Beach Cottage Nautical Coastal Christmas Tablescape

Thu 15th, Dec, 2011

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G’day lovelies!

Well it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas in this old cottage…it’s feeling like Christmas’s past to me too with the cool weather we are having here in Sydney…

So, this is a little tablescaping I did for friends who came over for a Christmas tipple and a turkey recently

We had a lot of food happening so I kept it really simple on the table, plus I wanted to use a wreath in the middle for some greenery…ladies there sure was a big old load of white going on in there…it needed some Nordic ;-)

So I used an artificial wreath that I have had for years…(I have to say one can never have enough wreaths in their Christmas life can they?  ahem Mr Beach Cottage was helping with the Christmas lights the other day and counted from the Christmas box no less than seven wreaths….the eyebrows raised and the muttering started, have to say I did chuckle to myself ‘cos he hadn’t included the one on the deck, the one on the bed and the one on here already…no of course I didn’t make him any the wiser).

But, this wasn’t looking quite beach decor to me…

So I slipped the nautical looking lantern in the middle….one can pretty much always rely on a good old lantern for a bit of coastal style… this one is even better because it’s very much good on the old pocket too, coming, as it does, from my very trusty lil Nordic boutique, IKEA.




There was though, a problem…the weren’t enough bling in there baby (pls. no grammar emails just go with me here, I am having a moment)

and so I stuffed in a big old mix

Christmas baubles in silver and white..for sparkles

Christmas lights in icy blue stars…for twinkling

Christmas Beach with shells & starfish…for coastal Christmas



I also used red and white stripe on the table…these table mats were given to me by a friend, though weren’t intended for Christmas, she knew I loved me some nautical stripe, said she found these in a local boutique and immediately thought of me…

…and yeah I lurve them…just right to add some Christmas red to this old place…almost say a little bit Hamptons to me too…do you think???  All I need now is the man from the Ralph Lauren advert sitting at this table offering to serve my drink and I, my friends, would be very much sorted.

You know I couldn’t do a table without throwing a sphere in (and please note bokeh lovers Christmas bokeh in the background ;-) )





I always love to have some loose baubles on the table…one of my guests picked up this and said

‘Oh you forgot to put this on the tree’






Yes this particular guest was male, yes I put pepper in his beer and gave him a tiny helping of turkey with no skin.




I shoved those French cafe chairs, the unpainted ones on the end of the table, for no other reason than I totally, amazingly, whole-heartedly love those beauties, and I wanted to sit and gaze at them all night.


I saw the same guest eyeing my chairs (and the ladder for that matter) very very suspiciously…he who lives in a minimalist house with marble counters…but I just have him a broomstick look, and after the way the bauble comment went down he just touched one of my French cafes and said

‘hmmm, original’




I said yeah, gosh, they cost me a fortune in the antique shop…we’ll keep the little thrifting secret just between you and me ;-)

And so lovely Beach Cottage ladies, this Thursday on the beaches, that is very much it from me…What will be on your Christmas tables this year then?  Love to know?

Don’t forget to enter the Beach Cottage Coastal Giveaway for a special Christmas treat to help you with your baking and stop by tomorrow, I have a fashion post…Iam on my way to Kuala Lumpur to the red carpet blogging event…and I’m gonna show you my outfits…

Adios amigos

beach decor


you can find my table dressed up in Christmas beach decor here too


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27 Responses to “Beach Cottage Nautical Coastal Christmas Tablescape”

  1. Deb Gray says:

    Beautiful and festive. Fabulous pics as always Sarah! :)

  2. Alice says:

    I love the lantern! How gorgeous with the light ands shells! Lol at your guest… My guests don’t appreciate any table adornments they claim its a waste of space for good food and it gets in the way of good conversation(even though it’s all well below their line of sight!)… Looking forward to the fashion post… Bring on the glam!

  3. Love that lantern! Just now figured out you must have the battery lights tucked in there with the shells and all. Genius! For Christmas I’ve got a big big BIG item on my list. A new refrigerator. Actually it was delivered last week as I’ve been extremely good this year. Nothing to do now but sit back and enjoy the show :-)

  4. Susan says:

    First of all – with the time zone difference, I might not see your post tomorrow before you leave for KL, so let me just say now “Good luck, and break a leg!” – I hope you bring home the grand prize at the blogging event.

    Your table looks darling! I love the “pop” of the red and white place mats!

  5. Beautiful! Ugh to men too about decorating….what do they know? except the real…. men designers. I know in my neck of the woods he! he! all they care about is the food. My Mom would so…have enjoyed sitting at your table as well as myself. I’m sure she is looking down on you and I right now and saying well done girls! Can’t wait to see your glam!

  6. Oh my! This is everything this prairie girl could ever dream of!

  7. Kirsty says:

    It looks so pretty, especially the blue-ish lights in the lantern. I had to giggle at the ‘man comments’ you got about your table hehe, they don’t have a clue do they?! :) xo Kirsty

  8. Hmmm, original :-) but in a fabulous way!

  9. Sharon says:

    The table is lovely. I especially like the red-striped place mats and that shell spheres (I want one so badly). The red just gives the table such a festive look without being too Christmas-y. Beautiful.

  10. Barefoot Liz says:

    Love the sphere! They would look nice on my mantle (non working fireplace). The lantern is a great idea, too!

  11. Rukmini Roy says:

    I noted the Christmas Bokeh, obviously. I live in Mumbai which is a coastal town. But sadly I find no star fish or urchins no, Nada. I love your fairy light coastal centerpiece. Is it battery operated? And the reds and whites are looking fantastic.

    • sarah says:

      yes the lights are battery operated…really good actually…soooooo easy! x

      • Rukmini says:

        You just got me up and running to search for one….I am going gaga over your centerpiece. Oh and Sarah, the man above seem to have listened to my prayers. I have to tell this to you. A friend just got me a beautiful, blue and white starfish. Its in my hand as I write to you. YAY!!!

  12. Mary says:

    It looks gorgeous Sarah – as usual.

    I happened to find some shell spheres in the xmas shop a local dept store. I cut off the hanging string and they look very similar to yours! I was very excited :)) I love the table mats and will definitely copy this idea over the holidays.


    Mary xx

  13. Tammi says:

    Trust a male to make such comments…they have no idea about the finer things in life!

    I love how simple but festive this tablescape is and I adore all the fairy lights that give just the right ambiance…really nice Sarah :)


  14. Robynne says:

    I think that’s one of your best tablescapes Sarah, the red stripes, the slipcover chairs and then those lovelies on the end, and the little twinkling lights in the background…really gorgeous. Pity about the slightly stupid male guests…Robx

  15. Tiff says:

    Love it Sarah. All of it.

  16. You’re a good stylist and what a atmospheric photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet words:)

  17. Rochelle says:

    I love all of it Sarah. The chairs, oh my, they are such beauties. Happy Christmas to you and your family. Hugs xx

  18. Theresa says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments!
    I am glad you did because now I know about your wonderful blog!
    I would love to have a cottage on the ocean, I am jealous! I love the Christmas decor!
    Stop by again sometime!

  19. Hey Bat Woman!! Seems like it has been ages! Love the table…so fresh and Christmasy! For this year I am all about snowflakes. I am going to have to take some pics and blog about the decorating of the house and garden. Having so much fun buying loads of new sparkly things. (READ: Gone mad!!) LOL. The table is going to be white and blue…and sparkle…
    Have a wonderful trip ..WOW! amazing…congratulation on making it to the finals…will watch with anticipation!!
    Hope to see you in the NY
    Sue..aka Robin

  20. Sarah SB says:

    gorgeous styling as always!!

  21. sonya vidic says:

    Hi sarah,

    Everything you do is wonderful, i just wonder how you have the time to do all this.
    Do you work as well?