Nautical Cottage Stripe, Driftwood Wreath, Starfish Sparkles…just a Beach Cottage Coastal Christmas Bedroom

Mon 12th, Dec, 2011

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Yey, hello Beach Cottage gals, it’s coastal Christmas in the bedroom time at my old place.

I hope you had a spiffing weekend?



Well, I did.




We went away for the weekend…kinda combining a sporting event with a night away without the kiddos…


we spent the whole of Saturday on the beach, I was a little pink on the ankles (missed that bit) but we came back to the hotel after a thoroughly lovely day…




So, on Friday, before we left, I got about doing some coastal Christmas decorating in my bedroom…in my head I wanted coastal Christmas with a Nordic twist and lots of twinkling white lights.

When I went to IKEA for the Annual Beach Cottage Christmas Shopping Extravaganza, I had spied these lights in a lot of the decorating rooms…


and I loved them…I always string white sparkly lights from curtain poles at Christmas, and normally wind them through the bedhead but using icicle lights makes it easy…

20111212-07-IMG_1201 20111212-08-IMG_1206

I just tied them to the pole with those little twisty ties

20111212-09-IMG_1225 20111212-10-IMG_1654

Here’s what I had gathered for a coastal Christmas Nordic look… I don’t spend overboard on Christmas decs as I have said before on this little blog…mainly for a few reasons…one is I like to change things up every year so I see no point, really, in investing as it were…though for sure as I continue to gather stuff that naturally happens (like with this driftwood wreath, I have had for a few years now and sooo getting my money’s worth)

I wanted the green fir thing going on, a splash of red and glitter (I picked up rolls of glitter ribbon for a great price in BigW…much cheaper than I have seen ribbon elsewhere ;-), the only mistake I made was that I didn’t buy more) and of course a nautical stripe to add that coastal Christmas dashing through the snow feel :-)



I used the ribbon to tie the wreath to the end of the bed…


and I recently saw a very complicated tutorial on how to hang a wreath, errrm I am not sure if the way I am doing it is wrong, but after seeing that, the way I do it is just loop the ribbon over the wreath and then tie the bow on the thing I am hanging it on (whether that is a wreath hook, or like here a bed) and then I just tie the ribbon to ‘secure’ it and foof the ribbon a bit until the shape is nice.  Easy.


..tied the nautical stripe around the base of the IKEA tree to hide the ugly black plastic pot…I just used string…and I added a set of those battery powered lights to the whitewashed beachy ladder standing by the bed, together with a driftwood star, a silver bauble and a hanging fishing float


I also tied the sparkly red ribbon around some tealight holders

Most of this stuff I already had, I love how using some red and some lights can make everything just say Christmas, even in beach decor, which I think, by it’s very nature, is sometimes tricky to get right…



…certainly no need to spend a fortune on coastal Christmas decorations, I think it’s easy to do it by just adding things to the nautical / beach / coastal things you already have…propping a starfish, some driftwood and shells etc to the things that make it Christmas like -like adding lights to the whitewashed vintage oar that stands in the corner of the room…at least that’s the way I do it ;-)



I hope you enjoyed the tour, pretty simple for now, I may add more to the other side, right now I’m looking forward to twinkly, hot-chocolate drinking, book reading coastal Christmas nights…


Oh and just to let you know all the furniture, apart from the bed is vintage and thrifted finds, painted with my hand mixed secret recipe beachy vintage coastal white haha and the vintage green chair, well that baby gets about with me everywhere, see her sitting in the water down at the beach here 


beach decor


for more Beach Cottage Coastal Christmas & nautical decor ideas go here



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43 Responses to “Nautical Cottage Stripe, Driftwood Wreath, Starfish Sparkles…just a Beach Cottage Coastal Christmas Bedroom”

  1. such adorable and simple little ideas – I love these! :)

  2. Sarah, it’s beautiful! White is the best color to make any other color pop! Gosh, I need to repaint my whole house!

  3. Sally says:

    Love it Sarah! Anytime you decorate your home it’s always so beautiful my friend!

  4. Rachel says:

    Just gorgeous Sarah! Im loving the pops of red n that coastal wreath is the exact same one I bought last year! I love its rustic simplicity, I reckon Im getting my moneys worth too! xo Rachel

    • sarah says:

      haha I like a good purchase Rachel, where did you get yours? I cannot for the life of me remember where I got mine, think it was a coastal shop here that has since shut down that used to be in Manly….x

      • Rachel says:

        Mmm I think I got it from Melbourne at a cute little homewares store…have no idea if they still sell them. I was thinking I should go and see if they still have any left. Knowing my luck I am guessing no! I think they were only $15 from memory…not bad at all!! x Rach
        Ps Have fun packing and getting ready for K.L, not long now!

        • sarah says:

          no it’s not, I need to get off this computer lol

          hmm mine was not as cheap as that I don’t think…and yep I’d like another one!


          • Rachel says:

            Hahaha! Yes, procrastination is my one weakness, I know the feeling well!
            Mmm…I am thinking…..if I lose a bit of weight, you could maybe pack me in your suitcase….I feel the need for a jaunt in K.L, in return I could get you another one of those wreaths. Sounds fair eh?!

  5. le says:

    lovely and I like the whole less is more things plus the lack of $$ – it makes it more special – best le xox

  6. Deanne says:

    Just gorgeous,
    haven’t done my bedroom yet,
    I used to have some fairy lights up all year round,
    they made it so pretty and romantic.

  7. Kirsty says:

    Ooh it looks so lovely and Christmassy! Great work Sarah :) x K

  8. I think you nailed the coastal/Nordic look beautifully! Clean, simple elegance. I’m not a fan of over-the-top, hit-you-over-the-head, cheap and tawdry holiday decor. Yours is cheery, welcoming, fun and beautiful to the eye.

  9. Melody says:

    You make me smile & dream every day.
    Love the red & white theme.
    Looks adorable and I am a fan of the Nordic look too.
    My DD wants me to do a white tree with red & pink ornaments next year……Hmmmmmmm
    Have a great week. :)

    • sarah says:

      well Melody, I did the white tree route when we first came to Australia…it turned yellow and looked like a smokers tree…not my best look yet ;-)


  10. Jen says:

    So very pretty–I think this is my favorite Christmas room this year. The lights are truly inspired.

  11. Awww, it all looks so serene and lovely. You’ll have to try to snap a night shot, would love to see it with the night time glow. ❈

  12. Candy says:

    Simple, sweeet, understated, love, love, love it, That’s my style, in white of course. Haven’t moved into decorating Christmas with red yet altho I think what you’ve done looks lovely. It has to be done just right and you nailed it! I want to go to Ikea so badly but it’s pure madness in this area, even on a weekday!

  13. Lorren says:

    Love the simplicity of your decorations. So elegant and beautiful!
    Everything you do is wonderful!

  14. Jeannie-JB says:

    You make everything look so simple and yet yours turns out so beautifully. I’m not sure all of us have the knack to make it look so beautiful and easy at the same time. You are definately gifted! Your home is beautiful – thanks for sharing your beach cottage with all of us who want one so badly!

  15. Marie says:

    I really love the simplicity, Sarah. Ikea is the BEST and the choice of Xmas lights are perfect. I agree about the pop of red…it just looks wonderful.

    Happy Holiday hugs,

  16. Mummaducka says:

    The red pops beautifully. very nicely done, looove those fairy lights.

  17. Sarah says:

    Hi Sarah: Your room looks so pretty…I love the red with the white and the sparkly lights, gorgeous! Have a great week! ;–))

  18. Alice says:

    Perfection like always Sarah. I love that room your and love your wreath I am hoping to find one just like it but no luck so far :(… Very, very beautiful…I really love your style…

  19. Manda says:

    Love it Sarah! I never think to “dress” my bedroom during the festive/crazy season. Your bedroom looks divine, and that pleated, ruffly, fluffy, white, yummy doona is just waiting for a lady with a cuppa and a mag to join it.
    x manda

  20. Rukmini says:

    Beautiful sarah. I don’t know how you do it…but you do it. Everytime. You seriously make me dream with all those dreamy whites and reds. You see, I live in an apartment by the creek and my condo would not be bigger than your hall plus a small room. But someday when I buy that spacious darling space of mine, I will make sure that my bedroom looks like this at Christmas. I am speechless as to how pretty it is looking.

  21. Rukmini says:

    Also Sarah, I have mentioned a bit about you in my post. Visit if you get time to :) Here is the URL:


    Love, Rukmini

  22. alison says:



    Love that word. It took me back to my teenage years when it was in popular use for a while. Maybe from the influence of English TV shows shown here in Oz back in the 1970′s??

    I still can’t help but stare at that gorgeous doona cover.

    I love the way you shop the house and reuse, even at Christmas time.


  23. Deb says:

    Very pretty, your own Christmas wonderland!

  24. Jen says:

    I love the pops of red as it makes it all kind dreamy. Beautiful :)


  25. Deb says:

    I always find myself smiling while looking at your beautiful photo’s! Thank you for spreading the Christmas joy! xx

  26. Lovely Sarah! Thanks again for some Christmas inspiration!

  27. Lizzie says:

    So pretty, love the idea of using things around the house and the red that really stands out in the white room. I love the wreath too, can be on display all year round but looks so Christmasy with the red ribbon!

  28. Your bedroom looks beautiful! I love all the white with the pops of holiday red. The lights are lovely too!

    Happy Holidays!