Beach Cottage Coastal Style Floors & Rugs & Stuff…Linky Party!

Wed 31st, Aug, 2011

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G’day lovelies!

Happy Wednesday (well it’s Wednesday in our lovely little part of the world)…and welcome to the Good Life…today I wanna talk about little things like rugs that make me smile…

I am getting a whole lot of questions too lately about coastal floors…I am not quite sure why, perhaps someone somewhere mentioned my floors?



Anyhoo I thought I would do a quick post on floors for that shabby coastal style look with a little bit of nautical vintage chic thrown in…

So the first thing that works well for the Beach Cottage look going on here is bare wood floors…I have heard a lot about these..that they are dusty, that they are cold, that they creek too much, that they are slippy, that they are too noisy.

Yeah.  There is that.



But I love the feel of wood underfoot…plus sandy feet after being down the beach needs easy clean-up and wood gives you that ;-)

We were looking for somewhere where we could sand down the floorboards so a wooden floor was on the hit list when we were looking for a cottage…we just simply sanded them back and varnished them with a high gloss…even though I like them matt with the high traffic from the kiddos I wanted hard wearing…it worked, they are a whole lot matter now :-)

Umm I went for no colour on our floorboards which means they are quite pine-y…they are Australian pine…if I could turn the clock back I might whitewash them or I might go really quite dark, but on the other hand this floor says old Aussie cottage to me…and that’s what I want…



So, what about if you don’t have wood floors?  Or you have carpet that is staying around.

Well when we were in a rental I still had the coastal look going on…and nice pale green carpets blech…I simply used coir and matting everywhere to give that nautical rope kinda look and feel…I layered up big coir/jut matts and on top of those threw on a few stripes to cover the carpet…texture and layering is everything in the coastal look I reckon…




Most of my rugs come from IKEA…they are budget-friendly, extremely hard-wearing and I like the ‘weave’ of the coir (if that is what it is called)…I have looked and used a lot of coir in my time and the IKEA ones are nice and chunky..the thinner ones look cheap and budget…I don’t think the IKEA ones do..



So anyway I always buy coir and little nautical stripe rugs when I see them..I love the way little rugs lend that casual air…someone, in the early days of this blog said about one of the $5 IKEA stripy rugs that they looked ahem **** and no style and like I’d thrown a few old rags around…yeah exactly the look I was after hahahahaha…

Recently I was in KMart and came across these jute doormat rugs…love ..chunky, with a fringe and very very easy on the budget…



They are great for putting in the hallway for boots, wellies and stuff…I had one on the deck too for soccer boots…

I bought a few of them…

…and soon I’ll be getting some new jute from IKEA

right now I’m lovin’ it for coastal style chic

I think jute and coir and little rugs is one of the quickest and easiest way to get a laid-back beach house feel going on…

See you tomorrow BCer’s



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44 Responses to “Beach Cottage Coastal Style Floors & Rugs & Stuff…Linky Party!”

  1. Krystal Hart says:

    I absolutely LOVE your little stripey rug! I was actually at IKEA this past weekend and about jumped up and down with excitement when I saw a bin full of them! When I got my lovely navy and white stripey rug home, I played around all morning deciding where to put it….might have to make a trip back to IKEA and pick up a couple more :)

  2. Your floors and mats/rugs look wonderful. Love the chunky ones.
    Love our old wooden floor too even though we’re not on the coast. How do you stop the mats slipping under foot if they aren’t anchored with furniture?

  3. i so love the way you think and blog and create lovely in your cottage. always feels good to be joined and to sort of exhale that sense of ‘ahhhhh, me too’ when i visit here. inspired once again….because of your brilliance.


  4. loulou says:

    Hello Sarah

    Rugs take me back to when I was a little girl – I grew up with rugs – all sorts of rugs and was a little helper when we lifted the rug and gave it a good shake outside.

    Love the beach look always – stripes, coir and of course the lovely floorboards give it the enhancing too.

    I think in a house you need a rug to catch the sand left over coming inside :)

    have a wonderful day


  5. Lobeliadamen says:

    LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE your floors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me want!!!!!

    Happy Wednesday! :-)


  6. Catie says:

    I’m loving the rugs Sarah. The texture is soo nice in contrast to the smooth wood floors. And, as always your photography is gorgeous.

    Thanks for hosting. You’re always such a gracious hostess. And I love how you take the time to comment on each link up! Not all do. I really appreciate it! : ) Have a great rest of the week.
    ~ Catie

  7. You know I think the coir might be how I give my basement reno a beachy feel. Thanks!

  8. Jeannie says:

    Sarah, I’m glad you went back to the format where we see your post without having to click ‘read more’.
    As for your floors be grateful you didn’t do them dark. I had my floors painted aubergine and they looked great but they showed every little paiece of lint and magnified the dust and were a constant source of work cleaning the every week. I had them refinished natural this summer and they are now so much easier to keep looking clean.
    Ikea can’t be beat for little rugs!

  9. Marnie says:

    Thanks for hosting, Sarah. have a great week.
    x Marnie

  10. Simone says:

    How timely, we live in a rental property in the suburbs with off white tiles and dark brown carpet. We also have choclate furniture so I was thinking of a sisal rug to break up the brown on brown and give that coastal feel. Yesterday we also received the 2012 IKEA catologue in the mail read it from front cover to back, lots of inspiration and space saving ideas at a budget price. Now to gets myself organised , make a to do list and start shopping.

  11. Kirsty says:

    Such gorgeous photos as always Sarah! :)

  12. Cas says:

    Hi Sarah :) I recently bought a jute rug from Ikea for our family room and I adore it! We have tiled floors, so it really softens that horrible hard, sterile look that tiles can sometimes have. Your wooden floors are lovely and in an ideal world I would have wooden floors too (I just tune out when people start going on about creaking and coldness…whatev-errr!) Thanks for hosting Good Life Wednesday every week too :)
    Cas x

  13. Love how the texture of the natural rugs contrast with your beautiful wood flooring. I live about a minute away from a Super K-Mart, I’m going to have to check our store to see if they have those jute doormat rugs. I’m hoping so. Thanks for hosting the party. :)

  14. angie says:

    Love the wood floors, I have them too but mine are red oak…thought I wanted dark but this place is just too small. They are a golden oak color now. Would have loved for them to be the color of yours but they just couldnt get the warmness out. We have a satin finish and its really nice. I thought I wanted to keep the carpet in the bedroom but pulled it up about two weeks ago. Floor man coming next week to get started. I cant wait ! $400.00 for sanding, staining, three coats of poly..the room is 10 x 14. I was happy with the price.

  15. Rosemary says:

    oh yes, i adore hardwood floors too:)
    love the shine on yours, but then again, i LOVE everything in your beach cottage!!
    xo, Rosemary

  16. Love the floors – love the rugs. I need to request my 2012 Ikea catalog! :)

  17. Sharon Smart says:

    Oooh was that the “K” word??!!!! Wonder how that will go down with the style snobs…lol ;)

    Love your floors and rugs, soo comfy and welcoming.

  18. Michelle says:

    I love sisal rugs , have had a couple in the past . My main problem is the mess they get underneath! Its like they shed or something. What do you do about that ? Any ideas?

  19. Alice says:

    I love the look and feel of your place, I didn’t know how much I loved the whole coastal/beach look until I started reading your blog. Started with our master bedrrom and is now slowly moving to the rest of the house, even the outside of my house is going to get the coastal treatment!

    lol, Love the ikea rugs but alas I can ony manage one of the big ones in my bedroom (I really like that kind of feel under my feet, it’s like a massage before I go to bed). My living room has a nice soft sandy couloured rug with hints of red and dark brown here and there to create a very subtle almost shell like scroll pattern… It’s a lot nicer than it sounds, I love it. I have been looking for something like the ones with the fringe forever and I can’t believe that I didn’t think of kmart! I’ll be getting those on the weekend thanks Sarah, they are exaclty what I had pictured in my mind. Freedom also has a bigger version of those fringe ones going for 200 bucks (or there about). It is also exactly what I was after but I haven’t seen anything similar for less so I might have to bite the bullet and spend the dosh on it….Love me wooden floors!!! Though I wish I had put my foot down with hubby and went darker (though next time I am considering doing the whole white wash thing)… Now they are an orange brown :(. All in good time… Must be patient… Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  20. bj says:

    Your floors are lovely, Sarah.

  21. I just happened to have a post on my floor, so I linked it… I didn’t go for the “bare wood look” that I adore, because of a humidity problem that is supposed to have been cared of, but you never know, so I decided to stay on the safe side! I had to be creative as I still wanted an old look, something that would capture the light…

  22. Kat says:

    Sadly (as I have said before) we do not have Ikea, nor do we have floorboards. (one day when we extend our little house by the beach here in Tassie we will have floorboards in our kitchen/dining area as I love them.)
    Underneath our carpet we have only concrete floors :(
    We do however have carpet that is sisal in a nice neutral beachy colour, so it works well for us.
    We do have a Kmart though, so I am going to go and check out some of those mats, however I think with our carpet which is a similiar colour, they would just blend right in.
    I am thinking a nice mat would be good in our lounge, but not sure what colour…

  23. alison says:

    Got my Ikea catalogue in the mail today and it’s sitting waiting for when I have my cup of tea tonight.


  24. Fleur says:

    Nice floors missus x Def with you on the Ikea sisal rugs, we have a few of them, including one on the veranda. x

  25. JS says:

    What’s Ikea?

  26. Kerry Rossow says:

    We have a ton of children, animals, and daily spills that make me so grateful for wood floors! Wipe and go, mama!
    Thank you for hosting and again, for the total eye candy!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  27. Marcia says:

    I love Ikea, especially their rugs. Durable and affordable! On one of our decorating shows here in the states, one designer recovered a wooden bench with one of those jute rugs. Really cute! Just wanted to let you know that I’m following your ecourse on blogging and I am loving it. It’s really helped me to rethink what I’m doing, so thank you! And thanks for hosting!
    Marcia in California

  28. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Love your floors and the striped rugs….Always wondered what type of wood the floors were. in your cottage…After living 20 years in my coastal home in Southern California, I pulled up the carpets and had bamboo laid. What a difference in look, vibe and clean up. Thanks for the great post.

  29. Mama Zen says:

    I just love that look!

  30. Kim says:

    I myself love old wood flooring and wished we had it allover our home. Yours are beautiful and they look very beachy if I do say so myself.We now have a triplex of beach cottages and in our bedrooms we are putting in dark wood laminate flooring can’t wait.It’s better than none at all so it will have to do. We do have some carpet in our home and I hate it, though it’s way better than tile floors.They are hard and cold.~Cheers Kim

  31. Barefoot Liz says:

    I definitely prefer hardwood floors! So easy to clean. The wider the planks, the better! I also like how I can use small area rugs to change the feeling of the room. It’s easy to change it each season, if I wanted to!

  32. Jan says:

    I love wood floors …my home has tile and carpet. I really love those floor mats too…they add so much texture to a hard floored surface. Thanks for sharing the linky party today and showing us your floors too. Hope you are having a great day, Sarah!

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  33. lyndy says:

    HI Sarah, I have great memories of small rugs, I don’t know if you had them in England but we had small mats made of all different fabric remenants woven with white string, when they wore out, I was allowed to undo them and wow the fabric assortment woven into them was unreal! sparkly, stripey, flowery ect, thats how I started decorating, 4 big doll houses, not a doll in sight, just beautiful curtains, bedspreads and cushions, all soft furnishings made from rag rugs mostly, wish someone had taken a photo of them now ha ha : )

  34. carol says:

    First I must say I am totally disgusted that someone would be so rude as to make nasty comments about your rugs! SHAME!!! Second I am also glad that you aren’t using the “read more” format. I live about a 10 hour drive from the closest IKEA so I’ve only been once. I checked into ordering a couch online and the shipping fee was $350.00. Yikes, I can get a Pottery Barn couch for not much more considering that their shipping is WAY lower.

  35. Vicki P says:

    LOVE, LOVe LOve your wood floors…color perfect. So glad you did not whitewash them or darken them. Gorgeous. Australia has such wonderful woods for flooring….

  36. Jadyn says:

    Love your floors. And I’ve been thinking about welcoming mats etc. I love these jute ones – I’ll have to check IKEA, as we have no KMart around. Love your wellies too, they add the perfect touch to your decor when they’re not working hard keeping your toes dry!

  37. Lola says:

    Thanks so much for hosting. Love the green boots and your pretty display of flowers. This is a great post that really inspired me. Thanks!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sarah , thanks for letting me link up with your party. I’m adding you to my blog post.

    Hugs…Tracy :)

  39. janet says:

    lovely!!! what do you use that brush for that’s on the table?

  40. sarah says:

    it’s a pot brush ;-)

  41. Emily says:

    Hi! i was wondering if you have the same problem as i do with the jute rug from ikea. I use to have one in my dining room but i had to get rid of it because no matter how much i vacuum it, there is a thick layer of sand underneath. I first noticed it when i tripped over it one time and the corner flipped over exposing all the sand underneath on my hardwood floors. i vacuumed the rug and my floors but a few weeks later, there was more sand! what to do? do you have that problem too?

    thank you!