Saturday Club

Sat 3rd, Sep, 2011

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hey!  How are you?


It’s Saturday morning in my part of the world and I have no sport and I am Saturday Clubbing my little old BC heart out.

I have been wanting to do this for ages but not had enough time on a Saturday, indeed much time at all.






Your Mission


should you choose to accept it is this 


you must get yourself dressed up

as a BC vintage treasure hunter

that means

you will sport


and ballet flats

you will foof your hair into a messy bun

(you categorically must not brush it)

you will wear a sweet t-shirt

and a scarf


just so

you will adorn

with a couple of bracelets

hide behind big sunnies

and choose a tote

for vintage things

upon which

you will enter

the world of

vintage treasure hunting

you may choose

your favourite secondhand haunts

or antique stores

you will be on the lookout

for vintage china

when you find your score

you will do the Beach Cottage

vintage treasure hunting tribal dance

you may whoop

or squeal

after which you will stash

the purchase

in your

vintage treasure hunting


upon returning home

you must check for males

dash in

and hide your purchase

at the back of

your wardrobe



have fun..I am off for a morning of treasure hunting…


I am not sure where I will end up but I am hoping somewhere along the line there will be a fried egg sandwich…

I am like really looking forward to it in my exciting life ;-)

yours in the vintage hunt & Saturday Club





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52 Responses to “Saturday Club”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Have fun today Sarah!! I am off to Rozelle/Balmain!! it is a beautiful Spring morning!!

  2. Ok – I promise to adhere by the rules.

    I can’t do the bun unfortunately (wish I could – hair envy)

    I’ve already been to one garage sale and I’m about to return to another!

    have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your terrific week of blog posts – where would I be without them? :)



  3. Not quite cool enough for jeans here yet…but I’m looking forward to cooler months ahead. Cute outfit.
    xo jana

  4. Carly says:

    Have fulfilled all of the above except that I am at work :-( so not much chance of treasure hunting today. Is it bad that I didn’t brush my hair before work?
    Perhaps I can treasure hunt tomorrow betwixt Father’s Day shenanigans?
    Have a lovely day!

  5. Lisa says:

    I am on a vintage treasure hunt this weekend and just love the tote !!

  6. Sammy-jo says:

    Mine will take place on Sunday this week and I will need to use the wardrobe tip.

    My tote bag is in need of renewing and the one in the pictures looks nice, oh and the water looks just lovely too

    Enjoy the hunt

  7. Bev says:

    It will be in the 90′s tomorrow so I’ll do my best….. messy bun for sure !!!! The egg sandwich sounds good but a thin sliced fresh tomato . Happy Treasure Hunting !

  8. Anonymous says:

    Its great to have the weekends back after months of sports on the weekend. Have fun. jojo3b :)

  9. Selina S says:

    Love the bag and scarf, warm here today for my Saturda Club funtime metime.

  10. Tiff says:

    I’m working all weekend, so no fun Saturday Club for me, however, I was thrilled to read the mission and realise that I completed it on Friday :) I even did the unbrushed hair in messy bun thing! Great minds . . .

  11. Nana Diana says:

    Hi Sarah- If this goes through it is the first time I have been able to post to your blog in a LONG time. For some reason the bottom part for leaving comments hasn’t shown up for me. Hope this goes through and what a CUTE post! I’m glad you dash in and hide things- I do that too! hmmmm… I think most of us are sisters-at-heart! xo Diana

  12. melanie says:

    I was on a bc mood and took relaxing walk with the hubby & toddler yesterday evening. I live a block & a half from the harbor/beach. Had a messy pony/bun, jeans, tshirt, lite sweater, all i had missing was the scarf & flats. ;) Have a good weekend!

  13. Hey! What did you find on your treasure hunt today?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Loving Saturday Club here, so enjoyed myself today, had a manicure too!

  15. Jadyn says:

    Ohh, I might be able to do this after work (sadly I have to work on a Saturday)! My treasure hunting will be happening at a Goodwill in Niagara Falls, Canada. How fun to know there will be other women around the world doing the same!

  16. Crystal says:

    I followed the Saturday club instructions (minus the bun, a ponytail was all I could get), and managed to snag:
    – A small 70′s side table
    – Some wall art
    – A retro soda spigot
    – A vintage chair from Yugoslavia

    Best. Saturday. Club. Ever.

  17. alison says:

    Love the shade of blue in your top tshirt.

    I’m off treasure hunting tomorrow at some local markets that I haven’t been to for an eternity. I have a feeling there will be some well priced treasures. I hope this counts as a Late Saturday Club effort.

    Treasure hunting at my favourite seaside markets was a 5 star event last Sunday. [Tell lg that I smiled as I passed the vintage Tupperware Land stall, didn't sniff once!]

    Sarah, have you and any BCers ever tried the direct approach when returning on a successful hunt? I just unpack it all, wash it, display it or store it while looking Mr alison straight in the eye. This approach usually works, only occasionally he goes into one of his selection of themed rants…you know the ones…What are you going to do with that? Haven’t we got enough stuff?

    My solution to ending up with too much stuff is to donate to charity 1 item for every item I bring into the house… sooo… as stuff comes in, stuff goes out.


  18. sarah- love the outfit & wharf shots- hope you had a lovely morning china hunting!
    melissa x

  19. Pearl Maple says:

    too funny, the treasure hunting tribal dance is a most important part of the saturday club

  20. em says:

    haha. i love the hiding in the back of the wardrobe instructions. this is a technique i practise on a regular basis.

  21. Talk about treasure hunts, i did the same this morning and scored big time ! i love Garage sales I bought two piano stools, one that i will be turning into a bed side table the other , i will be fixing up and covering them with hessian “i am now on the look out for printed Hessian to get a nice vintage look”, I got a really old crate and two old wooden frames, they all would go perfectly in your house. I also got a port which was in fab condition ;) I also got a great Janome sewing machine for my daughter she was soooo excited when i got home All this cost me only $40 yah oh and 3 gorgeous plants too …….love Saturday mornings xx

  22. Rebecca says:

    Thanks Sarah….was supposed to be preparing for a family Fathers Day lunch tomorrow but instead I left my hubby and went “grocery shopping” (aka vintage shopping)!!!! I was able to hide the purchases in my groceries and he was none the wiser LOL. Had a great day,thanks!

  23. Adventuresindinner says:

    Good luck! I’m off to the farmer’s market maybe a few treasures will be found too.

  24. Simone says:

    Well I spent up big today, started vege garden and patio makeover. Did not read BC Sat Mission until tonight but mamaged to get the dress requirements down sans the scarf and tote. Will try and pick up something vintage from my mum’s tomorrow. Also wore BC style for dinner with in laws tonight aka cardigan, striped tee, denim skirt, black tights and ballet flats.

  25. I myself am going on vintage treasure hunt this morning too! Keeping my fingers crossed for some beautiful rare finds!

  26. Kriszina says:

    Oh, sounds grand! I am off to my usual farmer’s market pilgrimage first, then I have my eyes on a little village about 20 minutes away that is full of antique and vintage stores. Messy bun in place …

  27. laxsupermom says:

    you must check for males

    dash in

    and hide your purchase

    at the back of

    your wardrobe

    Too funny! It’s like you’ve been shopping with me. Happy hunting!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Oh I was so so in my club element today and dressed in stripes plus scarf and sunglasses and I found great things plus did the dance and shriek of excitement, after a busy week thanks for the encouragement, it has been wonderful to go with the small things

  29. Annemarie says:

    Well I did the club instruction in my part of the world today.

    I added a trip to buy a few other treats too and had some awesome me time

    I love the bag for treasure hunting!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I had thrifters luck with me and found a plate, vintage glasses and a crochet throw. Loving this club today

  31. Sharon Forward says:

    I did it! Hi Sarah, already Sunday in your part of the world. THANK YOU for your inspiration and this was a great “mission” I went off and came back with some goodies for the house and a designer handbag for me!(new to me anyhow0 It really was some great “me “time”. By the way absolutely love your style you could just give me all your clothes and I would be happy! lol bye for nowx

  32. Barefoot Liz says:

    Hope you are enjoying your day! I planned to relax but my son is coming down with something. No ‘Me’ time for today.

  33. lilwhitelife says:

    hi sara! love this week’s saturday club mission and you are so dang cute in your BC saturday mission outfit. i wish i could’ve endulged but tropical storm lee is visiting us here as we speak. Looks like you enjoyed yourself tho sooooo tell us girl… find anything deliciously BCny? do the rules limit us strictly to china?

  34. Mary says:

    Oh, how I loved that. However I may need a more detailed description of “foof”.

    Thanks for a Saturday morning smile,

  35. Sue Murphy says:

    So inspired and thrilled for you that you carved out such precious fun. It was off to the farmers market here for all the fall harvest goodies on my Sat morning. Caprese Salad skewers, mmm! Starting Tuesday all of my little ones will be back in school with my youngest now going all day. Wow! For the first time in ages I can carve a little time during the week and I think you have hit the nail on the head as to where to begin. Thanks. Hey, I even have a new scarf to sport too.

  36. I have planned to go to an “emty your attic” sale tomorrow (that’s how we call “yard sales” in my small part of the world)… So part of the mission was already planned… Now I will cancel my plan to wear a dress to go there and wear jeans, flats, tee and scarf, as well as shades… Bun can be arranged as well, not sure about the no-brushing part as my hair is really long, but who knows… What I’m sure of, though, is that I will never look as good as you in your “Beach Cottage Style” uniform!

  37. Louise JOnes says:

    I wore jeans, the scarf, bun and had fun

    even found some ballet shoes in Lifeline and am now loving the messy bun look so easy!!!!! :-)

  38. Lassiegirl says:

    100 degrees here in Oklahoma today so no chance of jeans. Did get the whole family off to the pool this morning and that was fun family time. Saturdays alway turn into catch-up on chores day or sports day or kid bonding day (which is the best of these). I always end up doing Saturday Club on Monday when I get all my “males” off to school and work. Thanks for the fried egg sandwich idea….will be doing scrambled egg sands (mayonaise on white bread and really salted scrambled eggs, tomato optional depending on taste) soon for dinner. Used to do that sometimes growing-up and have forgotten about them. It’s a quick, easy meal when pressed for time. Love the boats in the harbor/by the pier. So miss strolling and looking at sailboats!

  39. Lassiegirl says:

    forgot…at 100 degrees, was definitely sporting the bun and sunglasses (sunnies)! Can’t wait for FALL weather. Crossing our fingers as it is supposed to drastically change by 20 degrees cooler starting tomorrow and then maybe I can do something in my gardens besides damage control. Will be heading for the plant nursery soon :)

  40. Kim Bee says:

    New follower over from The Kitchenarian’s suggestion. So nice to meet you. Love this post.

  41. Stacy says:

    You couldn’t look more adorable! I hope you find ome great items!

  42. Susan says:

    hope you found some cute things….. no time for vintage hunting for me….. I was too busy knocking back cocktails gazing at our glorious beach……. *sigh :)

  43. Kat says:

    Well I didn’t really fulfill the Saturday Club mission this week, however I put my own slant on it.
    My Saturday was getting my hair done, so no messy buns for me ;)
    Taking my oldest, Miss 9 out to the shops with me for some special time, but no vintage treasure hunts. (I did however wear jeans, bracelets and big sunnies!)
    Then to finish off, dinner was mexican and margaritas with some girlfriends, so that was very much a Saturday Club thing to do, don’t you think? :)
    Hope yours was fab!

  44. Susan says:

    No time for vintage hunting for me this Saturday – hanging with my kids and grandkids at Hammock Beach Resort for the Labor Day weekend. Getting some much needed rest sitting on the porch overlooking the ocean and dreaming of all things vintage!

  45. For great treasure hunting in Western Sydney next Sunday 11th September…check out a new market at the front of Kingswood High…see http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kingswood-Food-and-Craft-Market/270370182991094

  46. Tara says:

    I came across this idea of the Saturday Club on another blog that is participating, and I am absolutely in love with this whole thing. I don’t think I take enough time to enjoy the little things every week, and I’m kind of excited to start playing along on the missions :)

  47. sarah says:

    welcome Tara xo

  48. is there a saturday club this week sarah? i somehow missed last weeks.

  49. Rachel says:

    Hey, I have just been shopping for groceries and intend to do some cooking this afternoon as the weather is ordinary….might do some treasure hunting in my own house(!), have a blanket box that needs a revamp, watch a DVD later and just enjoy! I work tomorrow so need to make the most of today. Enjoy your Saturday! X PS Happy Birthday Miss Envy