A Day in the Life…where all love is food & Winners!

Mon 5th, Sep, 2011

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G’day my lovelies!

Hope you enjoyed the weekend and the clubbing…sounds like you girls had fun…thanks so much for checking in, those that did the mission and letting me know what you were up to…

It was Father’s Day Down Under over the weekend and so here’s a little Day in the Life post from us…

We started off down the beach…it was a beeeeyouteeeful Spring day…did I tell you I love Spring here?  Haha, I thought so ;-)




We left the beach about mid-morning and headed home




Mr BC fancied doing nothing much at all aka sitting on the Adirondacks drinking beer




there was music from the bass…I just love hearing kiddos tinkering with instruments…




We had plans to sit at the table for a meal…

but ended up grazing the whole day




started with a lovely oil from a nearby farm and bread


20110905-07-beach-cottage-balsamic-oil 20110905-08-beach-cottage-garlic


Miss Beach Cottage is really into cooking and every time I make something she is learning…this all started a few years ago with Masterchef, a programme that my kids are crazy for and I cannot stand, I have no interest in reality tv shows that are competitions for some reason and this one where people stand about cooking things makes my skin crawl.  Anyway, the first few times she made things were as a result of wanting to be a ‘masterchef’, to be quite honest, a big old learning curve for her…and she quickly realised that tv ain’t real life… even with something as simple as omelette, it’s not about the ‘plating up’ but more the getting it to taste nice.

She asked me how I learned to cook after the omelette episode…how I knew to just add a little bit of this, lug in some of that…how throwing something in the crockpot ended up with tasty meals etc etc…well I was kinda in broomstick mode when answering that question and said that I have spent the last 20 or so years with my nose in a cookery book, reading and learning and experimenting…with many disasters along the way.

And so we have been cooking together…and she has started a recipe collection…it’s a kinda learn-as-you-go book…she does most of the prepping and work and I point things out and tell her why we add some of this or that and why it’s done a certain way.


It’s going very well, though there is a certain amount of patience required here on my part…I really am a quick cook, if there is such a thing, one of the reasons I don’t have a natural affinity to baking…I would rather throw it in a pot and hope…

Her book involves her taking down notes on the ‘steps’ of what we are cooking and taking photos along the way so she can remember…the photos get printed out and pasted in…

It’s been a great thing to do together and as we move along it turns out that the days we bake…she teaches me :-)

I love reading the notes, hers are pretty exact, totally opposite to my slapdash ways…I did have to laugh at this though…

this is her step 4 on Patatas Bravas recipe we did yesterday

‘while all that is cooking chop up some bread, put some oil, Maldon sea salt and vinegar on a plate and enjoy’

…now that’s my kinda recipe…with a stop and eat and enjoy step hahaha… ;-)




When we sat down, I leafed through the book…Miss Beach Cottage loves quotes, she has them everywhere for everything and makes them up all the time…this one made me smile…

‘Recipe Book ….Where all Love is Food’



For our tapas we had chorizo on the bbq



grilled halloumi

and we made Patatas Bravas



‘cos it’s one of Mr BC’s faves…mine too plus the kiddos love it…if we have it in the week, which we often do I just throw it in the oven and serve with roasted meat…

yesterday though we did it on the hob


20110905-15-beach-cottage-paprika_picnik 20110905-16-chorizo-beach-cottage-blog

there was a messy bun in the house



seashells and vintage ladders




and stripes


We also made smoothies in our new super-duper-super-cheapo blender from KMart that we are loving…




blossom in the cottage…




Hello cold beer on the deck




hello Spring in the garden



hello bright and cheery Spanish china & patatas bravas




hello tablescaping by teenagers



and goodbye from me, hope you enjoyed day in the life…I enjoyed it, though the beer on deck part?   Ahem shoulda reigned that in a bit…

adios amigos


clay tag winners are Terra from this blog, Kim W & jessicasandsatbtinternet.co.uk, thanks, please email your details

p.s.   and my fave shot of the day



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36 Responses to “A Day in the Life…where all love is food & Winners!”

  1. Sounds and looks like a wonderful day!

  2. Deanne says:

    Love that your girl is learning to cook.
    We took VCH for a bush picnic by a creek to celebrate Father’s Day

  3. Tammi says:

    Our girl also has an affinity for cooking…she loves it and offers to make dinner at least twice a week :) and who am I to stop her, lol. I am trying to teach her to not follow recipes so stringently but to lean more towards the way I cook which like you is a bit of this and a dash of that.
    She has produced some pretty impressive meals to date.

    We are also fans of listening to the kids strumming it out….a favourtie Kiwi past time is singing to the tune of the guitar…who needs stereos when you have muso’s in the making :)

    Our father’s day was quite a relaxed affair as well.


  4. love that your daughter is recording ‘the learning to cook’ journey!

  5. Deanne says:

    Oh, here is a link to our father’s day http://fivebrothersonesister.blogspot.com/2011/09/fathers-day-2011.html
    I actually just popped by to get your 40 clove chicken recipe that I am cooking tomorrow!

  6. Alima says:

    Sounds like a fun day! Until this post, it never occured to me that different countries celebrate Father’s Day on different days. Ours is in June.
    Love your nail polish and your the way you are wearing your scarf!!
    I got a super cute grey and white stripey scarf at WalMart yesterday for $5! Can’t wait till it cools off a little so I can wear it!

  7. Melinda says:

    sounds and looks like a great Fathers Day / Family Day.

    mmm those patatas bravas look very good – perhaps Miss BC might give us a step by step …

    thankyou for a glorious visual start to the week – xx

  8. Angie says:

    Your meal looks lovely as does your table as usual ! So glad the BC girl is loving to cook. My Big girl doesnt care for cooking at all, much to the disatisfaction of her hubs..she prefers baking actually. I think she got that from her Grandmother. :) Im on a soft diet for a few weeks here until some Oral surgery heals.. :( Happy Fathers Day to Mr. BC !

  9. oh my goodness! You are making me so hungry and it’s very late at night here which means I can’t eat anything. well I could but let’s just say I will not after all the birthday cake I had today. I have to try this sweet little recipe this week. Love the messy bun! and as always your photos are heavenly and they tell your story.

  10. sonja says:

    Wow wow wow! I’m loooving your blog! I feel like I’m breathing fresh air just looking at it!
    hahaha possibly the cheesiest comment I’ve ever written! But seriously, your photos are so
    lovely. The whole thing is! :o)

  11. Alice says:

    Sarah, I love your photos! Sounds (and thanks to your photos looks) like it was such a fun day! Unfortunately i couldn’t do Saturday club this week :(…It was right up my alley too… I’m not going to ramble about it though… I didn’t enjoy fathers day that much… Had to spend a huge chunk of it with our parents who seem to think we are still kids (no rambling Alice)…By the time we got home both hubby and I were exhausted… Finished it with a lovely walk though with the family so that was nice…

    I love what Miss B.C is doing… Clever girl… Cooking with my mum was painful, she didn’t allow me to experiment and all sorts of other things, I don’t look back at it with much pleasure at all, so be patient Sarah…It will be these moments in the kitchen that she will look back on with fondness and remind her of you and the love she has for you (I can’t say that about my experience I avoided the kitchen after a few incidents on my parents part, didn’t see the point)… Have to rest still exhausted and recovering…
    I am loving SPRING!!!! Oh how I missed you…
    Loving spring and love that you share such wonderful momments with us, it’s teaching me to be a better person to my own daughter :) – honestly…


  12. Laura says:

    What a gorgeous post!

    Beautiful pictures and a perfect day…I live in Spain and am very impressed by Miss BC’s Spanish cooking skills, they look much better than mine! Love that she’s keeping such a record of recipes, will be a lovely book for her to keep and update throughout her life x

  13. Pam in France says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely day Sarah… {{sigh}} Spring is a long way off here.. we are moving into Autumn here in the Poitou Charentes, after the rainiest August ever :(

    As your clever daughter loves Masterchef and one of the boys play bass… this should tickle them:


  14. Angela says:

    I loved that post – you all sound like the most content, happy-to-be-together family in the world. xxxx

  15. Franka says:

    I like the food – the striped shirt – the pics – the mood …

    ♥ Franka

  16. Hi Sarah

    How gorgeous – what an influence you are to Miss BC

    That is inspiring to have that. I have a nearly 3yo Miss Here I Am Louou saying to me “mummy, please hold my hand and help me” when she wants to try cutting something up with me on the bread board. I also have a Master 6yo thinking he is already quite the master in the kitchen.

    you certainly are teaching your children the importance of gathering together around a table and doing it in casual style – that is so important.

    take care lovely lady


  17. Heaven says:

    I love Masterchef!! Great show.. Not crazy about Hells Kitchen. Too much yelling and the constant beeping cause they’re all swearing drives me nuts lol


  18. Louise JOnes says:

    Great pics!

  19. Eileen @ cottage beach house says:

    I am not crazy about cooking shows either, i never was. My daughter enjoys cooking and baking too! I dont like to bake much because of the exactness, i’d much rather throw together some herbs and spices in a halfhazard way and come up with a creative new dish. So dont mind cooking when i get to try new stuff! Hubbo seems to want rhe same boring dinners too often tho. My daughter loves to try new recipes and that makes it fun! We laugh at how pops might just prefer the same old steak on the grill!!

  20. Marcia says:

    HA! I love the cooking shows! Top Chef, Master Chef, The Food Network Challenges…bring it! Of course I love to cook, so my daughter and I both watch and try to recreate. It’s a little more difficult on my end because I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years now. So I’m finding myself having to be a bit more creative so my family will eat it, since they haven’t followed my lead! Happy father’s Day to your husband, and great photos Sarah! Marcia in Cali

  21. Tricia Rose says:

    Don’t you love the way grilled halloumi squeaks on your teeth?

  22. Barefoot Liz says:

    That’s great that your daughter is learning how to cook now. I never had the interest and no one encouraged me to learn to cook. To this day, I don’t enjoy it. Wish I did!

  23. Fleur says:

    Hi S,
    Love the fact your daughter is so involved with the cooking and making her own book, the happiness she will get when she gets to recreate the memories with her own little ones in the future and re tell them how she did it with you !
    Fleur xx

  24. Robyn says:

    Sounds like my kind of weekend!

    My 12 year old also loves cooking and can easily prepare a few meals for the family so far. She was given the Junior Masterchef cookbook for her birthday in Jan which she loves. I also brought over a Good Housekeeping “Family Meals for a Fiver” with us and often goes through that looking for more ideas.

  25. Kat says:

    You have that knack of making everything look beautiful Sarah. Your house, food, flowers and food!
    I really do get a bit of beauty envy when I look at your blog, as life with 4 kids aged 2, 4, 6 and 9 does not end up looking that pretty, lol.
    I love the tapas idea and the way you and your daughter are having special time together cooking.
    I am a bit like you, like you cook but also like it to be quick, easy and super tasty!! ;)
    Ps I see you working our fav Cotton On scarf :)

  26. Kat says:

    Ps forgot to say that you always manage to look casually stylish too. :)

  27. Suzan says:

    I have to agree that quick and easy is the best for me. My son is training to be a chef and hates those shows too. Meanwhile this mum is waiting for him to cook a meal. He comes home and will not touch food!

    Good on your girl for learning to cook. My girls have little interest I am afraid.

  28. it’s 9:40 pm and i am drooling on the laptop. oh how i love how you make these occasions extra special while keeping it simple and breezy. bravo again! YUM.


  29. alison says:

    Our Fathers’ Day weather was plain magical.

  30. JoBea says:

    Sounds & looks like a perfect day to me!

  31. Jody Gabara says:

    How beautiful to wake up and hear the waves breaking and see the view of the ocean. Your photos are awesome and the food looks so delicious…wish I was there

    Love, Jody

  32. Simone says:

    Re Masterchef, Renovaters etc, I only tune in or record the Friday Masterclass the “how to” episode’s, I find inspiration and learning much easier than reading a receipe or following a decorating article. When I get around to starting a family (currently 35 years young don’t know if I can put it offf for much longer) I will be sure to follow your lead with your daughter I am sure she will treasure your time together and her keepsake recipe book for years to come.

  33. Susan says:

    I don’t watch reality TV period. I just don’t get it…

    It sounds like you had a lovely Father’s Day – it’s always tough for me in the US to celebrate Father’s Day with my father in Australia – Father’s Day is in June over here, so I always have to buy him a Father’s Day card then, and hang onto it until late August, and then mail it to him – in the meantime, I usually forget where I put the card. I guess I could just make a home-made card and be done with it, but I’m not that creative!

    Kudos to your daughter for having an interest in cooking. My son (who is 11) isn’t interested in cooking, but he loves my cooking (thinks I’m the best cook in the world, which is a laugh, as I have very few cooking skills!)