Good Life Wednesday Linky Party

Wed 7th, Sep, 2011

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As the seasons change it’s almost as if someone flicked a switch and said goodbye to Winter…

So, goodbye Winter, hello Spring baby

…here’s a little video of our Good Life Winter

Australia 2011

love from

The Lucky Country


Beach Cottage Winter Australia 2011 from abeachcottage on Vimeo.





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59 Responses to “Good Life Wednesday Linky Party”

  1. Meg says:

    LOVE the colors in the first picture.

    Is the linky thing on here???

  2. Zosia says:

    Great video! Who cut and put the film together?
    P.S. Sarah, the title says “Linky Party” but the usual “Add your link” gadget is not here……

  3. Jennifer says:

    We are saying goodbye to summer and experiencing our first day of fall weather today. Enjoy that wonderful spring weather. :)

  4. Leah says:

    LOVED the video. You are so clever. Maybe you could give a tutorial on how you did this. It is just fantastic. Have a great day. The sun is shining and summer is calling. Leahx

    • sarah says:

      thanks Leah…it’s just lots of photos put together with a soundtrack added…we are doing family ones and I thought one for my blog might be nice too!


  5. Hello Sarah

    Gosh you are a wonder aren’t you – it is true – there is nothing a woman can’t do.
    But YOU do it so well!

    must be a cyber glitch going on today and I know it will be fixed – so I check back later.

    have a wonderful day



  6. kalanicut says:

    Super cool video!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Hi Sarah! I have never commented here, but have been a loyal follower for a couple of years now! I love reading your blog and have to say may live a little vicariously through you. I wish I had the guts to move to Australia and live in a tatty, old, CHARMING cottage on the beach!!! I live in Massachusetts, USA, and was out shopping at Kohls, which is a department store here, and found the most darling summer dress on sale which made me instantly think of you ;) I snapped one up on the spot of course, but thought that you might want to check it out, seeing as your summer is just beginning as mine is ending. I can attest that it is extremely comfortable and luxuriously soft. The muted lavender/grey color, polk-a-dots, and French-country influenced design made me think that maybe this would be the dress that would inspire you to branch out and wear a dress, I noticed that you recently tried wearing a skirt and seemed to like it;) Check it out and let me know what you think! I absolutely fell in love with it and I am not one to wear dresses all too often!!! I can picture you strolling around a yard sale on a Sunday morning doning your oversized sunnies and this breezey number ;) http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/landingpages/elle/dresses/PRD~902482/ELLE+PolkaDot+Pintuck+Dress.jsp

  8. Deanne says:

    Just writing to say that I made your 40 garlic chicken last night and it was a huge hit, I don’t think I will cook a chicken any other way again!

  9. sibylle says:

    so jealous! summer here is over:-( time to move somewhere where it’s always warm;-)

  10. Christie says:

    The quintessential Aussie vid. Love it! Australia is such a beautiful, beautiful place. Well done. x

  11. omg omg, sarah. teach me to make a vid like this for my blog!!!

    brilliant, and you had me totally grooving and feeling your beachtastic aussie vibe and wowwwwwww. loved it! make more! and teach me those mad skillz.

    you are amazing.


    • sarah says:

      g’day michelle

      it’s really easy…I just put it together on the computer movie maker…just lots of photos together and music


  12. Denise says:

    Oh Sarah. The lovely images with that great music..call me a sop but I had a tear in my eye..and now a new resolution has been born in this here house on this (currently) rugby-mad rugby-obsessed side of the Tasman…to take more family photos of of us doing everyday ‘stuff”. Now where is that camera of mine!

  13. Simone says:

    Awesome, Phoenix would be lucky to have you direct their next music video! Can’t wait to get a real camera and do the same x

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mmmm winter video is great!!


  15. Eliza@summertimes says:

    Loving the video and the ocean as always !

  16. Marcia says:

    Sarah I have to say that you really did a fantastic job on your video! The end result isn’t as easy as some people may think, so KUDOS! Well done! Marcia in Cali

  17. Zoe Feast says:

    It’s like a switch has been flicked here in Chicago and its hello fall. Broken out my cable knit pillows which I have added to your link party…thanks for hosting!

  18. Kerry Rossow says:

    SARAH! I am so envious! Learning to surf is #7 on my bucket list! Love that footage!
    Thank you so much for being the hostess with the mostest!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  19. It’s my first visit here and I love what I’m seeing! Thanks for hosting the party, I’ve just joined it! Going to check out some more of your blog now!

  20. Jeannie says:

    Loved the video Sarah. That looks like the kind of winter I could enjoy!

  21. Alice says:

    oh Sarah that was great. I loved the dancing bit in your ballet flats lol. Both my little boy and daughter enjoyed it too. loved it!

  22. Suzanne says:

    How cool is that!! You are a woman with many talents!!

  23. Susan says:

    Great Video Sarah…… loved it all……. FUN :)

    makes me think that putting a video together for each season would be easier than sorting through endless photos each month……. :)

    the switch has been flicked up this way too. Glorious… have been on the phone this morning organising latest batch of children to get into Nippers…… Gosh I LOVE summer! xx

  24. lg says:

    love it xxx

  25. carla says:

    So cute!!!

  26. Catie says:

    Great video Sarah AND great song choice! LOVE Lisztomania!! That song always gets at least a toe tapping or head bobbing. Very cool! Thanks for hosting. I linked up some very tasty scones this week. I put blueberries in mine, they were delicious. Very nice with a cup of tea. Enjoy the beginning of Spring! : )
    ~ Catie

  27. Marnie says:

    Great video. Thanks for hosting Sarah.
    x Marnie

  28. Jadyn says:

    Such a great little video! Looks like you had a great winter! You have me coveting stripey shirts, I need more of them in my life! :)

  29. Esther says:

    I love your video! So much fun, and love… i like it,- and I like the song … I like all of it ! :-)
    Have a nice day!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed the video.

  31. Melissa says:

    that was awesome! thankyou so much! loved, loved, loved it!

  32. JS says:

    great vid! really great!

  33. Funny round world. While I am linking up walks through Autumnal cemeteries, you are getting a Spring fix. Well it warms the heart to see the sun. And you always makes me want to live closer to the sea. But alas, I have no beach, but lovely hills in my backyard. Thanks for the linky, it was fun to link up again (glad you got it sorted out).
    xx Marianne

  34. sarah…

    i LOVED that movie…seriously watched it twice…

    you will look back on that in years to come & smile & smile & smile!!!

    who is the band & what is the name of that fab song- it worked perfectly with your images & set a real tone of happy reflection on your past winter…

    which by the way- is not at all winter- as we both know!!

    we’ve just hit autumn here yesterday- blustery & leaves literally throwing themselves off the trees!

    melissa….LOVED it!!

  35. YvonneE says:

    wow I loved that, capture Aus for me, so much to see!

  36. Mel browneyegirl says:

    Oh yeah!!!!

    Loved the video so much.

    I loved seeing the flowers with the sea and the blue sky

    Just awesome really :-)

  37. It’s so cold today here back in Blighty, the photo of your beach looks so gorgeous I could cry! Thanks for adding some sunshine to my day (even if I am extremely jealous!)

  38. Can’t wait to see what everyone came up with.

  39. Great video, Sarah. It really showcased your lovely country and your sweet Beach Life. Great job. Thanks for hosting this fun party.

  40. samantha says:

    love love love your video! she should get commission from the Australian tourist board or something, because I bet every one who watches it want to move there! :)

  41. That is a great video! Thanks for hosting today!

  42. Barefoot Liz says:

    You have reminded me that I want to put together a video. I want to start making them each year so my son has a fun, visual keepsake of his childhood.
    Well done! (although I was starting to get dizzy watching it. tee hee.)

  43. Jan says:

    Just curious…how cold does it get in your part of Australia during the winter time? From your photos it appears to be very little difference between winter and spring…scenry wize. I cetainly didn’t see any ice or snow…so I’m guess’n there isn’t any of the white stuff.

  44. Tamara says:

    Oh Sarah you are wasted – you should be a film producer for bands! I laughed out loud at your speeded up video – ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! :-D

  45. kari says:

    Loved, loved, loved the video!!!! Thank you so much for posting it. That had to take some time to put together???!?!

  46. Kat says:

    Loved your video!
    You really are so clever and creative and I envy the fact that you know what it is you are good at and are meant to be doing.
    Floundering here trying to work out what it is I am meant to be doing other than mothering.
    I have to chuckle though when you say winter in Sydney. Come to Tassie in winter and then you will really know what winter is ;)

    • sarah says:

      haha I have had enough Winter’s in good old Kent to last me a lifetime thanks!!! Sydney Winter’s are just fine for me now…so hard hahahahhahahhahahhah


  47. kathy h says:

    lurker here!! Loved the video!! How did you do that? If I attempted something like that I am certain it would take me weeks… actually I’d probably get frustrated and give-up after a few days!!

    • sarah says:

      hey lurker kathy ;-)

      it’s actually really really simple…you just put together still pictures in movie maker or similar and add music…

      I just worked on it bit by bit here and there and had fun with it


  48. alison says:

    Just l o v e d the video Sarah. That music is the icing on the cake, fantastic. (Thanks Catie, I now know it’s Lisztomania.)

    Thank you for showing our overseas readers how we toughed it out this winter. It certainly made me smile at the end of the work day. Can we have more…not all the time…every now and then…just to keep it special?


  49. so many links, looks like i am going to sound the night playing catch up.