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Mon 4th, Jul, 2011

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for those of you that asked…

here’s the lil’ guy from the bedroom pic…

Now let me explain here, I have never been a dog-lover and was never allowed any pets as a child so having a dog padding around this old cottage is not second nature for me.

Mr Beach Cottage however had dogs in his life up until he met me really.   And armed with that knowledge and the sporting/3 kiddos commitments we have, he has always said a dog was a big old double espresso no.

That was until this guy came to stay with us.


…I have truly never ever understood why people love dogs

…now I know..

In just 1 day with us, he melted our hearts, he added another dimension to our family, he made teenagers smile, he made little ones positively burst with love, he made Miss BC relax and chill out…

..and more he made me very very happy…

we argued over who would feed him, we fought over who would walk him, we bargained over who would be cuddling him next and we debated whether or not we could stand to let him sleep outside,

and then he had to go home

and we cried and cried and cried

…he is the the little doggy that we have been looking after to see if we like it…

and now we are looking for one of our own

Happy Monday to you lovelies, it’s the first day of the holidays for us in NSW, the weather is divine, can’t believe this is Winter…going for a long long walk by the sea this arvo…happy days


p.s. any dog ownership advice, good, bad or ugly and breed recommendations etc I would happily love for you to leave for me…thanks




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134 Responses to “just love”

  1. Nel says:

    He is so cute Sarah! Our dogs have a way of weaving their way into our lives and our hearts. Our little George drives us nuts sometimes…he is a real little ratbag, lol! But we love him to bits and he’s so adorable, he is one of us! Good luck with finding your new little family member :) x

  2. Angie says:

    We have had many pups over the years. Wire Fox Terriers, smart but a little hyper, Schnauzer, Poodles, Boxers, too rough. We have a large pomerainian now who is great but maybe a bit small for a bunch of kids. I would suggest NO TERRIERS ! They are quite the Terrorists ! Maybe something that loves the water as much as you? Labador or a Retriever maybe. They take a bit of exercise so the kiddos will need to be ready for them. Most important is one that you just love ! How about a pound pup?

    • sarah says:

      thanks Angie…we are waiting for a rescue doggy or puppy to come up that we like…

      I have heard that about Terriers and am keeping clear lol!


  3. Peggy says:

    He looks exactly like our dog Shaggy! Can you tell me what kind of dog he is? We love our little guy to pieces and don’t know why we didn’t get a dog like him sooner. Good luck making your decision.

    • sarah says:

      G’day Peggy

      he is a moodle…cross between a maltese and a poodle and absolutely hilarious and unbelievably loving…charmed me right outta my socks lol

  4. Cate Bain says:

    “Just love”. That sums it up perfectly. Dogs will give it unconditionally and with such unfailing loyalty. Reading how this cute little fella has chamrmed his way into your heart brought a tear to my eye. It’s five months since our beloved labrador died. He was our one and only family pet, very much part of the family and enjoyed such a special relationship with the two young boys who excitedly brought him home as puppy and who had grown into men by the time he passed away. I miss him every single day.

    • sarah says:

      ah, sorry to read that Cate…

      I would love my kiddos to that relationship you talk about

  5. Lynne says:

    Nothing like reaching out and touching a “soft and furry” and feeling instantly that he/she loved the touch and appreciated you.

    I put in a plus for hypoallergenic!

    That little “Blackie” looks like mine which you will see often on Irish Garden House..

    I hope you choose YES for a dog, nothing better!
    Love, Lynne

  6. Susan says:

    no advice… just get one… we are dog people and are patiently waiting for another two weeks before our two new loves come to be in our family…..

    just get one… or two *wink

    • sarah says:

      Susan I don’t think I could even swing that with favours ;-)

      you are obvsiously better at them than me hahaha

      enjoy your new additions…you are mad!

  7. sarah says:

    Love, love, love Labs. Grew up with them and it was my first dog after moving out on my own. However, I think the breed would be a challenge for me now with kids’ schedules. Labs are full of energy until age five or so and you can’t skip their exercise. We have a Glen of Imaal Terrier now and adore him. The breed is referred to as the couch potato of terriers. 15 minutes of exercise a day. About the size and stature of a Bassett and does not shed. He is more independent than a Lab but still very affectionate and great with the kiddos.

    • sarah says:

      thanks Sarah!

      I haven’t heard of that breed…I like couch potatoes lol!


      • sarah says:

        The low energy is a lifesaver! Hadn’t heard of the breed either until we lost our Lab. I think I read every single dog breed profile there was. Met with a breeder and fell in love with the breed. They’re more abundant in Ireland (where they originated and the UK). Not sure about Australia.

  8. Carol says:

    If you have the ability to provide daily interactive exercise, border collies are wonderful pets. Very smart and must have intelligent interaction. I have read that a Brussells Griffon is a large dog in a small dog body. It’s the dog in the Helen Hunt/Jack Nicholson movie As Good As It Gets. Just remember to research a breed; working/hunting dogs require a “job” or may be destructive from boredom. Mutts are always a fabulous choice for a family member and tend to be healthier overall. Sometimes owners of purebreeds end up with some “oops” puppies and want to place them in wonderful homes; the advantage is you know for sure what 1/2 the mix is!

    • sarah says:

      thanks Carol for the advice…the exercise will definitely happen – one of the reasons we want a dog, to take it on our walks

  9. Yup, that’s how it happens… one day you are just thinking about getting a dog, but perfectly content with your life, and then you dog-sit for a little while and you can’t possibly wait until you get one of your own! We had my in-laws crabby old terrier stay with us for a week and even HE made us crazy for a dog! My advice is to do a lot of research about breeds to find the right fit for you – that can make all the difference in how happy you will be with that new family member. Also, make time for training your friend. That has made a huge difference in our relationship with our pup! Good luck!!! xo ~ osc

  10. Deb says:

    Ohhhhhh melt my heart! We used to have a black dog just like him. Ohhhh. Now we have an apricot spoodle and she is adorable. There is something to be said though about a black fluffy one. I hope you find one soon.

  11. That little dog is adorable. Instant love I can see that.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh Sarah hes delightful..we picked up our new puppy on Friday..a Maltese x Shitzu and we’re all totally in love =) Oakey has melted our hearts the minute we saw him..I can highly recommend a puppy and if I can do it with 6 kids ANYONE can HA! xx

  13. HRH Sarah says:

    Hey Sarah- that little guy is just so precious! I would suggest something non shedding like a poodle or poodle mix. They’re generally smart and easy going. Also a maltese or bichon frise can be lovely little companions- though maltese tend to be small and delicate, which is something to consider with more manly people around…

  14. Amy says:

    Awwwwwww Lovely Photo! He is a very sweet looking pup!

  15. Dawn says:

    Your story brought a tear to my eyes, too! There’s nothing like a dog. As mentioned above, research whatever breed (or breeds in the case of a pound puppy) to insure it will fit with your lifestyle. All require and thrive on daily exercise, but some breeds more than others. Our dogs have all been strays found on the street or acquired from the shelter. They are SO appreciative for their new home and will be faithful to the end!

    Good luck, Sarah!! You are in for a lifechanging (in a good way) experience!

  16. love that little dog…. so cute and looks loveable too! We have had several types of dogs but our favorite are always a mix with small poodle… cute, smart and loveable! Right now we have a 7 pound pekepoo… she is so much become a part of our family after I swore no pets allowed….LOL.

  17. Yay! So excited by your new family addition. We’re waiting for our house addition to be done before we can get a “doggy” for the little one. Right now she just adopts all of the neighbour’s dogs as her own.

  18. Esther says:

    Just to state the obvious really – go to a rescue centre. They’ll help you find a breed and temperament that’s best suited to your family and lifestyle. Not to mention you’ll be giving a home to a dog that’s in desperate need of one, and you can be sure that you’re not indirectly funding puppy farms or adding to the excessive number of unwanted animals.

    Good luck!

  19. Brigid says:

    It is my opinion that dogs give we humans an opportunity to experience unconditional love. We have had 2 Brittanys, an Aussie, a Golden and Corgi/who knows what? mix-all wonderful, loving pets. Committing means time (and dinero) but totally worth it. I highly recommend crate training-housebreaking is fairly painless and it helps with other puppy behaviors. BTW, be prepared to be your pet’s favorite human as all of that help you are promised by your people will dwindle off;-) Good luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      We have a maltese/shitzhu/shnauzer cross – he will be 10 years old this year. I have 3 boys who play a LOT of sport year round (bit like yours, one competing at National level) – so we knew we had to get a dog that wouldn’t need loads and loads of exercise, or else he’d go stir crazy. I grew up with Border Collies, and they are beautiful dogs, but it would have been cruel to have had one, and then not had the time to give him. So, we picked one that suited our lifestyle – he doesn’t shed (which is an absolute godsend), he’s absolutely gorgeously cute, he has a lovely temperament, he’s a good size (not too small, not too large), and he doesn’t dig your garden up like labs are inclined to do! The boys adore him, and he adores us.

  20. lotusjude says:

    We have a poodle/schnauzer mix (schnoodle) who is absoultely adorable. If you don’t like constant vacumming or sweeping choose a breed like a poodle or schnauzer that doesn’t moult. They need reqular grooming and cliping but there is nothing better that a dog fresh from the doggy beauty parlour! Watch “The Dog Whisper” to pick up hints on how best to train them and puppy school and obedience training is a must, no if’s buts or maybe’s! Have fun choosing one!

  21. Cheryl says:

    He is adorable, and I can see how he melted your hearts. We have not one, not two but THREE!!!!! labrador retrievers. I love them all to bits. I do blame Emma-dog for the next two. She was such a sweet dog. Our lives took a drastic change as my husband was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Degeneration. When we could no longer travel I decided a puppy would keep us busy, and entertained…. well, my darling husband fell in love with two… so here I am, with three loving labradors… All labradors want to do is make you happy~

  22. Deanne says:

    He’s very cute, sorry no advice- we live in the country and our last 3 dogs have been border collies, very busy things they are.
    However, after many years growing up and thinking I was a dog person I have decided I am really a cat person, when our current dog goes I can’t see us replacing him, but I can see another cat taking his place, but I wouldn’t want anymore than 2 cats- I am not one of those people with dozens of cats!

  23. Linda says:

    Adopt one from a shelter. Many times they are already housebroken and you can see the temprament. Often people have to give up dogs because someone is allergic or they can’t afford it. Not the dog’s fault. And the dog will be etermally grateful!

  24. Norell says:

    I have lived with dogs all my life and can’t imagine life without at least one at home. If you want a black one, I’d go with one that doesn’t shed. We have two black labs mixes (rescue/pound puppies) and they shed so much that I could walk behind them with the vacumn and still have dog hair on everything. You will know when you find the right one – your hearts will melt & you won’t be able to leave without him/her. Can’t wait to hear about your new adventures!!!

  25. LeAnn says:

    Well I’m a dog lover so I’m probably a bad one to offer advice. We have two, our second one is a rescue and she is the sweetest dog ever. I can’t imagine life without dogs.

  26. Fleur says:

    We have a cocker spaniel, its a fantastic breed. Small but not lap dog’ish, very loyal and fun. The only thing is the hair and slobber, which you will get with any dog… it drives me crazy but wouldnt have it any other way.
    One word of advice, the smaller the dog, the smaller the poo you have to pick up!

  27. Faith says:

    He is the spitting image of our dog, right down to the blue bone name tag (not a red collar however) Ours is a Shitzu Poodle (ShitzPoo -our name for this designer breed). He’s a little bigger than we wanted, but still only 20lbs. He brings such joy to me, and I take him with me everywhere – weather permitting. He has an older sister – Shepherd cross, and a younger brother (by 6 months) – a Brazilian/English Mastiff cross. Our little guy keeps up with them no problem. He always misses us, even if it’s only been a half hour.
    Him and I run and play and laugh and chase, he’s such a joy. We didn’t crate train, but I wish we had, as I’d sometimes like to take him with me when I go for the weekend. You’ll know when you find your puppy love.

  28. Valerie Teeling says:

    Ahhhhh! Dogs are the greatest companions.

    We just had to put our 16 year old dog to sleep. The picture of this dog on your blog was what he looked like as a pup; it brought me fond memories.

    I would recommend a cock-a-poo. We have had two in my lifetime. They are very smart dogs and cuddly.

  29. Kirsty says:

    Sarah I cant commend you enough for getting a pup from a shelter. It’s so truly important to get dogs from shelters rather than breeders. They really are wonderful aren’t they? I’m keeping my eyes open for one myself :) My advice is to show it as much love and care as possible because they give back all that love.

  30. Cas says:

    Oh he’s so adorable, Sarah! We have a three year old black labrador, who is our first doggy since becoming a family. Our kids were quite little when we got him and although he is huge and unbelievably energetic, he has always been very gentle, loving and affectionate towards all of us. We enrolled him in puppy preschool and he became a wonderful sitter and stayer, he comes when he’s called and plays fetch…you can even put a slab of meat right in front of him and he won’t touch it until he’s been told. BUT…put a lead on him and you will most likely end up with gravel-rash on your face! We’ve tried everything, to no avail, and it can be extremely frustrating at times, but we wouldn’t give him up for the world :) So my advice is…1. Be aware that dogs, like people, can have incurable idiosyncrasies, and 2. Consider a small dog!! ;)
    Cas x

  31. Erin says:

    I was only thinking the other day about your beach cottage and thinking about the fact that you don’t have any furry creatures in your family. I’m pretty sure it was why I was trying to vacuum the dog hair off my white couches actually…lol. (Admiring your wise decision…haha)
    We had to put down our little old white poodle about 7 weeks ago. It really was such a terribly sad experience for all of us. I was so surprised at the effect it had on me as I didn’t really think I really had such a warm fuzzy place in my heart for this little fella who’d been with us for 13 1/2 years. But there you go, I felt like I’d lost a child. (no comparison seriously)
    Fast forward a few weeks and we couldn’t bear it any longer and we adopted a little maltalier and a beaglier. We just adore them to bits. They have brought nothing but love, laughter, fun, exercise etc to all of us. The positive stuff does out way the endless cleaning of dog hair and I’m sure they are still cleaner than the kids anyway. I reckon a spoodle, cavoodle etc is the way to go…cute bundles of fun and energy without the hair shedding problem.

  32. Erin says:

    Oh Cas- you probably won’t read this, but have you tried a Halti? My son had this big powerful dog living with us for a few years. After an incident where he nearly pulled my shoulder out of it’s socket, I went and bought him a H
    alti. It kind of fits over there nose and under their chin and it pulls their mouth closed if they pull too much. They hate this and it takes away 90 % of their pulling power. Turbo is six now and my son still uses it everyday.

  33. Lindsay says:

    Breed advice: I have poodles and love them. From a house keeping standpoint they are pretty much perfect. As they don’t really shed it is very rare for there to be any dog hair on me or any of the furniture.

  34. Trish says:

    Hi Sarah, I don’t think that you can go wrong with Poodles. I have a toy Poodle and a standard poodle they are the best natured dogs I have ever come across and great in the house. They just fill your heart with joy with all the little things that they get up to personality plus and very very intelligent I just love them. And remember dogs pick you, you don’t pick them but you will know the one. Trish ;)

    • trish says:

      Another Trish here I have a standard poodle too and just adore him and agree with the other trish :)

  35. Mimi says:

    Hi,Sarah. I’ve been reading your blogs for a while,but this is the first time I leave the comment.

    Having a dog as part of your family sounds wonderful!! We have two whippets who are loyal and loving.

    Their origin is England so that you might know or have seen them. They are called fastest couch potatoes like greyhouds are called.

    Just wanted to let you know how wonderful they are to our family!! xo!!

  36. Alia says:

    My Mister and I just recently adopted a corgi (my favorite breed)! He is the sweetest thing to us, and even though we had to spend a lot to get him neutered and teeth cleaned, etc., and even though he has horrible leash manners and barks his head off for no reason at random people and dogs (especially since he got fixed, no idea why), to us he is the most wonderful cuddly love muffin in the world! My advice would be to go just go for it! There are always going to be problems, but it is definitely worth it. Oh and corgis are an awesome choice if you don’t mind mounds of dog hair and a bit of animal/children herding!

  37. Fiona says:

    hi Sarah – I’m like you. I could never understand why people loved dogs so much. Until we got a little cavoodle of our own. He is half poodle, half king charlies cavielier. Fantastic breed. the hair is wool so he doesnt shed, or smell. so soft. He’s very intelligent, friendly and loving. Doesnt yap either. We got him from a breeder in Wyong. lovely woman. for around $1000 which is much cheaper than pet shops. let me know if you want details. Ican send photos etc if you want.
    the dog in the photos above it too cute.
    looking forward to what you decide.
    with all the white in your house i’d definitely be getting a poodle cross so you don’t end up with dog hair everywhere.
    cheers Fiona

    • sarah says:

      Fiona, we have seen a lot of cavoodles come up in the rescue centre…we will probably get one of these or a moodle…we are just waiting for the right one..


    • Tracey says:

      Another vote for Cavoodles here….ours is 7yrs old now and been an absolute pleasure since we got him….brilliant family dog, wonderful temperement…could’nt have asked for a better dog.
      Tracey xx

  38. beverley.prentice@bigpond.com says:

    We are on cockerspaniel number 4…Mr Buster who has stolen all our hearts. Even our teenage daughter who never gave our previous golden cocker SOx the time of day talks baby talk to this beautiful boy. Dogs make you a better person.!

  39. Karen says:

    I always wanted a dog and 4 1/2 years ago we got ours. He is a rescue and a total mommas boy and one of hte BEST decisions we ever made!

  40. Robynne says:

    Golly Sarah, the minute I read this post this morning, I knew there would be a big response…we’ve had two pure bred border collies…they need lots of exercise and are very intelligent. We had just gotten our second (after the first one died), when we moved to QLD…had visions of taking Toby down the beach…he hated the bloody water and hated the car (salivated all over the place)…but still wanted to come. I used to go in for a dip on my own with him waiting on the beach…then I’d hear a plonk and a splash…and there he was paddling madly towards me with a worried expression on his face…he wanted to be with me…to look out for me…but he couldn’t stand the swimming part…he would do this a dozen times till I got out….They are great company…but as a few others have said any dog needs to be trained…there’s nothing more embarrassing than having your pet knock visitors flying….Robx

    • sarah says:

      thanks Robynne…hilarious story…I need a dog that likes exercise and one who behaves!


  41. the freckled minx says:

    Hey Sarah, My words of advice – big dog, big poo – small dog, small poo! I have a furry baby Lizzi who is a cross between a long haired jack russell and a maltese – cute as a button and not unlike the one in your photo. Can’t wait to see which doggie chooses you!

  42. kerrie says:

    We have a white maltese…Bella Bleu…she is the best thing that ever happened to me. She is so mild tempered and just a nice dog. She is hypoallergenic which means no shedding. She was really easy to potty train. I grew up with black poodles and they are wonderful too. They can be a bit snooty or snippy but I think it all depends on how you raise them. Ours were nice because we raised them as if they were labs. Our maltese(well and our poodles) love the water…love the ocean. I would suggest getting a girl. Boys tend to pee on everything. Good luck!

  43. Two Words. Bichon Frise. You cannot go past them – they are white, fluffy, adorable, friendly, fun, do not lose hair, are fantastic companions, totally fabulous, don’t yap and bark and carry on, are happy to be with you and are equally happy to do their ‘blitz’ and amuse themselves when you’re not around. They are the best friend you could ever hope for.

    If you see a fair bit of a breed at the pound, shelters etc is usually for a good reason.

    TDM xx

    ps check out the pics of my babies

    • sarah says:

      hmm, I hadn’t thought of that…there for a reason

      thanks for the recommendation, I will be looking into it


  44. Nicole says:

    Hi Sarah. My hubby & I have a aussie bulldog. She is the most adroable dog. So loyal & loving.they are also great with kids all ages.

    They provide endless entertainment with their quirks, snoring & puppy dreaming. Our dog has been a great addition to our family.

    Got to love our furry kids. X

  45. Nicole says:

    Ooh forgot to mention. Aussie bulldogs, well few we know including ours do not bark. Which is additional plus to all their other fabulous qualities. X

  46. Tina says:

    Golden Retriever every time! They love the water – beach, child friendly and all round a family dog, and cute too!

  47. Rachael says:

    Hi Sarah, I am currently working at For Dogs’ Sake in Chippendale, Sydney. I would totally recommend checking out http://www.doggierescue.com.au/ and looking at maybe even fostering a mature dog (4-6 years old) before deciding to move on to a puppy. Which is an entire new can of worms. For living around Sydney a smaller dog is usually what people choose, with your smaller children, I would recommend a smaller dog in the terrier family like a Westland Terrier who will be able to run and chase your children around on the beach and still be small enough to sit on your lap. Terriers are smaller dogs with a little cheekiness to them and their sometimes wirey fur is easier to care for than most lap dogs’. Or if you want a loyal solely lap dog something like a Moodle (maltese x poodle) would be a great size and happy go lucky smart personality… I have too much to say and would need to know a lot more of what you’re looking for and what activities you want to share with your dog… I’m excited to follow your journey

    I highly recommend you talk to a professional like a dog trainer from DogLogic.com.au whose featured in the Sydney publication Urban Animal

  48. Alice says:

    Sarah I know I have complained about the dogs in my life but I can tell you now I couldn’t give up my bella (labrador retriever) for anything ( my days dog sitting the great dane are finally over thank goodness!). Though she digs holes, holes can be re-filled… It’s pretty much the worst thing she does. I feel so sad I can’t have her in the house(she sheds like no tomorrow!) but since we spend most of our time outside it’s not a big deal. She is so kind and loving to my little ones and us too, I still remember the day we got her. There was a lot of begging and grovelling but I couldn’t help it my heart was going to explode with love for this pupppy that looked so lonely in the pet shop and she was so adorable sleeping in my arms… I still have her album (over 500 photos – crazy I know but she is such a poser I can’t help it) and the lady thought it was so strange I took so many photos of the one dog – clearly she didn’t see what I saw…

    I had always wanted a dog or a cat but my mum hates animals of any sort so I wasn’t allowed to keep any. Bella has given me so much joy and has taught me so much about love and patience I try not to think about when that day comes (she is now seven) because I know I will be so sad and I will miss her deeply… If you want somefurryone with the same personality as a lab without the shedding go with the (non-shedding curly hair) labradoodle or alternative a lagotto (italian). They have gorgoeus personalities and are great family dogs though there’s a bit of maintenance when it comes to their coats (but I think that is with all dogs/cats) . Also I was told the longer the fur the less the shedding the more the maintenace…

    So cute….

  49. nicole says:

    doggies, provide so much love and affection. We have a NZ hunterway and also a shitzu. both equally as loveable, and whats more they adore each other despite the age difference. quite often the little one stays in especially in winter. she gets along well with the smaller cat, the bigger cat wont have anything to do with any of them. but they all in there own way bring joy and smiles and make us laugh at the silly things they do.

  50. We are going through the same thing in our family now. Kept telling the kids, we have to wait until we get back from our holiday in Sydney. We got back on Friday. I came home today to find my daughter looking up Schnoodles on the internet. I didn’t know she could even spell that!
    Good luck with the search,
    Kylie x

  51. Sue says:

    We had our beloved labrador for 13 1/2 years, loved her to bits and still miss her every day – even after 14 years!!! Labs and retreivers make lovely family pets – soft and gentle so few worries over agression or biting, defend their territory (and yours) and love your friends. Chocolate labs are the most excitable but the yellow ones are ideal first dogs. Labs, of course, being short haired make your house less hairy. Either way make sure your vacuum cleaner is working well!! You’re going to need it!!!!!!!

    Good luck


  52. Bec says:

    We are dog-and-cat-free in our family at present …. and boy, does it make overseas holidays (well, ALL travel, really) so much easier! No kennel bills, no fuss, just lock up the house and go.

    That said, if you are keen to get a dog, I recommend a poodle. They come in three sizes ( the big ones are QUITE big) and they don’t shed hair! Of course, that means that they have to get haircuts, but it is a real bonus cleaning wise – especially if anyone gets allergies.

    Dogs are great, but the honeymoon usually ends and mum is left picking up the poo. I liked ours but am also liking the freedom of not having them. We are down to two hens now ….

    • Sharon Smart says:

      I agree Bec, pets make holidays expensive and tricky! And yes..it is mum who is left with the jobs once the novelty wears off…. Sorry to be a ‘downer’ but I do speak from experience lol

      We are down to 2 cats now (from 2 cats, fish, birds, guinea pigs)….

  53. Samantha says:

    What ever you get, love it with all you have and it will love you with all it has. :)

  54. bianca says:

    A little furry creature really completes the family and are the best way to get to know people in your neighbourhood. My partner and I are complete slaves to our pretty little Italian Greyhound, but I would definitely say that they are probably not suited to most households. However their whippet cousins make a great indoor family pet and have such a super sleek easy care coat, especially after a visit to the beach. Having said that I meet sooooo many different poodle mix breeds and they are just the sweetest, happiest friendly little things and am considering one as a second dog.. Really looking forward to meeting the new BC family member. :)

  55. bianca says:

    P.S. If you get a poodle you will need to get it use to being clipped.

  56. melissa says:

    We have a chocolate lab and she’s a wonderful pet! Depends on whether you’re looking for large or small and I’d definitely try to find a breed that doesn’t shed. :) Can’t beat a lab if you want a large dog. If you prefer small, there are TONS of choices, but little French bull dogs are just soooo cute!
    Be prepared for a commitment of up to 13 years, though, from just about any dog you bring home! Huge commitment!
    Best of luck.

  57. Every home needs an animal around it. For me it’s the guinea pigs and the chooks. Hope you find the furry friend of your dreams soon!

  58. Just look for one ’til there’s one you fall in love with! I wasn’t going to have any more but a little white puppy with a big nose and curly fur just melted my heart. Now he’s a funny big nosed grey and white dog with long curly hair, long curly ears and a good nature and he has wiggled his way so far under my skin that I shall look after him for all of his life!

  59. marcia says:

    I have always always always had a dog in my life. Our current dogs are a Rat Terrier, a Chihuahua, and a Papillon. Yes, they do take over your life, they can get expensive with the vaccinations, food, grooming and kennel costs if you travel and can’t take them with you. I absolutely love my dogs and can’t imagine not having one in my life. Losing them is the hardest part. If you haven’t seen the movie “Marley and Me”, I highly recommend you sit and watch it with your family with a box of kleenex (for each of you) LOL. Great movie.
    Marcia in California

  60. Amber Mooney says:

    We brought our Goldendoodle home three months ago and I could not imagine life without her! She has the temperament of a retriever with the non-shedding qualities of a poodle. She loves to swim and she loves to cuddle. It really is an awesome relationship. Our only regret is having waited so long.

  61. Leith says:

    We have a miniature schnauzer who is the love of our lives. The best present we ever bought our children nearly seven years ago. She is the sweetest, lovelies pup. Ever.

  62. Peggy Raymer says:

    We have a Bichon/Poodle mixture and he loves everyone. Your life will change with a dog, however the love they give you is unconditional. They make you laugh, they make you cry. They know when your happy, sad and mad. You lose some of your freedom, however you gain so many little moments. They each have their own personalities . Find one that works for your family. If you love going to the beach look at a lab or a portuguese water dog. If you want small a poodle mix is great, doesnt shed. All I can say is they will be a part of your family , and forever in your heart.

  63. P.K. says:

    If you are thinking of getting a dog, research the type of breed that would suite you and your family lifestyle. Do you want a small/mid size
    or large dog, one that needs a lot of exercise, does the dog shed, need grooming etc. Then when you get the dog, be sure to have signed up for puppy classes and further training. I cannot emphasize enough the need for training, not the dog as much as the humans. Also with a number of people in the family everyone must be on the same page in regards to the training. Happy dog = happy family. Good luck with finding a new family member. Cheers.

  64. Candice says:

    Poodles are good .. they are water dogs. They have hair not fur so they wash easy and smell good all the time, and do not shed . It also grows so they have to have it cut every few months, but not special cut unless you are into that.
    They are considered to be the or one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs.

    From having had dogs all of my life and for the last 12 years having a Standard Poodle, I will say that I would never have another kind of dog. They need training as all dogs do, especially smart dogs, you never want a bored dog in the house, like kids, they will get into trouble.

    They are also very sociable and friendly, but can be good watch dogs.

    Looking at my blog you can get an idea of what it is like to live with a Standard Poodle .. if you are lucky, you will get one like Pup :)

  65. sandra says:

    Hi Sarah!

    All I can say is “It’s about time!” LOL Doggies are fabulous! Oh, and because you have such a love of home…get a doggy that doesn’t shed! Mine’s a Yorkie/Shitzu who is absolutely adorable (kinda looks like the little one you had, but blonde) and doesn’t shed at all!

    I’ve had others, and it really does make a difference!

    Have Fun!

  66. Rachel says:

    Hi Sarah

    We have a black labrador who is 3 years old now. He is gorgeous and a fully integrated member of our family – my two boys love him so much and he has added a new dimension to our home. However, dogs are a huuuuuuge commitment – they are hairy, a bit smelly sometimes, and total attention seekers. We, like you, live by the sea (in Kent, England) and our dog goes in the sea most days – this is fine, but it does mean that you have to bring home a wet dog, and I dread to think the damage that would do to your lovely white cottage. My advice would be to get a small dog – cocker spaniels are gentle, fun, loving and make great pets. Labradors have wonderful natures, but can make a right mess (I know from experience). Enjoy anyway…. rachelxxx

  67. Laura says:

    I think you should adopt a dog that needs a home instead of getting a particular breed. There are lots of sweet dogs in shelters.
    P.S. I love your blog!


    • Laura says:

      Not the same Laura that posted, but wanted to echo her statement of adopting a dog from a shelter. Please adopt–save a life!

  68. Eileen says:

    I have had a few dogs in my life. A beagle growing up, a black lab in my twenties and a cocker spaniel in me forties. The black lab did shed a bit but what a fine dog he was. Very family oriented and very safe. The cocker, Shadow , we had for 14 years, although we loved him dearly I don’t recommend with kids. There are extra work and extra watching.
    first off he was a little spiteful and would pee in the house, when we left him alone on soccer days. (We should have listened to the advice of his sister who had one that did this same thing, when they left without him!!) And occasionally depending on his moods he would nip at a youngster. ( never saw any bad behavior with Sparky the black labrador.) My sis now has a Labra-Doodle, a combo of labrador and poodle. It is a very sweet and freindly dog that really does not shed a lot.

  69. Heather says:

    Shelter dogs!

  70. Kelsey says:

    Hi Sarah,

    We found our sweet mutt through petfinder.com. I would imagine there is a similar site in Australia. We were able to search all the rescues, shelters, and pound organizations in North America, and could narrow it down by species, breed, age, sex, location, or organization. We could also specifically look at dogs that were good with kids, other dogs, cats, or needed to be the only animal in a home. Careful – you’ll fall in love with their pictures!

    I did a quick google search and these are the sites that came up as similar to petfinder:


    We went with a local organization that fostered dogs that came from Mexico as rescues; they were fostered in family homes, which meant that we were able to meet the dog we had selected in their home and observe her interactions with kids and the other dogs there before we officially adopted her. It took her a couple of months to develop some confidence, but she has turned into an amazing dog. We get asked two or three times a walk about her, since she is so sweet. Nobody knows our names, but they all know hers!

    Be prepared to take your dog to the vet a few times a year, both for the regular checkups and for the unexpected. Ours is allergic to wheat so develops hot spots if she eats it. The first needed treatment and a cone of shame for a few days, but we now have her on a wheat free food which has helped quite a bit. If your dog is at the beach it may pick up a bit of glass or get cut feet from shells, or eat something terrible.

    We have crate trained our dog, which did wonders for her confidence. She is perfectly happy to stay home during the day if we are out, and is much happier traveling in the car if she is in her crate. There is no damage to our house or vehicle while out this way.

    We also found we had to try several different types of toys for her to keep her brain occupied. She loves puzzles, and often figures things out much faster than we expect her to. I’m looking to try her in agility as I think it will keep her busy. It’s amazing the changes we’ve made to our lives and the way we schedule around the dog in terms of when she will need a walk or to go outside, the way we travel, considerations for the house we will buy at some point, etc. Funny thing is, we wouldn’t change it for anything!

    • Kelsey says:

      oops, looks like dogrescue doesn’t exist as a site anymore. The other two do though!

  71. Astrid says:

    Get a miniature dachshund, you can’t go wrong. He will love you to bits, protect you and your house fiercely, clean all your floors with his little tongue and best of all he is portable so you can take him on the plane in the cabin with you. Being small, a mini doxie doesn’t eat very much food (2/3cup of kibble a day), costs less to treat at the vet (most go by weight, so labs and bigger poodles can get very expensive), costs less for just about anything! Smaller dog bed, smaller kennel, smaller leashes etc – it adds up!
    You can pick any color – white, red, blonde, brown, black, spotted, striped, solid… Long fur, short fur, wire haired… All are super cute! Short legs mean you don’t have to worry about him knocking stuff off the coffee table, stealing food from your counter or at the table etc etc! My mini doxie is a hit everywhere we go! Kids are obsessed with holding and petting him, adults swoon and want to take pictures. They love to explore and go with you everywhere, the beach, the market, on road trips, you name it. He is a huge cuddle bug but equally playful. Smaller body also means less fur. They shed twice a year four maybe a month, and then very little fur the rest of the year. Weekly brushing is enough, no expensive groomer required. Mine is a white piebald longhair and in your cottage, you wouldn’t even see his white fur!
    Check out doxies on YouTube, you will fall in love!!!

  72. Love our brown labrador, Ella. She is really a source of constant delight in my family. But I warn you: after the first few days, all the bathing, feeding, walking and vet visiting will be fall on your head, and all the FAITHFUL promises to take car of your dog will be forgotten.

  73. erin says:

    rosie, my golden retriever, was a wonderful member of our family. she loved my boys, me, water, whole carrots, and to be loved. good training in the beginning for you and your dog is such a gift.

  74. Tovah says:

    let me add another vote in for shelter or rescue dogs! There are so many great dogs that are waiting for homes. If you have a particular breed in mind a rescue is a great way to go (and the dogs come all vaccinated, neutered and usually you have a really good idea of what they’ll be like in a home if they’ve been fostered.)

    Also please, please take a basic obedience class with your dog. I volunteer at the local humane society and so many “teenager” dogs get turned in/found by animal control because they were cute as puppies but were never trained and as soon as they stopped being cute no one wants them around because they aren’t house broken/leash trained/they jump up etc. Training gives you and your dog a “common language.”

    As far as breeds I’m partial to German Shepherds but they do best with strong boundaries and training. Probably not the greatest for a first time dog owner with little dog experience. There is the cutest little cocker spaniel at the shelter right now–they make great family pets and are not too big. Very silky coats and big liquid eyes, so cute!

  75. Please tell me what breed this little cutie is?? Thanks.

  76. Sharon says:

    I’m with Carol. Look around until you find a dog that just tugs at your families heart. You could be set on one particular breed and then find this wonderful fluff ball that you cannot live without! You just never know. That’s kind of how it was when I adopted my dog Lily. I wasn’t looking for a fluffy dog but when I saw her on Petfinder.com I just knew she was the one, and she still is. I know Labs are very popular but they do shed something terrible and if your not used to all that hair you will hate it. Definitely not the dog for me. I’d recommend visiting local shelters or looking online. So many dogs need a loving home, and there are a lot of purebreds up for adoption too. Best of luck!

  77. catherine says:

    we have a bassett…love her like a third child, BUT….she sheds alot and wnts to rub up on my white furniture..it must be love!

  78. Erica says:

    Getting my two working English Springer Spaniels Holly and Bramble was the best thing I ever did. Yes they are a tie sometimes, every decision has to consider their wellbeing. But they have been completely worth it. They make me smile everyday and it’s true with dogs that the more you love them the more they love you, unconditionally. Springers have a reputation for being crazy but they honestly aren’t if they get walked regularly. The working, as opposed to show, breed are so clever and they have so much character. One controversial tip is to get two dogs. They really do keep each other amused and company. It was the best decision I ever made.

  79. Chatelaine says:

    I have no dog advice but I have 3 cats and my advice is this: pay attention to them every day no matter how busy you are. They will love you unconditionally. Definitely get a dog frrom a shelter, they need homes and they make such great pets!

    Your photo is adorable. I’m glad caring for the dog turned you around.

  80. Sallie says:

    How wonderful that your family has decided on a dog. Here in Michigan, USA, our family has three adopted dogs. They are wonderful dogs and so darn cute. One was adopted from a puppy mill rescue group and two sisters were adopted from a divorce where neither party wanted them. The three are the light of our lives besides coming to us already potty trained, knowing tricks and needing love. They are Cavalier King Charles spaniel–an English breed. I would so encourage you to rescue a dog and save its life. In fact, I went to Pet
    Rescue Australia and looked around the site. I found Albert who is so adorable! I don’t know if he is a possibility for your family but I encourage you to go to the site and look around. There just might be a doggy light of your life needing your family’s love and home.

  81. Sue from NZ says:

    Hi Sarah, The first thing to consider is whether the dog is going to be inside. I think I can answer this myself – YES !!
    In that case I would get something that doesn’t shed- like a poodle or bichon. But, be warned my parents had a standard poodle (large) a miniature poodle (middle size) & a bichon at different times. They found the standard too head strong for them as she needed a much firmer approach than the min. The bichon barked all the time as do every bichon I’ve ever known. I have always had German Shepherds (4) love them, BUT in your beautiful house I don’t think so !! In fact when the last one died, my cleaning lady knocked $20 off her weekly bill as the cleaning was a breeze without the dog fur, splatters up the walls & fur on the bed !!!
    My pick would be a miniature poodle. Note that it is the middle size one- the Toy is the little one.
    Good luck. Ha ha now that we are doggieless, some random kitty has moved in- must think we need a pet !!

  82. Kristen says:

    I’m another shelter dog lover. I think if I were to choose a dog based on breed research, I would never have found the perfect connections I have with my two mutts. We chose each other based on meeting and playing and exploring together, instead of by reading about generalizations. I feel so very blessed to have them both in my life, even though they shed like monsters. :) I honestly don’t think I will ever buy a dog, because I believe that if you give shelters a chance, the perfect dog finds you. Good luck!

  83. Andrea says:

    I have a Hungarian Vizsla, very high energy but the perfect dog if you have time to exercise them – they are known as Velcro Vizslas as they are so loving and just crave human attention. Plus an added bonus is they are such beautiful looking dogs. The best thing about them is their extremely short coat and they virtually shed no hair. As you live near the beach I think a Golden Retriever would drive you insane with the constant wet long hair and as soon as they see water they are in it – labradors are the same and as beautiful as they are my sister has one and his hair is in every corner of the house – she is constantly vacuuming. Having a dog is such a fantastic way to meet people – I’ve met more people who live in or close to my street in the past 3 years since having my dog then I have in the last 20 driving in and out of my driveway. All dogs are beautiful and amazing – exercise is the key though to having a happy, well behaved dog.

  84. tami says:

    Sarah, I too am a total Dog lover since being married as I didn’t grow up with one. My Dog is the reason I started calling my Hubby “Daddy” sappy I know but it’s the truth. She’s our only child, and we love her dearly. Prior to getting her we had our other Dog until she died for over 10 years and after she died I said no more. But our lives were a little emptier without a dog. We feed our dog a mixture of wet and dry food, she seems to do better with some substance other than all soft from a can. If you get an active dog they love to play but with three kids that should be no prob for you. Although the smaller dogs like the one you baby sat are what we call “lap dogs” they love to sit on your laps and cuddle and be petted and are just nice for the entire family. Don’t forget to tell us what name you all choose, can’t wait to see your new pet, tami

  85. tami says:

    PS, I did a fun Dog Project on my blog you might like, here’s the link, hugs

  86. lol! Oh, how well I know how those furbabies can melt your heart, Sarah! Hubby and I have had dogs and cats since we got married – and I can NOT imagine my life without them. I would definitely recommend getting a rescue dog. There are SO many sweet dogs in those shelters that need a forever home. Instead of sinking a lot of money into a purebred (which I have certainly done in years past), give one of those babies a home and save them from being put to sleep. Our best dog ever…..???? Our current Maizie Grace who you see on my sidebar. She’s a little mixed breed we brought home from our local shelter 8 years ago. She’s THE smartest and THE sweetest dog we’ve ever had – purebreds included! They say that mixed breeds have a better temperment and don’t have as many health issues (allergies, cancers, displaysia, etc.) We will never again dish out the big bucks for a purebred, and will in the future, to continue to save more furbabies from a sad demise and give them a long life with us being loved deeply and unconditionally. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  87. Charmaine says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I have had dogs around me for as long as I can remember……I have 2 poodles now and a fox terrier……(I love them all, they are like my kids) BUT we have polished floor boards throughout our house….a foxy (who drops his white dog hair everywhere) is not a good option (we love him anyway)….I would suggest poodles or something that won’t drop its hair everywhere….(your visitor was just gorgeous!!) BUT all in all, you will know what dog you want when you see it……you will just connect with it….(and the rest just falls into place)…Good luck & keep us posted………
    X Charmaine

  88. Susan says:

    Research, research, research. In our married live we have had a lhasa apso, Australian shepherd, Dalmation…and currently have a shih tzu (girly dog which is mine) and my husband has two Aussie Cattle Dogs..a red male and a blue female. But they are among the weirdest of dogs…the ACDs I mean. Very high energy, nicknamed “Shadow Dogs’ for a reason…they are just odd. Enjoy them but they are just weird.

    I have worked for a dog groomer for the last year and currently do her scheduling. Most groomers I know dislike cocker spaniels. Not sure what they are like there, but they aren’t good dogs to have with kids….they are very nippy and rather disagreeable. I love big dogs so I tend to go for Great Pyrenees, Leonbergers, Swiss Mountain Dogs, Bernese, etc. Not what you want by beachside and white…maybe a white poodle mix? Love my little shih tzu, but I would like a tzu poo…or a pootzu?

  89. Loribeth says:

    We have a Pomeranian, and she’s an absolute joy. However, she is a lot of work. She has to be brushed a LOT and she requires a LOT of attention. But she gives more unconditional love than you would believe.

  90. Sandra says:

    I love your blog! My advice, re: getting a dog, is to research, research, research! Be very honest with yourself about the size, energy level and maintenance you are willing to put into a dog. Some breeds, like the Poodle (which I love) require a lot of coat care. I have Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, which I think are the loveliest dogs. They are great family dogs, but they require lots of coat care, including daily combings and monthly haircuts. They aren’t for everyone, but no breed is right for everyone. Of course, there are lots of wonderful dogs in shelters, too. Take your time, and you will get it right. A dog will be with your family for 10-15 years! Your little houseguest is adorable, and I can see why he has melted your heart.

  91. Lesley says:

    We have 3 dogs. Our two girls were either rejects or from the lost dogs home. The boy we have now is from an elderly couple who could no longer look after him as they’ve gone into care. I won’t give advice, just tll you what I do as everyone’s different… I always have female pets (apart from the latest dog who we agreed to look after). I’ve never bought a pup from a pet shop. I know the puppies look lovable and cute in pet shops, but there are plenty of young dogs out there that need your love even more, and you can never be guaranteed what your pet shop pup will turn out ok, just because you’re told it’s from a reputable b reeder.
    I’ve seen several cases of people taking pity on a pet shop dog and being bitterly disappointed because the dog has serious mental issues. Dogs from reputable lost dog organisations always make sure the dog doesn’t have behavoural issues and has some training

    Hope that’s a small help

  92. Anonymous says:

    Buy a pup and your money will buy love unflinching.
    – Rudyard Kipling

    …although you don’t really need to buy one, Sarah. there are so many to love from your local shelter. : )
    i wish you the best in finding that perfect little guy for your family and home!

  93. Ankita says:

    A total fur ball… love to this beautiful one!!!

  94. Kelly Waldron says:

    How exiting!!!

    I was never a dog person either until my husband and I pet sat a friends dog.

    We feel head over heels for the little guy. Those big brown eyes, owwww. I think the reason I loved this dog so much is because the owners had brought it up really well behaved. No feeding it while you were eating, so it never begged. And not letting it jump up on you etc.

    So that’s my piece of advice. Decide what you will and won’t let the dog get away with and get everyone in the house to stick with the rules.

    We currently live in a townhouse and the body corp won’t let us have pets, so I’ll be living vicariously through you when you get a dog.

    Have fun and good luck.

  95. mel says:

    We have a heinz 57 named Sandy (pictured in my blog) and a kitty cat named Nova Love them both to death!!
    The dog lets you know if someone is creepin around your home and the cat is a good cuddle companion :)

    My advice would be to make sure you crate train the puppy…it will save allot of hassel…and will get it trained faster, mine was goin outside and no messes on the floor within 6 weeks and I got her at 6 weeks…kinda early.

    Have fun with whatever you decide on as a family !


    East Coast Girl

  96. mel says:

    We have a heinz 57 named Sandy (pictured in my blog) and a kitty cat named Nova Love them both to death!!
    The dog lets you know if someone is creepin around your home and the cat is a good cuddle companion :)

    My advice would be to make sure you crate train the puppy…it will save allot of hassel…and will get it trained faster, mine was goin outside and no messes on the floor within 6 weeks and I got her at 6 weeks…kinda early.

    Have fun with whatever you decide on as a family !


    East Coast Girl

  97. melissa says:

    Have you ever seen a Havanese? Small dog, non-allergenic, no shedding, very cheerful,friendly and social.. I have a (very big) yorkshire terrior that I love, but if I were going tomorrow to find a new breed, Havanese would be the one. I have a dear friend who has had two and they have both been just delightful. Check out some pictures. They are as cute as can be!

  98. Audrey says:

    I have never commented before (love your blog, though) but just had to speak up on this topic! I had never owned a dog either but somehow we ended up falling in love with and adopting a miniture pinscher. She is a joy and we just love having her! I must say that I was nervous having heard bad things about her breed, but we read Cesar Milan’s book, “Cesar’s Way” and he discusses (among other things) that there are no bad breeds, just bad oweners, which I agree with 100%! Good luck with whatever doggy you end up adopting, (please adopt rather than buying from a pet store). They truly are a blessing (as long as you’re willing to put in the work!) And get a copy of Cesar’s book, asap!

  99. Jan says:

    I have owned Silkie Terriers for many, many years. Have owned 5 of them now, in fact. I chose the breed because they are cute, medium sized dogs THAT DON’T SHED. Just be sure to do some research BEFORE getting any breed though. You need to know what to expect or else you may not be unhappy with said doggie when it turns out to be too active, too large or is considered to be a poor breed choice to have around children. Just like humans, breeds have common personality traits. Hope this helps.

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  100. lisaroy says:

    I did a double take when I saw your adorable dog!! He looks EXACTLY like our former girl Martha! Right down to the colour on the chin and chest. I swear she has reincarnated as your dog and is living her new life down under (instead of Canada!) xo

  101. Guerrina says:

    Oh, I miss my dog, Poke, even 20 years later. He looked like an exact replica of a Gordon Setter, but was in actuality a mutt … with the biggest heart…the brownest eyes. As a young woman, he was my protector and shoulder to cry on, my reason to go for walks, the one always sitting next to me when humans (aka crappy boyfriends) had failed me…he offered unconditional love 24 hours/day. I thought I’d never love a dog like that again until 2 years ago I was asked to dog sit by a friend….with a really large Bernese Mountain Dog….who had the eyes and temperament of my old Poke. Yes, I fell in love again and when they moved home to CO from CT, I rode in the car with them so I could say “so long.” It was more emotional saying goodbye to the dog than it was to my dear friend!

    There will be a dog that steals your heart…..when that happens, bring him/her home! Much good advice in the many comments. Know your preferences (large vs small, does shedding matter, etc.) and, if adopting, be sure to have the dog thoroughly checked out by a vet before investing. Unfortunately, my friend with the Berner adopted a 2nd after her first passed on only to find the rescue had been lied to and the poor dog had to be put down after a few months – some things don’t show without x-rays (esp. hip issues) and people lie to give away their pets.

  102. Bethany G. says:

    I love dogs – I have two, and have fostered ten dogs in my home (not all at the same time!). They are a wonderful addition to the family, and others are right: they also add a bit of complication to holidays. In my opinion, they’re worth the added complication!

    However, it is in your family’s and your future dog’s best interests to really do some research on the dog that you want. Animal Planet has a breed selector quiz that provides a great jumping-off point for researching suitable breeds: http://animal.discovery.com/breedselector/dogselector.do

    Remember that not all dogs adhere to breed standards – if you get a dog from a breeder, then get it from a hobby breeder who really knows each of the dog’s personalities (it’s how I got my cuddly cuddly girl dog, Paris). If you get a dog from a rescue organization, it’s great to get them from a foster home. My foster dogs constantly amazed me with their ability to adapt and trust so soon after being in the pound.

    No matter if your dog is straight from the pound, a foster home, or a breeder, just remember that – like children – dogs require flexibility, patience, and consistent discipline. And money! I personally don’t recommend anyone getting a dog until they can easily afford classes and/or private training, in addition to routine and surprise vet bills.

  103. Jadyn says:

    I hope you find a dog that’s right for you soon! I didn’t grow up with animals either and it took a while for me to be convinced by my animal-loving husband as well. Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without our two cats and yellow lab.! Speaking of labs, they are great dogs and have a reputation for being good family dogs. However, if by any chance you find yourself considering a lab, be aware that they are VERY hyper and it takes a lot of training and time before they get calmer. That’s all I’ve got for you. :) Looking forward to seeing a new addition to your family!

  104. bj says:

    Seems to me that since you fell totally in love forever with THIS little guy…you should get the same kind.
    Good luck finding just the right one…
    xo bj

  105. Al says:

    That dog is adorable. Such a sweet face too. Dogs are a lot of work, but really worth it in the end. They become a family member it’s true. I had a wonderful black lab, and although he is gone, he will always have a warm place in my heart.

  106. Dee says:

    Dogs are so sweet ……. they do make your heart feel happy.

  107. Jane says:

    Just adding my two cents worth a bit late, but we have the most beautiful dog called Rosie who is now 2 years old, we got her at 8 weeks, she is a Beagle x Cocker Spaniel and is one of the most excitable, crazy and untrainable dogs around. Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE her but apparently Beagles don’t really calm down till they are OLD and Cocker Spaniels are a bit all over the place too so not a great combo. We get stopped everywhere we go so people can tell us how gorgeous she is and how soft her coat is etc but even a professional dog trainer admitted to us that although she is easy to train, you pretty much have to start afresh each day. So we have to be very careful that we do not let her off the lead as she is likely to follow whatever smell she picks up and given we live across the road from Manly Dam reserve and there are a lot of rabbits there she can just take off and we are lucky if she is back within the hour and that is with lots of coaxing (not to mention crying from one son in particular who thinks she is going to get hurt). So that is it, we chose for LOVE and are paying for it!! LOL! Good luck and you will not regret having a four legged friend in the house.

  108. Barefoot Liz says:

    My main piece of advice is to make sure your new dog gets trained. Of course, the younger the dog is, the better results you’ll have at training it. I love dogs (mostly small/medium ones) but a misbehaved dog drives me nuts.
    One other thing. Give the dog a bath often. They get super stinky. You’ll probably get so used to the smell that it doesn’t register to you… but others will definitely smell it. So yeah, bathe him/her often!

  109. jennifer says:

    hi Sarah I ended up reading this page and thought you had got the dog :)
    my advice is to go to a dog shelter and adopt .Adopted pets give you more love than you will ever imagine and you will have the satisfaction of saving a life

  110. Louise says:

    Hi Sarah, I imagine you may have made a choice by now but in case you haven’t, I would recommend a Lhasa Apso or mini schnauzer. We have both in our family and they are adored. I would say you have to keep them regularly clipped and well groomed which is the only drawback. It is worth committing to them living indoors too, even at night. They really do need to be treated like another child.