Beach Cottage On Tour Nuffnang 2011 Asia Pacific Blog Awards

Tue 20th, Dec, 2011

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Untitled from abeachcottage on Vimeo.



hey lovelies!

wanna come to a red carpet event with me?

wanna rock some shoes?

wear a little black dress?

crack out the lipstick?

see some culture?

make some new friends?

travel for the first time as an Aussie?

(get tearful at Immigration)

stay up all night?

bring it on baby !

I about rocked the weekend

thanks to you

& this little blog

thanks to Nuffnang Australia for the weekend, I had a wonderful time

no win for me

it ain’t about the winning people

& as any good Aussie would say

no worries

it was all about rocking those shoes ;-)



 thanks to my lovely travelling companions Steve, Nikki, Liz, Alyssia, Cas, Nicole, Sam, Kat, Mel, Chrissie

a diverse, interesting & very talented bunch of people using blogging in their very own ways…diffrences make the world go around, even if you have pink hair


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49 Responses to “Beach Cottage On Tour Nuffnang 2011 Asia Pacific Blog Awards”

  1. Jen says:

    So glad you had fun! And I bet you looked great.

  2. OMG that was soooo wonderful!!! It captured our weekend perfectly and I cracked up at my poor tired head on the table in the end. LOL. LOve, love, love!!!!

  3. beachcomber says:

    i LOVE the video you made!! & you looked lovely!

  4. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this post! Seriously best travel montage ever. ❈ I’m smiling like I was there – Thank you for the shoe’s eye view!

    • sarah says:

      it’s all about the shoes Jen, I’ll never live it down and on this trip I was being shoe-picture-taking restsrained…



  5. carla says:

    Fantastic………..I always get halfway your videos before I become suddenly aware of just how wide I am smiling! Lol! x

  6. What a fabulous snapshot of our weekend! Thanks for being such a great travel buddy :)

  7. Sarah, that video rocks! And you look awesome!!

  8. Sarah SB says:

    what a great experience!!

  9. hi Sarah – what a fab experience, so nicely documented too! well done on being nominated.
    thanks for your lovely blog.
    cheers Fiona

  10. Cool video! I have been a reader for a while now but don’t think I have commented before. I love the way you write, it never fails to crack me up…those judges just mustn’t have a decent sense of humour!

    xx Karen (a recent Kiwi import to Aussie)

  11. Wheeeee! Fun, fun, fun! And great shoes, too!

  12. Susan says:

    What a cute montage! It looks like you had a really fun time!

  13. Oh, Sarah … just too much fun. The video made me smile. There’s a lot of “discussion” going on about the awards on the interwebs at the moment but my weekend was made all the better with some fabulous bloggers in it – and that very much includes you! You’re a scream!

    • sarah says:

      yes that is not the ‘discussion’ I need to be in on…. I have an opinion on it too but their timing might have been a bit sweeter for those of us nominees & finalists

      thanks for the weekend and for making me go to that nightclub (and making me leave it), I can report back to my friend that indeed you are nice and I love ya ;-) (girlfriend that doesn’t happen very often, count yourself lucky ;-) )


  14. Alice says:

    That was so much fun to watch! You looked like you had so much fun. Well done, and yes you rocked those shoes babe!

  15. Kat says:

    Love it!
    Now we can all feel as though we were there with you in part.
    Btw I saw a flash of your tummy and you SO do not have a muffin top girlfriend! :)
    You looked gorgeous in the black dress and party shoes and I bet you had a fab time!

  16. Donna says:

    What a great montage. You obviously had a wow of a time! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Kylie says:

    Oh Sarah – you’re a winner to us. We love you and you rock girl!
    Cheers Kylie

  18. Tovah says:

    don’t usually comment but I loved your video so much! Awesome idea and great execution of it:) Sorry you didn’t win but I’m glad you know it is about more than that. And your readers think you rock!:)

  19. Joanne says:

    You should be sooo proud of yourself for getting to the awards – well done!

  20. Rukmini says:

    Ya absolutely. It’s not about winning, its about being worthy of winning. I am so proud of you and happy for you! Or rather effin proud of you. Got my hydrangeas finally Sarah! The moment I saw them, all I could think was you and your beautiful hyds in that ironstone pitcher. You are a dream weaver.

  21. Rukmini says:

    Oh Sarah! you are looking gorgeous and I love those stepping montages. Beautiful. You are one rock solid girl and I adore you. Yay!

    • sarah says:

      thank you very much Rukmini, I have my moments, mostly looking down at one’s shoes riding a broomstick ;-) xo

  22. Great video!! Such an awesome weekend. And so great to see after all the negativity going on about NAPBAS today. There was more to it then just one blogger.

  23. Melissa says:

    Oh thankyou for sharing that with us…. what a great time!

  24. Alvinyang says:

    Love your stop motion style video. It was awesome :) Nice to meet you anyway.

  25. Sharon says:

    Wow, it looks like so much fun! Thanks for letting us share the weekend with you.

    By the way, I just love your party shoes and your dress. You looked fabulous.

  26. Julia says:

    Haha, classic! So funny, looks like a fun time and you looked amazing!

  27. Mary Harper says:

    Great video Sarah!

  28. David says:

    Love the video that you’ve put together!

    Am glad you’ve enjoyed your trip, meeting other bloggers and congratulations on making the finalist. :)

    Happy holidays!


  29. patsy says:

    Thanks for taking us with you on your trip! Looks like you had a blast! A blessed Christmas to you and your family! Patsy from HeARTworks

  30. Liz says:

    I did see this shortly after you posted, but just came back to watch it again and smile.

    I love this. Thank you for capturing it so well!