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Fri 18th, Nov, 2011

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G’day Beach Cottage lovelies!

Are you ready for the weekend.  Are you landlocked girls ready from some ocean / sea / beach life shots?  Well I am here to deliver ;-)

The other day I realised that I needed my passport renewed and pretty quickly.

And so, my first thought was to renew my English passport…after looking into this, it seemed that it was going to be touch and go as to whether or not those pommies would get the passport back to me in time.



Then it hit me.

Sugarbums, you know what Mrs Beach Cottage?  You can largely go get yourself an Australian passport now…seeing as you are a fair dinkum Australian with a certificate on the wall to prove it.


20111118-03-beach-cottage-blog-lifeguard 20111118-04-beach-cottage-blog-sea-photography

What I didn’t realise was that a simple thing like heading to the Post Office would spiral a large and cascading barrage of emotions about our seachange to Australia, our old tatty cottage and our new life by the sea and being near the ocean.



I headed into apply for the passport with my arms full of the necessary documentation…UK passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate…all from the Old Country and clutching in my hot little post-gym-workout hand one of the most significant things to happen to me in my life, apart from the births of those three Beach Cottage kiddos…my Australian Citizenship Certificate . 20111118-06-beach-cottage-wave

As I stood there with the lady, ticking, checking, photo-copying and double-checking, I was engulfed by emotion…and as she carried on her official duties all business-like I began to feel less and less business like and more and more like tears were welling up and oh no I was going to be a huge mess here if I wasn’t careful.




‘Woman Cries When Applying for Passport at Local Post Office and is Admitted for Crazy Australia Love’



I survived though and got through that interview tear-less, damp eyed for sure but without any tears.


As I walked out the door, I headed for a coffee and the beach… to sit down by the ocean and its pounding…

And as I sat there with my coffee I indulged with one of my fave pursuits…photographing the sea, drinking my coffee and revelling in my new Australian life.



Our journey has not been an easy one and I certainly wish that I came here before I did, but then again perhaps I wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I do…



You know the best thing about living in Australia though for me?

Contrary to popular opinion it is not the beach or the ocean…well it is living near the sea and all that goes with that…



But for me Australia is about diversity…


this country is so very bursting with things to do, experience and see


….different things….


We live on the outskirts of one seriously rocking city…Sydney…yet we live at the beach and the ocean is all around


we reside in a multi-cultural country full of amazingly diverse people…who work it oh-so-very-well…




we get to be outdoors a whole lot of the time and the ocean is our downtime


but most of all



our kiddos get to call this country their own

and for that, my friends, I am truly grateful.



See you soon

Yours in Australia, ocean and sea love.


beach decor

p.s. find more pictures on the beach and our seachange from London to the beaches of Sydney here




p.p.s. it’s like really hard for me to have to sit on the beach & take photos of lifeguards &  stuff in the name of this blog ;-), I do hope you are grateful for that & leave me the appropriate comment luv for my efforts? ;-)





please speak out for Domestic Violence today and join the campaign by Tweeting & sharing 

If you are reading this and are a victim of domestic violence or a child, or witness of domestic violence please, please, please talk to someone who can offer you support and assistance. Talk to someone…. you deserve to live free of the shame and secrecy of domestic violence, including emotional violence.

it is vital for children to live in a safe and healthy home


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45 Responses to “Beach Cottage – Australia, Ocean, Sea, Beach, Life”

  1. Jen says:

    Beautiful, gorgeous photos–wish I could see it. Congratulations on your passport–your happiness is wonderful.

  2. Jane says:

    Oh Sarah, Goosebumps in Hobart, imagining all the emotions welling inside you. We humans are complex characters, aren’t we? Good for you for working through it in your head. J x

  3. You Rock! So glad you are an Australian <3

  4. Jen says:

    I so understand that feeling as it’s how I feel about where we live. Just outside of Seattle, WA in the States…. we’ve been snow skiing and sailing on the same day…. Ocean, lakes, mountains, diverse population, the world at your finger tips. This is why the word “verklempt” exists. ❈

  5. Caz says:

    More gorgeous photos and a lovely story to boot! Your love of all things oz is so refreshing it really makes me smile. My beautiful Irish girlfriend is visiting me from Melb this weekend and we plan to head to the gold cost and just soak it all up!!!! the smell of the air, the feel of the sand, the beauty of all things beach. Even though reading your blog makes me feel like I’m right there on the sand looking at those glistening waves once in a while nothing beats the real thing ;-)) The only scary part is the bod will be in a bikini in public for the first time in a while yikes ;-)

  6. Carli says:

    I have an ex-English girlfriend who would express pretty much the same sentiments as you, Sarah. She came here from London bout 6 years ago after meeting her future husband in a pub in Perth. She is very much an Aussie now, has the certificate to prove it and although there are things from the old country that she will never give away (like turkey at Christmas) she flinches if anyone dare call her a ‘Pom’.

    Love to you Aussie girl! x

  7. Treasia says:

    I appreciate all the hard work you put into all the picture taking this week. I must say that the entire time I was reading and looking at the gorgeous pics I kept asking myself “when is she gonna show me that gorgeous lifeguards face”? LOL

  8. Judy says:

    Sarah, I think you could easily get a job with Tourism Australia :)

  9. Chrisartist says:

    Your photography captures Australia so well Sarah.
    I’m a painter and love waves. I think il take more pics!!
    The only thing negative about our beautiful passport is the long queue at Heathrow!
    You will think of this when you next visit home.
    The Britsh passport takes you straight through!!! I think Il apply for one.
    Cheers for now.

  10. Jacquiejohnstone says:

    This born and bred Aussie teared up reading your post. Thanks for reminding me of how lucky we are to live in this country. While living in South America a few years ago it really hit me. Now that we’ve settled back into our Tassie beach house I sometimes feel like life is a little ‘vanilla’. Seeing things through your eyes helps me to not take our lifestyle for granted. Thanks for your beautiful blog.

  11. Nadine says:

    You wouldn’t believe how hard it was for me to read these lines of yours. “Crazy Australia Love” – ah, I can totally relate to that feeling! You are one lucky duck!! My heart aches so badly to be back in Australia… So it’s such a pleasure to have found your blog. Now I can daydream a little bit every other day! Thanks a lot for sharing your adventures and stories. And yes, all these pictures are very, very pretty!!

    Here’s to a happy weekend.
    Love, Nadne

  12. Beth says:

    Oh you poor, poor thing having to take those photos for your blog – what a terrible chore … ; )

    I have now been here long enough to apply for my Australian citizenship and I wonder how I’ll feel…better pack the tissues hey?

    have a great weekend.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I have lived overseas in many different cities, and am married to a glorious Irishman, so I understand how great we have it here and am regularly reminded of it by hubbys comments about our fortunate lifestyle, … but I so loved reading your post (and the photos) – thank you.

  14. Heaven says:

    Sarah, you are truly amazing. I simply love this blog. I think it’s wonderful that you’re speaking out agianst domestic violence. When I was 16 I was abused physically by the guy I was dating (he was 21).I won’t go into detail but I escaped his abuse thankfully, it took over a year to get him to finally go away, but once I moved away, he could no longer “get” me..

    Thank you for being a voice!

  15. Thanks for putting yourself through it to get those photos, it must have been tough! I have both passports – because I have done the reverse to you (although my parents left Manly when I was tiny). I visited Manly a couple of years ago, the first time since I was a baby, and it’s beautiful. It was tough flying back to Heathrow although I got to skip the lines both ends of the trip but it wasn’t all bad. Every time I read your blog I think hmmmmmm…… there’s an Aussie passport lying in the drawer just over there…..

  16. Susan says:

    I remember the feeling of applying for my first US passport, in much the same way as you applied for your first Australian one. My five year old son and I were planning a trip to England, and he needed a passport, so off we went to the Post Office to complete the process.

    My British passport is expired, but one day, I suspect that I will get a new one. Although I grew up in Australia and lived there for 25+ years, I never took Australian citizenship, so if ever I visit Australia these days, it is as an American citizen visiting Australia; it surprises the customs people in Australia, because there is no denying the Australian accent.

    I’m glad you have found your new home in Australia :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Ruby Showalter says:

    You make me want to visit the beautiful place you call home!! As always love the pics and your blog! Blessings…

  18. Susan says:

    All I can say is …… sheesh!
    Oh to be so lucky!
    There were snowflakes here yesterday.

  19. Sarah says:

    Aww Sarah, what a lovely post! you are so very lucky, Australia looks totally rockin’!! and so does that hunkalicious lifeguard (!!) – don’t forget how great London is though – in its own unique way, London is fabulous!! I lived there and miss it sometimes…the culture, the architecture, the way of life. You are lucky you are grateful to be living somewhere that means so much to you! Happy Weekend! ;–))

  20. Alice says:

    Your story makes me think about the journey my parents took to come to this country. We arrived right in the middle of the recession we had to have and we were only meant to stay for two years… 21 years later and we are all here still. I celebrate every year the day we landed on this country and I am so grateful. I love the landscape, the weather and how you only have to the shops and restaurants to experience different cultures all in one street (well at least where I used to live not so much where I am now).
    I miss my walks by the sea it takes us an extra 20 minutes by car on a motorway to get anywhere near a beach now… Theres always the river :)…
    Great shots by the way, like usual…

  21. Always a joy Sarah! Have a great weekend!

  22. andrea says:

    I’m feelin’ the Australia love today! Great post, Sarah! Yes, more lifeguard shots would have added some extra spice, but the ocean was refreshing enough! andrea!townandprairie

  23. melissa says:

    I am from the States and I marvel at the beauty Australia holds. It is my dream to visit there someday. but in the meantime I will visit through your blog. thank you so much for sharing so many beautiful things.

  24. Melissa-Miss Sew & So says:

    Sarah-my heart swells when I hear people share their thoughts & love for
    ‘our’ wonderful country….
    Goose bumps of emotion here in old’ Blighty-I’m about to read Nikki Gemmels
    book ‘Aletter to my Children’ about being Australian-have you seen it?!
    Think it’s right up our alley.

    Melissa x

  25. Alice Shaw says:

    You should work for Tourism Australia.. honestly, your photos are enough to make anyone want to come here in a second!

  26. alison says:

    I love your thoughts and emotions about Australia. It makes me feel so proud of our country.

    Even though I am Aussie born and bred I too have nearly teared up at the post office trying to renew a passport. Not for the lovely reasons you listed but from the sheer frustration of the process. So happy it was easy for you. :)


  27. Claire says:

    Just voted for you Sarah!
    I’ve been super busy the last couple of months so haven’t been able to read as much of your blog as I’d like to. Lovely to be back now and read your summer inspiration as we move into winter here in the UK ; )

  28. alison says:


    Have you seen Clark Little’s wave photography? I think he lives in Hawaii. AMAZING!


  29. Tiff says:

    My parents moved out from England in the late 1960′s. I was born here and raised in a small beach town. I had an idyllic childhood and now yearn to live by the sea again (even though I’m only a 40 min drive away!). I hope your kids will understand and thank you one day for what you have given them. I’m so glad it’s been worth all the effort, heartache and work to move here and I’m so glad you’re proud to be an Aussie and embrace the culture. I’m honoured to call you a fellow Aussie and I think our country is better for having you here. x

  30. OMG. Beautifully captured. PLUS a post written of our wonderful country. Our home. And lifeguard pictures too! YOU are the bestest. xo

  31. Terrie from Atlanta, Georgia says:

    Sarah, honey, did you ever get the new camera you had been dreaming over? These pictures are stunning…I get lost in every
    wave. SO much more fun than a KitchenAid mixmaster! (Although surely you do need both in the name of good blogging xo)

  32. lee says:

    Love, love, love your blog, the style, your photos and what you have done with your cottage (your tour).

    Lee (New Zealand)

  33. Jenny Sanders says:

    I can’t wait to watch the 2012 London Olympics next year. I feel excited on my trip there!

  34. Mike Stewart says:

    Who would resist surfing if the beach you see in the pictures are extraordinary? This is what you call God’s gift to us.

  35. I have read your blog thank you for sharing this post of yours. I love to see more ideas from you.