A Beach Cottage Goes to IKEA for Good Life Wednesdays

Wed 19th, Oct, 2011

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G’day! Hope everyone is good. We are having lovely weather here, 24C and sunshiny, loving slowly stripping my layers off…funny how it seems one minute a pair of summer sandals is the last thing on your mind the next thing proper shoes seems so weird.  Summer here we come… So yesterday, I went to that little Nordic boutique I frequent more, much more than I should, IKEA, or as I like to call it Iqkea I must admit I am surprised I haven’t been there since the new catalogue came out, and I am even more surprised and disappointed that I didn’t get one delivered. I went for some frames to get those beachy pics of mine up on the wall.   20111019-02-IMG_8837
…but as you know, the occupational hazard of stepping foot in that place, I came back with a few more goodies….but my friend and yes Mr BC you should be very proud, I restrained myself and my pocketbook and only bought a few things. I had pencilled in yesterday as one of the days when I don’t have to be around here for anything else and I must admit, even if this sounds sad and like I have no life, I was like, really looking forward to it….(yes for some reason I keep saying like, it started with my daughter’s friend who like, says, ‘like’, like very other word…it’s, like, catching) I have a bit of a routine going now if I go to IKEA…firstly, I will RARELY go at the weekend…this is just too like madness for me, a very very different experience when one goes in the week… Secondly I always wait until the traffic/school rush hour has passed (I have to go through busy suburbs to get there) 20111019-03-IMG_8747
and thirdly, I always start going up the stairs and turning left, heading straight for the coffee and the pastries….and a sit down and browse of the catalogue…yesterday it was even better…their offer was on the coffee and cakes….$1.50 for Morning Tea, coffee and a pastry, I like the sound of that… 20111019-04-IMG_8754
Then I scoot around that top bit, well I don’t really scoot….but I try not to linger too long up here…otherwise there’s no time for meatballs ;-) I love looking at the tablescaping.. hello IKEA    I like you quite a lot, in fact I spend quite a lot of time thinking about you, oh and yes I love coming over for a visit and yep I have a lot of you in my ratty old cottage on the beaches… …would you like a lady named Mrs BC to come and do some tablescaping with you? I would be in plate, china, glass, tablemat HEAVEN, having all that at my disposal to play with…imagine having to dress up ten tables and foof all day…dream job… 20111019-05-IMG_8756
Hello sink, I love you   20111019-06-IMG_8758
I was looking for photo wall / framing ideas…I liked this over the sofa in a line…I had been thinking along these lines because I don’t like art on the wall too much and I wanted something a bit more casual…I think this might be it..I’m thinking a line of frames under the oar above the sofa… 20111019-07-IMG_8762
under a shelf…. 20111019-08-IMG_8783 20111019-09-IMG_8823
I seem to see this print everywhere at the moment… 20111019-10-IMG_8765
um, wow, I like polka dots, but yowzas that’s one spotty sofa!   20111019-11-IMG_8766
but I liked the stripy one…very nautical / coastal to me…if I had a bigger cottage I would love one of these…but I think it needs a pretty large expanse of space to work…   20111019-12-IMG_8777
I liked the idea of a mirror in the photo wall…I might try this…   20111019-13-BEACH-COTTAGE-NAUTICAL-IKEA
love the hanging pendant light….I should have got one of those….next time   20111019-14-IMG_8786
loving these double sinks…I must say I am not a big fan of the bowl sitting on top of the vanity thing….just about everyone has it, it will date real fast I think plus every single one of these that I have ever used leaks all over the show….but then again these would look pretty nice in my new bathroom…I hadn’t even thought of IKEA for the bathroom…duh!   20111019-15-IMG_8790
I love this bedroom setup…I am looking for new lamps, but I thought these were rather exxie for IKEA…I am decorating my bedroom soon, it needs it…and am thinking one wall in a different colour to white, I am not sure about grey, but maybe a very pale one a bit more on the blue side…like this… 20111019-16-IMG_8792
…and then I got to the mirrors…secretly that’s what I came for…I have been coveting large mirrors for this old cottage since we moved in here…but it has always been bottom of the pile…but I had seen two mirrors on the IKEA site…   one the Mongstad which I have had my eye on for like ever   20111019-17-mongstad-mirror__0107576_PE257248_S4
and the other one the Hemnes 20111019-18-hemnes-mirror__0131449_PE286171_S4
…the Hemnes being nearly two hundred dollars cheaper than the Mongstad… When I started looking at them…I loved the Mongstad…it’s thick and chunky and was just me…. 20111019-19-beach-cottage-sarah
but then when I looked at the Hemnes you got more mirror and less border….and I want this to bounce the light around and add some feature to my bedroom…plus of course I want to do, after three years of squinting in that thin black thrifted vintage mirror, some serious Muffin Top Checking in a nice big mirror… 20111019-20-beach-cottage-mirror-ikea
It wasn’t easy getting that mirror from the bit where the Ikea Witch normally makes an appearance…you know the bit at the end, where after, hours of mooching and oooohing and ahhhing and measuring and writing down with that funny little pencil and using that paper tape measure…where you suddenly realise that all your dreaming and coveting is in vain because darn it, guess what, that mirror/pot/chair/shelving unit/lamp is actually out of stock. But no, Ikea Witch stayed away, cos Hemnes was very much in stock …. one happy Beach Cottager… I will show you it soon…it is in pride of place and though I say it myself it looks fab….thank you IKEA for a lovely Good Life Wednesdays trip, on a Tuesday,  but more thank you for a very good $120 well spent. Righto I have to fly outta here ladies, I’ll show you the other bits I bought later….I have to go front door shopping and I am looking for a bathroom suite…our builder is on the way…..HOORAY! Yours in all things from Sweden with a funny name



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60 Responses to “A Beach Cottage Goes to IKEA for Good Life Wednesdays”

  1. cheryl says:

    thanks for the trip to ikea! i’m dying to go but waiting for the new one to open much closer to where i live. love the aqua bowls and have always liked the striped sofa.
    thanks for hosting today : )

  2. andrea says:

    I used to shop IKEA all the time, but the last few years by us have been so mobbed that it is no longer enjoyable. It literally stresses me out to go inside. I just settle for IKEA online! andrea@townandprairie

  3. Heaven says:

    I LOVE Ikea!! I don’t get there often, it’s 3.5 hours away.. But we go bout twice a year and make each trip very worthwhile.. That store is AWESOME!! Can’t wait to see all your goodies :)

  4. Hello Sarah

    Oh the Ikea trip – a professional trap for ALL players.

    I love it – I love the marketing, the slogans, the themes and the prices.
    Most of the quality is really good now.

    I agree with you on the new image and look of it all.
    I think they have done a overhaul and given themselves a new look – quite the trendy than ever before.

    Looking forward to your photos of the mirror doing it’s thing – and girlfriend – there is no muffin top (baby muffin if you think)

    have a wonderful day and thank you a lovely happy read for me.

    I’m packing today for a few days in Melbourne – going to ProBlogger conference on Friday, interesting to say the least.

    take care

    x loulou

  5. krissie says:

    when I saw the title of your post had the word Ikea in it, its like the magic word….. just had to read… and yes us too over here in the west… we didint get a catalogue in the post box either… maybe ikea is slipping with that? Do you get their check in the mail though every month..did you sign up for that offer? I did and get $15 check every month from Ikea towards our purchases! I must be due for another ikea visit soon!

  6. It’s funny but I’m on the other side of the world but we could have been in the same store today :0)

  7. Pam says:

    I’m glad you found the mirror that you like and that it was in stock! I love Ikea too. It’s so fun to discover new treasures in there.

    Have a great day and enjoy your summer weather!


  8. Kellie says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Oh! how I miss Ikea. We moved from Perth to rural Queensland last year and NO IKEA!!! Your post has brought back my withdrawal symptoms ;) Love your blog and am now following along.

    Kel x

  9. sarah,

    only you can make a simple trip to IKEA such a beautiful feast for the eyes. i REALLY like the stripe sofa and may have a place for one or two!!! seriously. and the mirror too.

    this blog always costs me some cash, and i bet that’s music to your ears as you stimulate the US economy!


  10. Theresa says:

    I love Ikea, too!

  11. tami says:

    I love Ikea, I’ve been shopping there since they first opened. I loved it so much I told my family I wanted to work for them, but they were just too much of a commute;)
    Now it’s a couple hours to drive there from where we are, so we always make it worth our while.
    I love seeing what’s new thru your tours though, and thanks so much for hosting such a sweet blogging link party, Sarah, I love when I get home in time from work to join in. Hugs, tami

  12. michele in texas says:

    Fun shopping trip – love the virtual “go with”!!!

  13. Beth says:

    Can’t beat a mooch around Ikea for some inspiration. Unfortunatley inspiration usually means ‘just have to have that’! Linking up today for Good Life Wednesday.

  14. Kerry Rossow says:

    The closest IKEA to me is almost 3 hours away. So…when I go, I make a list and go wild once a year!
    While you are in the throws of spring, I am rolling in the fall leaves, literally.
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  15. I haven’t been to Ikea in a few years but my friend has the farmhouse sink and the sofa and loves them both. Your post has inspired me to drive to Burlington, Ontario and have a look at the latest and greatest Ikea has to offer. Thanks for hosting. I enjoyed your visit to Ikea.
    Lynn :)

  16. Jacqueline says:

    Funny! I need to find an Ikea somewhere! There are none nearby. Glad you got some good stuff.

  17. Gypsea Nurse says:

    Sarah~ You make me laugh! Great post! And I am proud that you didn’t break the bank!!!
    Have a great week!
    Cricket @ gypsea nurse

  18. Your post today made laugh :-) Have a wonderful day!

  19. Jann olson says:

    Ikea can be very dangerous to your health! Good thing I don’t go there too often. I have a friend that has that farm sink in her kitchen. Too Cute!

  20. Marie says:

    Love Ikea and your choices are superb!!

  21. Sarah: I have the Hemnes mirror in white…it is in my post about my master bedroom (which I am linking to). I love your Nordic boutique! Not sure about the meatballs…Swedish fish and frozen yogurt are great.

  22. Marnie says:

    Thanks for hosting again, Sarah.
    Even though the new IKEA just opened up nearby and I can go easily, when someone else that I know goes (without me), I get a bad case of “IKEA envy”…..is that wrong?
    x Marnie :)

  23. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sarah I went to Ikea the other day, it is almost impossible not to spend at least $100.00 there!! I spent way too much as usual!!

  24. Tammi says:

    I too love to mooch around Ikea but am yet to go sans kids.

    I can’t say I am a fan of sink on top of the vanity…they look so impractical to me. We’re you still considering using wall paper in your bedroom? Maybe that will give you the hit of colour you are after.

    I have quite a collection of mirrors here…I had been after a large lean against the wall mirror for ages and found one early last year for the bargin price of $50…the frame was a hideous gold but came up a beauty in white :) Looking forward to seeing how you have incorporated your new one and dying to see how the frames prints looks also, as I too don’t like art on the walls.


  25. Fiona says:

    hi Sarah – I have the Hemnes mirror in my bedroom. i’ll send a photo if you want. looks great (on my pale blue walls). I also love the sink – have it in my kitchen – bargain for what it is.
    have a great week
    cheers fiona

  26. yeah sarah – hemmes was the way to go -guilt free price tag…large mirror part…cute frame…

    errr…not that you have a muffin top to check for girl!!

    Melissa x

  27. Oh, how I do love Ikea!!
    Thanks for the wonderful party :)

  28. I just went to Ikea last week and bought the white plastic chairs, that you have on the pictures from the cafeteria.

    They are comfy, cheap and plain looking. Fits into my kitchen very neatly.

    And I really admire Ikea for making designs, that is liked worldwide.

  29. Rob says:

    Hi Sarah, I just visited Ikea yesterday…had’nt been for ages, and like you I always pick late morning to midday to avoid the traffic and the crowds (I never ever visit on a weekend). I was on a mission to check out the xmas decorations as I find that they go really quickly here in England. However, I think I was a bit too early…although there were some about, the big display was not up yet….so another visit will be in order soon…Needless to say I managed to come out with some purchases….just bits ‘n pieces…Ikea is a bit like a stationery store…there is always something I can’t resist! Robx

  30. Hi Sarah
    I love reading your posts – can totally relate to them.
    IKEA here in Brisbane only opens at 10am, so I always get there just around opening time to avoid the crowds. Never go on a weekend unless I am desperate – no not even then.
    I have the Hemmes mirror at the end of my WIR – Love It
    I chose to have one wall in my bdroom different although I went for a cafe latte colour, but there are some beautiful greys out there.
    Only thing is – I’ve never eaten at the caffeteria – must try that next time.
    Cheers Kylie x

  31. Alice says:

    Oh yes the like speech phenomenon… The worst part is that I can hear myself use it all the time but I just can’t like seem to stop, so I kind of like just cringe throughout the whole conversation as the word like keeps pouring out of my mouth….lol

    I go to IKEA in the evenings now during the week since they have changed their closing hours! I use to hyperventilate during the busy times… The crowds were too much for this IKEA family member (where do I sign up for that $15 dollar cheque? ;) I, like, want in too…lol)

    Sarah you took a picture of my sink! (Well soon to be sink lol, I did a little dance of joy when I saw that IKEA sold these babies!). I love glass lamps but I find them extremely expensive where ever I go (even in IKEA) so my hubby made some for our bedroom out of zambucka(?) bottles- they look so good and the shape remind me of a lighthouse (without it actually being one).

    I remember you were thinking of putting wallpaper on your bedroom wall not too long ago… I think a barely there aquamarine blue with grey undertones would look dreamy behind that gorgeous bed of yours…

    I could type all night but I will not… Have a good one…

  32. Alena Prysch says:

    Loved you post! I love when you take us shopping with you!! Now I want to go to Ikea….

    I’ve contemplated painting my bedroom a darker color. I Love, Love the paint in our room. It’s in the white family with hints of green/gray/blue. We live by the water and it changes color with the daylight…so soothing BUT, we have cathedral ceilings in our bedroom and I think one wall would bring it all together. Now you have given me food for thought.

    Love the sink!! I didn’t realize Ikea had it. I haven’t gone in quite sometime and I’m only about 45 mins away!!!

    Enjoy your treasures:)

  33. suzanne says:

    Oh…never been to ikea. I think that has to go on my Must Do list:) linking up today…thanks for hosting good life!

  34. Giulia says:

    I’ve had the Hemnes mirror for 7+ years now and I still love it. Just watch when you move it around as the white finish chips off easily.

  35. Jennifer says:

    A-DORE Ikea. Wish it wasn’t 3 hours away. Then again, if it was in town, I’d probably be there once a week and need a full-time job to support my habit. Craving the Songe full-length mirror. $99 for a 6.5 foot x 3 foot mirror in wide, curved, silver-leafed wood? Um, YES! (As for the catalogue – I have a profile, the whole nine yards, and I STILL have to manually request it EVERY year. Crazy. Want to know about the monthly check a reader above posted on – what the…!?)

  36. carolyn says:

    I admit that I love Ikea FAR more than a grown woman should. And we are getting a new one … opens December 7th … and it will be the BIGGEST one in Canada! It’s about four times the size of the one we have now. Can you tell I am excited? Expect I hate ridiculous crowds, so I’ll probably wait until January to visit.

  37. That farmhouse sink is so mine….and their butcher block counter tops…..and dozens of other things in the store. Sigh.

  38. samantha says:

    I would have to say, that you would be my perfect IKEA buddy, my Hubby just does not get it, I enter this store and I just don’t which way to go first, and all those sofas to sit and try…..I don’t get there often only when we visit France as this is the closest one to us, but its such a joy………
    did anyone stop an ask you why you were taking photos?

    • sarah says:

      no they didnt…there were three or four people taking photos…i think a lot of people do it for planning etc, I know I did, not just for the blog xo

  39. Lovely post and nice write up! IKEA is my fab too. Thanks for sharing :)


  40. Kahli says:

    Thanks for hosting! I love Ikea. I have that floral duvet in the last room setup. Purchased it for $10 in the as-is department. I could spend a good hour just walking around Ikea!

  41. Heaven says:

    Not sure if you’re aware but Ikea has a channel on YouTube. Here’s the link


    Lots of cool stuff!


  42. I am an IKEA fan too….my nearest is almost two hours away so it is a whole day outing and I more often than not come home with a headache BUT I still love it. Usually once (and sometimes twic) a year we venture up there. Straight for the coffee and something sweeet and then back at the end for the meatballs. My office is decked out almost fully in IKEA but I love the way they set up the rooms….very inspiring.
    Thanks for the post xox Jo

  43. Sarah says:

    Hi Sarah: I would have loved to visit IKEA with you – what a great few hours and I love all their stuff – even the polka dot settee…unfortunately the closest IKEA to me is south of Boston and is about an hour and a half drive. I went once but got the new catalog and get emails regularly and check out their site all the time. Looking forward to your transformations!! I added to your linky list!! ;–))

  44. Kat says:

    Wow, like so much nice stuff and no Ikea in our state!!
    Please come to Tasmania Ikea!!!!
    I have a friend going to Vic for the week who told me to check out Ikea online and she can get me a lamp or whatever it is my heart my desire, or rather whatever my budget can stretch to.
    I think I would hyperventilate in that place!! ;)
    Ps love the stripey couch too.

  45. krissie says:

    just to clarify the cheque payment from ikea… a while ago when the new catalogue came out they said that they would ‘pay’ people to have this catalog in their home… just another incentive..as if we need one to go more to their store. So I thought what the heck and signed up. Well now a cheque for $15 is delivered to my email box once a while and if I spend over a $100 in the ikea store then I get to use the cheque for further price reduction. I think I easily spend or it is very EASY to spend a 100 bux in Ikea and then get to use the discount cheque…so sarah do enquire about this with Ikea! its worth it!

    • sarah says:

      oooh I will, thanks so much for taking the time to tell me about it…investigating for myself lol….xo

  46. alison says:

    I’ve been browsing my Ikea catalogue lately and thinking of you Sarah. I think you got your lounge from there?? I’m with you on the bowl on top of the vanity thing, not my taste either. Still searching for a nice vanity for my ensuite reno!

    On my one and only trip to Ikea I couldn’t help but feel like a rat in a scientific experiment with that “one way only” through the shop. It creeped me out. Are all Ikeas like that?


    • sarah says:

      yes i think they are…the Sydney one is the EXACT replica of the one I went to in England, even down to the toilets and the cafe…that is creepy and weirded me out at first….


  47. teres says:

    i just love ikea! there is one opening up in my city of winnipeg, manitoba canada in about a year and i’m so excited! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    anyway, about your thoughts on bedroom paint colors, how about perusing sarah richardson’s new paint palette. i know you love her on fb – she’s my absolute favorite designer – and you’re style is very simliar to hers so that’s pretty telling about why i love you so much! here’s the link to her palette: http://sarahrichardsondesign.com/products/category/paint …and i vote for ‘surf’. :) and if you can’t get her paints in aussie, you’d likely be able to color match it if you can get a chip of the color you want.

    heading into late fall and winter here in winnipeg, manitoba canada – the temps a couple of weeks ago for a couple of days were at 30C and are now at about 10C during the day. brrrrrrrrrrr…it’s coming! but i’m not going to complain too much because winter brings christmas!!!

  48. I need to make a visit to IKEA. Gotta get that mirror and some silvery frames. I’ll likely have about 20 other things by the time I get out. I have one of those little blue bowls in the tablescape pic, bought as a try-out to see if I wanted more. I love it! Great size and the shape is just so utterly graceful and fluid. I like clean and simple, not embellished and busy. May have to add 3 more of those to my list. See? It’s already growing! You’re such an enabler!

  49. I too am an ikea fan and when i saw you took a picture of the stripped couch i screamed! My husband and i were decorating our little apartment and we needed a couch. Being newlyweds and 22 we were/are a bit skint so we went to ikea! I love the ektorp couch but the colour i wanted (grey) was $200 more than a plain white one……..But i do want a dog so i thought white is a bad idea. After some searching i saw the stripped couch and got very excited. My husband knowing my love of you and all things beachy said “that looks like it could be on that beach cottage website you read” i nearly died.

    Anyway i just thought i would share……Love your work.


    • sarah says:

      thanks Isobelle! how funny that your hubby said that! :-))))

      IKEA is great if you are on a budget…happy newlywedding…best time of your life !xo