Beach Cottage Vintage Furniture ~ Vintage French Cafe Chairs

Thu 24th, Nov, 2011

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Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate, enjoy!

Wanna come on in and see my amazing thrifted find.  Do you think I did the happy thrifters dance?  Oh yeah baby!

Are you gurrreen with envy for my vintage French cafe chairs?  I bloomin’ hope you are because I am about jumping around in this old cottage.

This my friends is the ultimate in thrifting for vintage treasure, the quintessential virtual treasure hunt….you know why?  Because I didn’t even find it, Beach Cottage readers did and emailed / facebooked me about them.  The power of the internet.  As you know I love me some vintage treasure hunting for old and coastal things (find more here) and I love to mix old vintage furniture with white, pops of colour & some modern stuff from IKEA and the like….but this was an interesting one…

So, if you are in Australia, you might well read the word ‘French’ and the word ‘vintage furniture’ in the same sentence and what will ensue is a horrid little shudder that will make your bones rattle and dollar signs will pop up in front of your eyes….oh for the days when France was a one and a half hour trip for me and lunch in France was not a dream, but a reality.

Anyhoo, if you are on the other side of the world going a leetle bit Frenchie is, as the Aussie’s say, very exxie.  And what is worse, along with that, is Frenchie is a bit snooty too…you know those kinda boutiques where they like to look down their nose at you while they float around in natural linen not selling anything? …that will be the ones.

I have been after some of these french cafe chairs for ages,  and I was determined 1. to find them vintage furniture treasure hunting and not bought from a boutique and 2. not to buy reproductions.  I must admit I very nearly caved at number 2 recently when I saw reproductions (sorry can’t remember where) that were pretty nice.

Anyway when I happened to mention on this here blog that the front deck was looking in need of some French cafe chairs, 2 readers messaged me, Rowena and Fiona (of this lovely little blog here), knowing exactly where I could get some thank-you-very-much.





I didn’t waste any time…best thing about these for me is that they were not restored, nor fixed up or painted in some lurid colour…no, I wanted these rustic and rusty, shabby & peely.

That is not to say that I won’t be working on them…I will be painting them…though I will almost certainly only paint some of them…for a mis-matched look, and almost certainly I will only white-wash them to give them a ‘wash’ rather than trying to cover up their rustic side….I’ve seen some where they have been painted and ‘restored’…that’s not the look I am going for.

Anyway…I have now added to the long list of things to paint….

1 front door,

1 deck surround,

1 set of deck steps,

1 summer house interior,

1 set of summer house doors,

1 summer house exterior,

8 French cafe chairs

…and the list goes on and on


And so now, when I go to the paint shop for door paint errrm I will also be looking for some milky pale eggshell for some of these…thinking perhaps a different shade of ice-cream, beachy, coastal, nautical for each one?

I hesitate to ask you your opinion on here this week again for paint colours, though you really really helped with the front door decision….but feel free to let me know your opinion on these, if indeed you have one…

OK, over and out from your local paint studio…I have been reading some really interesting blog tips this week around the blogosphere…like real ones…not ones from those professional blogging sites that do not make any sense when you are sitting there reading them with a house full of chaos in your pjs with a cup of tea…really interesting, the penny dropped with me on a few things…it’s only taken me a few years…so I am writing a few of mine too…

Oh and yes tomorrow I will share the first Christmas homemade gift crafty thing that I have done…

And according to the Beach Cottage Facebook girls, who I polled today on whether you want the Beach Cottage Annual Trip to IKEA post…you very much do….so I will be back with that soon too…phew

See ya around beach babes

 oh and ooooops can you vote for me again!  I really don’t want to come last ‘cos this event is causing me some serious frock stress haha…

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29 Responses to “Beach Cottage Vintage Furniture ~ Vintage French Cafe Chairs”

  1. Nicolette says:

    Beautiful find! Awesome that your readers could give you such a hot tip. :)

  2. Ok- these are seriously perfect!!

    And 8!!

    And not sold by ladies wearing linen outfits {why do they never seem to crease on these women!!??}

    Wow- that is one major haul girlfriend!!

    And they were meant for you…they almost say SARAH on the bottom! :)

    Melissa x

  3. So good. I can hear your joy. How lucky can you be. Hope they service well after all that. I cant imagine how awesome it must have been nipping over to France for lunch. oh how I would love that. Fiona

  4. Fiona says:

    hi Sarah – they suit your place perfectly. love them. so glad to be able to help!
    cheers Fiona

  5. loulou says:

    Hello Sarah

    wow – a treasure find indeed.

    Maybe a few of your beach cottage cushions would help the tushie on those though.

    I think I would love to see a few on your new deck

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


  6. Deb says:

    Get out!!! What a seriously delicious find. I am more than green with envy. I am taking solace in the knowledge I can enjoy them cyberly. (my new made up word for today).

  7. bridget says:

    Gosh what lucky finds these were.I adore and covet them!

    And I can’t believe that two deranged souls actually told you where to find them! Hell would have frozen over before I would have….instead I would have snaffled them for myself!

    Still, I hope someone does something equally as nice for them.In the meantime, you’re a really lucky cow…(as we say in the old country)
    ps that is not a derogatory comment to Sarah…it’s a just a saying…

  8. Rachel says:

    Oooh, they are perfectly gorgeous Sarah!
    I can just see them on your verandah with a pot of lavender…mmm sipping a Limoncello….delish! Enjoy them, most especially because they were NOT bought at a snooty boutique….totally get that! However you may now feel the need to float around in some linen whilst you potter out there on your deck with these babies! *love*
    xo Rachel

  9. pam in oregon says:

    I. am. so. jealous.

    You must share photos of them often with those of us who are lusting after them.

    Bless your blogging friends for the find of your (mine, anyway) dreams.

  10. Oh my, Sarah. You got 8? ..Eight vintage French bistro chairs? Wow you must be walking with the God’s this week girl. sooooooo lucky. the internet is really an awesome place now isn’t it? They look just fab.
    Awesome find!

  11. tami says:

    Sarah, you have touched on my weakness! Aside from cheesecake ;)
    These are my very favorite, love love love love love them! You did very very good! Soooooooooo jealous!

  12. Kat says:

    Fabulous and made for you dear Sarah! :)
    Btw what colour paint are you going for with the front door?

  13. Tammi says:

    Jealous Much? I most certainly am :) They are fantabulous Sarah and will fit so well in your little tatty cottage ;)


  14. Kim says:

    Oh Miss Sarah Happy Dance for sure! You are one Lucky Lady Woo-hoo Sister, can’t wait to see your magic~Cheers Kim

  15. These are so perfect! Fantastic find. I can just imagine sitting on them with a coffee and croissant!

  16. Mari says:

    Love these old chairs…and love your home and your photos

  17. Alice says:

    Awsome find they look fab! Love them! Hehehe I would paint in the same shade or a shade or two lighter than the door(or at least from the same colour palllette as the door – does that make sense?) or wash them in that icelandic blue that you used on your bedside table and then sand them back heaps… Leave the metal parts exposed…..Sorry couldn’t help myself, these would of been great for my outdoor dining room we are trying to finish (going into it’s second year now and still not done…)one day…

  18. Elaine in Laguna says:

    This is fantastic! Great news on Thanksgiving morning here in the states. Stick to a similar color scheme that you’ve got going on the front of the house. I do like the thought of eggshell, though! Have fun, and off to tend to Thanksgiving duties.

  19. kirsten says:

    Lovely! and what are those blue things in the crate?????

  20. Barefoot Liz says:

    Well you will be busy for some time with your to-do list! Can’t wait to see how the bistro chairs come out.

  21. Peggy says:

    Want to know something?? When I was a girl I knew a girl who spelled her name Sarra pronounced just like Sarah. So those chairs were for you, they just had your name spelled differently! Congratulations on your lovely find!

  22. As one of my friends would say they are beautimus….and you are one LUCKY DUCK!

  23. bianca snow says:

    Oh wow, looks like christmas came early! These are the perfect addition to your furniture family :) Cant wait to see them settled in.