am going to give color a go!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  21. Deanne says:

    Aqua for whatever reason is so my colour at the moment- I even bought an aqua bracelet yesterday, so not only is it in my house it is now in my wardrobe too- so when you are over your aqua can you pretty pretty please send me that runner!!!

  22. Darcy says:

    My home is so bland. I want more white. I am so scared of white with my four children lurking around….dirty. What is your secret, Sarah? How do you keep your whites so white???

    • sarah says:

      there is no secret ….it’s not anywhere near as bad as you think…my sofa covers go in the wash…so very easy…and the best thing about white paint is it’s very easy to touch up plus you can bleach the heck out of it…

      hope that helps, jump right in, you won’t look back

  23. Rukmini says:

    You have a beautiful home Sarah. Love the throw in your couch.
    I had a couple of plain glass, I stained half of them aqua, half of them I swirled some aqua emulsion paint in them. I love aqua or maybe its just a phase I am going through. But I am loving it. I even bought some nice aqua colored, hardback cook books. Haha! I was like I need them because they have aqua cover.
    The runner is looking gorgeous.

  24. alison says:

    Quite like the aqua. Did I notice even Mr BC in an aqua colour t shirt in a recent post?


  25. Love sea glass, and hanker to make some into a gorgeous big ring! Imagine rocking that aqua on your finger!:)

  26. I have big cushion love for you! I just want to jump right on your sofa and spend my day there if that’s ok?

    Just an idea but how about decoupaging the poster onto a piece of plyboard using wallpaper paste or PVA, then distressing slightly and varnishing, it will still have that tatty loved look but stay put? I do really like it taped up though. I am going to try and make a bus blind poster this week as I just love yours and your how to!

  27. Janelle says:

    Loving those pops of colour Sarah. Must try some myself!! xx

  28. Marnie says:

    I really like the freshness you’ve got going on Sarah. It’s hard to imagine you’ve got tradies doing their thang in the room next door!! My house is a continual layer of dust that returns as I sleep. Can you come and floof around at my house?
    Thanks for hosting.
    PS: I’ve linked up today, but clearly I can’t either spell or type lol
    x Marnie

  29. Vanessa says:

    You could try mod podge to seal your poster, you can buy it online in Australia, one supplier is http://www.art materials.com.au. You could back it with board like this http://dwellingcents.blogspot.com/2011/10/diy-subway-art-tutorial.html blogger did or even to an artists canvas.

  30. Candy says:

    Bright, fresh and inspiring…loving the cushion colors! I’m always amazed at how talented you are in so many areas ! Can’t wait for the fashion post!!

  31. Cathy says:

    I love the colour it is so relaxing and just pretty. Would love to know where you got your rug/mat as i’m so over mine and would love to update although it does have to be somethng that the kids can still sit on and play!!



  32. Sue says:

    Amazing so much white but looks so nice you’ve giving me so ideas for our loft conversion

    Trip to ikea tomorrow i think that please my husband :)

  33. Ingrid says:

    Surrounded by water, I too love blue and green hues. I especially love them when they are paired with white. Beautiful job! I emailed my husband the photo and said this is what I want the living room to look like . Will keep this archived for future reference when it’s time to decorate my new home. Love the jar of sand and shells and will for sure do this, we have beautiful sand here on the north shore with many tiny little shells. The sand in Waikiki, on the other hand , is not good at all. Love the sea glass, I keep thinking that I would love to get those glass fisherman buoys to hang around the lanai or even in the house. Love colored and weathered glass, and the adventure to search for it.

  34. Tammi says:

    I don’t normally gravitate towards blue, though I do love aqua, but I am actually loving the pops of blue that are making an appearance in your cottage Sarah :)
    The combo of putty and aqua is perfect!!

  35. Kylee says:

    Love the blue – very soothing colour. Makes me feel relaxed when I look at your photos which is a credit to your photography and styling!! Well done. I also like the jar with the shells, they look like little angel wings. xx

  36. i am in love. aquas and turquoises are my obsession!!! if only i could find a runner like that. sigh. hope you get your tub soon!! xoxo

  37. Charmaine says:

    Hi Sarah

    Luv your blog!! Awesome!! You could put/stick the ‘poster’ on a canvas – you can get some flat canvasses – opposed to the ones with chunky sides – cheap shops is where you normally find them…..Otherwise a brilliant idea – is to find a tea towel that you like & put/stretch it over the canvas & attach it at the back (can be stapled) – this is a lovely look too…… Whichever way you do it….the results will be just great!


  38. michelle says:

    sorry for late comment…one of those weeks and I am on catch up with my fave blog :-)

    for yuor curling bus blind I would suggest 3M PhotoMount or Spray mount Spray onto some card and put your blind on top of that. this is how we stop our bus blinds from curling before we custom spray them. Its great stuff and gives a very smooth clean finish.

    However one word of warning; do this outside because as the spray goes into the air and then settles on the floor it gets sticky :-)

    Good luck!

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