pretty, glass, vintage, blossom….beach cottage

Thu 8th, Sep, 2011

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Hello, hello, hello.

How you cooking?

All good here, we have been blessed with some lovely weather and I have been rummaging around in blossom.

I love blossom.  Like a lot. 



Ideally I would like to fill my old cottage with blossom all of the year…but then again the fact that it is only available for a small window makes it all the sweeter when it does get here…

If something is essentially Spring, this has to be it.

I love how it adds impact to a room but with a kinda life-was-oh-so-much-sweeter then nod to nostalgia, when we all played in cherry orchards all day long not sat in front of computers ;-)




Normally I don’t really like big flowers….if you know what I mean…I mostly like smaller pitchers of things like roses, lavender, sprigs of herbs around…love me some dahlias and daisies…but big tall spiky ones…not so much…but there are exceptions to any rule are there not?  Here is the exception….in the majesty of the Spring blossom…brought into the house at the same time as flinging open the doors, cleaning the windows and letting that coastal breeze whoosh on in…


I would like to tell you that I breezed on out into my garden, trug happily swinging over my arm, cool white linen dress swaying and daintily picked these from the orchard at the end of the garden all the while the birds singing sweetly and me humming…

In reality what happened here was that I was having a broomstick day….they have been few and far between and so we all knew one was coming…it happens…right?  And on broomstick day I decided to h*ll with it all, got that baby out of the cupboard, tuned her up, hopped on and took myself off…flying high over the beaches, cape flapping, green nose growing…whilst on this trip I happened to bump into a friend, also flying around up there….we parked up those sticks, took ourselves for a drink, de-compressed, off-loaded and did some girl-therapy…aka chatting and moaning….anyway she told me about the blossom in her garden that was landing in her pool…you have blossom in your garden????  Oooooh I LOVE blossom…and so the next day on my doorstep after the school run wrapped in brown paper was a big old bunch of blossom…



And I took great pleasure in decorating, foofing and photographing it…(some photos for our little pop-up shop too)



In other news between my role as chief mummy and chief stylist shop photographer I have been continuing the Concrete Makeover journey…I have now painted the wooden furniture and the sun-lounger…oh my…it looks completely different…will show you soon…yesterday I went out to get plants too….and will be digging those in hopefully later…and there’s an Adirondack sitting out there happily…you know what the funniest thing?  the ugliest concrete in the world doesn’t even notice now…so pleased…



That’s it from me from the beaches…

broomstick is locked up again for a while



See ya soon


p.s. if you are loving Pinterest, I am too!



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29 Responses to “pretty, glass, vintage, blossom….beach cottage”

  1. Wow – i just love this! what beautiful blooms! So glad i popped over to peek today!
    xoxo tracie

  2. Hello Sarah

    gorgeous post!

    I had some wonderful girl therapy too yesterday – isn’t it recharging for the soul.

    can’t wait to see your next reveal of the furniture and plants

    have a lovely day



  3. Tammi says:

    Isn’t it great when friends know us so well :)
    Love these pics Sarah…what I wouldn’t give to just lounge back on your sofa and take in those blossoms :)

  4. Deanne says:

    Oh, I love blossoms too!
    I was hoping to be able to enjoy my peach blossoms in the house for a weeks, but rain came and the leaves came on and that was the end of my pretty blossoms for another year!

  5. Nel says:

    We had blossom growing in our yard as a child, absolutely loved them! They are spring in a flower :) Your photos are gorgeous and what a lovely surprise to find on your doorstep!

  6. cheryl says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Love those blossoms! Very hot here in California..,all our flowers are wilting:( Love your cool, soothing photographs! Have a great night!
    :) Cheryl

  7. So tell me How in the hell do you keep your whites looking white with kiddies?? i was thinking about the white style for my house but since we have had a white throw rug on our lounge for only a couple of weeks it is filthy, we live in the country so that does not help at all but it has squished my white dream SIGH so now i am going to change my decorating when my house is fully renovated and go colour since my grotty children will not keep whites white ! Love your house and decorating, its just perfect ;)

    • sarah says:

      well Bridgette, I don’t have white on my floors! that wouldn’t work for me…

      with the sofa/soft furnishings I just throw it all in the washing machine on a hot wash every now and then…the sofa is really really old and still fine….my worst mistake was buying 2 leather sofas in the family room…although they wipe clean I miss being able to throw them in the wash

      go for white, it’s not that hard :-)

  8. Lobeliadamen says:

    Beautiful beautiful photos!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your home!
    Have a good one! :-)

  9. Kat says:

    Definitely on my broomstick here today!!
    I love how a catch up with a good friend and some lovely blossom can brighten your day. :)
    Have managed to procrastinate the past hour away on here when I could have been doing 100 other things, while hubby has taken the oldest three to ride their bikes. (school hols)
    Littlest one is awake and calling out from her cot, so there goes my bit of time.
    Looking at your blog always lifts me though, however it does not get the front door painted, my study done or the cleaning. :)

    • sarah says:

      that’s the trouble with blogging Kat…I wasted time blog surfing too often…good though….

      errm and who needs cleaning anyway lol!


  10. Alice says:

    Oh how I love your photography, your house and blossoms too… Loved it! Thanks

  11. cheryl says:

    absolutely beautiful!!!

  12. Shani says:

    Yip, another broomstick day here too.

    And I may not have blossom, but now I have one white rose – only one – but I am betting this is the first rose in this poor neglected garden in maybe 40 years. I work so hard here just to have grass or anything but red dirt and dust, so this rose is very very important to me.

    Anyway cant wait to see the concrete makeover! And for the shop to open so I can get me a paisley tablecloth – hubby is going to be told to buy one for me for my birthday as if I want to get what I want I cant be so subtle about it… hope there are some left!

    Spring is coming here in inland QLD too (but slowly)

    • sarah says:

      oh I know the one rose love for sure…I had about three…and now nothing…the garden is a labour of love, I just came in from the Ugly Concrete Area…the next part of the makeover just happened….getting there!

  13. Zosia says:

    Delicate and unassuming like Spring itself. Adds a lot of happiness to the room.

  14. alison says:

    I glanced out my loungeroom window a few days ago. I stopped in my tracks and looked closer, sighed and smiled at my neighbour’s blossom tree just starting to flower.

    I just checked the tree again. It’s COVERED in blossoms and looks like a piece of craft work I would make as a little girl at school-you know where you draw branches in brown crayon on that beautiful white art paper and stick on balls of pink crepe paper for the blossoms. Fun memories.


  15. I’ve added 2 of your shots to pinterest today!

  16. yep they do shout spring- lucky you as autumn is still throwing itself at me on the school run- and we’re only on day 3!!

    love that tall alluminium (spelling????) vase/pot thang…are you selling those?

    don’t think we’ve seen it in many pickies of the BC have we?

    it’s just that i love anything bucket like for my blooms too- & that one is a great shape!

    melissa x

  17. Susan says:

    Sarah… I love those Blossoms. I used to live in Bowral when I was a wee small lassie, and the streets there then were lined with trees that gave delightful cherry blossoms. My mother used to pul our old Datsun 180B over and jump out like a mad woman possessed and clip away, then throw them tenderly into the car on top of us all and race home to fix them all around the house.

    Sweet and cheeky memories for me…….

    …. try palm leaves, just plain old, soft palm leaves in a vase {jar} whatever…… they fall in such a way that the size of them does not matter. They add a delightful burst of cool & fresh during our unbearable upcoming summer. A la India Hicks…… cheap as chips. I have cascade palms all over my yard…. they have a gorgeous leaf {frond}??? haha


  18. Giulia says:

    Once again your photos are beautiful – loving the pale feel and the pop of pink.

  19. glenda b says:

    Oh, Sarah, you make me laugh. I, too, will have broomstick days-instead of just being crappy.;-) Your blossoms are so pretty. We haven’t had much of any kinds of flowers here in Oklahoma this year. It has just been too hot and dry. I am so thankful for the cooler weather we are having now and we are praying for rain!!

  20. I’m broomsticking it this week and your post made it much better :)

  21. Vicki P says:

    just love the way you describe your mood swing days as broomstick days…so approriate and we can all understand that so well…
    love the blossoms. Your photography continues to transmit just the right mood of your blog words…kuddos, new Aussie girl. You are indeed in your element!

  22. Vicki P says:

    oops….appropriate…spelling issue there above.

  23. oh that looks so so pretty. a couple of these pics would be lovely in white frames on the wall.

  24. Anonymous says:

    What a lovely gift from a friend. It really is good to decompress with a coffee and a friend.

    As for blossoms….I pinched some ornamental plum blossoms and almond blossoms from the trees at work. A gorgeous yummy smell throughout my home. jojo3b :)

  25. Tamara says:

    Lovely pics but how surreal to be reading about your Spring when we’re coming into our Autumn here in Cambridgeshire! How I would love to be seeing blossom instead of berries, conkers and russet leaves – nothing against autumn but it just means that winter is around the corner :-(

  26. As always, this is so lovely. When autumn’s speeding along over here the sight of pretty pink blossoms has lifted my spirits. On the plus side though, I’ve just baked my first apple and blackberry crumble of the year : )