Good Life Wednesday Linky Party & dreamy flowers at my place…

Wed 24th, Aug, 2011

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Good morning!

Oh it’s lovely here…the sun is shining, the sky is blue and Spring is springing.

Yay yay yay.

I love love love Spring…it’s my fave Season…jeans, t-shirts, pretty sandals and beach bags here we come…


So for Good Life Wednesday today I am sharing the fruits of my labour…some of these ranunculus…


When I planted some of these bulbs a while ago, to be honest I had little real hope that these babies would actually make it…not only because my journey with Australian gardening is only just beginning but because I learnt after googling the bulbs I had just dug in, that I had in actual fact, put them in upside down..

Um yeah, that’s how much of a professional I am…that’s part of the fun of it though…I love learning new stuff…next year they’ll go in the right way up :-)


It seems it didn’t matter…apparently, Mother Nature, steps sideways when dealing with novice gardeners like me and turns the little beauties back around the right way again…a bit like babies just before you give birth…



Pretty flowers, vintage glass, nautical stripes and dumpy white vases…a match made in heaven?  I think so.  (I picked up the ‘vase’ on sale in Target for nuthin’…it’s actually a utensil jar)

I love this look…it’s kinda coastal chic to me in a nutshell…the kinda pairing of Englishy floral with Aussie stripes…and vintage




Oh joy!  There is something pretty darn satisfying to me to pick flowers from outside…

The daffodils are waving their bright and cheery heads around too…




Did you know that Ranunculus continue to bloom in the vase?  I didn’t realise this…so with all these buds this will be looking lovely in a few days time…





So with that I will leave you, actually I am knee deep in shop stuff at the moment…my little beachy shop will be opening for pre-orders again soon…keeping it short and sweet (though hopefully not as short-lived as last time ;-) ), so if there is anything you had your eye on before, get in quick…before I shut it down again, haha…

Be seeing ya Beach Cottagers

Happy Wednesday y’all


p.s. if you love little white beachy Clay Tags see yesterday’s giveaway for some…closing soon!


20110824-09-beach-cottage-coastal-decor 20110824-10-beach-cottage-flowers

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51 Responses to “Good Life Wednesday Linky Party & dreamy flowers at my place…”

  1. I LOVE you ranunculus! I might have to try some next year, they look so fine and silky. Your photos are just gorgeous, as usual. Spring’s my have season too! Will link-up as soon as blogger lets me in.

  2. Catie says:

    Beautiful flowers Sarah!! I just can’t get over how nice it is there in the winter. I wish! It’s waaaayyy too cold and snowy here in Canada. Would you believe I’m actually a California girl, born and raised? I can’t stand the cold, yet somehow I ended up here. : ) Thanks soo much for hosting. Hope you’re having a good week.
    ~ Catie

  3. joyce tx says:

    Gorgeous- gorgeous-gorgeous! Envious as multiple days over 100F does not lead to much flower blooming…

  4. Simply beautiful! Isn’t mother nature amazing…. I am about to launch myself into a vege garden and I can’t wait, I might plant some easy flowery things as well. Do you have any suggestions Sarah, I am in Newcastle not far from you.

    I love your posts and blogs and I look forward to them. I can honestly say you have changed me and inspired me to look more closely at the beauty in simple things, thank you ♥♥♥

    • sarah says:

      GOOD LUCK Christine…nothing better than getting out there to me…I have had so much joy from my vege garden…started so very small and now is growing by the weekend…

      I am just about to add fruit trees to mine

      My best advice (though I am no expert) is to start with actual plants rather than seeds…you see much quicker results and the tricky bit is done for you…Bunnings is really good value for veggies and herbs plus if you have a farmers market the sellers growing their own are excellent and I have bought a lot through those….plus they will stand there and give you lots of help and advice if you ask…I have had success so far with pak choi, carrots, spring onions, radish, chilli, kale, onions

      For salad leaves I buy the packs from BIGW or Bunnings that are a selection pack…rocket, mustard cress etc…you can just dump it in the ground and it grows like mad…so economical and good results….tastes like A MILLION times better than the stuff from the supermarket, it’s virtually free and really convenient to have out there growing

      Herbs…anything goes…

      My veggie patch is in a nearly full sun spot…I am hoping this will survive the summer…I might have to get some kinda shade on it…the warmth I think though has been why it has worked over the winter…it doesn’t really get too cold out there….

      oh and thanks for the blog love :-)

      • sarah says:

        p.s. I have had good results with blood and bones…

        plus I am about to mulch to keep the moisture in and weeds out..


  5. Wow, your flowers are stunning! I have just posted about flowers and studies that show that fresh flowers can actually improve our emotional well-being! Looks like we are in for a great week ahead.

    Best wishes,

    • Robyn says:

      I’ll have to show your comment to my husband. It might prompt him to buy me some on occasion. And I won’t even complain if they are from the petrol station!

  6. Patty says:

    I am new to your blog and think it is just beautiful. I can’t wait to see more of your gorgeous photos. Thank you for hosting such a lovely party. I will be following you now.

  7. I love the beautiful pastel colors that you are having in your soon to be spring, while our gardens are full of bright colors of late summer with falling leaves to follow soon.

  8. Love spring. We’re a long way from it now (a golden fall to look forward to but six months of snow after that) but it is still my favourite.

  9. What lovely photos and in such a lovely setting. These ranunculus are so unique too, I love the color combination. Nothing like a beautiful bunch of blooms to make any room more inviting. Thanks for sharing and for hosting! :)

  10. Love these pics. It all looks so fresh! xx

  11. Rupa says:

    wow, these are just so so lovely… your photography is top-notch. and i agree with above poster who said that you really inspired me to look into these small lovely things around …thank you !

  12. Sanghamitra says:

    Stunning photography as always ! Gorgeous flowers. Love those soft hues of colours.
    Thanks for hosting again :)

  13. Laura says:

    My favourite flowers! I tried to grow these in my garden too. I soaked the bulbs (as per instructions), but they never made an appearance :-( But, then again, I’m forever moving things around in my garden, so more than likely I dug them up and transported them somewhere else… This year I will try again, just so I can bring them in like yours… either that or I’ll just hand in the towel and get some from the supermarket… Lx

  14. Bring on spring. I know our winters here are mild but I am really looking forward to some warmer weather.

    Thanks for being such a great party host. It’s nice to know that the person hosting the party actually visits the guests.


  15. Kirsty says:

    Beautiful photos!~

  16. Marnie says:

    Hey Sarah,
    The flowers and the photos are just beautiful. I won’t be linking up again today, as I have nothing new to share. Hoping to get some bloggy enthusiasm as the week progresses……

    Have a great week,
    x Marnie

  17. Susan says:

    Great pictures, and beautiful flowers! I love the little “vase” you have them in – I have a number of them to hold pens and pencils on my desk – they are so versatile.

    Have a lovely day!

  18. loulou says:

    Hello Sarah

    Ohhh…. Seriously – they are photos that melt my heart.

    I love them – they speak so gently and so softly to me.

    I need a peaceful place today – life has been a bit too heavy for a few days.
    And your blog post is what I needed.

    you have a lovely day


  19. Kerry Rossow says:

    These are such beautiful shots! Your photos are always so peaceful – they do a wound tight gal like me some good! Thank you!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  20. Marsha says:

    Your flowers are beautiful. I don’t think I’ve seen the pink ones before. I bought a bunch of daffodil bulbs today–I’ll plant them later when our weather gets a little cooler. They’ll be sunny yellow in the spring–just like yours!

  21. Lizette says:

    Sarah (I feel like I can call you that because I just love your blog soooo much),

    You take the most beautiful pictures. I just wanted you to know that!

  22. brandi says:

    I love it! Sarah, your flowers are beautiful. I just love how they look in your ‘vase’! Sadly my ranunculus bulbs never bloomed. Now that you mention it, maybe i placed them in upside down! ha! Did you have to soak them in water before planting? I was told to do so, per the planting instructions.

    • sarah says:

      no I didn’t…mine didn’t have any instructions, I just bought a big bag of them…hence I did everything wrong lol…it seems I was lucky!


  23. Tiff says:

    Those photos are radiantly beautiful Sarah.

  24. Simone says:

    Flowers amd pics just beautiful, the weather has been bautiful in Melbourne too, this past week early 20′s. Following your vegetable garden blog the other week, I have bid and won on ebay a vegetable planter to ber picked up this Saturday to plant my first ever vege/flower garden and just in time for the first week of spring. Also making progress with my blog and registered a domain name, just loving your Sweet Blogging E-course. Can’t wait till your store opens good luck x

  25. Alice says:

    I have never seen these before and they are gorgeous! I have been looking for something like this to mass plant in my front garden bed though they are so pretty I’m scared people will nick them during the night (would you believe that happens a lot around here?! They nicked one of my diamond frost plants too when I first planted them, good thing it was only one ;) ). Love them thank you so much for the name too… Spring is in the airrrrrrr!!!!!!

  26. Sarah- these photos are truly lovely today- a little more washed out and a little floral english due to kinda flower….
    you’re blessed that the little lovelies turned themselves round…& i totally agree with you- nature is uncredible!

    I am doing the opposite over here in england- and have just succeeded in my first little vege garden after three years- I decided to look at summer here as I would look at spring at *home* in Sydney!
    It seems to have worked and I have the 6 year old out picking the fruits of our labour- which has lead to her eating SOME green things!!!!
    That’s got to be worth it!

    Really lovely to find a new passion somewhere- after you think you’ve discovered all there is in your own garden…esp when it’s been a huge move in everything you know in terms of gardening- the seasons couldn’t be more different…

    you should try for some Peonies- they’d be gorgeous in your BC- and they say english all over…a perfect combo for you…

    Melissa x

  27. Shawn says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I love ranunculus too! …..and your blog….and your photography….. very inspiring!!!

  28. Susan says:

    Just gorgeous Sarah…….

    So fresh & light :)

    Susan xx

  29. alison says:


    Those ranunculus are divine. They look so delicate. I thought at first, what’s Sarah doing now, dying flowers! My brightly coloured ranunculus look like a wild outrageous rabble growing in the garden whereas yours look like princesses. I understand about which way up when planting these bulbs.

    I’m off to Tarjay to get amongst the bargains tomorrow.


  30. Recently discovered your dreamy, beachy blog! Thought I’d add to your flowery bliss today with some from my English garden. Your ranunculus are sooo pretty. xx

  31. ps I run a free e-course in planning and planting a flower garden for cut flowers, (plus how to pick and arrange for maximum loveliness!) every Friday if you are interested? x

  32. Amanda says:

    I remember my grandmother warning me about planting ranunculas upside down, and I still get it wrong every time. They are very hard to tell which is right way up I’ve decided! But yours look beautiful anyway Sarah, and your photos are the perfect spring like inspiration!

  33. Beautiful photos! Thanks for hosting today!

  34. Cat says:

    Gorgeous Flowers and Pix!
    Thanks so much for your nice comment on my Antique Scandinavian Bed Redo. It made my day that much brighter!:-)

    happy wednesday:-)

  35. Love love LOVE ranunculi … they’re the springiest of spring flowers I can think of! I’m really enjoying spring here in South Africa as well, so I share your exuberance about it, Sarah.

    One quick question: Why is the email feed delivered as a snippet lately? No more yummy photos right in my inbox when I’m at work and I can surreptitiously revel in all the glorious beachiness. Just wondered if I’ve been missing something…

  36. Wendy says:

    Those are beautiful flowers! I must get some for myself! :)

  37. Tres Chere says:

    Those flowers are absolutely beautiful! They look perfect in the white vase which does not take away from the beauty of the flowers. Thank you for hosting! Have a fabulous week.

  38. The flowers are just gorgeous. I just moved to a new house, which appears to have no flowers growing, at least at the moment, so this post is making me excited about what I might be able to start planting soon. If I can ever finish unpacking at least the necessary stuff, that is.

  39. pamq says:

    Ah…..I think being right-side-up is highly over rated.

    And your beautiful flowers prove my theory perfectly.

  40. Tamera Beardsley says:

    Sarah thank you for hosting the linky party and your kind words on my post. your kindness made my day!

    I always so enjoy a visit to your cottage, it refreshes my soul!

  41. Your Rans are gorgeous! I’ve always thought those little flowers were so pretty. Unfortunately they don’t like our hot/humid summers too much. So I’ll just enjoy your pics! Thanks for hosting, Sarah.

  42. Marcia says:

    Sorry to link up so late Sarah, been a little under the weather! Thanks for hosting, Marcia in California

  43. Wow, those Ranunculas are awesome! They’re one of my fave flowers but I’ve never grown any.

    I was thinking of participating in the link party but am not sure this exactly qualifies. . . Last Friday my boyfriend took me on a mini vacation to the mountains, and popped the question! Why is this relevant? Because not only did he do a fab job with the proposal, he actually snuck into my blog ahead of time and posted this post without my knowing. http://theborrowedabode.com/2011/08/what-the-hell-the-proposed-abode/


    I guarantee my follow up post next week should qualify for the party! If this isn’t a good life, then I don’t know what is!

  44. Katherine says:

    Your ranunuclas look georgous – actually the best I have ever seen. Must have something to do with planting the bulbs up side down?!!
    They have such perfectly formed little blooms.

    I love the second photo – looking through the glass. So soft and pretty.

    I am loving seeing the flowers everywhere, feeling the warmth of the sun, and the sky is that little bit bluer – & I feel all the better for it. I bought some lovely daffodils from my green grocer today – $4 for a sunny bunch of cheer. Can’t get much better than that! I’m happy!

    Katherine X

  45. Oh, I love love love rananculus! I have been daydreaming about a cutting garden and now I’m really excited! Yours are beautiful. Nice fotos too. Enjoy the spring on its way! ~ osc