The Annual Christmas Beach Cottage IKEA Pilgrimage

Fri 25th, Nov, 2011

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Hello Beach Cottage lovelies.  Ready for some Christmas Ikea bling?

Ooh yeah, I have some Christmas decor to show you from my personal little Nordic boutique, Iqkea.

Wanna see what’s in my bag?  Dive on in.

Now every year I make an IKEA Christmas trip…yep I am really that easy to please…I start scheming this as soon as the Christmas section hits the website and I spy things I might like…I plan when I am going and mark it in the diary.   Every single year.

When I lived back in England, I saved the trip til late afternoon, so that when I came out all the lights were on and it was all twinkly and cold and festive….here that doesn’t happen, there certainly are Christmas decorations around but it’s not quite the same when it’s light outside.  I can cope with that.

So this year, I had one day this week ear-marked…I like to go alone, so no-one can annoy me and mostly I like to just peruse the Christmas set-ups.  Gotta say this year that my IKEA were not overly abundant in Christmas decorations in the store and Christmas tablescapes, I was a little disappointed with that…hello IKEA do you need a table decorator to help you out, are you feeling the Christmas stress, errrm I know one, she lives on the beaches and would be very happy to come over for the day and help out. ;-)

Soooooooo, this Annual Christmas IKEA pilgrimage has to involve the free coffee (you get that if you are a Family member) and a plate of meatballs…you see even though these are rather ahem heavy in the calorie department, they are pretty much compulsory to keep you going as you wander around ooohing and ahhhing and pretending that you live in a cottage where no-one makes any mess and that your bed really does have 3 layered up quilts on it, and 25 cushions all perfectly non-perfect ;-)

So here are the things that took my fancy as I wandered in Christmas IKEA bliss (this is a long post, scroll down if you wanna get straight to the juicy and what I came home to this ratty old cottage with)

This is the first idea I liked…the icy blue with the silver and white with the mirror underneath…I think they are mirror tiles…too easy…not sure how good this would be with children around, even big kiddos like mine…I think it might make me tense, but I love it anyway…



I loved these hanging stars, but thought they were kinda modern for my cottage, even though they aren’t modern, so none of these came home with me, I think these would be stunning in a large beach house setting…with windows overlooking the sea….just need oh about 6 million dollars more than I have right now…anyone like to assist with that?



trays of red and white things…nice



stacks of white Christmas china



I loved this bedding…why oh why did I not come home with it is beyond me, oh yeah I know I think I could start a linen shop with all the bedding I have now and in this place a red, white & blue plaid bedding set I could not have pretended we had had for ages.  But, I am doing a Christmas bedroom this year….I am gonna be in twinkly heaven in bed drinking mulled wine (this is one of the things on my list when we did the Saturday Club Christmas edition the other day) and piled up with white lights and white linens and maybe the odd French cafe chair to ogle and this would have been PERFECT underneath the doona don’t you think?  (no matter that some days it’s touching 100F on the mercury in Sydney at Christmas roflmao)…

20111125-06-Ikea-Christmas-IMG_9473 20111125-07-Ikea-Christmas-IMG_9472


errrm this made me laugh…think the stylist got a lil bit carried away here…a pile of plates like that.. and the garlands…



those IKEA people, gosh they are so thoughtful..they had even this white, silver and loveheart tree ready just for me at the entrance ;-)




and this idea I have done before in this old place….icicle lights on the windows…this year I am gonna give it a coastal christmas twist….



in line at the end, taking a photo of my shoes and bags, as you do…no there were not enough checkouts open, no I didn’t turn into the IKEA Witch…but I was close



What came home with me this year (not really Mr Beach Cottage if you are reading this, I am just doing this for the blog readers and taking it all back next week :-) )

loveheart cushions in red gingham….love me a bit of red gingham at Christmas time, I wish they had had other shapes of these…


a couple of these trees…now I don’t really like artificial trees…never have done, but I quite liked these…I deliberated them for ages, I nearly phoned Mr Beach Cottage, cos he woulda really like a phone call about whether or not I should buy two artificial Christmas trees while he was working hard to keep this family in food :-)…I decided after much head-to-side thinking that these would be lovely on the deck, by the new BLUE front door…with some of those battery operated twinkly lights on them…I would prefer mini-real trees but it’s super-duper hot out there in the middle of the day and I am not sure how long real ones would stand it without getting all limp and droopy.  I don’t need limp and droopy in my life.  Do you?   So in they went….





Next up these crochet stars…these have to be one of the best Christmas IKEA finds for a long time…at a couple of bucks each, I threw a few of these in




…and these puffy embroidered hearts…love these too…my philosophy this year is keep it simple even though I am really into it this year…the past few years I haven’t been so much, this year I feel very Christmassy…but I am trying to remain realistic and keep those purrrrfect Christmas images out of my head…and so I am gonna just go wild on the sparkly lights (I raided the local dept store for new lights, don’t tell Mr Beach Cottage, errrrm we did have quite a few already ;-) ) and just sorta hang things randomly around…I figured this is easy, quick and also will be easy when it all needs to be taken down again…these fit that Christmas philosophy perfectly …hanging things on rusty old knobs??? no brainer ;-)




and then we move swiftly along to wrapping…truth be known, I prefer brown / kraft paper on my parcels and presents…and then to adorn them with things I have collected and at Christmas add a few in white and some red…this bores the pants off of my children…they are not with me in the chic and simple brown paper formula, those babies like a bit of bling…well I say you want bling, you want colour, you want YELLOW at Christmas, or worse purple and black, well you my little cherry pies are quite welcome to get yourself to the mall and buy your own….

but I liked this



and then we have OMG Christmas paisley

with OMG silver

did I say OMG love?

I saw these on the little trees they have on top of all the products displayed on a Christmas tree…but I couldn’t find them anywhere…a few things were sold out already so I was a bit disappointed…and then I saw them stashed up in a box and a sorta squealy hiss came out

“Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!’  they were like OMG only a few bucks a packet….



Alongside me was a man, in the middle of the afternoon, an obviously retired man in chinos, with retired wife in chinos too…retired man in chinos was leaning on the post examining the ceiling, retired wife in chinos was scooting about filling her trolley with gold things…when I hissed/squealed /jumped up and down and punched the air in Ikea Christmas Pilgrimage delight he almost jumped out of his skin and he OMG TUTTED.

Can you believe that.

I rammed my trolley in his shin-clad chinos and pretended it was an accident.

How dare he try to ruin my Christmas Pilgrimage?


these….tea towels, I am not sure if these are meant to be part of the Christmas range or not, but I bought a couple of packs of them, I wish now I had bought more, I am going to make things with them…thinking a cushion and something for the table….




I bought a few packs of these bags, I always like to have bags in the house for wrapping, about a million times less stressy when the date is looming…I have a whole stash of brown paper ones I bought from a local paper wholesaler that I tie sparkly stuff on but I thought these red ones would blend in nicely, plus the funny little santa on the small bags I thought was right up my little one’s alley…



next up we have more hearts, more love, more silver, more delight, but no shin-kicking




did anyone around here say hearts?

OMG love white hearts?

Oh yeah…

they had these in other colours too, but I already had quite a few silver hearts from other IKEA Christmas years, so went for white…




I also spied this silicone cake tin….I loved the blue (we all know I am having Beach Cottage Blue Phase right now)…and the hearts were reduced so I thought I might make my lovely Beach Cottage Crew a loveheart sponge to let them know how much I love them….I have only got a couple of my fall-back recipes to share now…the Victoria Sponge is one of them…I thought in this I’d do a Christmas version, I would really like to find some edible glitter in silver…anyone know where I can get that in Australia without having to trek over mountains to find it????




I also bought some lights, the star icicle ones, I am going to hang them somewhere pretty….I forgot to take a picture of them but at the moment they are only $20, a great price compared to what I have seen elsewhere….




And that is it for my Annual Christmas IKEA Pilgrimage…gotta say I thoroughly enjoyed myself….I don’t quite know how though when I got to the registers I had managed to spend so much when supposedly everything is only a few dollars…it’s the IKEA conundrum that no-one will ever know…it must be something they add to the meatballs ;-)

Bye for now lovelies, I’ll be seeing you next time…


Bye for now lovelies, I’ll be seeing you next time…let me know…what did you like in IKEA this year for your Christmas goodies, and I hear from the Facebook girls that a whole lot of us take a pilgrimage there at this time of year…do you?


beach decor


oh and hello to Nicola who came to say G’day to me while I was in the cafe and recognised me from this blog…errrm yes this was ‘all’ I ended up with!







 A Beach Cottage supports White Ribbon Day, Australia’s campaign to 

stop violence against women (click here for more info)

and click here for an article by Erica Bartle at JustB Australia on Domestic Violence..Erica makes some interesting insights…domestic violence is not just about a man hitting a woman.

if you are in a violent situation, suffering physical or emotional abuse & there are kiddos involved, please seek help, do it today

ALL children are deserving of a peaceful, safe & secure home where they feel loved


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81 Responses to “The Annual Christmas Beach Cottage IKEA Pilgrimage”

  1. Mimi says:

    Loving your finds. My sister and I do the same thing each year. Our annual Ikea Christmas shop. Mimi xx

  2. I hear Ikea CALLING MY NAME!

    I LOVE those mini trees – real or not!

    And the gingham heart cushion …and…..and…..

    I’ll share my purchases if/WHEN I go!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Kirsty says:

    Oh man! I love your little xmas trees, the white hearts, ummm everything! It really sucks that they haven’t brought ikea to NZ yet!
    Enjoy all your new treasures!! xo K

  4. Well- i am loving, and can relate to that haul…how gooood are those white crocheted hearts!!!!!!

    …i should’ve bought you some of that red-brown twine as didn’t see that in your haul- i did that mad *it’s mine* Ikea dance (YOU know that one!!) when we stumbled upon a huge box of it at the registers…..

    Love your little trees….and those paisley hearts…..don’t you have a gorgeous tablecloth like those??

    Happy decorating!

    Melissa :)

  5. Julie says:

    I also did my Ikea Christmas pilgrimage yesterday Sarah! But my stash doesn’t look as good as yours …. I easily get sidetracked in Ikea and come home with things not on my list and none of the the things I planned to get! I think my local Ikea in Melbourne might have sold out of some Christmas items as I’m sure I didn’t see all the the things you have found. Maybe another pilgrimage is in order….. Look out Ikea!!!!

    • sarah says:

      I think, by the talk on Facebook yesterday that the one I went to Rhodes, also had a lot of things sold out…always a good excuse to go back lol x

  6. Rachel says:

    Oh well done Sarah!!!
    I am feeling the desperate ‘need’ to go to Iqkea….. NOW!!!! I have been thinking that I need to make the pilgrimage and now I am resolved….it must be done. I am there!
    I get a bit of Iqkea madness to own the truth. I actually go straight to the bargain basement when I am in bargain mode and nothing can deter me, not even the most layered of beds in the display section. I MUST get to the bargain corner and find whatever it is that might be there waiting for me at a ridiculous price. And YES I totally do the mad Iqkea dance and possibly I hiss too. In fact I may get sweaty palms and a rapid heartrate when I enter into that lovely Nordic Boutique.(wait did I say that out loud?) Mr PTF has become accustomed to my Iqkea behaviour and hence avoids these pilgrimages. Its better that way. For both of us.
    Have fun tablescaping and decorating that lovely beach cottage of yours!
    xo Rachel
    P.s I tried voting for you however I am not on facebook….is there another way of voting?

    • sarah says:

      I don’t think you can vote without Facebook

      You are hilarious. We need to do ikqea pilgrimage partnership hahahaha. Roflmao xx

  7. Caz says:

    Thank you for another wonderful story you had me in stitches with the chino tutting retiree ;-) I love the icy blue and mirror tablescape and you made me smile with “it might make me tense” comment, last year I printed off pages of christmas carol music sheets and placed them in random way as my table runner so when the inevitable spilling of wine and food happened it caused no tenseness on my part ;-))) and I just threw them in the bin!

    The silver paisley hearts made it into my trolley along with white paper doves and some sparkly silver hearts, I’m pretty sure I have the white hearts in my possession from last years Ikea Christmas expedition and a plethora of white, silver and crystal.

    Enjoy making your cottage oh so Christmasy pretty and look forward to seeing how you put it all together soon.

  8. izzie says:

    Brilliant – I did my Ikea trip to Southampton ,U.K last week- got the fabric hearts – they are hanging on the back of my kitchen chairs as we speak! Got two trees for outside my front door plus battery lights for them – red gingham cushion, a grey checked rug and a fantastic grey gingham armchair that i have managed to convince my husband was only £100 – actually £150 but whats £50 between spouses!! Looks excellent in my kitchen next to the woodburner stove. Can’t wait to put the decorations up now. Funny to thoink you had an almost identical trolley 12,000 miles away isn’t it??
    P.S Know what you mean about the how much it all adds up when you get to the check out!!

    • sarah says:

      I love that grey chair!!!! It’s so on my list for next time

      Yeah all this way apart and connecting over ikea via the Internet xx

  9. carolyn says:

    No Ikea pilgrimage for me this year. Our new store is opening on Dec. 7th so they are having a clearance sale in the old store. This is the store that has a lineup before opening every morning, even during the week, so if you think I’m going near it for a clearance sale … I love me some Ikea, but I’m not crazy! All our Christmas products will be long sold out by now anyway. You basically have to go the week they get it in or you miss it. I’ll live vicariously through your purchases and look forward to a January pilgrimage. I’m really liking that gingham and those tea towels.

  10. Fleur says:

    Next year, im going to get you just to buy another set of whatever you buy for me! Loves it all!
    I know its a bit soon, but I was wondering if you could share what you will be serving on Christmas day, I am going away to Perth until the 23rd Dec and will need to get some stuff organised before I go. I am having 5 adults and 2 little ones for Christmas lunch and wondered if you had any BC dump and go lookslikeyou’vespenthoursslavingawaybutreallyitsnofussatall recipes for a Aussie/English Christmas lunch.
    I’m going to organise the table scaping before I go (have you seen the red and white polkadot PVC placemats in the cole catalogue?) down to ironing the napkins and tying with a red ribbon. I am going to serve the Christmas cake ice cream (also from the coles Christmas catalogue recipe booklet) with cherries for dessert, maybe some nice cheeses etc.
    Fleur xx

    • sarah says:

      oooh Fleur you are organised…

      errrm I do actually have a couple of things that would suit you….I will do a post…plus there is the layered salad which is FANTASTIC at Christmas time in Australia…last year we had it with cold turkey and we have had it with the full McCoy…

      I haven’t seen the Coles placemats or the cake and I red the catalogue…will need to have another look….did get their lovely rustic bags though xo

      • Fleur says:

        I said to hubby, special just doesnt happen, It will be the first year that Daisy understands what it is all about and only having 1 full day when I get back wont give me much time! Plus my dad arrives from the UK on the 23rd (havent seen him properly for nearly 5 years!) so want to make his Aussie Xmas special.
        Looking forward to the post – Thanks xxx

        • Fleur says:

          PS – havent seen the bags… are they the resuable shopping bags?

        • sarah says:

          No it doesn’t unfortunately which makes it pretty much hard work for the ladies sometimes. Planning is key and doing everything before as much as poss xxxxx. Hope seeing the family is wonderful! Have you got a freezer??

  11. Robyn says:

    Great selections! I’ve picked up nearly the exact same things! I went for the red and white striped paper though and need to go back for the red and brown twine that was sold out at the time – seems it’s pretty popular this year as others have also been disappointed.

    Your Ikea has gone to more trouble with the decor that the new one here in Melbourne. There were Christmasy goodies potted around, but everything was right at the exit. Go figure. So I walked the whole store when all I needed to do was head for the checkouts!

    I was hoping to go for a full Aussie themed Christmas this year, but obviously no one else has thought of this because I can’t find a thing!
    Might have to revert back to the “winter wonderland theme” instead.

  12. Tiff says:

    I live not 5 minutes from the Ikea in Brisbane . . . it’s a dangerous thing but very handy for meatball cravings ;)
    My kids know every single short-cut in the store and are now trained well enough to go straight to Bargain Corner first! Sad really :o
    Looking forward to seeing the Beach Cottage Christmas style this year. I’m sure I will steal some ideas from you!

  13. Manda says:

    Oh Sarah, I absolutely ADORED reading that post. I must say I lol’ed a lot!
    I think my hubby was left wondering what tickled my funny bone ;)
    I had a quick dash through Ikea 2 weeks ago, with 3yo in tow….need to return for some Chrissy bibs and bobs.
    Thanks again for sharing, and brightening my rainy day.
    x manda

  14. Susan says:

    I love all your finds! I received my Christmas present from the in-laws on Tuesday when they were here for our early Thanksgiving, and they had some IKEA love for me – a new sectional cover in indigo blue. I would have loved white, but with a german shepherd in the house, it’s not really practical.

    I can’t wait to see your house all decked out!

  15. teres says:


    you must must must put a single red ball ornament on each of those teeny christmas trees a la charlie brown! :o)

    from winnipeg, manitoba canada where it should be cold and winter-ey but it's +9C today! we'll take it!

  16. teres says:


    you must must must put a single red ball ornament on each of those teeny christmas trees a la charlie brown!

    from winnipeg, manitoba canada where it should be cold and winter-ey but it’s +9C today! we’ll take it!

  17. Jolene says:

    Im soooo jealous. I wish Ikea would hurrrryyy up and come to NZ.

  18. Fiona says:

    Hi Sarah, love your stuff. Edible glitter silver can be found at spotlight or essential ingredient. Both right near me if you want me to send you some. Cheers Fiona

  19. Alice says:

    I love those trees. I have no space for a christmas tree in my house so that would be the perfect solution! (Yes the last four years there has been no xmas tree… I can count the number of years I have had Xmas trees in my life on one hand. I have always lived in too small spaces…)Trip to IKEA maybe later tionight or tomorrow night (gotta love their opening hours – Thanks for that!…Loved the big stars and the crochet stars too very cute…

  20. Nadine says:

    No Ikea in New Zealand . . :( It’s funny that you think Ikea is a bit ‘budget’ and not very fancy – in NZ we think Ikea stuff is oh-so-glamorous, because you have to go to Aussie to get it!

  21. Neen says:

    Thankyou Sarah for whetting my IKEA appetite, heading down to Melbourne for a 21st this weekend (both kids have sporting byes !!) and have convinced family about an IKEA visit on the basis that hubby is renovating the kids bedrooms. AH HA my actual operative at IKEA is Christmas goodies !!!! LOVE hearts and white crochet stars….I need candles, always lots of candles. Always find a teacher gift or two or three or four. Loved your post your photos are always beautiful.

  22. Beth says:

    Hi Sarah, I did my trip on Monday.
    Pretty window hanging star lights – tick,
    Little grey hearts – tick,
    Mirror tiles – tick,
    Fabulous little Christmas tree -tick (oh, and a pot for it to go in!)
    Sadly, no paisley hearts left – sooo disappointing.
    And somehow another hundred and one things seemed to fall into my trolley… it probably IS something they put in the meatballs, or it could be something they squirt through the air con…?

    PS I did a Christmas red and white guest bedroom last year and I loved it so much I’ve kept it and called it the Nordic room. Maybe I should do a post about it?

  23. Peggy says:

    Oh I LOVE everything you brought home! Too bad we didn’t live closer… I could make you lots of embroidered hearts and pillows! I love collecting ladies handkerchiefs from days gone by and make them into lovely pillows and ornaments. Thank you for sharing your day with us! (now I’m off to watch Kingdom of Heaven and eat mocha pie!)

  24. Kat says:

    Ooh every time I see one of your Ikea posts I am insanely jealous that we do not have an Ikea here in Tasmania!! :(
    Love, all of your stash Sarah. I am a girl who does love a bit of red, especially at Christmas.
    Looking forward to seeing how you put it all together in your house.

  25. Heather says:

    I am REALLY feeling the Christmas spirit this year as well. Not sure what’s gotten into me, but I can’t wait to decorate. I think because it’s the first home that’s really felt like MINE.

  26. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sarah LOVE your IKEA posts, I think I bought nearly the same as you did!!,How cute are those crochet hearts!! Did you see the little white table lights with a star on top? They look so pretty at night with such a soft white glow!! Gotta love IKEA!!

  27. Paula says:

    I can’t believe you chose all the things I chose on my annual Ikea Christmas pilgrimage – except for the heart cake shape! I had to go back for the white stars as they had sold out first time! They all look wonderful methinks. By the way just looked back on a post from May with a Bike in it. The bike was sporting a kids blackboard slate and I want to know where you got it – I’ve been trying to find one for ages!Paula

  28. Deanne says:

    I am so jealous, I wish Ikea was close enough for me to have an annual Christmas pilgrimage, if I am lucky I might get an annual pilgrimage and if I am super lucky it is around Christmas (not this year though), but I usually have so many things on my list I might just get to grab a couple of Chrissie things on my way out- if I am lucky and haven’t blown the budget before hand!

  29. lisa says:

    I have my IKEA trip planned for Sunday on my way home from Brunch with friends (by the beach)! Thanks for the great pictures I’m already planning my list!

  30. Love your post. Wish I had an Ikea near me. You have given me some more ideas for the Christmas season using some of my thrifting finds….recent and past. Thanks for brightening my day!

  31. Elaine in Laguna says:

    I love your trips and posts relating to Ikea. I’m blessed to have one of the largest Ikea’s in the states located across from my office…Which is sometimes a little too wonderful…Now that you’ve “scoped out” those paisley hearts and other Christmas goodies, I hope that they’ll still be there when I return to work on Monday. As always, thanks for starting my day with great pictures and your Nordic enthusiasm!

  32. [GROAN}…..Oh, how I WISH I lived close to an IKEA, Sarah! It’s 3.5 hours away!!! I think I need to send you with my Wish List the next time you go. lol! I ADORE those puffy white embroidered hearts! Soooo sweet! Looks like you had a great time there and scored big time….old men and all. :)

    xoxo laurie

  33. le says:

    great to see you profiling white ribbon day … I worked for the org for a while and it is a very worthwhile initiative with a tremendous hidden social cost … loved your ikea buys – best le xox

  34. HRH Sarah says:

    Very nice choices, Sarah! I, too, have opted for a very simple Christmas setup this year. No stringing things from impossible positions on the ceiling with invisible mono-filament. No display of 10 different kinds of cookies. And I’m not going to put out every little vintage card and stocking I’ve ever found. Gonna keep it simple and more natural hopefully, with some greenery and plenty of lights. Lights really are the most important thing, right?
    Can’t wait for my own Ikea Christmas pilgrimage, complete with meatballs ;)

  35. windsor says:

    I love the white hearts!!! I guess I am gonna have to make a trip to our local Ikea for an extra special white christmas.


  36. Sharon says:

    I love all the pretty things you chose, especially the little red heart pillow.

    I wish I had an Ikea close by me. I used to live 3 hours away from one, now the closest one is 6 hours away. I still have some pretty white flower pots I bought years ago.

    Would love to have some of those meatballs, too.

  37. Jen says:

    What a fun and generous post!

  38. Tamera Beardsley says:

    Sarah, so enjoy your entertaining and creative ability to tell of your shopping adventure….beautifully done on so many levels….thanks for the Christmas inspiration!

  39. LibraryGirl62 says:

    Went to IKEA myself yesterday… We took pictures of us laying in the displays :) Came home with cinnamon buns and Swedish chocolate…hmmmmm….I need to go back now! SCORE!!!!!!

  40. Barefoot Liz says:

    I don’t think I’ll be going to Ikea before Christmas. After watching a couple decorating shows, I’ve decided that I want to visit a couple of hardware stores for decorating items. Yep, like the Home Depot or local, family owned hardware store. I have to fun, unconventional but blingy ideas!

  41. Now I’m lamenting the fact that my island doesn’t have an IKEA! It’s one of the things I do miss now. I might steal the mirrors on the table idea, as I’m looking to brighten up my table a little. But, you are right that small fingers might not be a good combo with these. We’ll see. :)

  42. Oh Sarah – You have me incredibly excited. I am off to the new IKEA at Tempe next week. You have given me some gorgeous ideas xx

  43. Kristen says:

    Sarah! I’m a long-time reader but a first-time commenter (I’m currently working though your Sweet course and loving it too). Anyway, I love this post! Talk about being able to feel your enthusiasm! I get just as excited as you do when I visit IKEA (even if it’s not for something specific), so excited I can barely breathe and then I come home and provide detailed descriptions of every single thing I bought to my husband, who patiently looks interested! :-) I was there maybe a month or so ago and I didn’t see anything I had to have for this holiday season, but of course I wasn’t quite in the right mindset yet. I am planning to go in the next week or so and I know it will be a different story then!

  44. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a sweet note! I enjoyed visiting your place so much!!! Thanks for taking me along with you to IKEA! Haven’t been in a while so that was very fun!!! I’ll be back by again soon! I’m your newest follower!

    Your Bloggy Friend,
    Aimee from ItsOverflowing.com

  45. I know which Ikea you were at and it’s ALWAYS bad for service, registers or anywhere. I have put down my just-a-few-dollars bargains and walked out more than once. Are Ikeas elsewhere like that, or is it down to poor management locally?
    I will, however, pop in tomorrow to look for some of the things you found…

    • sarah says:

      well according to my Facebook gals, it’s the same everywhere! but this one is particularly tedious!

  46. Hmmmm…totally agree with the solo tripping to Ikea….hubby always looks at me with that “do you really need that/those/them” look on his face…takes all the fun out of it LOL. I’ll sneak out next week! Love your little trees…they look like Charlie brown trees..and I am definately hunting for mirror tiles for the Christmas tables..yes I said tables…20-25 for dinner…GAH!!
    By the way..if you spy a beachy beigh fake Christmas tree anywhere in blogland can you link me? I desperately want on for the front entrance.

  47. Chatelaine says:

    How fitting that I read your blog post on the very day I made my first visit to an Ikea store! I went not for Christmas decorations but
    for a rug. I found the rug and so much more!

    What a fun day and I also like to shop by myself so I can take my time or not. I also had a cinnamon roll and it was delicious!

    I had a great time and I am sure I will make another trip there, just not before Christmas. Looks like you had a wonderful time too!

  48. krissie says:

    Hi Sarah went to ikea today after reading your post and was SOOOO disappointed here in the west they had NO hanging stars only floor lamps! of that lovely start you show on your blog! not fair!!!! They had so few xmas things that I compliained to a lady doing an ikea survey and she said lots of people had said the same as me! so bought only a red candle stuffed my face with meatballs and went home! blah! feeling a bit sad!

    • sarah says:

      ah sorry to hear that krisse, must say though on Facebook other girls have said the same about their local IKEAs too! at least you got the meatballs xo

  49. Nayana says:

    enjoyed reading your post and loved it…u cracked me up..lol

  50. michelle says:

    Ooh I am so feeling the ikea urge right now! With bub no.2 on the way it’s double trouble time, xmas goodies and new furniture required, I’ll need someone with a tank to get me home! Love your finds!

  51. Nina says:

    Sarah great IKEA finds! I love your leather brown bag!!! Do you mind if I ask where you got it from? Thanks!

  52. I just blogged about my IKEA trip – I knew I would succumb to temptation – I blame/thank you :)

    Having re-read your post, I realise that some of the things you spotted I didn’t see in our store – maybe just as well :)