A Day in the Beach Cottage Life – My Town, Moo & A Vanilla Milkshake

Tue 29th, Nov, 2011

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G’day lovely Beach Cottage girls!

Yesterday I hadn’t had the best weekend to be honest, I wasn’t very nice to someone I like very much in my life, and I felt absolutely wretched about it and I felt it all through Monday and so about halfway through the day, I decided that after school we’d go out for a little treat, to cheer myself up..

it’s about the little things and this is one of them…taking a walk around this bustly old town of mine that we seachanged to and going for a milkshake with a couple of members of my family

So this new place opened on the beaches, it’s called Moo Gourmet Burgers…I had heard about it on Twitter (you can find me here) and after reading the website and all the blurb thought it might just be the place to go for an old fashioned style vanilla milkshake…




The view’s not bad ;-)

From the bumpf on the website I was thinking it would be a kinda mix of old school Australian milk bar with a touch of American diner thrown in..

20111129-04-Day-in-the-Life-IMG_9950 20111129-05-beach-cottage-milkshake-moo-burgers


…really though it was sorta beach bar…with rustic style tables


20111129-06-Day-in-the-Life-IMG_9888 20111129-07-Day-in-the-Life-IMG_9958 20111129-08-Day-in-the-Life-IMG_9944 20111129-09-Day-in-the-Life-IMG_9891 20111129-10-beach-cottage-australia-blog

If you have kiddos to entertain (those that will sit nicely with some colouring, not those that run around like lunatics invading other people’s experience) this would be a fun place to while away some time or to meet a fellow mummy for a coffee…

there’s a mirror wall to write on, my little one thought this was fab…



I would love one of these in my cottage…in fact I am scheming one right now…



I doodled mostly flowers…




One of the men in my life chose this…


20111129-14-Day-in-the-Life-MG_9968 20111129-15-Day-in-the-Life-IMG_9980

I went for the traditional Vanilla…it was nice, but next time I would definitely ask for about at least fifty per cent less sugar…too sweet for me..


20111129-16-milkshake- 20111129-17-beach-cottage-sarah

It was quite nice…well the milkshake didn’t last long!



And a few things from this old seaside town that I love to walk around and soak up…




I love the sea glistening & people going about their business in this old town…



…and the colour everywhere….



love me some Australian signage



these are one of my favourite flowers…and in abundance



I love the mix in this town…there is still shabbiness together with the big 10 million dollar homes…








So that’s it from my day in the life, milkshakes and this little shabby town by the sea…

I will see you tomorrow, guess what is painted white and sitting happily in its new home?  One of the cafe chairs….talk about love…a great makeover if I say so myself, and not bad for a few bucks….I’ll show you tomorrow for Good Life Wednesday

Oh and put the date in your diary for a Beach Cottage Christmas Party on the 14th December…get your Christmas photos and linkies ready!  Christmas Time Beach Cottage Coastal style starts as of 1st December…I am rocking those twinkly lights people…

See ya around



beach decor


flogging my blog here, thanks


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28 Responses to “A Day in the Beach Cottage Life – My Town, Moo & A Vanilla Milkshake”

  1. tami says:

    You look adorable! I would love to see a photo of you and the Mr. together, we often see either you or him, which is understandable since one of you has to take the photo;)

  2. Alice says:

    Yes I have heard about this place. Saw it the last time I was out that way but didn’t venture in as we had already bought the ice creams. Might try them next time we are there and I might (depending on what mood she is in) let her draw on that wall, she would love it! HMMM I love milkshakes will make a note to ask them for less sugar if possible… I will be bouncing of walls otherwise..

  3. Kirsty says:

    What a gorgeous little place! I love that kind of laidback little beach bar and wow! you are soo lucky to live somewhere so beautiful! Stunning photos as usual :) xo K

  4. Lisa says:

    What an amazing place to live in and your photography is really lovely. That blue sky and gorgeous hot pink blossoms – just gorgeous.

  5. Angie says:

    Love your new little spot ! Even more I LOVE THOSE TREES ! We dont have anything like that here ! And look at you so cute in your long skirt. I love them, so much cooler ! Unfortunately at 58 there are too many lumps and bumps !

  6. Melinda says:

    Good for you turning a not so nice feeling into a fun afternoon – it sure is about those little shared moments.

    Think I might be looking for some of those pens to write on mirrors – that looks like a lot of fun!

    Love the skirt, Lady xx

  7. Jen says:

    Mmmmm vanilla milkshake, fave. I had a good chuckle over the “Manly”Laundry sign as I just told my husband tonight he looked so manly pressing his work shirt for tomorrow. ❈

  8. Deb says:

    Oooh that mirror writing looked like excellent fun. I could do with one of those on my wardrobe door. I could colour in extra bits on my outfits.

  9. KK Miss.Sarah- this is just the fix I needed this morning…

    I have a tummy bug & a zillion boxes to keep ticking for our move back to Manly from ol’Blighty…

    I sooo needed these little moments to get my smile back!

    I may rain check the Moo milkshake for another day though if seriously sweet….just couldn’t do it today…

    Love your long skirt- I can still spot a gorgeous piece of clothing with a nightmare stomach!

    Is it striped?

    Where is it from if you don’t mind me asking- I’m thinking of all the lovely summer Christmas presents I can start plotting for ;)

    Melissa :)

    • sarah says:

      yes it is striped, it’s from Ally…see my comment above to Kat…super bargain! xo

      • thanks Sarah- i get the shopping for ones teen daughter- but still managing to somehow come across THE skirt or something for yourself!

        Ally- Ok going to check it out- just think I may melt when arriving home to Oz 4 days before Christmas!!


  10. Kat says:

    What a gorgeous looking little spot.
    I hope it made up for your not so happy time over the weekend.
    Sarah, I swear you look younger each time you post a pic.
    I also noticed the stripey skirt, which looks fab btw. Where did you get it from? Do tell :)

    • sarah says:

      younger! you gotta be kidding me Kat, I feel about 90 haha!

      I got the skirt in Ally when I was shopping with my daughter for trendy young girlie clothes..it’s become a standing joke with us that whenever we shop for her, I get something…it was cheap as chips like 20 bucks I think and fits like a dream, great cut…and soooo comfy! i have worn it to death already… xo

  11. Candy says:

    Beautiful land, beautiful life!! You are blessed and you know it and that’s so refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Rukmini Roy says:

    Awww! You know at times we kind of behave in a manner that we usually dont and later go along and feel sorry for it. I kind of turned down a dinner and believe me it kind of haunted me.

    Anywho, you are looking nice :) I’m eyeing those glasses the traditional vanilla milkshake was served in. The galvanized one.

  13. Ooooo, sign me up for this sort of jaunt. I’m having that sort of day and need to bite my tongue a lot right now.

  14. Gem says:

    Absolutely LOVE this blog. Ah I can see that Manly sea air. Glorious.
    We travelled Oz 1999/2000 and I think about it every day. Sydney was my fave ever place. I loved the beaches, the national parks. the city for shopping. One of my happiest times.
    Thrilled to come across your blog, you are living the dream I only dare to think about.
    x x x x

  15. Gem says:

    I meant SMELL not SEE. Of course I can’t SEE that Manly sea air. Oh dear. I need a lie down, it’s been a long day!
    xx x

  16. Jen says:

    What a fun place! And your town looks amazing–just perfect. You are adorable.

  17. jeri says:

    this place reminds me of “docs” in delray beach, fla… though it wasn’t on the ocean, it has charms, eating outside, watching people, and enjoying the south florida weather… best blt’s and fries in this world… i miss it so… enjoy your little piece of heaven on earth…

  18. Jillian says:

    I am so dreaming of living by the beach…. your photos are wonderful for me to keep dreaming! The milkshake looks yummy licious…but my fav pic was the man in front of the ocean with the bicycle. Great shot!

    You are very blessed!

  19. Vicki P says:

    Manly is so much fun on a Sat. or Sunday….love the air there…funky little town part and there is a great wine bar there also that is very classy. Enjoyed it so on my last trip Down Under. Love the blog.

  20. Suzane says:

    What a Happy post!!!Sweet!!
    PS You look Fab!!