Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday Club & Happiness Lists

Sat 17th, Dec, 2011

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G’day Ladies

Welcome to Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday Club.

The club where we take a bit of times for ourselves, we tie those kiddos to trees, eat chocolate, drink coffee and dress in pretty things.

So, this week, we are combining Happiness Lists with our mission…(and as an aside, please don’t get me wrong here, I am far from one of those people where the grass is always green and the clouds always have a silver lining, which, I suppose, is the whole reason for this effort in noting the good in life…when we moved into this old cottage I really began to see how being grateful about what you’ve got, the little things and celebrating that, is about a million times better than moaning about what you haven’t…that and behind the lens of my camera (which I picked up because of this blog) has made me see life with very different eyes…)

So this weeks mission

should you choose to accept it

is this:


you must gather

Saturday Club


your fave treat

that may be


or cake

or both

and coffee

or a nice cup

of tea

or something

with a bubble

and a little


you must

go to a



& you must


think about


little things

those you take

for granted

every day

hanging your

washing in the

Australian sun

the coffee beans

someone else picked

the lights

on your

Christmas tree

the veggies

in your garden

the moon

over the water

sit back



and get


and do 

your very 




to that 

special person 

in your life





Here’s my Life in Instagrams, my Happiness List & Saturday Club Mission this week…

 ♥ sitting out the front early morning…the light was beautiful, the air was sweet, all was quite except for the birds while I waited for my tea to brew


♥ midnight blue sky, Christmas trees & pine trees


♥ stretching my old bones on the beach


♥ surfboards & armchairs


♥ all the blues, love me some beach umbrellas of any kind


♥ getting my feet ready for my weekend away


♥ polka dot mugs & sunflare


♥ building love


♥ the sitting room styled in a different way


♥ sun came back in Sydney = shorts + walk


♥ a little turquoise cruiser down by the sea


♥ and last but not least packing to go on a trip to Kuala Lumpur

♥ I love going on planes, trains & automobiles


♥  but I’ll miss this



See you join, enjoy those Happiness Lists lovely Beach Cottage girls

beach decor

find more Beach Cottage Saturday Club information here, it’s totally free! just join in 


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14 Responses to “Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday Club & Happiness Lists”

  1. Kim Buca says:

    happy saturday! not sat here yet but i am sitting sipping a hot coco topped with marshmallows and peppermint stick.. reading your blog post. i love looking at my big tree all decorated and the soft white twinkly lights on it!!! sometimes i can sit and look at it for an hr!!!!tomorrow i will grab a cuppa and go to our church service where i will sip a latte and think about all the little things you mentioned!!!
    p.s. i love you lil guy styling your living room oh how i miss the little green army men and trains!! my son just turned 14 and we have none of that around it makes me sad!!! :( but i did hang on to all out thomas and railway collection to pass to grandkids right now i allow my niece and nephew to enjoy it!!!! believe me you will miss that soon enough!!!
    xoxxoo from your land locked friend!!!
    thanks for that great beach pic at the end may have to use as a wallpaper to dream!!!!

  2. le@third says:

    loved your dark toe nails :) and seeing your babes with their trains and army men all about with gay abandonment heehee le xox

  3. Happy, happy Saturday:-). I’m very happy it is the weekend. Happy that my kiddo is having a good sleep. Happy that we’ve got friends coming for dinner tomorrow and I’m making Timpano. Happy that I finished Christmas shopping and didn’t break the bank and happy that I hound the blogging world. Happy Saturday!

  4. Mary says:

    I especially love your sitting room shot! That looks like mine – just before visitors are due :)) ‘/yay to plastic boxes that fit under the bed :))

  5. Alice says:

    Wonderful shots Sarah, I love them all. Your living room with the green army men and traintracks is what my living room (and most of my house) looks like on most days! Lol… I sure am grateful for that!lol

  6. Deb says:

    Sarah of all your lovely, lovely photos I enjoyed the army men and train tracks the most. Today I have bright plastic dominoes and rolling marble courses adorning the family room.

  7. Susan says:

    I love your piccys….. :)

    I am grateful for the small things….

    clean water to drink from a tap
    flushing toilets
    my friends healthy newborn baby girl
    my chance to snuggle with the new baby Maggie on her second day in our lovely world….
    money enough to buy my children what they need and a little of what they want
    food for my dinner table
    living in an era of modern dentistry {my daughter is just about to get her wisdom teeth removed}
    living in an era of modern pharmaceuticals…..
    my husband who will change a dirty nappy & read bedtime stories without being asked
    laughter & sunshine……. & rain

    hope your trip is going well… I love your toenails. I went two days ago and got red glitter… I said it was like “Dorothy’s red shoes from the Wizard of Oz” and the girl told me the name of the polish was Ruby Slippers… it looks festive but not tacky :)

  8. Emily says:

    Central Coast- in my neck of the woods?!

    nothing better than a pedi!

    xo em

  9. fleur says:

    Enjoying the small things that come with hanging out with an old friend. Old jokes, new kids, lots of sun and smiles xxx

  10. Melody says:

    I am happy for every day that comes along!
    Nothing keeps me down for long. :)
    Loving all the smells of baking going in the building.
    Christmas colors, lights & sounds.
    People humming Christmas Carols in the supermarkets.
    Opening cards from long lost friends
    Cold frappuccinos & a slice of Christmas Stollen. YUM!! .
    It’s all good here.
    Hope your weekend is going well and you are smiling!

  11. Luisa May says:

    I love your pics!! THank you for stopping by and for the sweet note you left me! May you have a Merry Joyous Bountiful Christmas!!!!

  12. Sally says:

    How I love my Saturdays with you Sarah,
    Although I could not do everything on your list I improvised as best I could and had alovey day!
    Please don’t stop our Saturday Club outtings dear friend!
    I look forward to them so much.
    Loved all the pics.
    I think my favorite was the one with the porch and the coffee cup.
    I was picturing myself curled up with my favorite book.
    Thank you for the gift you bring to my day each time you post!!!

    Love and hugs to you sweet friend…….

  13. Terrie from Atlanta, Georgia says:

    Oh! What a delightful post ~ so happy & full of light during what can be a very dark time of year, if we’re not careful to remember the Reason for the Season. Thank you, dearest Sarah, for the gentle reminders, & for the glorious, sun-drenched pictures, too! I don’t know why I get such a vicarious thrill out of seeing your pretty little feet all girlied-up & happy ~ but, I do! xoxo Terrie

  14. kim says:

    Where did you get your polka dot mug? I just got 4 that look exactly like that at a Carrefour grocery store in Europe!