Ugly Concrete Makeover Progress ~ Beach Cottage Chic Coastal Style…Good Life Wednesday

Wed 14th, Sep, 2011

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G’day, welcome to Good Life Wednesday!

Lovely bright Australian sunshine is out to play in my garden, woohoo.



I am about half way through, probs a bit more with the things I wanted to do with this area….so I thought I’d show you the progress…



We still have plants to put in all along the back…we just weren’t up to any further bed digging over the weekend just gone…I have a few hardy plants to put in there…

Once I got to thinking about it with this area I decided that, actually, what I really wanted out here was citrus-y, fragranc-y, lavender-y rather than tropical-y.

So we dug a bed to the front of Ugly Concrete Area as you can see and on the back row we planted citrus trees….my neighbour, who moved in at the same time as we did, has had great success with her citrus trees which she just plonked in the ground and hoped for the best, so with the same sandy (though mucho blood and boned and fertilised now) soil I thought that these would work here hopefully, especially given the heat and sunshine in this spot…

…in there is a lemon tree (on the right), a lime and a mandarin…I am assuming that if they like it here and grow there may not be enough room eventually… but for now we’ll see how it goes…



In the pots I used red cordylines and lavender…

This is Italian lavender…I fell in love with the petals, if indeed that is what these are called…I am hoping it is as hardy as the French lavender I recently planted that is thriving…




I wanted the lavender for the smell and the bees…it’s worked already…and we are attracting butterflies to this little spot too, I have no idea whatsoever if lavender = butterflies, but it is here and I am not complaining :-)





I did a bit of foofing out here ;-) , I have been collecting little bits and pieces along the way when I have seen them with long, lounging, summer days, under a big floppy hat and reading my Summer Reading List in mind…the paper straws I love and I came across them in a store in Perth that had them on sale for half price…I about snapped them up….

the bottles I got at one of those factory outlet centres but I think they were originally from Freedom…



The other weekend we went to the local tapas bar, which if I am very honest is not a real tapas bar, I mean not like Madrid tapas, but seeing as we are slap bang in the middle of the other side of the world, it’s kinda hitting the spot…(I mean what kinda tapas bar removes your plates after your first dish?? for that matter what kinda tapas bar gives you plates??)…anyway….in this tapas bar there is one thing they do extremely well…ambiance…the mood lighting is like really really really good…dotted everywhere are little lanterns, tea lights and candles…it’s dark and cosy and sparkly…

When we sat down and ordered some drinks, I said to Mr BC, that this is the kinda feeling I wanted to feel outside on the Ugly Patio Area in the evening, …shed loads of lanterns and tea lights casting a lovely dancing glow all around…

So these are the start of that and for sure I have enough lanterns around here to sit out here in sparkly lantern heaven…

It’ll be nice here in the early evening too with some friends…up until now we have kinda stayed on the deck when people come over…





The chairs & lounger as you remember were a mismatch of for-the-dump jumble that I wanted to save and put to good use for an area that we can make the most of the Spring sun



I painted them with Wattyl outdoor paint…it’s meant to be suited to the Aussie sun…I’ve used it so far quite a bit around here and on one of the Adirondacks and it’s holding up well…

The white paint did what I had hoped of unifying these old chairs I think


I shopped the house for most of the pots and we now have a new baby, ooops I mean another Adirondack addition to the place…I think you might have gathered that I love these…I hunted high and low for these until I found ones that didn’t cost the earth and were chunky but still mega-comfortable…these are just that…I sat here in that said chair, with a glass of lemonade this morning soaking it up and reading the local paper after the mania of getting everyone to the right schools with the right uniform at the right time with the right equipment…

with the scent of lavender in the air


I stumbled upon an umbrella yesterday at my local Bunnings, after be-moaning my experience with their stock…

This umbrella makes me feel extremely nostalgic for England…not quite sure why or where that is coming from…I just know out there this morning I was very very nostalgic for that lovely land….I mean England is not particularly known for either its need for shade (there ain’t that much sunshine baby) or its making of sun umbrellas as far as I know, but as I started cranking this up I was hit with a huge, and I mean huge, wave of nostalgia for the first garden that I tended and loved when we only had Honeymoon Baby and life was oh-so-very sweet…


I guess it’s because I had a very similar umbrella on my patio back then…only that one was a rain shelter too hahaha…we loved that garden and our little babies toddling around in it…..it faced South to South West (which in England means you are one seriously lucky little flock of ducks) and as early as Easter we could get the outdoor furniture out, set it up in the sun trap that was sheltered from the wind and just love love love being outside after a dreary drizzly British Winter…and I moan about Winter here now…ahem…

One time, in early Summer (please note that reads Summer) we had a bbq…we set up said patio umbrella and table with a little bit of hope and Mr BC had ‘built’ (please read Frank Spencer had built) a brick bbq/grill right down the end of the garden, underneath the sweeping Elderflower trees tucked behind the greenhouse…

Back then, not knowing what tablescaping was, I tablescaped to my hearts content…we had marinated steaks, lovely salads, fish and all sorts of lovely Summery food..

Our friends came over and we pretended it was warm enough to sit outside.

We put on jumpers.

We put on coats

We got blankets from inside.

We started the bbq.

And it began to rain.

Pouring down with cold rain…not rain that’s nice…

Cold, English, Ruin-Your-Evening-Indeed-Any-Plans-You-Had Rain




Talk about disappointed.

We discussed our options…move inside to the indoor table, huddle outside with umbrellas and raincoats or bring the whole stinkin’ lot indoors…




and we did just that




We each took a side of the table…and picked the whole kit and kaboodle up…tablecloth, wine glasses, tablescaping an’ all…opened the doors and plonked the outdoor table minus the umbrella mind, right in the middle of the lounge…





and Mr BC continued to cook the fish

with an umbrella…


and we sat inside in the lounge butted up against the tv with the heating turned on and a thoroughly lovely evening was had by all…




and that my friends is what you do when attending an English barbie



I don’t think that’s the sorta thing that’ll be going on here…in fact it’s already, at the beginning of Spring getting to be hot out there…no need for coats or blankets…



Anyway, I am outta here people, I have lots to do today but I am getting out for my walk first of all

If you need me this evening….I’ll be with the lanterns, and the straws, sitting outside, getting nostalgic with a Pimms…

I know it’s not perfect, or super-duper magazine makeover worthy or everything matching, and I do not say that in a fishing-for-compliments kinda way, but rather, in a this was not a shoot for a magazine-makeover with lots of dollars and products at my disposal, or one of those super-power blogs that now works for HGTV or someone like that, or a tv  renovator show that makes over a house with oh about ten or so tradies to ‘help’ them out with a supposed ‘budget’ which is most people’s monthly mortgage payment

No, what I mean is, this is not perfect and maybe not how it would look if I was one of the above or had thrown a bucket of cash at it…. but that this was just me, ok there was a little bit of Mr BC ;-) , and the most horrid ugly concrete area in the world…making it over on a real budget, in a real garden, fitting it in to real family life and time constraints, using what I had, upcycling and painting things for a new look and making the best of what I’ve got, right here, right now.

That’s kinda what Good Life means to me.

Amen.  ;-)



p.s. our little pop-up Shop by the Sea is open with our first lot of beachy goodies kissed by the Aussie sun ;-)  ….now for pre-ordering…

things are going fast so if there is something you fancy get to it…




chairs & table : thrifted     lounger : thrifted but from Bunnings     Adirondack :  BC Shop umbrella & stand :  Bunnings large terracotta pots :  Bunnings      lavender :  Flower Power vintage bottles/mason jar : thrifted little bottles with straws :  Freedom     citrus trees  : Flower Power & Bunnings     bunting : made by me from oilcloth & stripe stash

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83 Responses to “Ugly Concrete Makeover Progress ~ Beach Cottage Chic Coastal Style…Good Life Wednesday”

  1. Your good life looks amazing :-) Would love for you to join in my Giveaway!!

  2. oh thats the cutest little space i ever did see.

    i have a little garden area out in the very large back yard i have fenced it off with the bamboo screens, and it has various pieces of painted white funiture & potted plants. it needs a good tidy up as the weather is warming up and its such a delightful space to sit in.

  3. Tricia Rose says:

    Having Ugly Concrete Area makes it like visiting when you are at home!

  4. Wow! This looks so pretty Sarah and so inviting. I just want to sit myself down… get you to tell me everything right down to every last detail of the makover, while I drink out of the bottles from those gorgeous paper straws, admire, listen and laugh.
    I hope you have many memorable moments here. Enjoy!

  5. Catie says:

    Sarah your backyard is lovely! The freshly painted furniture looks great. And I am LOVING the paper straws lately. Something soo sweet and cute about them. I must get more. Enjoy the Spring. Before you know it, it’ll be summer. = )

    ~ Catie

  6. Amanda says:

    Hi Sarah… G~O~R~G~E~O~U~S!!!!!
    Was wondering where you found the Adirondack chairs – I have been looking too and somewhat fussy about the shape of the back being more authentic East-Coast USA… Have looked at the ones on Ezi-Buy and BigW but the shape is not right… also looked at the expensive ones on e-Bay so would you be bale to post or e-mail me the details?

  7. Giulia says:

    Looking great – I wish I could have citrus. Amen to the real life, real budget, real family!

  8. Wow! Sarah, gorgeous. I want to be your best friend so I can sit in those Adirondacks and drink Pimms with you!!!!!! You are SO inspiring. x

  9. Angie says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ! And love the citrusy look ! See you got one of our antique Pepsi crates ! Arnt they lovely? LOL Ive seen them painted white all full of little shells !

  10. wow!!! I love your progress so pretty! love the little hanging jars.

  11. Love the makeover, it couldn’t be more gorgeous even with a million dollars.

  12. Meg says:

    Oh my! That makes me miss our front porch at our last house. We don’t have any good outdoor spaces at our place now and we always talk about missing that great front porch!

  13. Mel browneyegirl says:

    Love it done on a budget!

  14. chrissie says:

    I love your post – especially the gorgeous Italian lavender shots. Like you, I can’t get enough of lavender and I could almost smell it on those awesome shots!

  15. ╠╗╔╗=╗║║╠║╔║║║

    to see a sydney beach garden looking so lovely, I love love love your photography. You’ve got some great finds featured like the pepsi crate. Shall stop for a cool drink under my shady wysteria in my Northern Beaches garden too. Cheers Beck

  16. Tamera Beardsley says:

    Sarah, I couldn’t agree more with your definition of….. a Good Life ,,,,,and the beautiful …reality ..that it actually entails!

    Your make over is so striking and calls out for… long…. relaxed conversations!

    So always enjoy…. the beauty and realism ….found in your blog… my dear! Wishing you many… loving memories…. in your new space! Thanks so for sharing these parts of your life!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I adore reading real girl makeovers, I am over the shows and magazines that pretend to be on a budget like the rest of us.

    Lovely work!!

  18. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sarah
    It looks lovely in your little garden makeover, so pretty!! I just brought a lovely cushion from your little BC shop!! It is just what I was looking for!!

  19. Sally M says:

    Looks great, inspiring me to upcycle more!

    I love the lantern and sparkles thing and will be buying tealights today.

  20. COTTAG3 says:

    It’s amazing how something as simple as paper straws can look so sweet. It’s all so beautiful.

  21. Kerry Rossow says:

    Just when you are entering my favorite season, SPRING, I am being dragged into fall kicking and screaming! I can just come here, hang out at the cottage and pretend it is spring!
    Thanks for hosting!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  22. carol ann says:

    I enjoy your blog! I love what you did to your patio, ‘real-ly’ beautiful!

  23. @ the beach says:

    It looks fabulous! I love how the white unifies all the pieces. I know you will enjoy having that great outdoor space! Great job, as usual!

  24. Alice says:

    Oh Sarah, that is looking fantastic! Mind you I hope you didn’t plant the mandarine tree too close to your lime and lemon trees, apparently (my dad(fomer) farmer says don’t know wether to believe it) if the roots touch the mandarines will become extremely sour and acidic to eat (my dad (former) farmer explained it to me when we were wondering why our mandarines were so sour -pucker face sour – we ended up getting rid of it but kept the lime tree, the scent from it’s flowers is heavenly).

    I am trully loving your transformation! Love the story of your raining down ruin everything planned bbq story…lol sounds like something we would do :). Just goes to show when the company is good it doesn’t really matter where you are! :)

    • sarah says:

      oh dear I did just that…guess I’ll be having sour limes until I move it….thanks for the info!! appreciate it x

  25. What a welcoming area you’ve created! The old chairs look new again, so white and bright. Love all the plants, they add so much life. Beautiful photos, wonderful outdoor space. :)

  26. if these images don’t sell THE GOOD LIFE i’m not sure what will! SOLD, BTW.

    lovely lovely photography, sarah. and is there anything like painting something tired with a clean coat of redemptive WHITE? i will never never tire of painting and dreaming of beachy lovely as you so brilliantly capture here.



  27. cheryl says:

    i love it! totally. such a beautiful makeover.
    i can feel the outdoors weather coming – and i like it!!!
    hope the rest of the week is good to you!
    cheryl xox.

  28. Deanne says:

    Fantastic job Sarah, what a lovely place to sit and soak up the sun!
    I have just planted some lavender and am hoping it will grow- I haven’t had much luck before, and I have some citrus waiting to go in the ground.

  29. It’s pure loveliness in your wonderfully authentic style!

  30. Ohhhh….that lavender looks so beautiful, Sarah! You have once again waved your magic wand a created a gorgeous place to kick back an relax….rain or no rain. It’s wonderful!

    xoxo laurie

  31. Alima says:

    Wow! Looks pretty perfect to me! I would take it anyday! Loving how you used mismatched furniture but made it coordinate by painting it all white. And I love that umbrella and those little lanterns. Oh and I love how you brought your bunting from your office outside! That office post was one of the first posts I ever read on your blog and I fell in love with that bunting and have been searching for polkadotted oil cloth ever since (no luck so far)! :)
    Great job on the makeover. If you ever want to make a trip to Alabama, you are welcome to makeover my backyard too :)

    • sarah says:

      hey Alima, thanks, errm I really want to visit the south of USA and it’s been on my list for like ever…one day….

      the bunting is not from the study…this is another lot I made without any white ones… :-)


  32. Tammi says:

    This definitely screams ‘Good Life’ to me….it hardly looks like the same space, it’s just b e a u t i f u l !

    I had to chuckle at your tale of an English barbie…it’s pretty much like that in Wellington (NZ) where I grew up. On the hottest summer’s day there you would be lucky to reach what we get here in Perth during winter.

    Love those straws…would be interested to know where in Perth you purchased them from as I always order them online :)


    • sarah says:

      Hi Tammi

      It was a shop in Fremantle…down past the coffee shop strip somewhere, I have no idea the name of it but think it might have been decorated on the outside with pink and white candy stripes kinda thing with a cutesy name…think also it sold quite Englishy stuff….also think it might have been closing down…

      i’d love to know where you get your straws online too ;-) …I think I need a big stash of these lol


      • Tammi says:

        ooh Freo is just up the road from me :) might pop up and see if that shop is still open.

        In the past I have purchased my straws off ebay but there are quite a few online party stores that sell them now too and just this week I found the best value for money at http://www.vividroom.com.au/cart.php 144 paper straws for $9.95 + postage :) have ordered some for a friends baby shower that I am organising.

        p.s hope you don’t mind my posting the link here :)

  33. Hi Sarah-

    It always seems so funny that here in the states we are getting ready for fall and you are the exact opposite -all bright and transforming your homes exterior for outside living.It looks great. I on the other hand will be bringing the outdoor furniture in soon and watching the leaves fall.

    My best- Diane

  34. tami says:

    Sarah, this is the look I’ve been putting together for just outside the french doors from my Bedroom onto the pool, an injury has slowed the process, but I’ve got my pillows ready, and umbrella is from Target mine’s white. Fall is fast approaching here so may only enjoy it a little while. I love what you did here, and so economical too. Beautiful crate with the drinks, doncha love old crates? As always your photos are so inspiring. hugs, tami

  35. Amy SJ says:

    It looks terrific, really love what you have done. Hope you enjoy the fruits of all your hard work!

  36. Marcia says:

    Those are the kind of evenings one never forgets! We’ve had our share of “moving the party indoors due to unexpected weather” ourselves, but they are so much fun! Just being with friends and being flexible. I try to never be disappointed when I have guests over, it’s just no fun! Your patio is looking fab Sarah! Thanks for hosting… Enjoy your Pimm’s with the candles, Marcia in California

  37. Lovely little area. I do so like the concrete myself. Why not just stain it or even dash some painty white smuges and age it some? I love the chair rescues too. Beautiful!
    Venetia in Texas & Sunny in Florida

  38. Pippa says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Beautiful photographs! I have just signed up for your e-course and have found it informative and helpful so I just wanted to say thank you. I have just purchased my first dslr so I am looking forward to learning and creating some of my own beautiful images. Have a great day.
    Pippa xoxo

  39. LOL about the moving the furniture inside. Been there, done that. the Netherlands isn’t exactly known for its good weather either. That’s why I am so happy with hour new roof over the patio. Keeps us dry and with a space heater, it keeps us outside too. Heading straight into Fall here, with rain, lots of wind, some very welcome sunny days and amazing colors in nature. I am not complaining I love the change of seasons, if only I didn’t get rained on so often :-)

    Love the patio. You turned that slab of concrete into a bit of heaven.

  40. Rose West says:

    Loving the lavender and the little lanterns – what a lovely spot :)

  41. Sarah says:

    New follower! And I linked up. :) I LOVE your blog, you’ve got such great style, thanks for the inspiration!

  42. The ugly old concrete provides a great contrast to your lovely white painted chairs and all the refined elegance..now I know why I love grey painted verandah floors..they make the white furniture pop against them and camouflage footprints! Thank you for helping me to recognise this. I love your redone area..so usable now and beautiful. I would love to know where you got your adirondacks from too..they are my favourite outdoor chair too. Have a great week!

  43. Sarah says:

    g’day Carol

    the Adirondacks will be in our little store very soon…



  44. Simone says:

    Looks beautiful x

  45. Lobeliadamen says:

    Lovely photos!! Stunning garden!
    hmmm……Sounds like a norwegian BBQ as well….ha ha ha. Suppose we have to make the most of what we’ve got – rain or shine.
    W :-)

  46. Susan says:

    I cannot believe I bought some of the exact same grey straws here just the other day…….. so cute….

    and your pining for home is understandable…… I so admire my many English {& other nationality friends} who have up & moved their lives. It takes an awful lot of courage I think……

    looking forward to many cool patio evenings myself…… yours looks just lovely :)

  47. well…sarah i think your ugly outdoor patio are is PERFECT!!!

    all the elements – including the gorgeous paper straws- and that heavenly Pepsi Cola box/crate…you are indeed readying yourself for summer- love the long shot of the garden with the path up to your lovely little garden shed and the sandstone….don’t think we’ve seen much of your garden like this…it’s very lovely!

    i’ve just finished a book you would love- history and a tale of families- *Sarah’s Key*- a brilliant summer read- recommended by one of my blog readers who always has an awesome list!

    Have you heard of it- a must!!

    Melissa x

  48. Kira says:

    WOW! You did a lot of hard work!
    I love your pictures, they are really inspiring. And I fell in love with those lavender petals, too. I think I will paint them. Kind regards from Argentina!

  49. I think you need to stop calling it your ugly area now, as it looks like a wonderful place that you are really going to enjoy. Bright, white and sunny.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah. No more ugly.

    Real girl makeovers make my heart sing.

  51. Katherine says:

    Think your sun spot looks perfectly lovely – very inviting! Well done.

    I am dying to find some of those paper straws – I love them. The grey and white ones are so cute!

    Happy Spring!

    Katherine X

  52. Nikki@shalimarhomes says:

    I think it is a very nice make over that just looks so sunny and bright, I have areas in my yard that are far from perfect and am thinking that I really should get my act together and make a few changes inspired by how this turned out :-)

  53. Lynne says:

    I love your “this is MY way of doing it” in designing your outdoor get a way.
    Refreshing indeed.
    I would enjoy stopping over, sitting under the brellie,
    sipping from the grey and white
    and visiting with you.
    Did I say . . .

  54. I love what you’ve done!!! Fantastic! I must ask, what type of camera do you have? Your photos are stunning.

  55. Candy says:

    It’s REAL life and that’s what makes it so special. Lovely, just lovely.

  56. Monica says:

    Hi Sarah,
    it’s my first time linking with you! Loved your post today.
    Thanks for hosting, you have a wonderful place filled with inspiration and beauty!

  57. samantha says:

    your new shop looks lovely! :)

  58. Sarah~ you never cease to amaze!
    Now my question is…
    If I ever heal…and get over to your end of the world..
    Will you teach me how you shoot pics… and find all the time to do everything that you do…???? LOL!
    Or do you have magical powers we don’t know about?
    Have a fab weekend…

  59. glenda b says:

    This looks like such a lovely spot to spend some time. I think you did a marvelous job-worthy of a magazine shoot!!

  60. Monique says:

    sarah…you inspire me.

  61. I knew I could trust you to turn something ugly into an inspiring space. And “Amen” indeed to making the most of what we got…

  62. Anonymous says:

    The citrus look is one I love especially the fragrance!

  63. pamq says:

    Always love the non-bucket-of-cash ideas!

    Enjoy your butterflies!!!!

  64. Amanda says:

    Freedom also have the decking tiles and currently have 15% off all purchases plus and extra $100 voucher when you spend over $1000


    I know you can get some faux timber ones somewhere – will send the link if I find them

  65. sibylle says:

    lovely! i like when you have some color in your pictures, makes them really fresh and happy!

  66. Sharon Smart says:

    Oh Mannnnn, you know that means I better go do something in our back yard now too lol…..

  67. Jadyn says:

    It is so lovely!! And I love what you said about it being real life, real budget, real time-line…It can be so easy to get caught up in “wanting”, instead of making something beautiful out of what’s here already…I need a kick in the pants to do just that. Thanks for inspiring always!!
    I wish we could grow citrus here, but I am afraid that Canada, even in the southern part isn’t the right place for that. :) I hope yours do well!

  68. Esther says:

    I have nowhere nice to sit outdoors and most days I sit on my front steps to do my tea drinking, sun soaking, contemplating. Our land is sloped so I can’t just stick a chair anywhere but there is a concreted bit that is small and ugly and unfortunately looks down my ugly driveway. But seeing yours gives me such hope. I’ll now be on the look out for chairs to beautify.

  69. Shani says:

    Hi Sarah,

    HA! I have some similar chairs to one of the ones you painted, have been wanting to paint them white but DH has been a little sceptical, now I can show him some pics and say ‘SEE! it’ll be gorgeous!!’

    Oh and by the way I personally love the concrete – I think the aged/weatheredness is right for the feel, new shiny decking would just look too new I think. But thats me :-)

    xx Shani

  70. Looks great to me Sarah!
    Personally, I like being a diyer and I love the great sense of accomplishment at the end!
    (and the low cost)!

  71. Kat says:

    Well I think it is perfect!
    And from someone who cannot even afford one adirondack chair, you are one lucky girl!!

  72. Barefoot Liz says:

    Oh how I love the patio now! So bright, airy, and cheerful!

  73. alison says:

    Sarah, I like the way you just get in and do it! What you do and how you go about it is a grounding lesson for us all. :) :)

    Now…onto something else. Sarah, you are such a bad influence…in a good way.

    I begged Mr alison to pick up a table from a council clean up pile a few blocks away. (For the overseas readers, a council clean up is where Australians put their rubbish out the front of their house near the road twice a year for local council trucks to collect and take to the rubbish tip. However, this often ends up being just a secret, undercover swap meet.) Mr alison refused to pick up the table I have coveted for nearly a week.

    Well yesterday I went for a walk to my new local cafe to have some chill out time before work and there was my table still with its cute legs sticking up to the sky. Remembering your ‘old wooden crate you found on the side of the road’ post, I thought Sarah can do this so…..disguised by my sunglasses, I inspected closer, found it was better than I thought possible AND there was ANOTHER TABLE hidden in the pile too!!!

    I tried not to hyperventilate my way home to get Mr alison’s car. I managed to get both tables in his car after much manouevering. Assuming I had gathered an audience in the street from behind the curtains I did a double air punch to celebrate my victory and my serendipitous treasures.


  74. Susan says:

    I think it looks gorgeous! I definitely don’t have a “budget” that equals a mortgage payment to do things in my yard, that’s for sure. I even wish I had an ugly concrete spot out the back to do something with – my yard is just grass – I have two plastic blue adirondack chairs for sitting out in during spring & fall (it’s way too hot in summer to sit outside!), but that’s it. We have a very small patio/deck leading from our back door, but nothing in the backyard – Mr R. has talked about putting out some kind of outdoor area, but it hasn’t come to fruition yet, so in the meantime, I’ll live vicariously through your peaceful setting!