The Beach Cottage Thanksgiving Recipe

Mon 21st, Nov, 2011

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G’day beach cottage lovelies.

Phew, it was a hot one this weekend…and guess who spent it getting up at 5.30am and driving to a beach for a sporting event.  That would be me.  I tell you what I sure get to see Australia, in my role as Top Taxi Driver….the mercury was pretty hot, on the way home it was hitting 37C (that’s nearly 100F) and a lovely blue sunshiney day….

I, though, spent the whole drive thinking about Thanksgiving…as a transplanted, newly Aussie, Brit, I have a dear love for this new to me, American, celebration.

Of course, there is no history to it for me, no memories, good or bad, of gatherings…which, for me, does in fact make it all the sweeter…this is a chance to celebrate and start a new tradition for something that is just ours…and means something to me….being thankful and grateful has been one of the biggest things that I have learnt because of this blog…and getting to know other people’s cultures has been one of the biggest things I have got as a blog reader…

The culmination of the two, means, now, in our third year, Thanksgiving Beach Cottage style…it is nothing like, (I presume) the celebrations some of those of you that read this blog might have, but for us, it is slowly weaving its way into our calendar…

It is a very simple affair to be very honest, my kiddos a very simple gift, to show my thanks for having them in my life, and rather than a huge celebratory meal, for us it is not a holiday day, just a regular old Thursday night…plus I like to set the table…as you know I am always looking for a bit of an excuse for some tablescaping (Christmas ones are coming…woot woot!….don’t you just love everything getting twinkly right about now?)

… for Thanksgiving we will be having Green Bean Casserole…it came about through my trawling of the internet looking for easy recipes for Thanksgiving that weren’t a huge old deal and could be adapted for a regular night…after I made it the first time we had it lots of nights!   I just kept cooking it til those Beach Cottage kiddos couldn’t look another French bean in the eye ;-)

This is one of my favourite recipes ever, hence plugging it now…

…as ever this ticks all the Beach Cottage Recipe boxes…it’s no-brainer simple, it uses easy ingredients and you could almost do it with your eyes shut…plus it has my fave combo…lemon & garlic…


Beach Cottage Thankful Beans, Lemon & Garlic Casserole

1kg green beans, topped and tailed

2 cups bacon (not skinny low-fat bacon) trimmed

Maldon sea salt or equivalent & pepper

1 1/2 lemons, peeled & zested

3 cloves of garlic

2 onions, peeled and finely chopped

2 knobs of butter

1. salt a saucepan of water and put on to boil

2. sling the bacon in a large wide frying/casserole pan

3. once it is beginning to cook and some of the fat has come off, move the bacon to the edges and add the onions and garlic to the pan and slowly cook until soft

4. blanch the beans in the water (if you like your beans fairly crunchy keep an eagle eye on these and drain after about 3 mins), strain them and put them back in the pan with the lid on to keep warm.

5. chop up the lemons into small cubes about 1 cm square or so on a board

6. once the garlic/onion is soft and the bacon is coloured and cooked add the butter and the lemons to the pan and include any juice from the lemons on the board

7. now stir it all around with a wooden spoon until all is hot through

8. tip the beans in and stir/mix around until they are coated in the buttery/lemony juices

9. place in a warmed caserole dish

**notes if you love the hit of lemon up the juice to that of 2 lemons  adjust garlic to taste, I like its heady breath full on here but you may want to limit it to 2,  * a knob of butter is a lovely British term about a hefty tablespoon or so…or the size of a walnut..though I have to say I am not consistent with the size of my knobs ;-)

* recipe is a main stand-alone supper dish that serves four (though not four big hefty adults) accompanied with French bread and followed by cheese* as a side dish for a gathering where a turkey or suchlike is the main player this could well be left with only half the bacon



Let me know if you try it…it really is a perfect weeknight supper on its own merits…of course foof it up a bit and this is more than good enough for a dinner party dish of your dreams…

OK, ladies, I have to rush…guess what will be arriving in this old cottage soon?  oooooooooh a job lot of Vintage French Cafe Chairs, no less…do you think I have been doing the vintage thrifters dance…yes sirree Mr President

See you soon


beach decor


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you can read more on my Thanksgiving here….and find more easy Beach Cottage Recipes right here…. 






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30 Responses to “The Beach Cottage Thanksgiving Recipe”

  1. catherine says:

    My son is coming home from college for thanksgiving but he’s bringing an aussie friend…. So no thanksgiving traditions from down under? Wanted to make him feel ‘at home’. Guess he’ll just get a good ol fashioned southern thanksgiving.

    • sarah says:

      oh Catherine! ‘a good ol fashioned southern thanksgiving’ ???? be still my heart…one day I will get one of those!

  2. lg says:

    can you please make a pot of this and bring it to my house for our dinner tonight? I am so sick of cooking dinner!!!!!!! I will make you one of those chocolate cakes as a swap! lg xxxx

  3. Kat says:

    This sounds delish, however sadly for me my hubby and oldest child would not be able to eat the bacon, lemon, pepper or onion. (they can eat spring onion.)
    I just don’t know if beans in butter with spring onions and sea salt would cut it compared to this lovely dish.
    Such is my life in dealing with food intolerances and allergies. Sigh.
    Perhaps I will make it for the other 4 of us.

  4. Susan says:

    Another who didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving. I celebrated my first Thanksgiving when I moved with my (American) husband to the US in ’92. Between ’92 and ’08, the holiday was celebrated either at my mother-in-law’s place or her sister’s place. Since my husband, son and and I moved down to Texas in ’09, we’ve had Thanksgiving at our place. My mother-in-law flew in a little under two weeks ago; my sister-in-law and her boyfriend and adult son will be arriving on Tuesday – our house will be crowded for a few days, but it’s fun.

    I must admit, however, that I still don’t like turkey (I’d never eaten it in Australia), so although we do the traditional turkey, I forgo eating it, and just have lots of the sides, with stuffing being my favorite!

    I hope you and your family enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  5. oh hab gelesen du wohnst am meer.
    einfach himmlisch.
    und der bohneneintopf sieht lecker aus.
    bei uns heisst er bernerplatte.
    wünsche dir eine schöne woche sei lieb gegrüsst daniela

  6. Laura says:

    I’m sorry, but I had to laugh out loud about your green bean casserole. I was thinking, “Wow! This Aussie likes regular old Green Bean Casserole. No way!” And then I scrolled down and laughed. Definitely not the “traditional” American Green Bean Casserole. Ours is not nearly so fancy, but it is a family staple for our Thanksgiving table – and all it is is canned green beans, cream of mushroom soup, french friend onions, a little milk, and a little pepper to taste. Very simple, but my kiddos expect it on the table each year. Its just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it! I wonder what they would think if I substituted it with yours. It looks delish!

  7. kerrie says:

    sauteed green beans are a tradition at our Thanksgiving feast…I cook mine in olive oil, with toasted almonds, parmesan cheese, garlic, sea salt, pepper. Its delicious.

  8. Morning Sarah- I am up before the masses today- and had a feeling we may see a Thanksgiving meal posted this week.

    I remember you whipping something up last year- if I’m right?

    I think it’s wonderful to start your own traditions- they have to start somewhere- we’ve done the same with our kids!

    Do you grow your own beans out the back??

    Melissa x

    PS_ I have three french chairs-can’t wait to see yours- I’m still scouring this place for at least one more!!!

    BEt you danced your BC socks off!! ;)

  9. {oc cottage} says:

    Well, for an Aussie-Brit, you have it just about right. The green bean casserole is oh-so-Thanksgiving! Although we
    do a veggie medley, because, well, in Cali we just have to be different! ;}But all I care about is the cajun creamed corn and
    the gravy! Ok, the homemade rolls too, because they hold the gravy! And for those things, I am very thankful!

    Happy Down Under Thanksgiving To You!


  10. Deanne says:

    In some ways it would be great to have some sort of Thanksgiving Tradition here in Australia, I thought about doing it this year, but we will be out- maybe we should just make it tonight, son number 2 has just finished making the 40 garlic chicken for our tea tonight!

  11. Zosia says:

    Hi Sarah, I just made your banana bread on the weekend. We liked it. My other favourite banana bread recipe is by Martha Stewart http://www.marthastewart.com/312772/banana-bread . I like the addition of sour cream in that one. Makes the cake fluffier and lighter.
    Looking forward to your Christmas table settings. Have a great week!

  12. Susan says:

    I LOVE this recipe and make it ALL the time XXXX

  13. Rochelle says:

    Just voted for you. Good luck!

  14. Elaine in Laguna says:

    This is very similar to the western green beans I whip up for our family here in Southern California for our Thanksgiving…It also works well as a summer dish. We omit the bacon, though. And what a great word for a tablespoon of butter! Wishing you a great holiday – I mean Thursday night! PS I voted for you.

  15. Peggy says:

    Oh we make the same green bean dish but have never added the lemon! I will definitely have to give that a try this week. Oddly enough I do NOT like the traditional Thanksgiving green bean casserole or even most of the “traditional” foods. We just discovered that my husband can eat poultry again!! After 18 years… he went back in to have additional allergy testing done when they discovered he is NO longer has any food allergies! So this Thanksgiving we are having lemon chicken cooked in a kosher salt, mashed potatoes, these green beans, a green salad chock full of pomegranate seeds and mandarine oranges, a pistachio pudding fluff recipe (its divine!! pistachio pudding, cool-whip or real whipping cream, crushed pineapple, and miniature marshmallows) and home made rolls with individual pies for dessert.

  16. Cottage Gal says:

    I’m definitely making this – thank you!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to you Sarah! Traditions are wonderful to have and to start new ones. This year for the first time my sister’s daughter-in-law will be hosting Thanksgiving. Not sure what all she will be serving, but I know she DOES not want anyone to bring anything. One of my sister’s heard she won’t be serving turkey….too bad because WE WILL be bringing that. My Mother when she was alive prepared turkey AND ham. SURPRISE!!! some traditions you don’t break in our family.

  18. omg!!! we need a taste button on the computer!!! I can just smell how wonderful this must be!!

  19. Tamara says:

    This looks delish and so simple and healthy. Being a veggie gonna try it with crisply fried smoked tofu instead of the bacon… can’t wait yum :-)

  20. Sally says:

    Sounds like a winner to me my friend. Looks like it will be added to the table for Thanksgiving. It sounds absolutely delicious!
    Thanks for sharing! Have a fablous holiday my sweet friend!


  21. wendy says:

    Hi Sarah
    thank you for the lovely recipe can you please confirm when you say chop the lemons into small cubes are you meaning the inside of the lemon (flesh) or the peel and zest????

  22. Vicki P says:

    Hope someday you will have the REAL DEAL Yankee Thanksgiving dinner….it is my favorite meal of the year, and most American’s
    special family time….roast turkey, mashed potatotes and gravy, green bean casserole (with the mushroom soup etc described above),
    a few more side dishes like sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie, pecan pie….YUM! Absolutely delish. Then the football games on TV for the men and gathering of the rest to do their socializing, etc. Just a great day. Cold in most of America at that time, so all is usually indoors, other than the south where it is warmer.
    Finding a turkey, I think, to roast is easier than it once was. I even heard of some Americans in New Zealand who were able to purchase a full turkey to roast. That’s the centerpiece of the meal.

    So, Happy Thanksgiving! It’s this Thursday…as you probably know.
    Florida sunshine will hopefully prevail for my day here…

    • Laura says:

      Oh yes… Sweet Potato Casserole… With brown sugar, chopped pecans, and marshmallows on top. From your menu it sounds like we have the exact same meal for Thanksgiving. Especially with the football for the men – and sometimes even a little hunting while we women prepare the meal. Nothing like Thanksgiving… Except maybe Christmas. I’ll be interested to hear how you celebrate that in Australia, Sarah! :)

  23. Calliope says:

    Dear Sarah,
    could you please explain the lemon thing?
    Do you zest then peel then cut into cubes the whole lemon?
    And then do you also put the zest also into the pan?
    I’m making this very soon as it sounds awfuly delish!