Linky Party… Coastal Family Room & Good Life Wednesday

Wed 27th, Jul, 2011

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G’day lovelies!

I thought you might like to see the fruits of my labour in the garden for Good Life Wednesday today?



The days here are cool and we have been battered by the elements the last couple of weeks, but yesterday there was just that hint of Spring in the air…it was a fleeting moment when all of a sudden you could smell it…do you know what I mean?   I love Spring I think the most of all the seasons…

All the rain we have had has done wonders for my garden and I am just about to plant more out there…I went to the gardening shop yesterday and purchased seed potatoes, asparagus and white onions….I hope that I am not getting too out of my depth with these…as you know my motto so far has been simple and easy and low-key…but now with the salad well established, indeed thriving, the bulbs doing well and the garlic sprouting I thought it might be time to spread my Australian gardening wings a bit

So here are the flowers…

I just love the soft pink..


And the pale yellow…




I brought these in yesterday and dotted them around, they even gave me the incentive to give the family room a much needed tidy up…note to self : don’t leave it so long next time…




I put this ‘new’ oar on the wall…the old whitewashed ones have been living in my bedroom for a while now…




So that’s my Good Life Wednesday….a tidy Family Room, good job I photographed it ‘cos I know one thing for sure…it won’t last!!




Welcome to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesday…there aren’t too many rules here, just share what you love…to take part please link back to abeachcottage.com

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35 Responses to “Linky Party… Coastal Family Room & Good Life Wednesday”

  1. Sarah,
    Love your living room! It’s so calm and serene! Especially love the oar over the sofa and the trunk under the table! I have a collection of oars and love them. Thanks for hosting such a fun party!

  2. Hello Sarah

    I was wondering if you take bookings?

    Bookings for renting that couch out for a day?

    Could I please rent a room of solitude, peace and heaven – I mean your living room.

    I think you have done the most remarkable job of it all. Your photography is so enticing to the eye – well done.

    Your flowers are beautiful – I am needing a new bouquet this week and will pop out and get some today.
    I have always loved yellow flowers – I say they are the “happiest” flowers I know.

    I really love the oar too – it has so many tales to tell rather than a standard picture that most of us use above a couch.

    till next post – you make me *sigh again!

    thank you


  3. Sanghamitra says:

    Stunning photos as always! Love the elegance here! The family room is very calm and serene:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)


  4. Love this room with the hint of blue and the soft pink flowers.

  5. Kirsty says:

    Beautiful photos as always. Thanks for hosting! :D

  6. Your living room is giving me hope. I have cleaned plaster dust up five time today and have the contents of three rooms in my living room right now. This too shall pass-right?

  7. brandi says:

    Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for hosting! Your home is gorgeous! I absolutely love it. :)

  8. G’day. Love your blog. I did Bondi Beach a few years ago and loved it. You are a long way from Texas but I would love to invite you to Shabby Friends. I can tell you have a vintage soul.

  9. bj says:

    You have a darling living room..love the flowers and the olden oar..Looks great.

  10. Alice says:

    lol, I know what you mean about it not lasting long! As I am tidying up my little ones are behind me undoing all the work… This cold turns my mood into such a foul thing that I don’t feel like doing anything especially house work. Everything seems twice as hard during the cold snap of winter… Yes I am thinking that spring will hit us early this year too. Perhaps by mid next month, though I am not a fan of spring (only because I get severe hay fever) I am so looking foward to the warmth and shedding the several layers of clothing I have to carry around (that don’t seem to keep me warm!).

    I love your living space very fresh and welcoming, I love all the light comming in. I’ll be installing either a light tube or sky light in mine as it is too dark. No problems on sunny days but on wet days it’s like night time in here!

    Gorgeous home like always Sarah!

  11. Marnie says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Your room looks so “quiet”. Can I move in please?
    I get what you’re saying about the feel of Spring coming, I feel it today (thanks for sending the sunshine my way after all)
    I was in Target the other day and they were putting out all the Spring Fashion…still way too cold for it here, but it got me excited!!!
    Thanks for hosting again today, so many good blogs to check out.
    x Marnie

  12. Rose West says:

    What a beautiful room! Looks very relaxing and friendly :)

  13. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Sarah! These are lovely photos of your room. I love those soft pink flowers too!

  14. beth says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Your family room looks magazine shoot worthy! I’m wondering how you like your light colour leather sofa? I currently have a brown one that is super easy to look after but is a little tired and dated. I would love a cream/off white sofa but am scared of one on fabric and have noticed that you have a leather one. It’s looks so nice in your room.

    • sarah says:

      beth, i have both fabric and leather sofas in this cottage

      If I could turn back the clock I would not buy white leather again…not because it has gotten marked quickly, more that I don’t feel like it is cosy and ‘sinkinable’ if you know what I mean…

      however, one of the reasons I bought these two leather sofas was for their coolness for most of the year here it is warm…this has proven to be a good decision…

      this is the kiddos room and being able to spray and wipe the sofa has been good…though with my sofa in the sitting room it is just so darn easy to whip the covers off, soak in Napisan and wash on a hot wash

      bottom line : I wish I had bought a big poofy sectional in fabric….in fact I am trying to cook that up now…and give these leather ones a new home ;-)


      • Beth says:

        Thanks for taking the time to reply Sarah, I do know what you mean about ‘sinkinable’ – the cosy squishy leather ones can look a bit ’70s! Maybe I should re-think my fear of the washable covers ones. x

  15. alison says:

    Hi Sarah

    Yes, yesterday was magical weather too on the other side of the BIG bridge on the southern fringes of our city. I spent some time sipping tea in the sun in my front yard listening to the radio and sweeping up the leaves and gum nuts blown in by our crazy weather lately.

    I spied a healthy looking dandelion in our front garden. I love those fluffy seed balls of the dandelion. I have lots of happy childhood memories blowing off the fluffy seed pods and counting how many blows it took. Instead of pulling out the dandelion weed in my garden I decided to pot it yesterday to watch the whole life cycle from the convenience of my balcony. Well, one thing led to another and before I knew it I had weeded all my backyard gardens-the ones I look at, sigh and feel guilty about-and the garden near my letterbox. Wow…how did that happen? I had a ball and got a great sense of satisfaction. Sarah, I think it’s the weather that inspires me.

    Mr Alison brought me back to reality with a thud when he asked me “Why have you potted a dandelion??!!” I explained my lovely childhood memories. He said, “Well don’t blow all the seeds off cause they will grow into weeds that I have to dig them up.” It was a magical kind of day up to that point.

    He won’t know if I blow the seed pods off when he’s not here. Maybe I’ll blow them into the garbage bin. Mmmm, somehow not quite as magical.

    I love your flowers Sarah. They lift the spirits of everyone.


  16. Cricket says:

    Ahh..the talent of yours I wish I had!!!
    That room is the coziest!!
    Love it!

  17. I noticed the new oar – and thought, surely she hasn’t painted the white one a colour OTHER than white?!!

    All looking gorgeous as ever.

    Would you believe I have not yet had opportunity for French Onion Soup in France, and I am running out of time!

  18. Robyn says:

    I love looking at your house. I found your blog after seeing some of your pictures and saving them in my inspiration file for my one-day beach side cottage. While my style is very different to yours, I still swoon at yours. You really do have a beautiful home!

  19. Deneen says:

    Thank you for the linky party!

  20. Sibylle says:

    Since you are spending time in your garden, maybe you could take some more pictures there:-) maybe do a table setting , that would be awesome! Love your pictures as always!

  21. Barefoot Liz says:

    I want you to come decorate my home, please. :D

  22. justine says:

    I have been reading your blog for a few days now, wow it is great! we left sydney a few years ago to move back to England – I do miss it and your blog is a glimpse back to that world. I am linking up today too so thankyou!

  23. Beautiful as always….I’ll be right over to help with the gardening, which means I’ll definately have to stay for awhile in your lovely cottage! he! he!

  24. Definitely! I corrected my spelling.

  25. Christine says:

    I have that same coffee table in my living room. Except mine is black on the bottom rather than white. Its amazing the completely different personalities that come out with the color differences. Your pale room looks so cool and inviting. I could never get away with it, lol! I’m at least as messy as the kids and pets sometimes.

  26. Jan says:

    I love growing my own flowers and then being able to place them around my home. And I especially love photographing them. Another great post!

  27. Cheri says:

    Hi Sarah, love your site, my day always includes looking up B.C

    Could you please tell me where you got your oilcloth – latte colour with white dot – would love to use some, as am doing my study up with yours as a guide. Have looked as much as I can in Fremantle. w.a. without any luck. A friend is travelling to the Gold Coast, do you know if she can get the oilcloth somewhere there. Thanks, C

  28. The daffys are so pretty!

  29. I love your coffee table. I’m trying to find one second hand to paint it white, but wasn’t lucky until now in finding one with a nice shape.

  30. Kerry Rossow says:

    My kiddos sooooo love exploring the garden to fill our vases! These are gorgeous!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  31. Susan says:

    I love your living room! It makes me want to take all the bright colors out of my living room, and switch to a much paler palette.

    Your photography is exquisite.

  32. Thanks for the partay, Miz Sarah! I’ve been enjoying your blog so much lately! as always :) You are a blogess!!! xo ~ osc

  33. Sam Shay says:

    where are the brown and white stripe pillows from?