Beach Cottage Too Easy Banana Bread Recipe

Wed 16th, Nov, 2011

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Howdy Beach Cottage people!

Hope you are all well, wherever you are in the world this fine day. So, I have a banana bread recipe for you today for Good Life Wednesdays…a recipe that rocks my little beach cottage socks.

This is the proverbial Beach Cottage Too Easy Banana Bread Recipe…if you can mix things in a bowl and put something in the oven, you can make it.

As ever with anything I ever cook or bake, this uses regular ingredients you won’t need to go on a mountain trek to acquire, it can be made with minimal fuss, one bowl, washing up is big time low, and most importantly, get the violins out, for this KitchenAid less woman (Mr Beach Cottage, you had better read my Christmas List or there will be some serious broomstick riding this year) it requires no fancy cooking instruments…a vintage mixing bowl and a wooden spoon are about as difficult as it gets…

When we first moved to Australia, I had never heard of banana bread, let alone tasted it….so a recipe for it was certainly not on the radar…back in the Old Country, as far as I remember, in the world I moved in, Banana Bread is not widespread.

So I first had this in a little cafe down by the wharf…we had walked, early one morning, with the kiddos on their scooters into town for coffee and a mooch around…we had no friends in those days and everything was bright and new to us….little differences from our old life (like walking by the sea!) were everywhere, including the silliest things, like how you order a coffee/ferry ticket/cup of tea (here ‘Can I get?’ is said more, whereas before I would say ‘Can I have?’), how you say greet someone and ask how they are (‘G’day, how you going?’ as opposed to ‘Good Morning, how are you doing?’).

Anyway, this particular morning was one of those…we sat down in this little cafe at the end of the walk and the Beach Cottage kiddos went down to play on the sand…we wanted something to go with our coffee and undecided asked the waitress what she recommended…She said that a fresh batch of banana bread had just been pulled out of the oven so why don’t we have a go with that….?




Sounded pretty good to us, though to be honest we weren’t quite sure what it would taste like… so it arrived toasted to just the right degree and on the side was a little dish of butter and one of honey.

Oh yes.

This was the morning coffee treat of my dreams, and I mean, hello, it’s got fruit in it, so it’s healthy and guilt free, right?  I can have this every day to fulfill one of my fruit portions.  Hahaha.

Well that’s not a joke, ‘cos for the first couple of years here, I about ate this every single day…I think I have tested every kind of banana bread one can…including raspberry banana bread, chocolate banana bread, sugarless, with figs…you name it I have researched it on my quest for all things banana bread.




A few months into this journey I decided I needed to quit buying and start to find a banana bread recipe I loved…what ALWAYS puts me off the ones you buy, is when you look at the ingredients, there sure are a few more things than banana in there…I am no food snob for sure, but I never like the idea of too many e-numbers and things whose names I cannot pronounce in my little treats.

Soooo, I started looking out for a banana bread recipe and making my own.  With fairly mixed results to start with.   The first few I made were way too sugary, some were too dry and ‘bready’.. plus a lot of the banana bread recipe links I found didn’t seem to be banan-y enough for me.




Until I found this little beauty banana bread recipe…I copied if off of the back of some packet or another, so it certainly is not my very own ..though I did reduce the sugar a bit for a less sweet taste…

The reason I love it?  It’s errs on the side of cake which I prefer in a banana bread recipe, rather than a bread, but at the same time it is bread enough to toast…there’s just enough banana but not overly to make it squelchy and too moist, though at the same time it is moist.

The best thing is though, it is one of my Dump & Go’s (and I am running out of my original handful of recipes that I have perfected over the last xx years or so…but no worries, I have come late to baking in life and am gathering them around me faster than you can say Banana Bread Recipe ;-) )


Beach Cottage Too Easy Banana Bread Recipe

1 cup ripe bananas

2 cups plain flour

110g butter

2 eggs

1 cup brown sugar

1tsp baking powder

 1. mash bananas

20111116-05-Banana-Bread-Recipe-IMG_8042 20111116-06-Banana-Bread-Recipe-IMG_8046 20111116-07-Banana-Bread-Recipe-IMG_8065

2.  add butter and sugar to bowl & combine til’ creamy


3. add all other ingredients & mix


It may not look particularly appetising :-)


dump in a greased loaf pan and bake 180C/365F for 50 mins or until skewer comes out clean…

devour with your morning coffee and think of your little baking friend on the beaches…. hahaha

*beach cottage notes  add a teaspoon of vanilla extract for a lovely twist, your bananas can be nearly dead and black & it’ll still be lovely, throw in a few chocolate chips for your kiddos, sprinkle a handful of chopped walnuts on top, or indeed throughout…I don’t always do walnuts cos one of my kiddos isn’t so keen…but it’s even better!

If you try this banana bread recipe, you’ll love it…you will never buy it from a store again…it’s brain-dead easy, tasty, healthy (c’mon there’s bananas in it)…but don’t blame me if you can’t stop the addicition….

Happy Wednesday, Happy Good Life

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49 Responses to “Beach Cottage Too Easy Banana Bread Recipe”

  1. beachcomber says:

    it looks fantastic!! thanks so much for hosting today sarah.

  2. Jo says:

    Yummo – try this one – i luuuuuuuuurve it!!!

    2 bananas
    1 cup sr flour
    2 tbsp golden syrup
    1 egg
    1/4 cup caster sugar

    chuck it all in give it a mix dump it in the oven (in a loaf tin lol)

  3. Kat says:

    Made Sarah’s yummy banana bread yesterday and I can attest that it is delish!
    My kids were raving about it and were super excited to have it in their lunch boxes today!
    Means I get to be a super fantastic Mummy!! ;)
    It also smells divine while baking, super easy and like Sarah said it does tend more towards cake than bread, which I love as I am a cake gal through and through.
    Doubt it will last long in this house, so am bound to be baking it again by the weekend.
    Thanks Sarah for this fab recipe.
    I am starting to call myself a baker after all the baking I do around this place lately and would once have never have said that!

  4. Barefoot Liz says:

    I love banana bread but I think I’d love it even more if it’s more like cake. Thanks for posting the recipe!

  5. Leah says:

    I am waiting for my bananas to die off a bit to make this recipe. Can’t wait to try it as I too are a banana bread lover, and the ones you get at cafes tend to taste a bit to commercial. You should be able to cut it up and freeze it and then pop it into the toaster. Do you think?

  6. Caz says:

    I love banana bread and it used to be one of my baking staples and I’d bake a couple at a time slice them and freeze individual portions so was easy lunchbox solution each day…and then banana industry was slammed by a couple of cyclones and you needed to lay-by bananas as they got soooo expensive so I switched to my no fail orange almond cake!! Super easy – you do need to boil the oranges for a while, let them cool and then pulverise them in the food processor (so slightly more cleaning up) but the rest is all one bowl stuff 6 eggs, 250g almond meal, 250g caster sugar (I use rapadura), 1 tsp baking powder, add the oranges in and mix it all up, prep your pan and bake away. Thing I love about this is it keeps a whole week in the fridge if it lasts that long ;-) it can also be served as quick dessert and can be prettied up with that magic dusting of icing sugar. I always have to put extra slices in my hubbies lunchbox as his team also love it.

    • sarah says:

      ooh thanks Caz, sounds interesting…yes this banana bread has not been made for a while because of the weather….x

  7. Laura says:

    Sarah (or anybody), do you know how many tablespoons of butter that is? Thanks!

    • sarah says:

      no but if you have a pack of butter there are little lines in there where you can cut the butter up to…I don’t weigh it out….

      it’s about 1/2 a cup of butter or one stick but I don’t know in tablespoons

      hope that helps x

  8. sibylle says:

    I never had banana bread in my life! It always sounded kind of weird to me, but it looks yummi, so i will try it this time;-)

  9. I’m so happy you gave this recipe today…I could literally live on banana bread and am always looking for a new and better recipe to try. I’m vegan so I do try them all with my subsitutes and have yet to find one that is more cake than bread. I can’t wait to try the BC recipe as soon as my bananas blacken a bit!

    Thanks for all your great advice, lovely pictures and wonderful stories ~
    Sarah xo

  10. Al says:

    Wow! This recipe sounds so yummy. I can’t wait to try this out. Thanks for such a great post.

  11. A Different Jo says:

    I, too, love banana bread and will certainly try yours. One thing tho – I love nuts in mine. Trader Joe’s sells shelled, salted pistachio nuts and I toss in a fist full and oh my it’s yummy.

  12. Alice says:

    Yum, I have a tried and tested banana bread recepie too, very similar. Will try this one to see the difference. I love banana bread!

  13. My husband loves banana bread, and I love how easy this looks. And, glory be, I actually have all of these ingredients, so no mountain treks in order. Will try!

  14. Fleur says:

    Damm it Sarah! Now I need a piece! too lazy (and too hot here today) to bake today… maybe I will take myself out for a coffee and cake x Looking forwards to trying it out soon though.

    PS voted for you x

  15. Emma says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I was off to vote for one blog or another on the Nuffnang website and liked the sound of your URL so I clicked it. I’m so glad I found your blog! You’ve done such a beautiful job with your layout, writing style, images, everything, that I will definitely be back on a regular basis :)

    Emma x

  16. Carli says:

    Banana bread rocks! Thanks for the recipe. Just in time for the new influx of bananas at the growers mart. Here in WA, we have been paying obscene amounts after the QLD and Carnarvon floods. I have just seen them at the lowest price in 18 months at $4.99/kg.

    PS. got my vote (and I really don’t usually bother doing stuff like that). x

  17. Beth says:

    Hi Sarah, I hadn’t ever tasted banana bread until I moved to Australia either and my little one was just a toddler at the time and absolutely adored it. I have tried various recipes over the years and like you some are too wet, too dry, tasteless etc. I’m looking forward to trying this one. We have made your chocolate dump and go little cakes a few times and they are always spot on thank you.
    Just on another note – what’s all this with your nomination? Fantastic! You deserve it, well done you.

  18. sarah says:

    hey Beth, glad you liked the cupcakes…so easy, i make them all the time!

    the award is finalist in a blogging comp….exciting!

  19. lisaroy says:

    mmm… I just made banana bread yesterday! My recipe that I’ve been using for years is similar to yours except I use plain white sugar instead of brown, add a splash of vanilla and include baking soda as well which makes it rise a little bit more. I’ve never actually tried toasting it – I may have to give that a go – I think there is still a little bit left! :)

  20. Rukmini says:

    I am a lousy baker but this is too tempting. God, I so need a piece now…you are terrific you know. I am coming to the beach cottage, uninvited, shamelessly :) I know this might sound a bit stupid but will a hald pound loaf pan do? Or is there a specific dimension you use for optimum results?

    Loads of Love, Rukmini

  21. Robyn says:

    I’ve always loved banana bread – my gran had the best recipe. I made it often (before banana prices went ridiculous) and now that they are at a relatively normal price again I’ll be making more. Great for ankle biters lunch boxes!

    Tip for free: the riper the banana the sweeter the bread. If you use older bananas then use the amount of sugar required in the recipe for that just sweet enough taste.

  22. corine says:

    et voila ! done, i voted for you and…. i’m going to move to the kitchen now bcz (or thanks ;) ?!) to you even so I have a big cold ! well i’ll take that as a medicine purpose :)
    i enjoy each time my visit on your blog, you make me laugh each time :)
    a bientot !

  23. Fiona Gaven says:

    Yummy! My husband cooks banana bread every Sunday night for the kids to take to school. Love your photos. I think our kitchens are opposite… Yours is so sunny!
    Cheers Fiona

  24. Susan says:

    yum. I always make a Bill Granger one but I may well give this little beauty a whirl……… :) Thankyou

    I’ve made that orange & almond cake that was mentioned above in a previous comment….. it is 100% worth it. I make it as a large flan and there is always enough to make some friands…… divine.

    hope your headache is g.o.n.e. :)

  25. Maureen says:

    Thanks for the recipe and hosting this every week!
    I have a question, where can I find more about your photo techniques?
    Camera, lighting or any tips? I remember you writing about it before but I can’t find it, (or am I mistaken?)
    Thanks and have a Good Wednesday!
    Maureen x

  26. Maureen says:

    Oh, I see that I clicked my recent post away, sorry, it’s here
    Hope you will join Sarah!
    Maureen x

  27. Hi Sarah-

    Thanks for doing all that taste testing and leg work for us to deliver the *perfect banana bread recipe*!

    As I said on FB- we usually do banana muffins so I can throw them in lunch boxes and I just checked my recipe- there is very little difference, though I think my mums {yep- this is a handed down from my mum when I was a little girl recipe!} is more cakey…

    I am onto this girl- as an Aussie – I always have banana’s going *brown* in this kitchen for exactly this- and yes my Brits friends loved it!

    Here’s my mums- all in one bowl like yours – and then bung into cupcake patties or bigger muffin tins.

    Banana Muffins

    1/2 cup butter
    1 cup brown sugar
    2 eggs lightly beaten
    2 cups mashed banana
    dash vanilla
    2 cups SR flour
    1 tsp bicarb
    1/2 cup milk

    let me know if you make some- so easy for taking to kids sporting events- which we both do alot of!

    Off to try the bread now- will let you know!
    melissa x

  28. PS- there’s a great Aussie recipe book you should look out for by Roisin Bibby called *My Mum’s Cookbook”

    We use it weekly here- a little old school and simple- Roisin is the mother of Deb Bibby the editor of *REAL LIVING* mag in Australia.

    M x

  29. Kerry Rossow says:

    Let me count the ways that I love banana bread! I am going to try this recipe- I always take banana bread along on Thanksgiving! (with chocolate chips, oopsy)
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  30. Maureen says:

    I don’t know why my typing is so off today….I mean, not to join my blog but the upcoming linky party to show your favourite and best finds….sigh….excuse my third-not-so-cleverly-written-comment Sarah…bye now!
    Maureen x

  31. bj says:

    I’m pretty sure I was put on this earth to eat BANANA BREAD. :)
    Gonna get bananas today so they can ripen….will make a couple loafs for Thanksgiving.

    Come by for a chance at two awesome tea towels to go in your cottage by the sea. :)
    xo bj

  32. Jen says:

    Well that looks easy enough. ❈ And I’m all about the easy! Think I’ll give it a shot for baking Friday…(I try to contain the baking for the people to just once a week, keeps my bathroom scale in check.) Off to vote… Have a great day! (Night?)

  33. Hi Sarah,

    This is my 2nd link up on here! Thank you so much for hosting this lovely link party. I’ve shared something a little special here…hope you enjoy.


  34. Jana says:

    I add applesauce to mine to cut down on the butter…AND cinnamon!!!
    ALSO….we can vote every two hours!! :)

  35. The cupcakes were such an success and now the Banana Bread is in the oven! <3

  36. Kat says:

    Making this for the second time this week.
    It is THE best banana bread I have ever eaten and my kiddo’s love it!! :)
    Must try your carrot cupcakes next, as Master 7 just tried someone elses carrot cake and has declared he also loves that.
    Wow maybe my fussy eater is not so fussy after all.
    Thanks Sarah!

  37. Ellie says:

    I made your banana bread today and you really took me out of my comfort zone. I have never baked using “cup” measurements before, and I’ve been baking since I was knee high to a grasshopper!! But I had bought cup measures last summer which I had never used so I decided to give your recipe a go. I was concentrating so hard on the cups that I forgot to add baking powder. Just as I put the cake in the oven I thought “how is that going to rise, it was plain flour?” I ran and checked the receipe, realised my mistake and took the cake out of the oven immediately. I then set about rescuing the situation by stirring baking powder into the mixture already in the loaf tin. Yes both Mr Bean and Basil Faulty came to mind. But would you believe it turned out fine and my 6yo says its the best bread ever!!!

    • sarah says:

      yay way to go Ellie! using cups was what made me able to bake, for me about a million times easier than weighing stuff out…I would never attempt a recipe if it’s not in cups…but then again I have become pretty good at adapting them now glad the banana bread went down well xo

  38. Abi Makes says:

    i know this post is old but i only found it recently but the recipe is fab, thanks for sharing :) pics of mine are here http://abimakes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/banana-bread.html