Good Life Wednesdays & Corners of my Home

Wed 28th, Sep, 2011

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Happy Wednesday.

A little Good Life Corner of my home for this week…



This is the IKEA chair I bought not long ago…it’s completely changed the way we use this corner…before it was always lost and the various different pieces of furniture that were here never quite worked…you know how that happens?

Now, it’s working for its living big time…and surprisingly still seems very white without too many grubby marks from horrid little Beach Cottagers…not sure how long that will last….



This has become my cookery book reading nook and I couldn’t be happier sitting here in the evenings when the sun’s gone down…


So that’s me this Wednesday, tucked up in corners in the evenings when all is calm and quiet with a book…

…what about you?

See ya



p.s. random commenter on this post will win one of those lovely bags for you to stash your vintage treasure in

just let me know what essentials you stash in your bag, I’d lurve to know

…mine are pretty much the kitchen sink, but I am never without lipgloss, phone, usually a book and sunnies




and don’t forget the BC Giveaway this week in BC Land $150 shop voucher up for grabs at the Beach Cottage Shop, go here to enter


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129 Responses to “Good Life Wednesdays & Corners of my Home”

  1. What a relaxing, calm corner! Perfect! I carry pretty much the same as you but must have my wallet, daytimer, and epi-pen for a severe nut allergy!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I absolutely love your blog! I’m a newlywed and getting ready to buy my first home- it happens to be my grandmother’s home which has a great cottage feel. I’m definitely “borrowing” some of your ideas. :-) I carry everything you carry, as well as my school books, wallet, and hand sanitizer. Have a lovely day!

  3. I carry all the kitchen sink essentials too, but I wouldn’t leave the house without a measuring tape, Tide stick, rolled up market bag, and a few jolly ranchers. The reading corner looks great, and I love the bag!

  4. Judy says:

    Oh, I want a relaxing corner. My bag contents rotate but usually some make-up, sunglasses, my Kindle and whatever little toys the kids needed me to stash while they went and did something else.

  5. Catie says:

    Can I just come and stay a while? Your home is soo cozy, calm and inviting. = ) Thanks for hosting!

    ~ Catie

  6. Love that corner! I want to come on over and get comfortable in that chair! I carry the kitchen AND the bathroom sink. However, I must have a wallet, lip gloss, phone and a book. Happy Wednesday Sarah! Thanks for brightening my days.

  7. Anonymous says:

    A gorgeous corner, I could sit there and read my cookbooks quite easily. Can’t live without my water, lipgloss, sunglasses, phone, tissues and a little snack. Mimi xx

  8. Mimi says:

    A gorgeous corner, I could sit there and read my cookbooks quite easily. Can’t live without my water, lipgloss, sunglasses, phone, tissues and a little snack. Mimi xx

  9. bj says:

    What an adorable bag…I usually carry just what you listed, plus, M&M’s, band aids, plenty of Kleenex, aspirin…..:)

    Love the little jar full of flowers hanging on the hook.

  10. Crystal says:

    I love that corner! While less pretty than yours, my own reading corner is used to flick through old Frankie magazines.

    My absolute handbag must is a pen and my diary, otherwise I would never remember where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing!

  11. Anne says:

    Oh what a nice bag – I would actually repurpose it into a cushion cover for my couch… Love it!

  12. Michelle says:

    Love that chair ! Umm in my handbag , purse , lipgloss , comb, diary, keys , and then the not so essentials like about a million tissues ,receipts even for fruit and veges!! a torch and whatever else the boy throws in there when we go for walks .

  13. Let’s see…I would but lip gloss, books, pens, notebook, and sunglasses. Thanks for hosting the party. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  14. I still have to carry an ugly diaper bag around. I’ve love to have a cuter bag!

  15. Pam says:

    Hi Sarah, In the bag goes
    My camera, a pen , my phone ..
    and maybe my atm card oh and a magazine too

  16. andrea says:

    Sarah, the photos of your home are forever bright and inspiring. If I had your lovely bag, I would be toting my daughter’s baby doll, her granola, andmy magazines- which I don’t go anywhere without! Love your blog, and thank you for sponsoring the giveaway and the linky party, andrea @ townandprairie

  17. Alima says:

    great corner! my bag is never without gloss, iphone, sunglasses and my wallet! oh and babywipes – gotta have those with a toddler!

  18. Susan says:

    Is that the Ektorp chair? I have one in my retreat (stitching room/home office), and I love it, because it is so comfy – I’m sitting in it right now. We have the Ektorp sectional in our living room; one of the great thing about the collection is that the covers can be just tossed in the washing machine, and replacement covers for a change of decor are so cheap!

    I love that corner of your home!

  19. Terry Moore says:

    Sarah, so lovely just like out of a magazine. Makes me want to come visit and relax.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I love your book nook! As far as what would carry in my bag, my phone…feel naked if I leave home without it!

  21. Crosby Beach says:

    Love that chair! Always my aviators, wallet, lip gloss, cell phone, keys, and lately, my camera!

  22. Charmaine says:

    I love your litle Corner! – I think we should all have one!
    My bag also carries alot of bits and pieces, but never without lippy, purse, phone & perfume (at the moment there’s also a hot chocolate sachet too! ) : D

  23. Tres Chere says:

    I love your little nook. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Teresa says:

    Love the corner–from the chair to the hook rack! The soft and worn feeling you cultivate in your space always makes me feel crisp and cozy at the same time :).

    What do I keep in my bag? As many things as will fit–I always have to remind myself to edit, edit, edit so I don’t overflow. Definite musts are my phone, chap stick, a notepad and pen, a book or a magazine, and maybe a luna bar for a snack :).

  25. I carry the Florida essentials….bug spray & sunscreen and bandaids….whatever I might need at the kids practices (plus a magazine or catalog for me:))

  26. tami says:

    Sarah, your photos get more gorgeous each day!

  27. Kym says:

    Love your little corner..it looks sooo relaxing…in my bag I like to stash some sunnies, lip balm and of course my reading glasses….oh the bane of getting older!

  28. Suzanne says:

    Such a feel good spot! It’s been a while since I last participated, but I’m here this week. Thank you for the fun.


  29. What a welcoming corner! I could easily curl up here too. Love the bag. In my bag I always carry my cell phone, date book / journal cuz you never know when inspiration might strike, and often my NookColor. I do love my Nook. Beautiful photos, as always, Sarah. :)

  30. Jo says:

    Love Love Love :)

  31. Louise says:

    We’ve just bought a chair exactly like that for our bedroom. I love to sit in it to read your blog! I carry much the same as everyone else, but I’ve recently started carrying a 100 calorie pack of walnuts and almonds so that if I’m every out and starving I don’t go wild and eat something naughty.

    Totally in love with your blog! It brightens my day!

    Thank you!

  32. Jessica says:

    These days it’s diapers and wipes!

  33. Catherin says:

    I usually have everything too! Fruit, Armor All, my wallet, make-up bag, pens, phone……

  34. Julie says:

    Love that chair! And the bag! In my bag, I have to have hand cream, a pen, wallet, phone, Trident bubble gum (it has to be that flavour), a note pad and tissues.

  35. Courtney says:

    Oh my goodness! Those photos make my heart go pitter patter! I especially love the wood rack with numbers. Where do you even find stuff like that? Love it!
    PS- my must-have bag items are 1. phone, so I can read blogs on the go of course 2. coupons, for swiping my fave stuff at great prices and 3. burt’s bees tinted lip balm…my fave!
    have a great week!

  36. caitie says:

    I carry my wallet, sun glasses, water bottle, and chapstick!!

  37. Simone says:

    Love your corner, hope to create a little piece of heaven for me too in our small family room In my bag wallet, phone, sunnies, notebook and pen, pocket pack of tissues and lip balm, this month its Burt’s Bees in Hibiscus in support for liptember!

  38. Mary K says:

    Oh – what’s NOT in the bag? Wallet, phone,Nook Color, water, usually some papers from work, mail, tissues – (too embarrassing, I need to stop).

    Love that chair – looks very comfy!

    Mary in MN

  39. Marnie says:

    Thanks for hosting again, Sarah.
    In my bag I stash sunnies, sunscreen, lipgloss, my iPod and hand sanitizer.
    oh and my compact camera ;)
    x Marnie

  40. Melinda says:

    Essentials include sunnies, phone, lipgloss, sunscreen and hairbrush. However that gorgeous tote looks like I might be tempted to add extras, or perhaps some shopping!

    Love your corner, especially with those pretty flowers – enjoy xx

  41. Christine says:

    Oh, Sarah! You always make me smile. .. I can hear your accent when I read your words and I’m always smiling back at you! Lucky Mr. BC and those natty, “horrid,” little, rascal Beach Cottagers…
    I have been cogitating about getting that chair and a matching sofa for quite some time now. Been to Ikea several times to sit. Have a lounge-y hubby and 2 grandkids who apparently only eat with their hands so I was hesitant to go for it. I think you’ve put me over the edge to do it!
    I’ll pack my bag with credit cards, id, sunnies, my iphone, camera, pens and paper and my checkbook. Checkbook? It seems like I can’t leave home without it but who do you know who still writes checks? Old habits are so hard to break!
    Lovin” your blog from soon to be not-so-sunny California! Cheers to your Spring…
    XOX, Chris

  42. Jenna says:

    I love your little corner! It is a perfect spot to curl up with a good book!
    In my bag there is the usual sunglasses, wallet, phone but now, with the addition of my little one, it also holds diapers, wipes, a changing pad, toys and snacks!

  43. I reduced the clutter in my bag . I have only my keys, my wafer sunglasses and sunglasses wipe cloth, my phone, my compact blush, my lip gloss ,my wallet and a pocket camera the one I am using to take this picture ! xoxo Cheryl

  44. Kerry Rossow says:

    At my last Girls Night Out, my girlfriends put a ketchup bottle, salt and pepper shakers, and a bag of peanuts in my purse. The worst part- I didn’t even notice! You know your purse is to big when….
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  45. cath says:

    camera & lens, wallet, phone, keys, sunnies, colouring in pencils for the kiddo’s, nappy and wipes, lipgloss. The bare minimum…

  46. Kat says:

    Your house always looks gorgeous. Love that little relaxing corner!
    My bag has wallet, phone, tissues, nappy, wipes, pen, lipgloss, muesli bar, sml water bottle, sunnies, dummy(!) and keys.
    Also emergency tampons/pads ;)
    Then of course there is always a bigger bag for the 4 kids snacks and drinks!!

  47. Jadyn says:

    Sarah, your home really is such an inspiration, down to its lovely corners! I really need to take some of the inspiration you provide and do something with it! I love that little vase hanging up on the coat hook, I’ve been wanting to do something similar for a while. You have such a touch for putting it all together!

  48. Alice says:

    lol to the kitchen sink… It’s what my husband says about my bag. Like you I never go out with a bit of lip gloss and lipstick, sunscreen, sunnies,my wallett, phone and keys. I also have some perfume/lotion and hand cream, paper and a small collection of pens to suit my mood when I am wrtiing something down(I know weird but I collect them and love them). That to me was a lot now add nappies, wipes, spare change of clothes (thank goodness they are tiny especially in summer) and some zinc cream and snacks for the kids…. Phew I think that just about covers it…

    Oh that corner is gorgeous by the way… You know it inspired my own little corner re-do… It is known in this house as the Sarah B.C corner. No place to sit but it can be seen and admired from many places in the house especially from the kitchen. I often find my eyes drawn towards the Sarah B.C corner when I am needing inspiration or thinking about how to re-decorate something…I should send you a picture lol…

  49. Kirsty says:

    Your reading nook is absolutely gorgeous! :D

  50. chrissie says:

    My bag’s pretty predictable (full of all the girly things you’d expect) except I never leave home without a packet of FRUIT TINGLES!! … I love your little corner, I have one too but someone-who-shall-remain-nameless keeps sitting in MY white chair reading a newspaper!

  51. Monica says:

    Love all that white and the natural materials, Sarah!
    Hope you like my coffee filter roses tutorial.
    Thanks for hosting,

  52. Zosia says:

    Love the flowers in the hanging jar.
    In my bag I always have: a book, lip balm, hand cream, Tylenol for headaches and my cell phone.

  53. Red says:

    I have my phone, my purse, hairbands, clips, a car, round stripy lollies, perfume oil, lip stuff x 4, a straw, sunnies, ooh a pen, I was looking for that earlier – where was it when I needed it? hayfever tablets, some half finished finger knitting, sunscreen for me, sunscreen for them, and the phone number of a knife sharpener.

  54. Interestingly I emptied my bag out the other day and found it full of cheque books, not sure why as I dont write them very often!!

  55. Deb says:

    Phone, purse, lippy, tissue and reusable fold up bag. Name tag and work security tag, 27 thousand pens and a few ratty receipts usually.

  56. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sarah, iphone, sunnies, lipgloss, handcream, hair elasticss, baby wipes, tiny teddies biscuits, pencils and paper, Credit card!! more pens, dockets, vouchers, sand!! Thankyou I really needed to clean it out!!

  57. alison says:

    Prescription sunglasses, mobile, keys, wallet, work swipe card & ID-the essentials.

    Sarah, I know what you mean about an awkward corner. I had a rather large leather ottoman custom made to match our leather lounge in the family room but when we put them in the room it looked over crowded. So reluctantly I put the ottoman in the guest room where it sat sadly, largely unused. I recently decided to put the ottoman in my awkward corner of the family room with a huge cushion against the wall. Voila! Another sitting space I now use almost daily.


  58. Cheryl S says:

    inside my bag….cell phone, sun glasses, Rx glasses, 2 lipsticks, lip balm, hand cream, breath mints, case with credit cards/paper money, coin case with coins, ink pen, house key, car key with alarm remote, receipt for dry cleaners, tiny brush for cleaning teeth and anything else I might need for the outing….grocery or shopping list, a sample of something I need to purchase a replacement of such as an old battery, special screw, flashlight bulb or….

  59. What a lovely cosy spot!
    In my bag are keys, phone, lippy, wallet, dogpoo bag (nice!), London and Cambridge minimaps, business cards and pen. On a good day. Bxx

  60. Henna-Maria says:

    I always keep some lip balsam, tissue, pens, mirror, comb, reusable extra shopping bag, some paper for writing notes when I get ideas, a little pouch with my allergy meds, paracetamol and band aids just in case in my purse…and nail clippers, I hate it when my nails get too long! My phone and money go in if I am going out…in the winter extra pair of socks, in the summer a water bottle. If I lived in the West I would have a calendar as well! I like to keep my camera with me, too…

    Lovely flowers you have!

  61. Robyn says:

    Phone, purse, keys, little notebook, pocket tissues and if with kiddo’s – something for bribery purposes!

  62. samantha says:

    My bag is truly disgusting! you’ve just remindered me that it probably needs a little clan out, currently it has about 3 note books in there, all started of course with shopping lists, and about half a dozen various pens and pencils at the bottom of the bag (I’m told I’m always going off with the pens, according to my Hubby…he has probably got a point there. And of course there is the usual in there, purse, cards, keys, phone, old tissue, and discarded gum…..I hang my head in shame.

  63. Kristen says:

    I love the Ikea chair. I wish we had one in Hawaii. In my little bag, I always have keys, cards, and iPhone. In my big bag, I stash the little bag, plus envirosax for shopping, lip balm, bobby pins, sunglasses, a pen, and a brush. Thanks for sharing the corner with us!

  64. Suzan says:

    I am always in trouble for not taking my mobile phone….At the moment my bag has my crochet, my purse, a pen and one hairbrush. Not too girly I suppose.

  65. Hello Sarah

    Miss stylish as usual – I do love that bag – I am not normally into giveaways so much but if I can be so bold to say it is a lovely one.

    My handbag – do you really want to know

    I do have the kitchen sink in there (really) – but I can’t live without my baby wipes in the bag – I use them for everything (and I really mean everything!)

    have a wonderful day and thank you for partying as usual – best hostess




  66. Esther says:

    I have a pretty small bag to try and reduce junk collecting…..but it still manages to get full of receipts and bank slips. I do keep my purse and phone and a book and sunnies and reading glasses and some gum and Iboprofenin in there.

    That’s a gorgeous spot in your house. I find a soak with napisan white usually manages to get out any grease spots on my white slip overs.

  67. Beth says:

    Hi Sarah, I have the usuals – phone, sunnies, a few lipsticks and lip balms, tissues, pens, too many receipts and scrappy pieces of paper. I now always have sunscreen and insect repellent. I buy the little ones each time I see them on offer so have enough for each handbag….and I do have quite a few bags! x

  68. maggie says:

    Your little corner looks so comfy!
    In my bag are about 20 receipts, 7 shopping lists, sunglasses, small folding brush, coin purse, credit card case, kleenex (they breed in there!), phone, Swiss army knife, small retractable measuring tape, teeny sewing kit, bandaids, headache pills, dog treats. That’s it! I quit digging! My bag is like a survival kit!!

  69. sibylle says:

    very cute, the flowers hanging in the jar!

  70. Wow! Happy Wednesday with your amazing party AND a giveaway. Let me tell you-I’ve been having “a week”.

  71. Charlie says:

    I can never escape your blog without pinning three or four new pics. If I could just channel your entire home into mine, I would wake with a smile on my face every morning!


  72. michelle says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Great post as always. Your house always looks so clean and bright.

    Anyways, totally unrelated I wanted to say that I have finally managed to go through your blogging e-course despite purchasing it quite a while ago and whilst I will remain teetering on the edge of ‘going for it’ I found it great and wanted to say great job! It was honest, helpful, funny and just the right level for me to understand!

    Thank you! M

  73. Lynn says:

    Love the bag and your corner, In my bag keys, phone, pen and notebook.

  74. Such a lovely and cozy corner for reading… and I love the little numbered hooks! One thing that is always in my bag would be my planner/calendar book – I’d be absolutely lost without it! Thank you for hosting the party.

  75. Jill Palumbo says:

    I love your bags! After your “what I wear” post, I had to look at your store to see the bags because I fell in love with them. I wonder if shipping to California is expensive? Anyway, I would love a bag to hold my current reading material and my stitching. Both I carry everywhere, but never in such style.

    Jill Palumbo

  76. Lynne says:

    My bag is filled with all of the usual things and ….. dog treats! Usually pupperonis. That’s because I like to take my dog out with me in the car or wherever I go.

  77. Kristen says:

    So soothingly white and lovely. I can see why it’s your favorite spot! In my bag is the usual lady-stuff, and now my new Nook, too. I could live without it all in a pinch, but I am never without lip balm–Burt’s Bees, to be precise. I am very brand loyal when it comes to my lips!

  78. Pam says:

    I love that corner! What a great area. Your numbered hooks are SO cute!


  79. Rachael says:

    It took me about 2 seconds of viewing your blog for me to become a follower! Beautiful! I linked up a wreath, thanks for hosting!

    Bella-Rae Designs

  80. Ellen says:

    I love your photos! And the giveaway bag is awesome!

    I try to keep the basics in my bag: lipgloss (probably like three of them although I go for the chapstick first!), cell phone, keys, a few random coupons I hope to actually remember I have.

  81. Melanie says:

    I am never without hand cream, lip gloss, and my phone! We have two of those IKEA chairs and we LOVE them!!!

  82. lisaroy says:

    Love your cozy little corner :)
    I never leave home without my phone, a pen, gum (in case of caesar salad for lunch and i don’t want to kill my lunch date with my breath), lip gloss, keys (may or may not remember these) and headache tablets. :)

  83. Barefoot Liz says:

    I tend to carry way too much stuff. Phone, Epi pens (for myself and my son), paper, pens, asthma med, first aid kit, membership cards (and such. No wallet right now), comb, coupons I never end up using, and something to keep my son occupied during appointments/grocery shopping. I also sometimes carry a book.

    No wonder why my back hurts.

  84. jACKIE says:

    Lovely cozy corner!!!!!!!

  85. I change my purse every day, so I tend to leave something behind in the last purse I used. ;)
    The most important things are the common ones like: money, bankcard, phone, keys, my fave gloss, a comb.
    Earlier on I used to bring with me half an apartment! Ha, ha, I think I was afraid to end up in a hospital without having clean underwear and socks. ;) I was raised to always think that “if so” you must be prepared. ;))

    Wishing you a wonderful evening!

    Anette Willemine

  86. Sally says:

    My bag is full of lots, and lots of things. Most important being a book or magazine, cell phone, $$, lipgloss and mascara.

  87. melissa says:

    I love that bag and I have a similar nook in my home, although with a 3 week old, the cookbooks don’t seem to be coming off the shelves!
    With a 5 and 3 yr. old, plus our newest addition, I always seem to have quite a variety in my purse. Always chapstick,lip gloss and my phone, but usually diapers, wipes, toys and the newest craft winds up in there, too!

  88. Rebecca says:

    Gotta have the hand sanitizer in mine! =)

  89. Oh I am little boring I don’t have many items in my bag. I keep it a little light.

  90. pamq says:

    Did you know I’ve never been in an IKEA?

    Never even been near one…………..

    I lead a very sheltered life.

    But I sure could use one of those groovy bags! I don’t have one at the moment and have been stuffing all my junk in my pockets….

    Keys, lip balm, phone…..you know.

  91. Shar Y says:

    That bag! Oh, would I love it! I would carry my iphone, my water, a book, my small camera, lip stuff, coupons, money or most likely credit cards and I won’t mention the “junk”!

  92. indiansummer says:

    The most important thing that I never leave out of my bag is my TO-DO/SHOPPING LIST! :D

    Yours is a beautiful bag!

  93. Fleur says:

    Hmm, let me see – a few half eaten teddy biscuits, a mini pot of playdoh, a play pearl necklace, baby wipes, a couple of nappies, a few pens, my iphone and wallet x

  94. What a wonderful way to carry around of my necessary stuff ;-) My necessary stuff consists of the usual suspects-like lipgloss, sunglasses, cell phone, hair brush, wallet, chewing gum, business cards and a day timer with calendar (yes I have a calendar on my cell phone but the “old fashioned” girl in me just cannot part with paper). I confess to having a few unusual items in my bag as well-things like Pokemon cards (my youngest son loves them), field trip permission slips, a recipe I want to try, an epi-pen and benadryl (my oldest son has allergies and I am paranoid), ball point pen that is out of ink, and an inspirational photograph (when I need to brighten my day).
    Thank you for the opportunity to win such a lovely bag.


  95. Rochelle says:

    Hi Sarah, Luurrvee that corner of your home. Looks pretty comfy. Well, these days I stil seem to have a couple of nappies and wetwipes in my bag, my sunnies, lipgloss, keys, my dad’s old pipepag made from Springbok fur (now my wallet) and of course something to nibble like a fruit stick for my littlest. Wishing you lots of lovely reading and cosying in that chair. xx

  96. Jody says:

    Hi there …..my bag..I mean bags… First of all a small bag, for wallet, phone, nail file, lipstick or gloss and very importantly a small toothbrush and floss. And a very tiny ink pen and notebook if I need them. Bag 2. Insulated and holds two stainless water bottles, iced down for the heat here in Florida. Bag three, a larger notebook, coupons , a snack of nuts or some tasty healthier version of a bar. All in my front seat of the car with me. If I go into a place, depending if I need all those items , I put one bottle of water and the purse in the larger notebook bag and off I go… That third bag can also hold a purchase I just might have to have. Otherwise if it is a short errand i just carry the small purse/bag. For grocery shopping, i carry in many various bags!
    Bags, I love them. Of all sizes, colors, fabrics, to suit my mood, need and the weather.
    I love the bags you carry and use for decor. They look great on you!!!! And in your home! Aren’t they just great as a pretty and stylish coverup for any temporary project in the home…glad I could write today…. As always your blog is gorgeous and very inspiring.
    Blessings, Jody

  97. Alyson says:

    I have eleventy seven receipts, my purse and lucas paw paw ointment – oh and two choccy bars to remind me NOT to eat them.
    It’s crazy but it works for me.

  98. mary says:

    I love Ikea chairs and sofas and I never tire of their look and their very comfy feel. What’s in my bag? Besides the wallet theres the keys, pens, mints, sunglasses, my favorite 4 pack lipstick case w/ mirror for my favorite gloss, lip balm, and lipsticks, hairbrush, 2 nylon grocery bags – use those a lot — even have one in my running jacket for my curbside finds. little coin bag full of candies, a little cosmetic bag with no cosmetics in it – -it’s more of a first aid kit. Love that tote — I could make it very happy :D

  99. Leanne says:

    So cute! My bag is never without a pencil and sketchbook. Every other essential item such as money, phone, lip balm and camera gets randomly forgotten nearly evertime I walk out the door.

  100. Liz says:

    Let’s see… It’s FALL * the season I adore with passion * so into one of those lovely bags I would drape a vintage tea towel (half in, half out), Susan Branch’s Autumn book… a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, the most huge chunk of Stella Parmesan (not as nutty as the Italian’s fav, just how I love it!), my reading glasses, and my darling pink lip gloss, so that I look just as adorable riding my bike home as I did getting to the shade of the tree at the park! And all of that will go into the vintage metal basket on my Schwinn 1963 Tiger bicycle! Can’t you just picture it?! The only thing better would be doing the exact same thing, but pedaling over Italy’s cobblestones…even if their cheese isn’t my Number 1 pick for Parm! Thank you so much for the dream to win!!!!!!!!! That was fun all by itself! :) Ciao!

  101. Liz says:

    There ya go… now you can find me… (The ‘h’ hopped off my url, but it’s back where it belongs now.)

  102. Anonymous says:

    A perfect cosy nook. Have a good weekend Sarah. jojo3b :)

  103. Emma says:

    Definitely the latest issue of Home Beautiful, Australian House and Garden or Vogue Living. Three copies might be excessive but if they fitted I would carry them onto a patch of grass and read and swoon till my hearts content!

  104. Grace says:

    Love your new chair in the nook and love that you spend time sitting there looking through cook books.

  105. Sarah, I just recently discovered IKEA and I’m major hooked. Love just walking through that place. Great chair and it’s perfect for your room! Love how your beautiful floral just pop against the white…so beautiful!

  106. Ahhh your going into Spring and your corner looks so fresh and lovely. We are heading into Fall here so my bag would be stuffed with a sweater for sure. Maybe some pieces of wheat sticking out, cause I like to decorate with them. And eat in a stone ground wheat cracker with cream cheese on it! Some pumpkin spice smelling candles, and I can’t forget a bottle of French Bordeaux to keep me toasty, while I sit by my chiminea.
    Thanks for the party Sarah!

  107. Susan says:

    As a mother to too many…. I am always trying to pare back on my “essentials”… as I end up carrying “essentials” for everyone else!

    My absolute essentials are my car key, a bottle of water that’s small enough to fit into my handbag, my wallet {inside which is a chap stick} and my phone. That’s it…….


  108. Sheryl Moffatt says:

    I suppose I could use it as my thrift store tote !! I have become a thrift store hound and I usually try to go to all the thrift stores in town once a week or so looking for anything white that tickles my fancy! ( teacups, white pitchers, decorative bowls, old corning ware. ) I have come across several items and am starting to get a collection going. Now that I have become a ‘hunter’ so to speak, I find that it is the thrill of the hunt and the anticipation of knowing you are turning someone else’s trash into your treasure and all for ‘dirt cheap’! I’ve never been sure about how I wanted my home to be decorated b/c i was unsure of how to pull everything together…. so for 20 years it’s been a lil of this and a lil of that but never really anything great. But now, thanks to your blog and all your bloggy friends, I have been totally inspired and want my home and life to reflect the simple and beautiful things of the past …. vintage, white, thrifted, french inspired…. all those things are who I have been all along I just never discovered it til now. Thank you Sarah and your lil tattered beach cottage for helping me not be afraid to paint things white !! :)

  109. Fiona says:

    My bag always has lipgloss, mints, a beautiful vintage comapct mirror, my iphone and wallet plus usually various toys put in there by my son and business cards I’ve picked up around the traps. I’d love to win this bag! looks gorgeous.

  110. Hey Sarah, I haven’t been over in a while! I’ve been poking around and your house is as gorgeous and as fresh as ever! Hope you are well. I’ll be back lots xoxo

  111. I can see you from here looking for the next recipe to try in your comfy chair! I’m still reading every body’s posts on Good Life Wednesday, even if I’m too busy with stupid things that are not decoration-linked to link a post of my own!!!

  112. oh that looks like the most comfiest spot.

    i stash all my gadgets in my bag, too much crap actually, really gotta sort that out.

  113. Rukmini says:

    umm lets see :) One starbucks small sipper, earphones, lip-gloss, kohl kajal, a scarf, i pod, moisturizer, wallet and Sherlock Holmes combined volume. Yeah i carry a heavy bag all the time and joke has it that i’ll need to dive in my “other world” in order to get something out of the bag.

    You have one lovely house sarah…love how everything in your home is filled with a heavenly white glow.

  114. Hi Sarah…what a pretty corner!
    Love that bag and the rack it is on!!
    Hmmm…let’s see my bag would have my camera, my house book (has house measurements, my wish list, friend’s wish lists…), a measuring tape and some chocolate for energy. I think it is so cute to take treasure hunting!!

  115. Jill says:

    I do love that bag! My bags are always heavy – there’s my wallet, my checkbook, lipstick, keys, powder case, mirror, small book, cell phone, pouch for receipts and such, bottle of water, hairbrush, tape measure, notebook, pens, and oftentimes my camera… that might not be all, but it’s all I can remember. I could use a bag like yours! ::Jill

  116. JennJenn says:

    Welly well well! I too have been sitting on my chippy, pale-aqua rocker, perusing my two favorite cookbooks on every break i get the last few days. I am fantasizing (as usual) about food…
    I definitely need a nice, big, comfy chair for my art room for when it gets too cold to stay on the porch for long. Maybe this Ikea one could fit up my 2 flights of narrow, old stairs?…
    P.S.— That is totally a lovely bag! Flea Market junking bag all the way!

  117. kalanicut says:

    Hi Sarah. Everything is looking so lovely and cozy in your home. I love that you found a way to love a forgotten corner of your home. Inspiring to all of us with little dead spots here and there. Love the bag. Mmmm. These days in my bag I have my toiletries bag full of little balms, lotions & drops, wallet, always a small camera, tape measure, my fav pens, cell phone & then everything The Man & The Little Bug sneak in there. :)

  118. Lori-Anne says:

    Hmm… essentials I pack in my bag… Wallet, of course. Lipstick. Day planner. Notebook. Kleen-x. And a wad of crinkly old reciepts. The latter may not be essential, but is mysteriously ALWAYS there, so I thought it must be worth including :)

  119. Tamara says:

    Sunglasses, Cath Kidston Rose lip balm, rolled up cotton shopping bag, purse, cheese sandwich, mini flask containing Rooibos Earl Grey tea, a few ladies items! Your chair looks cosy, I feel another trip to Ikea coming on ;-)

  120. Melanie says:

    I like a big roomy carry-bag, but I don’t carry much!

    Purse, sunglasses, keys, phone, pocket-pack tissues, notepad, pen, and 2 drink bottles if the kids are with me.

    I love seeing around your home and all your thrifting finds, Sarah. Thanks for sharing.

  121. Sandy Woodward says:

    Dear Sarah, Love your blog. Was over thrifting at the Northern Beaches last week hoping to catch a glimpse of you in one of the shops!
    My bag – I feel like a camel because it has everything – food, water, toys, band aids, tissues, head ache tabs, phone and a thousand more ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL items. I need to go to the gym to build up my shoulders because it is always so heavy! Never mind, my choice. Love reading about your life and home.

  122. Wow! Looks awesome. Bali has my traveling heart. Absolutely love it. x

  123. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Love your little corner – just what you need in the evening. A little oasis of calm. Re the bag: I seem to declutter on the weekends if out walking and just take my Trelise Cooper shopper with phone, lipstick & wallet. Always seem to come home laden down with random purchases from seconds shops, or cuttings of plants or seeds whatever. It’s like leaving the working week behind though and just enjoying the weekend and the sights and smells of the neighbourhood. Always looking at trees and beautiful homes and plants on my walks. Beautiful old things in romantic shops and just enjoying being here to enjoy the simple things of life.

  124. janita says:

    I Love to have a traveling bag for my trips to quilt shops. Other than my wallet my purse is empty. love your sweet corner.

  125. Bev says:

    My bag would include kleen kateen water bottle and what every I need for a thrifing trip………

  126. Diane says:

    Just came across your blog. Hoping to join your parties on Wednesday…..always enjoy good decorating ideas and pics! Diane

  127. keys, iphone, sunnies, gum, little tin of almonds just in case, lip balm, water bottle and a great book… and I would love one of those bags :-)

  128. Ashley Sutherland says:

    I <3 your blog. My bag is always full of receipts with ideas for my new business scribbled on the back, Burt's Bees chapstick, a permanent marker + more writing utensils, passport, wallet, sunglasses, a light sweater (its getting to be fall in the mountains) and some tea bags so I can warm up wherever I'm at!