The Famous Beach Cottage Limoncello Recipe!

Mon 11th, Jul, 2011

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G’day lovelies!

Hmm I didn’t realise I mentioned Limoncello on this blog as much as I do…no I don’t have a problem…well maybe I do but whatever.

So, do you know what I have no idea where I first had Limoncello, I only know that it is divine…



I love lemons in anything so it was probably a given that this would be the pre-dinner drink for me…you may be thinking **** my life is too short to even consider making Limoncello…you’d be wrong…as you know with me by now, if I make anything more than once, let alone stick it on this here blog, it has to be mega simple, with easy ingredients and not too much effort or faffing around…

..this ticks those boxes…about the most taxing thing you have to do with this is peel a few lemons…and I kinda like standing by the window for some meditative peeling…the rest really is watching it soak for a few days or so and doing some pouring…


I have tried most of the ones you can buy in bottles and I don’t know but they just don’t taste the same as DIY Limoncello…and seeing as some of you who read this blog are slap bang in the middle of summer, of which

this drink suits perfectly I thought I had better get my act together, make another batch and show you just how simple this is…


I have really been dabbling in the recipe and think this one is just right…of all the recipe searching I did, I believe the sugar content is about middling…some recipes called for a lot more, some for a tad less…this I think  is just right, …you could go either way easily though…I have done and a little bit more or less sugar is just a matter of what suits your palate.





This will taste much more heady and lemony if you can get your hands on organic lemons (I guess that can be said for most produce) but this is far from a pre-requisite…and when I made this batch I couldn’t find any locally…suffice to say that as soon as I had the lemons soaking in the alcohol the next week at the farmer’s market there were lots…


I bought some anyway for my chicken…this is the difference with an organic lemon…see the lovely skin…cost is at least double for the regular ones, these were three times as much as the ones I bought for the Limoncello…look at the difference with the organic ones…these were picked by the farmer the afternoon before I bought them…the fragrance is heavenly…

So here it is, right at ya…get a batch made-up, sit back in an Andirondack and think of me….;-)


Beach Cottage Limoncello

10 lemons (unwaxed & organic are best)

3 1/2  cups white sugar

3 cups water

3 cups vodka


wash those lemons really really well…I run mine under water for a bit…then scrub with a scrubbing brush…




Now start peeling your lemons…you want as little pith as possible as this is what might make your limoncello bitter…the first time I made this, I agonised over the pith…the next time I did it I was a lot more casual and it made no difference to have the odd bit of pith in there….

I have read all sorts about the easiest way to do this to ten or so lemons…to be very honest I do not feel this is any hardship…but if you make this I advise you to try a few different knives to see which size suits your hands and this job best…for me a small paring knife was quick and easy

also I’d try a vegetable peeler…I have read that for a lot of people a vegetable peeler makes this a whole lot quicker…not for me, I like doing it with a knife…



So once you have done your work, you will be left with a pile of these…



plus a load of naked lemons…I will suggest you stuff them up a couple of chickens or make lemonade…

I used mine this time for chicken stuffing and the rest I chopped up, put in baggies in the freezer – I never thought of doing this, it wasn’t until my neighbour’s tree was full of lemons last year and we started about preserving them when she told me she puts them in baggies and pulls them out for this and that…I do that all the time now




Now you need a suitable container with a lid…I like to use a mason jar with a rubber seal…that way I know that I can safely lock the lid on and walk away…

Pop the peel in the jar



next you want to pour your vodka on the lemon peel…



Seal the jar and let sit for a week or so (you can get away with less if you are making this in a hurry for a party or something, or you can leave it for longer)

Once you are ready to make your Limoncello add 3 cups of water to a saucepan and bring to the boil



then turn the heat right down and add 3 cups white sugar & let this sit for a few minutes on a very low heat until the sugar has dissolved and you have a thin syrup consistency



now strain your vodka/lemons



I strain it into a large pyrex jug which makes it easy to decant into bottles…(or obviously use a funnel..I don’t have one)



Now add your syrup into this, stir and mix for a bit

pour into bottles and you are done…



Leave for a couple of days at least to age and sit but a few weeks is best





You need to serve this ice ice baby cold if you are drinking it in the summer

I have read all sorts in my research in all things Limoncello, but I think it is nice at room temp too (do not shoot me Limoncello experts)




I also like a sprig of herbs in with mine…

…thyme is lovely but here with some mint is nice too…adds a little kick to the lemony loveliness…





and that’s it Beach Cottage Limoncello…I am telling you you won’t be disappointed…this is like summer Italian style in a bottle….

I will advise you though NOT to test this if you are making it in the daytime before the school run….this stuff is mega mega mega more-ish and mega mega mega potent…

save that bit for when the kiddos are home and safely tied to trees ;-)







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67 Responses to “The Famous Beach Cottage Limoncello Recipe!”

  1. beachcomber says:

    it sounds and looks delicious! love the photography.
    cheryl x

  2. catherine says:

    oh my word…after seeing this in so many of your posts, i picked some up and popped it in the freezer. couldnt wait to try the next day after work. it was nasty. i am hoping because it was store bought. im not giving up, and will definitely try the homemade version. thanks for sharing.

  3. Nicolette says:

    Soooo.. how long do you think this lovely lemony fresh stuff will keep? It’s just me and the hubs, and we’re not big booze-hounds, but I’d love to give this a try.

  4. Donna says:

    Oh I do love Limoncello….and to think I was 43 before I first tried it! But I was on the Isle of Capri at the time so surely that makes up for it? I will most definitely try this one day. Maybe sooner rather than later…..
    Donna from Brissie

  5. It’s about time Sarah! I’m gonna have to try it! Thanks so much….

  6. Erin says:

    I will be trying it

  7. Anonymous says:


    Sounds good!!

  8. marcia says:

    I use the same recipe Sarah, and make a huge batch every Christmas. It’s so yummy!! Marcia

  9. This is so much easier than my recipe! Thank-you so much :)

  10. Deanne says:

    OK as a limoncello virgin, I have a couple of questions.
    Once made do you store it in the fridge or is it fine in the pantry?
    Do you serve it cold from the fridge or add ice?
    Finally when are you going to show us how to make our pictures move?

  11. Stacy Curran says:

    I had Lemoncello for the first time last night and loved it. I didn’t know what I was missing until my friend made me try it. Can’t wait to try this recipe to make it myself
    Stacy @www.conspicuousstyle.com

  12. Robyn says:

    I’m deffo going to make this today. With summer not too far in the distant future, now might be the time to start making up batches so there is no chance of ever running out ;-) Rob x

  13. Lynne says:

    Thanks Sarah…I love Limoncello!

  14. teresa says:

    note to self: buy lemons and vodka!

    thank you for sharing this!

    ps i juice ‘not so pretty’ lemons and put the juice in ice cube trays and then when they are frozen i toss them in a ziploc bag and use them cube by cube to add to drinking water, to make lemonade, to add to berries when they are simmering down in a pot for a fruit glaze on top of angel food cake, etc :)

    from winnipeg, manitoba canada where the scorching sun is out and summer is in full throttle!

  15. Kim says:

    We call this yukka! An easy way when camping is to use a gallon jug full of ice, a fifth of vodka, 1 cup of sugar, 6 lemons squeezed and thrown in.Pass around and shake until it starts to melt and serve over ice, kinda like a lemon drop too.Yours sounds great too~Cheers Kim

  16. Sounds wonderful, I will be making up a batch this week!

  17. Alice says:

    Thanks Sarah!!! I’m going to surprise hubby with this one, he loves limoncello!!! Sounds easy as ! Love the photography too looks great like always!

  18. Alima says:

    So excited! I have been waiting for this recipe ever since I first heard you mention it months ago! Can’t wait to try it!
    Thanks Sarah!

  19. Janet Purcell says:

    Thanks Sarah, love love love limoncello, reminds me of sunny days on the Italian Coast. Bellissimo

  20. Catie says:

    Yummy!! I can’t wait to make this. Although, I wish I didn’t have to wait soo long to try it. ; ) Thanks for sharing Sarah!
    ~ Catie

  21. Laughing out loud here. Wonderful post.

  22. I AM MAKING THIS FOR SURE. Do you add the mint just when you are serving it?

    • sarah says:

      Yep I do. This bit I made up though so not sure it would suit everyone’s palate with mint x

  23. Ruth says:

    mmmmm lovely! will remember this recipe!


  24. Anonymous says:

    Lovely, I am so trying this

  25. Michelle says:

    Ciao Bella! I first tried Limocello in a beautiful house up in the hills of Sicily – it was the homemade version – totally fabulous – it’s ages since I’ve made this but I’m going to do some this week!, thanks. Sometimes we do a damson gin in late summer /early autumn it’s great – a rich red tipple for when the nights are drawing in!,

  26. Susan says:

    Sarah… you are my new best friend… a girl after my own lemony heart. I am SO going to make this tomorrow.

    I am kind of perplexed as to why I never thought to try to make this myself….. I first tried it in Sorrento Italy {they claim it originated from there… and maybe it does} it was divine and I still LOVE LOVE LOVE it, especially when I am eating your forty garlic chicken…..

    YUM :)

  27. Hi Sarah
    The first time I had Limocello was in Italy and I fell in love with it but your right about being safely home because it knocks your socks off. The only thing I have had come close is last year at Melbourne Cup one of the ladies husbands had made a batch and it was amazing so just this week I have managed to get that recipe which I think for memory is very similar except the waiting times but I don’t know if I would have enough patience to wait too much longer.

  28. Barefoot Liz says:

    I wish I liked vodka! It sounds refreshing but even the smallest amount of vodka makes me ill.

  29. Looks divine!
    A bit too much sugar pour moi though…
    maybe sometime to a special treat!

    Cheers from the East coast.

  30. This looks delicious! I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m in love, it’s fantastic! Thanks so much for working hard to share everything with your readers, it’s a heavenly little escape from all the summer rain in the UK!

    Chloe x

  31. Liz says:

    anything with lemons is all right with me!

  32. Summer says:

    I love your spirit and writing style – so entertaining. Had to laugh out loud with the “kids tied to trees”. How funny.
    I am going to try making this. Thanks for sharing how to do it. I might have to dilute mine with more than ice cubes.
    Really enjoy your blog.

  33. Susan says:

    I’ve been dying to try your version and I just’happened’ to have saved a few nifty bottles that it will be great in…demo a gift tag for us maybe?

    Tying kiddos to trees…might have to try that…they keep escaping from the crawl space………..;D

  34. This sounds like a great treat for my weekend happy hour girls!!

  35. Hayley says:

    I saw limoncello while watching Under the Tuscan Sun the other night on Telly and I thought “oh how I would love to try that”. Excellent timing Sarah!

  36. mellie lang says:

    I can’t believe it, I only just googled for the recipe last night, but I am going to have to try yours now, it looks great thanks Sarah, I can’t wait to try it! xx

  37. Kia says:

    Ciao Sarah! What a beautiful webhome you have. Lovely photos! :)
    Ah, Limoncello! It’s one of the few liqueurs that I like, even if I usually do not drink anything but water. ;)
    Being Italian I would never ever use vodka, of course. The recipe calls for alcohol. Or “everclear, if in the US.
    Have a lovely summer! :)

  38. Just wanted to say “hello” and say how much I enjoy reading your blog…it is on my blogroll. Your limoncello is such a vibrant color of yellow and must be delicious. When we have travelled to Italy in the past, we have been offered homemade limoncello and it is so much better than what you can buy.

  39. Wowsa this looks amazing! I may actually have to make this. Love, love your blog!

  40. jodi says:

    oh yum, except in my current pregnant state, a no-no. Gorgeous images and an absolutely beautiful blog you have here. x

  41. Jan says:

    diffently gonna give this a whirl…thanks for sharing it!

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  42. Elaine in Laguna says:

    Have loved Limocello for years after an Italian co-worker introduced me to it….Will be trying your recipe this weekend. Thank you for sharing, Sarah!

  43. sheri says:

    love your blog, and love the idea of this recipe…you have me hooked and i can’t wait to make a batch this weekend! thanks!

  44. Myron says:

    I got to try this … as a lover of Vodka tonic and fresh lemon juice I think I will love this… Hint: if you soak your lemons in hot water for an hour before use they will be very very juicy..

  45. Lo says:

    Oh my that looks delish!! I have always to make a lemon or citrus infused vodka, this will be even tastier! Thanks for the excellent tutorial, your home is lovely as well1

  46. Alex Hughes says:

    Awesome, thanks for sharing. I have spent the last couple of days wondering what to do with all the lemons on my tree. Most recipes only call for juice of one lemon and tbsp of lemon rind. This makes sense to use up 10 lots of lemon peel and mix it with some vodka. yay!

  47. Mary says:

    I posted a recipe for using the store bought Limoncello a few weeks ago. It is so addictive, don’t you think? I am excited to try to make some myself and I am going to link this on my blog today. Thanks so much. Love your moving photos too!

  48. Oh my goodness! This sounds to die for!!! I just might have to try it out after our lemon tree starts producing… or maybe before then with some store-bought lemons… :)

  49. Jessica Imamura says:

    Thanks for finally sharing. Haha! Can’t wait to try.

  50. Elaine says:

    I made my (your) limoncello recipe last night. It’s very pretty sitting on the counter “steeping”! Can’t wait to try it, thanks, Sarah
    for sharing….Elaine

  51. Anna says:

    Oh Sarah, i could so ‘hang’ with you. You make me laugh (that last line about the kids!!!), you love the same easy food as I, you live on ‘the beaches’ (so do I), you’re in love with Limonchello (so am I), you love school drop off zones (so do i), you embarrass your kids filling the boot with council cleanup furniture (so do i) and you shoot with a canon 50D (so do i) oh, & you converse with Melissa of Miss Sew & So (she’s a mate of mine)…oh, criket there’s more…your wardrobe…so so simliar in tastes!!! Anyhow, don’t want to scare you into thinking I’m a strange blog stalker, I simply admire your blog, your words & all your images. All so beautifully inspiring… maybe, just maybe one day in our busy lives, we’ll bump into each other perhaps photographing blades of grass in the dunes, seagulls on the shoreline, waves & blue skies over our precious beaches. Who knows…

    Enjoy the winter sun…it’s just beautiful weather here in ol Sydney town :o)


    • sarah says:

      well g’day Anna

      you sound like my kinda gal

      happy 50d-ing in the most beautiful place in the world

  52. Robyn says:

    I’m done! While I hadn’t exactly forgotten my lemon peels sitting nicely in a bottle of vadka, it’s taken me a while to get it finished. Today was the day. While it’s a little on the brown side…although there is a reason for that…it sure is potent stuff! Gonna be blogging about it today. Will link back to yours!

  53. Irene says:

    Oh, Thank you so much for finding this for me. Don’t know how i couldn’t!!
    I was planning this for Christmas gifts, but only have enough lemons to do it for our get togethers this year.
    Next year I’ll make it for gifts, when the lemons are abundant.

  54. Emma says:

    Thanks! I’ve been wondering what to do with vodka.

  55. lilwhitelife says:

    Hi Sara. Thanks for the famous Limoncello recipe. Can’t wait to try it…just need to figure out how to hide it from the young adults

    here. I bought a Meyer Lemon tree last spring (now thinking I may need more) and hope it makes tons for me soon.

  56. Rukmini Roy says:

    Okay yes. Im making this. Today itself. Without fail. Looks lovely Sarah… I don’t remember where I first limoncello I think in the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”. Next to the handsome Italian man in there, this drink is what fascinated me the most. :) I’m so making it.

  57. Carly says:

    Sarah, I made this for Christmas gifts 2012 and it was A-MAZING! Everyone loved it and it was so easy to make! I used mini bottles with cork stoppers and popped them in paper bags and baskets with other home made goodies from my kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration and the fab recipe. This will be a go to for me from now on! YUMMMMMMMMMMM!

    • sarah says:

      oh thanks so much for the feedback! I am glad they were a hit…you’ve just reminded me of a little tipple before bed tonight haha x