Beach Cottage Coastal Craft ~ DIY Nautical Posters / Sea Art Part I

Tue 18th, Oct, 2011

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I am gathering things to add some colour to this cottage.


Don’t be, it probably won’t last.

So we had the Frenchy Phase, I think I am calling this the Aqua Sea Blue phase.

It all started with some gorgeous photos I took a while ago and the Daily Seaside Dose series I have been taking photographs for on the Beach Cottage Facebook Page…doing this little daily picture taking ritual of the place I now call home has again made me see how special it is to be living here

…but not only that, just how wonderful the colours of the ocean are, how they change all the time and how inspiring the power of nature is…

20111018-02-beach-nautical-cottage-seashore1 20111018-03-beach-nautical-coastal-cottage-sea


and also how that colour might look quite nice on my wall…

Plus I had a few emails about these and selling them…so I took them down and got them printed off in 6 x 8′s to see what they’d look like in print…they turned out much better in ‘real life’ on the photo paper than I thought they would..and, they just, I dunno, seemed to say me right now…soI thought a big one would be quite nice too in our old cottage…

So, I thought I would get one enlarged and frame it for the wall in the Family Room seeing as it is very white in there…




Just about everywhere lately I have come across quotes…online, in shops, on the tv, on Facebook…you know those quotes about being happy and smiling and all that malarkey…for some reason I have never quite liked these but lately I have come to grow rather fond of them…I’ve always thought them on the errr of tacky, you know, but lately they seem to personify this seachange we have been on, this journey to the other side of the world, plus my daughter is a real quote person, she has a notebook where she collects them and they are all over her laptop etc and in her room….so good for the soul I have found…and very inspiring for her…

And at the weekend while I was treasure hunting I came across these quotes in frames in a few shops, but some of them were a bit too, you know…go build a sandcastle & put a smile on your face and the whole world will sing….and so I thought I could do just as good a job with my own images and own quotes that mean something to me and keep my money in my pocket.

So far I have come up with these two, plus a couple of others, which I will show you when they are on the wall…I have found some frames I like, just need a person who is good with a hammer and a wall plug to help me out :-)

These were a million times easier to make up than I thought they would be

….I just added the text and messed around with the temperature and the colours so they were a bit more old photo/ vintagey, I also saturated them so that they would pop…I also added some texture with a layer…

then added a white border to give it some depth…

I have some lovely white frames for them and think they turned out great for DIY Sea Art

Hoping these will be on the wall very soon…hello Mr BC, fancy doing some hammering tonight?….watch this space…

Yours in all things sea ;-)


p.s. want to hear about a miracle skin product?…read my review of one that’s rocking this Beach Cottage skin…plus comment for a chance to win one :-)




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37 Responses to “Beach Cottage Coastal Craft ~ DIY Nautical Posters / Sea Art Part I”

  1. kalanicut says:

    Sarah, I like, I like, I like!!!

  2. carol ann says:

    I love your sea and sky colors! I’ve enlarged pictures I have taken and framed and hung them on our walls. I think they will look great on your walls:)

  3. loulou says:

    Hello Sarah

    that is great work.

    there is no doubt about you and your resourcefulness – you come up with some gems.

    I think jot down some of those saying you guys in your house have had for years.
    Sometimes they are some of the most unique and the best.
    (even a broomstick one) – people would love them.

    I’ve started “pinning” a few of mine.

    have a wonderful day Sea Lady (or perhaps I might refer to you as mermaid sarah!)

    Me – just had a slight hair spruce and on to the next job.

    take care

    x loulou

  4. Hi Sarah, I love your framed pictures, they are so beautiful and pull you right into the picture. I too have been playing with photo’s and wording and I have to say I have come to adore it as well. I recently did one for the beach and have sold a few of them, very trendy right now. Wishing you all the best….

  5. Peggy says:

    I love your pictures! I can almost smell the salty tang of the air, feel the breeze, and hear the ocean breaking… Love them!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Looks amazing. Something personal,yet everyone else can identify. jojo3b :)

  7. Caz says:

    Nice! I like them very much!!!

  8. Mahesha says:

    Your cottage is so beautiful! I live in an island but not near the beach… Your blog makes me wanna move :)

  9. Rose West says:

    I’m loving the sunshiney aqua! Just beautiful – I especially love the first poster.

  10. Alice says:

    I am loving that second one quote and all. Like you I am not a fan of those quote thingys so me complimenting says something for you.. I don’t know about the first one Sarah, it doesn’t seem to make sense to me (I do love the image though)… I also love how you changed the font and the little love heart very cute :). Can’t wait to see it all hanging it will look superb!

  11. I knew they would look AWESOME. So when can we buy one?

  12. brilliant sarah- so gorgeous amongst all your white…looking out to the garden…are you thinking family room?

    melissa x

  13. Melissa says:

    they are so beautiful Sarah, your photography is amazing I always want to head to the beach after looking at them… have you thought about printing them onto a canvas? I had one done of a photo we took on a holiday in Hawaii (ahem, 12 years ago!!!!) with an old fashion camera ;) and I am just thrilled with the results… I waited until Big W was having a half price sale (of course) and the photo of the surf looks all vintage….anyway just a thought…

  14. Kat says:

    Perfect Sarah!! :)

  15. Karen says:

    Great idea! The pics are lovely…

  16. Marleen says:

    Sarah, they look Amazing. The one in the middle has diamand sprinkles!
    I love the way you put the text on.

  17. Love them – I have a huge one of crashing waves and surf that i took of our coastline here (meaning ireland, not atlanta where I am this week – VERY far from the sea!) and love it. i got it on a canvas (as part of a bloggy review)

    Maybe next time I’ll add some words – easy enough to do in photoshop. Did you add any texture with brushes? I came across somewhere online about distressing with grungy brushes and recently did that with some “subway-style” art as a baby gift. i am next planning to create some subway style art for cottage on a beach/sea theme.

    I have been using pinteret to gather up all my words/quotes.

    My 13 year old now “pins” too, and its funny – she sends me the sort of ones she knows I like, and I send her quotes about messy bedrooms.

    Any images she is pinning as her “dream home” would fit well into the style of beach cottage – lots of white and natural light, but she does want a slide beside the stairs!!!

  18. Katherine says:

    These look fab!! I love them a lot……can we win one, hint, hint ; )


  19. Gina says:

    Love those! Especially the first one…my daughter has that quote on her Facebook page! Kept hoping she would run into you on the beach while she is studying abroad in your beautiful country. Your pictures always bring a smile to my face! Thanks for sharing.

    PS I cannot wait to try the miracle skin cream. Going to search for it today.

  20. Heaven says:

    Sarah, those are going to look FABULOUS in your cottage. I can’t wait to see them. If you do decide to sell them, I’ll be buying!! lol


  21. Shar Y says:

    Really love!

    Tried to read about your miracle skin cream but it wanted me to log in to view????

  22. Giulia says:

    Looks great. The first one is like Mae Chevrette’s multi media art available here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/76774412/huge-16-x-20-paper-print-salt-water-the

    I love your ocean/sea photography, the colours are always so calming.

  23. Beautiful. Isn’t that the dream of having a neutral decor though? Adding in shots of something fun for a short time and changing when you feel like it.

    Thanks so much for the blogging e-book by the way. I’m making my way through it and changing things as I go. Really appreciate it.

  24. love love love the pics. I too as of late have gotten into the sayings, thanks to my niece. I have some beautiful pics I took quite a few years back of writings in the sand. I finally framed one and now have it displayed in remembrance of my Mother. Thanks for some more inspiration!

  25. Merry says:

    Beautiful! I love these! :)

  26. jeri brain says:

    the ocean is the soul of the earth… like the blood running through our veins, the ocean flows to keep this planet alive… bringing peace to our souls when life is too hard, busy, or frustrating… giving special gifts just for the asking…seaweed, driftwood, shells, sea glass, seabeans from africa coming across with every wave… it breaths life into everything and is healing… it’s just not water… it’s the soul that keeps life going and what is the most exciting part of all this, it’s free, to enjoy anytime… it’s a gift from god without asking for it…

    next time you walk on a beach, thank god for this special gift…

  27. Sallie says:

    These are beautiful! Put me in the queue to buy!

  28. the freckled minx says:

    I confess I’m a colourholic (is there such a word?). I adore colour which is one of the reasons I love to follow your blog and all the white. It’s so gorgeously different to me. I love to see how you put it together and how you love it. Beautiful photos Sarah and I can’t wait to see where that gentle trickle of colour that’s seeping into your life is going to lead you and for how long…..B:)

  29. Roxanne says:

    I thought the same thing as Giulia. That first print is nearly identical to Mae Chevrette’s painting on Etsy… http://www.etsy.com/listing/76774412/huge-16-x-20-paper-print-salt-water-the . Normally I really enjoy everything you blog but making knock-offs of original artwork is not classy.

  30. Rochelle says:

    Sarah, I sooo love these. Dono how I missed this post. So are they up. You should be selling them. They are gorgeous. xx

  31. EVE says:

    Third from top – with the sparkling waves. Do you still have the file for that one? Would love to print that on canvas and hang over my sofa.

  32. Martha Yoakum says:

    Could I purchase one of your Emerson pics/prints?