Beach Cottage Vintage Door & Good Life Weds Does Spring

Wed 9th, Nov, 2011

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G’day lovelies.

We are heading like a steam train into summer here…it always gets me how fast it suddenly arrives…nice to be able to head down the beach in the sunshine though!

I love Spring though, I think it is my favourite, although actually I think I say that as Autumn heads in too.

There’s a lot going on outside with the weather….we have been roasting all day here, with high humidity and according to the weatherman the worst storm in 10 years is about to hit our shores…but as I sit here this evening it is still pretty warm…the fans are humming for sure…and the sky though is the most divine shade of pink and light blue mixed up and down at the beach a while ago, the moon was out over the water, with a pale pink sky…nice…

So, for Good Life Wednesday I have been very much screwing my neck back in, getting off my broomstick, looking for the good in life and trying to rack it up and be grateful…

When I need to do that, normally I just like to hang around at home.

So then some pictures from the last few beach cottage days, pre and post broomstick, as we wave goodbye to Spring here in the lovely Down Under…

In the garden, hydrangeas are blooming…I have mostly white ones, this year that is changing….I love the blue ones too, and so last year I planted blue ones and I took some cuttings and they are doing well…Mr BC has dug me another bed…hydrangeas are going in there…my hope is that they will get really big…we will wait and see…the soil is very sandy…



Someone once told us, Sydney was best in Spring for the amazing colours & flowers…not just all about the beach…I think they might have been right…





When having a day of pottering, I brought in that old vintage door I found on the side of the road by the beach…I decided that the white one (remember I found two, the other one is cream) would actually be a pretty nice feature in the cottage…I love the old quirkiness of it and the peeling paint and rust that money cannot buy….boy is that baby heavy…as one who has been perusing a shed load of doors recently (yes thanks to our lovely builder, one is ordered and on the way) they just don’t make ‘em like this anymore…

I have not cleaned it up yet and had vague smatterings of ideas for chalkbo


ard paint on it, but to be honest, I’m kinda over that already (don’t really need any more chalkboards in here)…so for now it’s just in here and it’s just as is…soon it’ll be detolled and possibly stencilled…not sure…but it looks lovely…(will show you more soon)

I am also pottering at the moment with herbs and lovely produce…


We love asparagus, I must say, being a girl with English blood, I had always heard that English asparagus was the creme de la creme...and thought nothing much more of it…now I know that is true…this is pretty good though, I alternate between steaming and roasting this…my little one loves it and would eat pounds of it…he prefers it steamed but thrown in the oven with a few anchovies is pretty easy on the cook ;-)


After the Broomstick Day, I decided to take on board what someone on Facebook said about taking oneself off and reading…I haven’t done anywhere near enough reading lately…so I did mid-morning for Morning Tea (which was actually cafe au lait, French Bread, jam and cheese)

20111109-07-IMG_7798 20111109-08-beach-cottage-breakfast

…I sat with a few cookbooks and leafed through for clafoutis recipes , I have made it a few times,

I first had clafoutis  in France, a long long time ago, before I met Mr Beach Cottage, when I was on holiday with a friend who was au-pairing over there…we sat in a little cafe, on the beach, drank coffee, looking out over the Med and with our pale English skin soaked both it and the ambiance up…I never thought it would be as easy as it is to actually produce one of one’s own…I have tried it with a few different fruits now, strawberries from my little Aussie garden is next on the agenda :-)


20111109-09-beach-cottage-french-breakfast 20111109-10-beach-cottage-cafe-au-lait 20111109-11-beach-cottage-vintage-suitcase 20111109-12-IMG_8005


We have been eating a lot of herbs and salads from the garden…I have been experimenting with the best way to get rid of the little extras that come with grow-your-own, also known as caterpillars and ants…I also like to have a jug of these in the kitchen…the fragrance is lovely…


I am finding that soaking these in a bowl for half an hour or so keeps the garden goodies crisp & gets shot of any friends…then I just wash it as normal and spin…
20111109-14-herbs-IMG_7676 20111109-15-beach-cottage-sarah 20111109-16-IMG_7689



…love it when the tomatoes come in and are local…I rarely buy them in the Winter….the ones in my garden are doing very well, but not ripe yet, oh actually tell a lie, a couple of the yellow ones have been ripe, plus one red one…I love eating them just sliced like this with Maldon sprinkled on and the odd basil leaf or two…

20111109-17-IMG_7561 20111109-18-IMG_7990

We also made lemon water…’made’ is possibly a bit of a stretch of the truth here people…throwing some lemon in ice water is hardly difficult

20111109-19-beach-cottage-recipe-lemons 20111109-01-beach-cottage-lemon-water

Apparently it helps with the chi…ahem….if it is clogged and stagnant…I am assuming with broomsticks flying around here that mine is

…also said to cleanse the liver and enhance the skin…(mucho needed)

I must say I have tried to drink this warm, as I have seen that is better for your digestive system…pretty revolting to me like that…I either like drinks hot or cold…so I either have this from the kettle hot, or rammed full of ice and then just sit with it, slowly warming up…I just make up a jugful and keep it in the fridge…(sometimes I do it with sparkling mineral water, mostly just plain)


So, those are the little things for me as Beach Cottage Spring closes on the beaches and what I am grateful for this Wednesday…amazing how focusing on the things in life that make you smile but are pretty ordinary can really make a difference….


…little things like lemons & coffee


herbs and flowers,


Well, at least, that has worked for me..

See you tomorrow I have lots of things going on here on the reno…beach cottage deck is in & looking good…sure needs some foofing though, new bathroom is ordered and on the way & old one about to be ripped out, we have a front door and the Summer House is having a serious facelift…

I have a lot to show you, that is of course, if you like befores?





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47 Responses to “Beach Cottage Vintage Door & Good Life Weds Does Spring”

  1. Rukmini Roy says:

    I’m lovin the colors at yours Sarah… So spring and laid back :) Needless mentioning great photographs.
    Your jam-butter toast and coffee is inviting too. Am I hungry or is it the photograph?

  2. Marnie says:

    Thanks for throwing the party again Sarah. We’re right in the midst of a nasty storm, so I’m gonna go for now as I think were going to lose power in a minnie. I be back later for a sticky beak.
    x Marnie

  3. kirsten says:

    I just love those summery outfits you wearing. especially Love the Red top and blue scarf!
    Amazing pics as always ~ who needs a magazine when you got a beach cottage?

  4. Hello Sarah

    loving the display of colour you have bought us today – I think it’s gorgeous and bright.

    A pondering question:
    if you won a ,ill ion dollars tomorrow – would you still have the same things in your “tatty cottage” as you put it – or would you do a major reno or shift?? Something I have wondered and meant to ask you for a while

    loving the jam and the bread with the tea – mmmmm…. delightful for the warmth of the heart, now we only need the scones or the pikelets and cream and I’d be right.

    have a lovely day

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


    • sarah says:

      well on the beaches a million dollars wouldn’t get you very far…perhaps a few metres down the road haha

      errm I would defnitely have the same things in my cottage…though I would have a KitchenAid and about a million totes too…

      I think our place is about the gathering of things that mean something and an aesthetic that says comfort and home, not about money…though sometimes more of it would be quite nice


  5. Loving that aqua scarf……

  6. Chrisartist says:

    Your pics are so lovely Sarah.
    They create stories. Beautiful. Love
    your door.

  7. Nadine says:

    Enamel jug! Swooooon! I’m also a lifelong bougainvillea enthusiast – it’s gotta be that intense purple kind, though.

    In my broomstick moments I warn my nearest and dearest not to listen to a word I say. Then to recalibrate, I listen to emotional overdramatic rock n’ roll (must include searing guitar solos). ;)

  8. Mrs Bok says:

    Such gorgeous photos. Spring is my favourite month too!

    And look – I made your 40 garlic chicken! I posted a pic of it in my latest post. It was delicious! And easy! Thank you!

  9. Beautiful photos today Sarah- the colours of Spring in Sydney- gorgeous- so vivid against all that simple white….

    Your first photo- the red/white straw…the lemons…THAT jug- heaven!!

    Is that jug enamel??

    There just looks to be a little lovely rusted edge to it that you get on french enamel- great size too!

    Sounds like you are off that broomstick & back where you need to be…it’s always the small things that remind us isn’t it!

    Melissa x


    I’m also loving that very cool aqua scarf- !!!

  10. Alice says:

    Dreamy photos Sarah… I love your enameled jug!!!! I have been hunting for one for years now! You lucky girl. I love that white door…I am very much looking foward to all your befores and afters – how exciting. Thanks for cheering me up a bit, it has been a bit of a blue day (actuallly more like weeks) around in my head space. I loved the pop of colours in your photos, absolutely gorgeous…


  11. Kerry Rossow says:

    Your images of spring are lovely! Although, they are taunting me while I am pointed toward late fall and winter!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  12. I have to admit it is a little crazy to see your world heading into summer, when here the leaves are almost all gone off of the trees and frost is on the ground! I could definitely trade summer for winter right now! I guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through your warm sunny pictures!

  13. annie says:

    Okay. It may be time for you to let us know the origin of the scarf and maybe the shorts. They look very cool and comfy and my old ones are all punted on. White paint of course!

  14. Lori says:

    Oh my goodness your pictures are just so beautiful!! I am thinking I need to have a home there and a home here so
    it could be spring and summer all year ~ I am totally not a winter kind of gal so when I read that it is almost summer there
    I get really envious :)
    Thank you for sharing your beautifulness with us!!


  15. Angela Carty says:

    love your blog – as an Aussie in Ireland would! love your style and did you know you have great pins?? I can say this as I have led envy of everyone as I have tree trunks!

  16. Catherin says:

    Oh! Lovely! We just got our first big snow of the year here in Alberta. I’m loving it for now, but ask me how I feel about winter about six months from now! Thanks for the party.

  17. It is so lovely to see things come alive in your part of the world. Gardens are going to sleep for the season around here and I already miss my flowers and barefeet.

    Have you tried River Cottage’s instant hollandaise with your asparagus. I have a how to on my blog for it and I think my husband would eat it everyday.

    Hope everyone likes this week’s pumpkin pizza.

  18. Giulia says:

    Love the lemons with the red and white straws – great colour combo and light.

  19. Barefoot Liz says:

    After all that, I just have to say…. I am in LOVE with that aqua scarf!!! It’s my favorite color (add sigh filled with longing.) I’d love to decorate with a beach cottage feel and have aqua accents throughout.
    Oh, and I can almost smell those herbs just by looking at the pics. :D

  20. Warm lemon and water – bleugh, I’m with you there!

    Gorgeous, light filled pics cheering me up on a drizzley, mizzley day in Blighty! x

  21. Kim Buca says:

    funny because here i sit wondering what happened to summer weren’t we just in the swimming pool?? i love fall but i hate what comes next here winer in mich i like the artic tundra!!! lol no really!!!! i dont know what the heck happens that every yr there we are in aug and people mention christmas and i will say shhh its summer i dont wanna hear it then it is like i swear a month passes and it is nov leading into dec!!! and i just want summer and flowers and sunshine back!!! enjoy that spring beauty! love the pics i too love that lemon water i add a packet of sweet and low in mine!! soo yummy i love anything lemon! have a g’day friend!!

  22. Kim Buca says:

    opps was supposed to say winter here in mich IS like the artic tundra believe me i do NOT like the artic tundra!! lol

  23. Sylvia says:

    Ah , the simple ordinary things that make up our days !!! How wonderful , and I am smiling because you and I have been on the exact same wavelength , even though it ‘s late Autumn here in Canada ! Love , love your photos …and everything you touch !

  24. Beautiful as usual…I love how your pics and writings take me to where you are….truly amazing! It is Fall here in VA but I’m not sure if summer really wants to leave yet. It has been rather warm for this time of year during the day and cooler nights. I could live with Summer year round. Yes, I do believe that lemon water is supposed to be good for digestion, at least that’s what my Mother used to say and my Dad at 80 loves it. Cheap drink he says! I love your old door. Have you ever thought of hanging the door perhaps above your couch for an architecural element?….or on one wall for a focal point of the room. Can’t remember where I saw that but it looked really neat. Thanks as always Sarah for brightening my day!

  25. Oh wanted to add… have you ever tried a tomato sandwich with regular white bread and mayonnaise? Try it I think you will like it.

  26. Great pictures, I feel like I am there having drinks and coffee with you !

  27. Thanks for hosting — Happy Spring!

  28. Jules says:

    Hi Sarah, please tell me the make/colour of your white nail polish! I have been searching forever for a good white colour, but they end up either transparent or like a French manicure white!? Thank you :-)

  29. Rochelle says:

    Oh, loved the cafe au lait, cheese, baguette and jam scene. My favourite weekend breakfast! And Clafoutis, I just adore them. So easy to make and always seems like you have spent ages and oh so delicious. Love the shorts and red t Sarah. Just love your casual look that somehow always looks elegant too. You made me smile, had a tantrum today, and I decided I needed some Beachy Love. thanks honey.

    P.S. Where are the shorts from, likely I wont find them in DK. xx

  30. Rochelle says:

    P.P.S. On broomstick days I read your blog. :)

  31. Kahli says:

    Thanks for hosting as always. I am loving the flowers. Great pics so relaxing!

  32. I’m so envious of you in the southern hemisphere with summer right around the corner! It’s just not as much fun getting into winter mode.

    Your blue hydrangeas are absolutely stunning! I’m not sure what kind of soil hydrangeas like best, but adding aluminium sulphate and/or iron to the soil helps keep the flowers blue.

    Your pink flowers are also beautiful too, as is everything you shared with us in your lovely pictures :-)

  33. Well…”when Life gives you Lemons…”

    Looks like my favorite breakfast there!

  34. laxsupermom says:

    I’m so jealous of your garden’s bounty. We’re heading into winter here, and all that gorgeous color and fresh produce is just a memory. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing.

  35. andrea says:

    I have always loved spring most! We are farthest from it now. First really really cold day of autumn— snow tonight! andrea@townandprairie

  36. We’re in the middle of autumn here, so I love reading your spring post. Love your pictures…first time linking to your link party! Thanks for hosting…I’m a new follower now!

  37. Kat says:

    Love the splashes of colour, not just from the garden but also on you! ;)
    I spy some colour sneaking into your wardrobe and I like it. :)
    I have been wearing my Kmart scarf a lot (perhaps it is the oh so now coral rather than the tangerine I thought it was?) and getting lots of comments.
    Like your colourful top and aqua scarf too.
    Bit of colour brightens everything up and it really doe pop against your white background!

  38. I love the lemon photos. I find everything tastes better with a stripey straw, don’t you!? Thanks for cheering up my cold and grey London day :-)

  39. alison says:

    Can’t wait to see your new bathroom. I have finally found a picture of a vanity that is somewhat like what I want…it’s a start!

    Looking forward to your “new” front door. I knocked on my new neighbours front door this week. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they had replaced the original front door with one of those 3 glass panelled front doors that the door guy said to you were ‘very popular’. They are like a virus in suburbia.

    Sarah, I need your and fellow bloggers’ advice. I made a half quantity of my usual successful microwave strawberrry jam, very proudly using my organic strawberries (guarded by my beer traps) and my daughter’s organic lemon juice. Well, it came out looking fabulous as usual but set like a blob of rock hard red resin. I’m thinking maybe it was caused by pectin overload or because I halved all ingredients. I would love some feedback. Here is the recipe:

    Microwave Strawberry Jam

    500g strawberries
    juice of 1 lemon
    2 cups sugar

    Cut strawberries in half, remove leaves and place in microwave safe bowl.
    Cover with cling wrap. Pierce and cook on high for 4 mins.
    Mash strawberries into a pulp.
    Add lemon juice, sugar and stir well.
    Cook on high for 20 mins, stirring now and again.
    If mixture looks like boiling over, reduce to a medium heat.
    Let stand for 5 mins.
    Stir and pour into hot, sterilised jars,
    When cool, seal and label.