Tablescaping for your Beach Cottage Life…vintage bottles, stripes, blossom & mason jars are us

Thu 15th, Sep, 2011

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Morning Lovelies!

Wanna come in and play Beach Cottages???

The last few days have been funny ’round here…busy funny, not happy funny…

I have had 4am starts for sporting events, sick little Beach Cottagers that need my nursing skills, Mr BC working late and being busy and all that life jazz.




And then suddenly the other day I found myself at home and it was calm, in fact it was tidy and clean and amazingly it was still and quiet and I was sitting down with a cup of tea…


and so I did what all self-respecting, vintage-loving, blossom-adoring Beach Cottagers would do when they suddenly realise that actually yes the dinner is on, the floors are mopped, all children are seen to and not around for a while…



I tablescaped…




You see the trouble with modern life and all the above running around is not that you feel bad, but more that it’s all about getting to places on time, ticking the boxes that one feels one must check


kiddos doing sport and getting exercise  : check

dinner sorted & family eating healthy : check

kiddos doing their homework and test results good : check

house clean and laundry done : check

pick up hubby from bus stop : check

check, check, check, check, check….




Sometimes I just don’t wanna check another thing….


Sometimes I wanna just trail around foofing with blossom



taking photos of blue vintage bottles from Melbourne,


and wafting about in domesticity…



…this is comfort decorating



and I indulge quite often



Contrary to what you might think, reveling in this old-fashioned dawdling of setting the table is a much forgotten past-time





…true it take some effort and true there’s much less clear-up with a tv dinner…



but nowhere near as much satisfaction…

That is it from me for today…I hope you like my comfort decorating ;-)



p.s. thanks for the Ugly Concrete Makeover Love…and sorry that I know some of you are unable to comment at the moment, thanks for letting me know, I am looking into it and yes I am aware that some comments are going astray…just not quite sure why!





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51 Responses to “Tablescaping for your Beach Cottage Life…vintage bottles, stripes, blossom & mason jars are us”

  1. loving the striped bowls, the bottles all of it and that blossom makes it all come together so well.

  2. Tamera Beardsley says:

    So enjoyed this post….I too love finding happiness in setting up a little beautiful …. in the midst of duties of every day family life….and… it makes me so much happier and able to give to them with a fuller heart~~~~ Thanks so for sharing yourself!

    ps. I am so enjoying your sweet blogging e course…such a pleasure to take in.

  3. Susan says:

    Your tablescape looks so inviting!

  4. Hello Sarah

    I understand girlfriend soooooo much about check, check and more check!

    That seems to be a little peeking in my life :)

    gorgeous – really gorgeous table scaping – I dream of mine looking like yours :)

    have a lovely day


  5. Jem says:

    Busy, busy, busy. So nice to take time out and do happy-making things! A cup of tea is definitely the trigger for a lot of loveliness I find! The striped bowls paired with the patterned napkins are brilliant, and who can’t love little white starfish scattered on the table? :-)

    Jem xXx

  6. Melinda says:

    Very Pretty, Sarah.

    So important to take some time to do something to make your soul happy.

    Nothing nicer than making one’s home a bit more beautiful, flowers, candles, a pretty table – apart from the satisfaction gleened for oneself it must surely be so nice for the ones we love to come home to.

    Never let it be said that its a waste of time, those little details add up.

    Have a lovely day xx

  7. cheryl says:

    What type of flowers are those? They are lovely. I wonder if I can find them here in the US??

  8. Looking lovely. You found a great way to de-stress, much better than sighing and breathing on a yogamat, spending a lot of dolars on a therapists coach, or eating way too much chocolate. I think it looks very inviting and beautiful. Did you actually eat diner at that table? Or did you clear it all away and eat from paper plates and a plastic table cloth? :-)

  9. Tammi says:

    Sarah I have been feeling a little burnt out lately but coming here to your space and seeing such gorgeous serene photos just makes me relax and take a deep breath….heck who am I kidding…it makes me want to pack my bags and move in pronto!! :) :)
    I never tire of visiting here and seeing your images * sigh *

  10. alison says:

    Oh Sarah, thank you thank you thank you for reminding me to stop and foof. I need continual reminding. :)


  11. Robyn says:

    We only have one table in this house, and it’s used for everything. Eating, homework, blogging, family meetings, social gatherings. This unfortunately means that I cannot spend any time or effort creating beautiful tablescapes like yours because of it’s quick turn-a-round needs. Fortunately, you have them all in one place now so when I DO get the outside furniture on a deck or porch one day (hopefully next summer) then I know exactly where to go for inspiration!

  12. Kira says:

    I understand what you mean. I love what you did. Sometimes we can’t enjoy ourselves or others because of our responsabilities… It’s nice when everything is done and calm. Take care! Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  13. Pippa says:

    Are they sweet peas in the vase on the dresser? The blossoms are equally as exquisite. They always remind me of a beautiful trip to Japan that my hubby and I had :)

  14. I am just starting to do my house in a more beachy style, one room at a time…you may have just inspired me to keep some pillows I was thinking about returning. I’m obsessed with this look, and can you imagine how cozy a beach-house feel would be in the DEAD of Chicago winter, which is fast encroaching? I will use your site as inspiration. THANK YOU!

  15. Diana says:

    Oh Sarah, how beautiful! I wish I were by the sea at your table enjoying a cuppa something with you!…I remember the days when my boys (three sons.. and I survived!!! were all home and the whirlwind was going and I made it a point to set a table and have us all sit down to dinner.. they would come home and smell the candles and make boyish remarks about what’s that smell and all, but I know they deep down appreciated it (even my youngest son sets a beautiful table!! Who knew!! )… I had kind of gotten away from that with just my husband and me at home now, but will definitely be making it a little more pleasing to dine with just ourselves mostly, except on Sundays when two of my boys come home for dinner with us.. alas the youngest is far away for job reasons..which in this economy..is a. o.k.!!! well, will quit rambling, but thoroughly enjoy the eyecandy you provide!! Keep up the good work! We are feeling the fall here in the U.S. midwest and I am decorating for it now!!! Have a lovely day!

  16. Thanks, as always for the inspiration. This will be my treat to myself tonight after work and the babes is asleep.

  17. Alice says:

    My fav things about this table setting…The blue bottles, the cute pink drink, the blossoms and all that goegeous light!!! Beautiful Sarah…

  18. Kim Klassen says:

    YES! YES…. yes…

    I love every morsel….. and your beautiful life… xxo

  19. heaven- i actually feel relaxed after drifting off in your pickies for a moment sarah- so a huge thankyou as i just blogged about a busy-crazy morning!

    i am loving those photos that look through to your kitchen- gorgeous- love those shelves that i’ve not seen through into before?

    gorgeous bottle too- beautiful hue of blue! melbourne?

    happy thursday tablescaping…i must have a go at this over the weekend…maybe you could do a tablescaping saturday club mission!?

    Melissa x

  20. Marcia says:

    I love how your photos capture the colors so vividly. The mostly white, but with the pink from the blossoms and blue from the bottles are simply gorgeous. So after I am done with my blogging e-course that I am loving so much, thank you. I hope to move on to your “how to take fabulous pictures” e-course? Marcia in Cali

  21. I adore the little striped bowl.
    xo jana

  22. glenda b says:

    Beautiful table. Just right for a grown up tea party. Wouldn’t it be fun to gather your friends around that table and just talk and laugh and eat the day away? Oh well, a girl can dream, right? Love your tablescape, Sarah.

  23. melissa says:

    Hey Sarah!
    Gorgeous photos; I’m loving your photos this morning! It is our first cold, dreary fall day here in Canada and we’ve had a whirlwind summer of a move to a new city, new job, new school for kids and baby #3 arrived last week. All that to say–your photos this a.m. were just a breath of fresh air for me! Love the one overlooking the outside! Could you let us know where you got the striped bowls? Love ‘em! Thanks for the break from my reality this morning! :) Did I mention that I can’t tablescape at the moment because we’re also living without a kitchen as we decided to tackle a kitchen reno right away?!! Ha!

  24. Candy says:


  25. Oh Sarah, I’m glad you had time to tablescape. You’ve made my day and I can get off the computer now with thoughts of this beautiful table. While I go prepare my tv dinner! I love everything you do, really!

  26. Barefoot Liz says:

    I want to use some of your photo’s as art work for my walls. So very beautiful!

  27. …and we love it when you comfort decorate, ramble on about foofing (was that the description?), and make us literally drool over those striped bowls. now i have to check your shop because i will not rest tonight until i learn more.

    you’re a gorgeous blogger, beach sista.


  28. tracey says:

    Sarah this is incredibly beautiful!!! I absolutely LOVE it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. Oh Sarah! What refreshment to my eyes!! I love the peaceful colors….and your informal creativity.

  30. samantha says:

    it all looks very lovely, can I pull up a chair and sit a while……..

  31. Shannon says:

    What is that beverage in your lovely mason jar glasses? I really want some right now, to sip on!

  32. Shannon says:

    What is that scrumptious looking beverage in your lovely mason jar glasses? I really want some right now, to sip on!

  33. Beautiful table setting! As always! I just love your blog, your home and your picture!

    Wishing you a wonderful evening!

    Anette Willemine

  34. Tamara says:

    So glad you get to table-escape! We all need our de-stressers in whatever shape or form. Mine is listening to soothing bbc radio 4 whilst sewing bunting – sooooo calming……

  35. Katherine says:

    lovely! the bottle and bowls are so great. Wonderful photos. Hugs!

  36. Pretty, pretty, pretty and oh so inviting. I am so wanting some pink lemonade right now!

  37. Beach furniture says:

    Very pretty!!! Very warm & inviting, mmm pink lemonade!!! :D

  38. I am happy that you found the quiet time to do your tablescaping. I always enjoy the photos.

  39. I am having some of the comment problems as well. But onto your lovely table. It is so bright and cheery. I love the simple beauty. Your photos are always so gorgeous.

  40. Jody says:

    Beautiful. I think it is the check checks that give you the peace of mind to do the lovely table scapes!
    Those bowls are darling and if you have given the vendors name already, will you do it once more?
    Have a happy day today. Thanks Jody

  41. jody says:

    hi, it’s me again. i thought i would reasearch a little for your bowls and lo and behold foun you have a shop!! how did i miss that occurance? i have been away from home off and on a lot, and much without a pc, so i guess i have been picture reading when i can without getting all the facts? or totally missing out! well, all you do is lovely and inspiring and i am happy for you! very happy indeed!
    have a blessed day~ jody

  42. Jeni says:

    Are the stripey bowls in the shop? I can’t seem to find them…Love!!

  43. Visiting here is like a nice, relaxing cup of tea to me. The gorgeous visuals, the thoughtful commentary – you’re a breath of fresh ocean air on every visit. I don’t have any interest in tablescaping (I live alone and have such limited time between work, family and friends). I do, though, have those same little blue bowls in the pic with the sweetpeas, which are my favorite flowers. But thought I have no interest and don’t really care for most other tablescapes (which usually are so overwrought and chaotic), I invariably love yours. It’s like enjoying a beautiful painting or live music, bringing lightness and joy to the spirit. Enjoy!

  44. mary says:

    Love your table..can you share where you got the striped bowls?

  45. Justin Agar says:

    Are the stripey bowls in the shop? I can’t seem to find them…Love!!

  46. Your tablescapes are always so inspiring. Love this one. Especially the stripes! Liz @ Designing Domesticity

  47. Sarah, what a beautiful, soft table setting. Love all the aqua, white and blossoms….lovely! Those stripe bowls are adorable!