Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday’s Club

Sat 21st, Jan, 2012

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Morning Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday Club Girls.

Well we have an easy one here, an easy one that it’s easy to forget to do and easy not to keep up.

So ready for some downtime just for you?

Wanna join our little Saturday Club?

go here for the rules :


This week’s mission

should you choose to accept it is this :


You must

grab yourself

some notepaper, pad

and a


you must

take yourself


to a


coffee shop


you will order


or the like





you will

write down






pipe dreams



you will











I’ll be blogging my goals soon…

but what are your goals for this coming year? ..is there something you have been wanting to do for a very long time?  there is for me, it involves the Australian Outback and this year I am fulfilling it…

feel free to use the comments section for yours, or share with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram…I’d love to hear what you girls want from this year

See you next week, yeah?

If you need me, I’ll be down the beach




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31 Responses to “Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday’s Club”

  1. 2012 is going to be fantabulos! Firstly there will be the makeover of the beach house, which im bursting to start blogging about. Rowantree Designs is being stocked in a fabulous boutique in Soho NYC, so a trip over there to style my desings in the shop. yeah New York who would have thought. So i am one happy girl and of course what i enjoy most is the love of my little Rowan, holding my hand, and giving me lots of kisses.

  2. I have SO MANY goals, dreams, ambitions…it really is crazy. But for 2012, I have just two. Run a marathon and pay off our debt! After we pay off our debt, we will have some really fun “bucket list items” to cross off. Australian Open anyone? Or maybe the Olympics (to watch, not participate). Traveling is a must!

  3. Mummaducka says:

    My big goal is to try to get a lot more decluttered from my home. I absorbed the things i got from my mums estate 6 years ago and didnt edit out too much, its time to edit my stuff!

    Then to keep things tidier, and that means training my family. I always feel like I have a big team working against me.

    When I can get this under control I am going to look for another housecleaner, I work full time and hubby is super busy so it is always on the back burner.

    Then I am going to try to renovate some things like paint and the floor coverings. Everything else is pretty good.

    and I’m going ok here in this one, is to lose a heap of weight, I have been carrying too much for too long!

    Yours is outback? I am living that one! I can’t wait to hear your goals for it.

    • Mummaducka says:

      Oh yeah and to be more mindful in my spending!

    • alison says:


      I too had to clean out my parents’ house a few years ago. I sold some things at auction-not worth the effort; handed a lot of things directly to people scavenging through the council clean up pile outside mum and dad’s house (very happy customer!); gave a lot to charity, family and friends and sadly threw some things out at the tip. It was a very difficult task that I made sure that I carried out mostly on my own so I could think clearly. I’ve ended up with about 4 storage containers full in my spare wardrobe. One day I will get round to going through it all again.

      To stop my house getting cluttered when I buy things (food not included of course) I choose the same number of items and put those in a bag to donate to the op shop. Item in, item out.

      Good luck

      • Thanks Alison, sorting through estates of loved ones is the absolute worst thing ever. I gave heaps to charity at the time as mum was a big charity supporter.And I have become really good at one thing in, one thing out.

        Mmn my big house ‘s cupboards have reached capacity! I can pack a cupboard so very well! But I am tired of it. I am far from having (my pet hate) plastic boxes full of stuff as decorating items, and ant tracks through the house, but I do also have a shipping container out in the paddock (we don’t have a garage or storage area) that is chockers full of very well organised (I am a librarian) stuff from mum’s and some of my stuff, like knitting wools and heaps of fabrics in plastic crates. If I live to be 300 years old I will never use it all! So I am looking at moving it on to those charities that knit for overseas ladies and the like. (I think our local library does it) I’ve been Ebaying some of my poor purchases and the children have brought me some of their gear to sell as well. So I am on a roll. A BIG roll. HUGE!! and loving it!

  4. Just have visions of the chocolate cake & lattes, with the wait staff reading over everyone’s shoulders saying “2012 goal, no more lattes & chocolate cake” tee hee, love Posie

  5. Alice says:

    ummmmm…. My one and only goal this year (though I am sure there will be more by June) is to get my….. ummmm drivers licence…. I have been procrastinating on that one for way too many years simply because I am fearful I will be the cause of many an accident… so to abide by my no fear rule this is at the very top of the list…

  6. Nice introspection time, thanks :-)

  7. Sarah W. says:

    2. Get a second job that I enjoy and will help me along my career path.
    1. Move out and get my own place, which is way too long coming.
    3. Spend more time doing the thing I love.

  8. Kylie says:

    1. Get 5 serves of vegetables into my family each day ( the 2 fruit always seems easier)

    2. Get up a earlier and go for a walk on the beach with my doggie three times a week before work. Smell the ocean and feel the sand on my feet

    3. Focus more on being in the moment (embrace the senses). Not letting my mind wander off with all that needs to be done in my busy life.

    Have a great weekend Kylie

  9. Rukmini Roy says:

    I want to learn how to drive, I want to take an all girls vacation and I also want to fit into a nice looking bikini. Oh Sarah, I have been plump all my life. I envy everyone who is slim and regularly eats chocolate cake. I eat too but I just put on. Ridiculous metabolism, I say. If I had a way, i would have whipped my metabolism this year to behave.

  10. alison says:

    I can’t believe this yet again Sarah. You have posted on a topic that I’ve been thinking about.

    *Only this morning I was working on my goals and dreams by cutting out more pictures from magazines to paste in my visual journal. Cutting and pasting takes me back to a childhood activity I adored. I totally chilled out this morning cutting and pasting and thinking and dreaming. I usually keep my subscribed magazines neatly on a shelf after reading them cover to cover. They sit there for many months……and then I give them away. Now I’m living on the edge and just cutting them up after reading!! This activity is very meditative for me and as good as foofing the house, another of my chill out activities.

    *I have set myself up a work table to do creative things on. One of my goals is to create a new habit of actually using it regularly.

    *Renovate the ensuite.

    *Believe in myself.


  11. Jessica says:

    My goal for 2012?…to try and understand this massive complex blogging world. And blog…WELL! (hope hope:)

  12. Naomi Ellis says:

    Now this is the kind of assignment that I love to put into practice. Love a little time out planning the future and some inspiration to look forward. I am keeping my goals simple this year and cutting back. I am so bad at it but going to try my best to stick to my plan. Looking forward to reading your goals. N x

  13. Wendy says:

    Hi ladies….I have just discovered you all and have been so inspired! Sarah your blog is beautiful, artistic and so inviting! Thank you. After being out of the creative world for quite some time 2010 was year of ” the immersing myself in creative” and now2012 is the year “to create”. My goal is to create something at least every fortnight and a major project at least every term. I just can’t wait now!! It will be so fun! Will keep you posted! Xx W.

  14. [...] Cottage, Sarah (blogger extrodinaire and my blog idol) has a little something called Saturday Club http://www.abeachcottage.com/2012/01/beach-cottage-%e2%99%a5-saturdays-club.html#more-6910. Its all about us females taking time out for ourselves, no kids, no household jobs, no guilt. [...]

  15. Barefoot Liz says:

    It’s snowing today and I don’t have child care so I’m not going anywhere. Maybe I’ll grab some paper/pen and hide out in the bathroom for awhile.

  16. Stína Sæm says:

    Hi my sweet lady´s
    I have a few goals for the year 2012 ( they are all about interior and blogging)
    to organize my blog a bit more so í will spend less time in the computer and more time doing nice things in my home.. and blog about that ;) I have some plans for my home and would like to get that going on…. not later than this year pleace ;)
    oh ye and learn more about photography.

  17. sharon says:

    My 41/2 year old starts big school next year and my nearly two year old starts preschool next year, so 2012 is gonna be all about mama spending tons of singing, dancing, painting, play doh and every little non tv activity one can do with the under 5s… I have tears as I’m writing this, don’t want my babies to grow up but they do….one more year of mummy bliss, I will enjoy every mintue of it!!!! Cos next year will be school runs and work and homework and what have you at that stage…this year we will have late morning starts…spend three hours at the park if we want too, look at every book in the library, paint with every colour, play that one song a million times…yes, I will cherish my mama bubble this year…

  18. Tabby says:

    I’m starting small. I think if I could go to a coffee shop, order coffee and chocolate cake, sit with a notepad and ponder that would be a wonderful goal.

  19. Sharon says:

    I spent last year letting go of many things I had accumulated over the years – 40 pounds of blubber, a lot of clutter, clothes that no longer fit or were not really my style, and, sadly, a few friendships with people who really didn’t have my best interests at heart. All things that were no longer making me happy but were burdening me and zapping my energy. I also spent last year organizing my home.

    So, my goal for this year is to enjoy all the blessings in my life, to surround myself with only things or people that I love, and to live more in the present and stop thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

    And maybe hopefully start a blog.

  20. Nicky says:

    1 big goal for me – SIMPLIFY!
    That means de-clutter, cut right back and make simpler everything in this busy working life with 3 nippers – I’m trying to apply it to everything so….
    1. De-clutter the house – obvious but have started on this one and it all feels sooooo much better
    2. Simplify our weekly routine – no need to dash around like a nutter working, managing kids and doing a zillion activities – I’m thinking online grocery shopping, less after-school activities, more working from home etc
    3. Cut right back on STUFF – do we really need to buy so much? Bit of an environmental angle here too
    4. Have much more “nothing” time at the weekend – lots of time to do jigsaws, play dress-ups, write stories together, hang out, wander to the park, have coffee and just hang out together
    5. Get as much of the admin side of life as poss set up automatically – direct debits, shopping online, outsourcing etc to allow more time for me, for wifey me and for mummy me!

  21. Susan says:

    well life with six children is as hectic as it sounds….. but my goal for 2012 is

    to get my body back into some form of good shape. It has changed in the elasticity of my tummy skin and I can’t do much about that. My fifth pregnancy {at age 41 with twins} has just blown all taughtness out of my tum for good. I can however work on feeling fitter & more vital.

    oh and the other thing both my dear husband & I aim to do is to live a more “fijian” life… they told us they think of today and enjoy it, do not worry about what has passed and do not worry about the future .

  22. It’s been a long week. Kids unexpectedly off school for a whole week for snow and ice storms. Power outages (damn it’s cold without power, thankfully back on now – sadly neighbors across the road are going on day four…horrible). Mostly I just want to get to Monday so I can send everyone to school and re-group. Long term goals though… well I’d like to learn to speak french – and I just started a class at a nearby college to try to chip away at that one. I’d like to pick up my camera more – miss taking photos. I’d like to find more inspiration to write. Usually I love blogging but have lately found my mind elsewhere. This is life – you gotta go with the flow – but if you want to get anywhere you have to pick up a paddle and get to work, right? Thanks for the inspiration. PS – Loved the vlog post – always a treat to hear the voices of the blogs I love. ❈

  23. Glennie says:

    Make life simple
    Grow more veggies
    Smile and hug more
    Listen rather than talk – this is a very hard one …
    Value my family and friends

  24. Terry says:

    Some other blogs I look (lurk?) at have been talking about choosing a “word of the year” instead of making resolutions…. I finally decided that my word is “momentum” I’m good at planning and starting projects but terrible about finishing them…(if only those children would stop expecting me to cook for them every day and drive them places, I would get so much more accomplished!) Anyway, my goal is to start what I finish in a timely fashion and keep up my momentum on getting things done….you’re an inspiration, Sarah–you always seem to be unveiling something new! Keep it up!