Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday Club

Sat 7th, Jan, 2012

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G’day lovely Beach Cottage ladies.

Thanks for the comments yesterday, I am sorry I didn’t get to reply to you all…I was out and about in the city for a birthday lunch…it was fab, and today I am out and about on the beaches doing sport…plus we are spending some time at the beach, plus going to look at a puppy…so I haven’t had a whole lot of time for you, but I have read every single one…thanks so much

My new thing for 2012 is replying directly to comments on here…I was really missing before how the comments section was not very interactive, sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself and then you were doing the same, so I have installed a new plug-in that means I can reply and you will get an email from me…yay!  So here’s to me getting to know YOU more in 2012, I think you know quite a lot about me now, cough, cough.

oh and knobs and knockers…

on yesterday’s post many of you asked whether the door knobs here in Australia (and in the UK as far as I know) are always up that high, about two thirds of the way up……yes they are….I have never seen any that are any different…obviously from where some of you come from this isn’t the case???

So let’s talk knobs shall we, sounds like fun…. please fill me in on this more…errrrm quite where are your door knobs and knockers, and if your knobs are low, quite how do you fiddle and open them? ;-)

Spill the beans…


 ♥ ♥ ♥

So welcome to the first Beach ♥ Cottage Saturday Club of the year…. the day you get some downtime and take care of you…

there’s nothing too fancy schmancy… just celebrating life,

with a little bit of spare time for you

you certainly don’t need a bundle of cash…this is about celebrating the little things!

…so sit back, plan your Saturday’s and enjoy!

oh and of course, it goes without saying that you can do these missions any day of the week…

think of me when you are clubbing and oh, try and wear a ruffle!

Today, taking into account all the excesses that might have passed your lips or brushed your thighs in the past few weeks, and especially if you have made my Chocolate Tart, we are going chocolate and calorie free… this misison is with your eyes…and using your legs…to work off a few of those extra, ahem, pounds



 ♥ ♥ ♥

Your mission :

Should you choose to accept it

is this


you must

get yourself  




and easy shoes

wherever you may



deep in the woods

knee deep in





at the


you must plan


open your eyes

& take it in  


then ladies

you must head outdoors 

in that fresh air 

you must rediscover

all that is  

around you

you must stop

and look at

that snow covered leaf

you must bend down

and pick up that pretty white shell

you must stop and

look over your



at their flowers


their new front door ;-)

you must saunter 

and stroll 

you must go easy 


b r e a t h e 

you must look 


and gaze at the sky 

you must 


a little 


and as you pass some other walker 

taking in the air  

you must 



and say 



Here are a couple of discoveries from my walking around this place I love to live



20120107-02-4892544421 20120107-03-4901484501

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66 Responses to “Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday Club”

  1. loulou says:

    Hi Sarah

    I dutifully take you up on the Saturday Club and will go and get my hair done today (sans children)

    Gladly – this will come with free time for me – the elusive word ‘time’.
    Careful it’s a slippery little sucker and slips away from one in an instant if one isn’t careful.

    Oh a puppy – now we have to guess some beachy name until you will reveal more.
    I’m already thinking… of all our aussie surfers nicknames for it :) (or what about beachley after layne beachley). :)

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog


  2. Hmmm…i’ve arranged coffee time with the girls tomorrow. In Canada, our door ‘knobs’ are at about waste height. I even took small one out today to find a special birthday frock for her :-)

  3. Candy says:

    Here in the states the door knobs are mid height to the door. I love the way yours looks…so charming and the knob is awesome. Don’t see anything like that around my neck of the woods -FL. Ohh, a puppy. Can’t wait to find out more about that! As for you replying to the comments, I have to tell ya, it does make it feel like we’re on a more personal level….like having a conversation! LOVE IT!!

    • sarah says:

      Yes candy I hope it will make it more personal round here

      The knob is awesome candy. I lure it!, xx

  4. Nadine says:

    Hi Sarah – I have gone around and checked all the knobs in my house . . ;) I live in NZ, my house was built in 2000 as a spec house (ie not for a particular client). All the door handles are exactly halfway up the door – internal doors, external doors and ranch sliders. I’m sure this is to make it possible to install the doors either way (ie upside down if necessary) to get a right- or left-handed opening. The previous house I lived in was built around ’98 and was the same. The house before THAT was a mid-century flat and had high door handles. So maybe high door handles are a retro thing? And have become more of an ‘aesthetic choice’, rather than purely practical like my halfway-point ones?

    (I am really going to try to go for a walk – even though it is hosing down as usual! La Nina isn’t doing us any favours this summer!)

    • sarah says:

      Yes I am now thinking it is the age of this house Nadine tho I have never known a different knob!

      I walk in the rain….love it. Enjoy x

  5. Jen says:

    A walk sounds fantastic. I’ve got two in already this week (my mission “possible”). Saturday may have to be a long bike ride around the lake with the kiddos but I’ll def make a point to take it all in.

    Puppy? Oh how my children would wish you were their mother today. ❈ Although I suppose it wouldn’t be such a chore to have a dog in Australia? Can’t wait to see pics.

    Yours from the land of wet, muddy paws,

  6. Paula says:

    Hello Sarah….I , too, look forward to personal replys. One of the reasons I hardly ever leave comments is that if someone replys I never go back to read so……………….. I live in Kansas (and am so jealous of your beaches) in the USA and our doorknobs are exactly in the middle of the door. By the way, I love the new door color!

    • sarah says:

      Yep a puppy is on the cards Paula x. Fun!

    • sarah says:

      Ooops hello Paula. I know it takes far too long to go back to replies hopefully you will be getting this in your inbox. I am not sure quite where Kansas is but sounds good! ThAnks for commenting. I appreciate it sarah

  7. Our door knobs here in the USA are about halfway down the door. I wanted to ask you about the straw bag you carry. I went on the website but couldn’t find that bag. I have 2 that are a bit smaller MEDINA baskets that I got at a local shop. Can you please….let me know which bag it is? I love yours and need a bag alittle larger. I plan on doing some thrifting and getting a haircut tomorrow for my Sat. Club…. ALONE!!!!! Hope you have a great day!

  8. Tabby says:

    I’m going to take you up on the walk. I need to get out and enjoy the beautiful weekend expected here in Arkansas.

    As for the knobs in Arkansas?? The are on the left or right hand side depending on your door and usually about waist high.

    I love the way your new door looks!! The color is perfect. And I love the door knob up high, it is unique to us here in the US.

    I wish you the best with your new puppy. I’ve raised mine since he was 3 weeks old. Bottle fed and everything. He is now 14 and is looking quite old. We know we won’t have him much longer and that, my dear is the drawback to puppies. They grow old.

    The best part is the unconditional love and understanding eyes.

    • sarah says:

      G’day Arkansas! Enjoy the walk

      Glad you like my knobs!!!

      We are looking fwd to a puppy Tabby xxx

      • carol says:

        hello tabby/sarah – also going for a walk here in arkansas, the weather is gorgeous lately. and i agree with tabby about the doors, it’s not just new builds, they’ve been that way for ages. but when i was in the uk (most often in scotland) i loved the knobs being just enough higher on the door to make me catch myself everytime i reached down, instead of up for the doorknob. i’m usually a lurker, but had to come out of shadows when i saw another from the states (especially my state) commenting. love your blog, cottage, access to beaches, philosophy of clothing, chocolate, and decorating. have travelled many times to nottingham, england and edinburgh, scotland, but now want to come to your “lucky country”. especially in the middle of january or february.

        • sarah says:

          oh Carol, you would love it! it’s an amazing country…though Jan or Feb is pretty hot most places if you are from the Northern Hemisphere…great to visit in Spring!

          thanks for your lovely feedback, & welcome out of Lurkdom…it’s much better out here x

  9. Nicola says:

    Hi Sarah, I haven’t commented before, but have visited now for a wee while, so I thought it was time to say hello!

    I live in Hertfordshire in England and our door knob on the front door is half way up, and through out the house they are just below halfway. I love your new door, you chose the right colour!

    Happy Saturday!
    Nicola x

    • sarah says:

      G’day Nicola and hello Hertfordshire…Mr BC used to work in St Albans….

      hmm, my doorknobs in England were the same as the one here, looks like I am not the only one though lol X

    • sarah says:

      p.s. welcome out of Lurkdom, I’d love to see you around here xo

  10. Becs says:

    Yep ours are all at about mid-height on the door in our mid-90′s built house. I think high door handles are a earlier thing here is Australia. I think they look lovely up high!

  11. Erin says:

    The door knobs half way up over here in the West of Oz. Our typical house here is a double brick with rendered/plastered walls and either a tiled roof or recently more popular tin roof. Not that anyone asked that, just pointing out the differences between the west and east coast. Love the high up knob though.

    • sarah says:

      hmmm, thanks Erin for letting me know…I am now gonna be examining door knobs wherever I go!

  12. Amy says:

    I love reading your blog. It gets me excited for summer!

  13. Robyn says:

    I love Beetles! Wish my 13yo shared the same vision. According her her everything that isn’t now and present is the olden days ;-)

  14. Julie says:

    Yes – mid way up the door here, too (Canada). I miss the high knobs from when I lived in the UK when I was in school and then in Australia as well. I really liked how the lock was part of the knob in England. You’d just shut the door behind you and not have to worry about locking the dead bolt with a key. So much simpler although I’d probably be locking myself out of the house more often with that system…

    • sarah says:

      yes Julie i miss those old doors you slammed behind you…

      I am glad to hear it’s not just me who has only ever had doors with knobs high up, I thought I was going mad for a second!


  15. Heather says:

    Here’s a post with my favorite picture (so far) of my front door, decorated for fall: http://notjustbrides.blogspot.com/2011/10/great-fall-weekend-design-inspiration.html

    I’m in Virginia, and all of the doors in my (fairly new, built within the past 5 years) townhouse have the knobs on the right side. At the school where I teach, some are on the right and some are on the left depending on what side of the hallway one’s classroom is on. But all of the knobs in my life are halfway up the door :) What do Aussie kiddos do about getting in and out with the knobs up so high?

    • sarah says:

      hmmm well little one has to kinda lean up and stretch to get the door open…

      thanks for the photo…your entrance is beautiful and makes me want to paint my door white lol! :-)

  16. Deb says:

    HI Sarah, I hightailed it out to the Aussie bush to have a cuppa with my bush bestie and we rejigged her big girls bedroom until the sweat was pouring off us and we couldn’t laugh any more. Result one happy tween, two happy but exhausted ladies. Win Win, happy weekend.

  17. Deanne says:

    In our house which is a hodge podge of old and new we have door knobs of varying heights, some in the middle, and some high up. I actually find the high up ones annoying when the kids can’t reach them and you are constantly jumping up to open a door to let a little one back in- good exercise I suppose!

    • sarah says:

      I have never known another way except knob on door so high up….. always been same for me but since convo it does seem a bit odd Deanne. Xxx

  18. Aisling says:

    I managed to slip out and get my brows and lashes done by a sweet girl who lives up the road and has a “salon” at her house. Dh took the rugrats to the movies while I pampered myself!!

  19. Aisling says:

    I have a 1900 house in NZ and all the internal knobs are low – just below the middle. Front door, which is maybe not original, has knob just above the middle…. 60s extension door is high…

  20. Barefoot Liz says:

    I noticed that you were replying to comments. I think that’s quite impressive when you get as many comments as you do! It does add the personal touch, though, which I think your readers will appreciate. :-) Wishing you a lovely weekend!

    • sarah says:

      thanks Liz, I was kinda wanting to get interactive, or what’s the point? glad you noticed and thanks for commenting ;-) x

  21. Our doorknobs are about waist height in this old farmhouse. We have mostly original brass knobs around here.

    I am definitely taking a walk today! I’m building back up to where I was before my surgery. And on a quiet Saturday, there should be more wildlife out.

    One of the great things about getting a puppy is that you have such a precious bond with the adult dog later. SO worth the work.

    God bless! Have a great weekend Sarah!

    • sarah says:

      hoping your surgery recovery is going well Fiona…thinking fresh air and walking will help

      happy weekend to you too x

  22. Mummaducka says:

    It’s great and personal , the individual responses, though it may be extremely time consuming with your more popular posts.. It’s too hard for me to go for a walk out here in the paddocks, especially at this time of year with all the nasty snakes around, and the 40+ degree temps we had yesterday! Though I might go into town and go for a stroll.

    • sarah says:

      yikes, that is hot!

      yep I am enjoying the interaction…I was getting to the point where I felt like I was talking to myself…not a good thing at my age lol


  23. kathy h. says:

    My knobs and knockers are quite low due to being in my 40′s…you know gravity.

    oh wait…you meant my DOOR KNOBS AND DOOR KNOCKERS. Nevermind.

  24. Liz says:

    A new puppy! How exciting! I have two 5 year old labs and they remind me everyday to have fun. Just got back from a long walk on the beach, 63F and sunny here today, normally should be 35F. Nice to feel the sun on your face and toes in the sand in the dead of winter!

  25. Morning Sarah-

    I am sooo happy to have done the first Sat club for 2012 back home on the beaches!

    To date- all of mine have been done in the English countryside…

    It was gorgeous- early in the morning, before my house was awake…I walked basket in hand- to collect frangi’s from the end of our street- to buy the SMH…it was warm and quiet and home…. :-)

    I love your new commenting- as a reader we both share commented via you- and I received it in email…so we could chat at yours too!

    Looking forward to seeing what your family have chosen as a puppy- we are heading there too for our three now we are back home.

    Happy Sunday….knobs are knockers are higher than miss.6 , but past 40 in this beach house ;-)

    Melissa x

  26. Christine says:

    Happy Back to the Beach New Year, Sarah!
    Here on the West Coast of Amerique the weather is rather like yours. We are having a most warm winter and that means our sail tomorrow on the “Lady Washington” (think Pirates of the Caribbean!) out of Newport Beach will be the experience of a lifetime!
    Here in So. Cal. the door knobs are unremarkably 35 1/2 inches or 90 Centimeters off the floor on a door in a 6 foot, 8 inch opening. On a truly custom installation on an 8 foot or taller door, designers can change that to anything they desire, high low, centered on the door. etc. You name it. When I saw your door, I loved the high knob!
    Love the color you chose!

    • sarah says:

      thanks for giving us more information Christine on your door knobs!

      sigh I am loving the sound of your sailing…any room for me in your suitcase??

      happy days & happy new year


  27. Alice says:

    I didn’t get a chance to pop in and check your blog yesterday but that was because I spent the whole day being led on a tour by a very close friend(and her hubby)of mine around Watsons bay! I got to admire the beautiful houses (and funny enough their doors too lol!), gardens, the cute little shops (well cafe/restaurants) by the beach, the bush track through a nudist beach (there was a lot of blushing and awkward looking at my toes trying really hard not to look at the bits I really didn’t want to see moments – we didn’t realise where we were until it was too late lol)…

    We got to see a red and white striped light house (second oldest in Sydney) that is still in use today and drooled just a little at the gorgeous cottage tucked in next to it…. I will go back even through the nudist beach just so I can take my camera this time and take some great photos (of everything but full frontal nudity of course lol). You may notice that the whole nudist thing even though a bit awkward was the highlight and most amusing part of my day (all because it came as a surprise I guess lol)… Then headed home (full of inspiration) to share your lovely panettone creation with my friends and some really good coffee to end the day…I was spoiled yesterday and loved every second!

    • Alice says:

      Also loving the email thing too… You are very sweet to think of your readers :)

      • sarah says:

        thanks, I am enjoying the interaction!

        wow I know exactly the lighthouse…and the houses and the cute little shops….LOVE it around that area…

        cheers Alice


  28. Rukmini Roy says:

    Well, I was at the beach today and I did pick loads of lil sea-y-beachy shells and conchs :) I love doing this. My boyfriend (now fiance) and me used to do that a lot. Collect shells and then divide it behind the two of us. kids we are.

    I woke up unusually early today and the very moment I opened my eyes I felt like hitting the beach. It was calling me. I was the only one strolling in my pajamas though :P But that’s what i wanted to do.

    Picked up some fresh crabs, came home and made curried crabs as well. What a beautiful day!

  29. Hello Sarah..

    Really I am just stopping by to say ‘hello!’.. Cannot believe this is my first visit.. but I can tell you, I’ll be back.

    The ocean is in my soul. Dee :)

  30. teres says:

    i have to transplant my beach cottage saturday club to wednesday, thursday or friday afternoons as that is when my little guy goes to pre-k. so, on one of those days, i will be wandering around following your instructions for some me time and discovering this world again…and you can put money on the fact that i will be heading to my fav fabric warehouse to look for some of that fat stripe-ity fabric to make me a ‘maxi’ skirt like the one you bought from supre. i am so obsessed with that skirt right now it’s not even funny!supre will deliver internationally but, alas, my bottom is not an xxs or an xs, so size-wise, i am out of luck orderign it. i will make one myself though…and i may even send you a picture!

    teres xo
    from winnipeg, manitoba canada where we are normally in the middle of a couple feet of snow and -30c weather but are relishing in hardly any snow and 0c temps!!!

  31. Glennie says:

    Hi Sarah. We have an old cottage built in 1886 (in beautiful Devonport in Auckand, N.Z.) and oudoor knobs are really, really low – you almost have to bend down to open them – maybe people were shorter then ???? In our first house which was a 1930′s bungalow they were really high – we’ve gone from the sublime to the ridiculous! Love your blog. Glennie x

  32. Carly says:

    Love your blog! It has inspired me to paint some of my old hand-me-down furniture! Thank you for all your amazing ideas!

  33. Lassiegirl says:

    Sarah, I can’t believe you are looking at a puppy the same time we are, ha! We are in the process of getting our newest one, another smooth tri-color collie. We expect her to arrive next week at the earliest, she is only 7 weeks old now and we are very excited and ready to train her up to be a good girl in the world of humans. Our 6 yr. old collie is the sweetest with other animals and loves puppies so it is even a present for her, too. Yes, I was surprised to see where the doorknob is on your doors. In America, similar to Canada I suppose, knobs are just under 1/2 way up the door. Not a problem really. Well, off for coffee :)