Good Life Weds & The Beach Cottage Four Hundred Dollar Tablecloth

Wed 6th, Jul, 2011

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G’day lovelies!

Thanks so much for all the doggy feedback…I have read every comment with much interest…and we have been spending time doing research…the dog we get will definitely be from a rescue centre, that much is certain…we all agree in this BC Crew that we want to give a dog a home…we will probably aim to get one a year to three years old…I don’t think a tiny puppy is for us…but you never know…and although we want a small dog, it will be coming on our walks with us and we want it to enjoy our lifestyle…so exercising it won’t be a problem…

Right back to cottages.

So I have to tell you that for oh about 3 or so years I have been lusting after a tablecloth…probably not as much as I was a patio door…but nearly.

The tablecloth in question was in a little Frenchie shop I know.

A sweet little Frenchie shop with big old price tags.



I touched and oohed and stroked and ahhhed.

But even with a million favours I don’t think I am in the four hundred dollar tablecloth league.  I mean I should be.   You know that right?  But I am not.



So after years of lusting I decided to do something about it.




I decided to go on a DIY grey linen tablecloth challenge…to make my own four hundred dollar tablecloth for a tenth of the price…I mean what would be so hard about finding some grey linen??




Ha! I looked for ages for grey linen fabric that I liked, but any that I saw (and I couldn’t find many in grey) were either a cotton/linen blend, the grey wasn’t the grey I wanted or the slub of the fabric was too fine…



that was until my little trip to IKEA the other week when I came back with the new white sitting room chair and the clock…

right there slap bang in the middle of the fabric section, at a great BC price was the grey linen fabric of my dreams…nice weight, just the right grey and a good texture…



I bought three and a half metres and this came in under the budget…



I hemmed it and that was it…I had my $400 tablecloth for a tenth of the price




I have to say though if you get driven c r a z y by creased fabric, this is NOT the tablecloth for you…this stuff, being linen, obviously creases like mad…but of course that is half the beauty…




so that’s my Good Life this week…a DIY tablecloth in the sweetest grey linen for a sweet price…






be seeing ya around chickens, looking forward to seeing what you’ve all got out there on the other side of this monitor this week…




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61 Responses to “Good Life Weds & The Beach Cottage Four Hundred Dollar Tablecloth”

  1. Megan Brewer says:

    Love it! Love the bargain price! Good for you for waiting. I am so impatient! I am going to take a lesson from you today. Thanks for sharing! Happy decorating & living- Megan

  2. Rose Eliff says:

    How wonderful that you could fulfill your dream! It looks beautiful in your decor. I love linen and the crinkles it gets. It’s an honest fabric – lol!

  3. Ava says:

    I love your table~cloth Sarah ! I spent ages looking for an heirloom quality table~cloth. Great fabric choice :) Thanks for hosting xx Ava

  4. Oh, I am SO glad that the BC crew decided on a rescue dog, Sarah! Kudos to you all!!! ♥ It just warms my heart knowing that some sweet little pooch will become the first hairy Crew member! lol! Loving your tablecloth, too. Where would we be without our beloved IKEA, huh? That color you chose is just beautiful in your sweet beach cottage. Hugs!

    xoxo laurie

  5. Kerry Rossow says:

    Be still my heart – the tablecloth is gorgeous!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  6. Hi,
    Beautiful post and stunning shots as always!:) Loving your tablecloth :)
    Thanks for hosting !


  7. heaven says:

    Stunning! I love ikea!! Your cottage, style and taste is amazing. :)

  8. just looks lovey …. on the doggy front we are looking to rehome a delighful german wire hair pointer – her name is win dixi and she is 13 months old … she’s not a little dog – about 23kgs – and we took her from someone who needed to rehome her but our dalmation Bo is sad that she has to share us now so Wini has to find a new family to love. She is a pure bred and love walks, has lots of enegry and is very pretty to look at – a red head and all – she is on my blog – just thought I’d mention it – best le xox

  9. Ahhh…love the grey. The $400.00 made me gasp a bit-you’re supposed to have children eat off of it? Glad you found the perfect alternative and the Swedish boutique.

    Can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to this week. I know it is going to be fabulous-you’re a terrific host.

  10. Love it Sarah – I am secretly wishing for a tablecloth fairy that will come and iron my tablecloths each week – doesn’t seem to matter what the fabric is for me I just can get all those creases out!! Leanne x

  11. Gorgeous. looks so fab in your house! I wish we had IKEA in New Zealand! Amy x

  12. Catie says:

    Hi Sarah, Love the table cloth!! Nice job. I bet you’re soo happy you finally have it. Things like that drive me crazy too. That’s why I finally had to make a sunburst mirror, all the ones I liked were expensive! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!! ~ Catie

    * You should check out my outdoor sunroom I shared. It’s not a pretty as your house, but I love it. : )

  13. Lizette says:

    That tablecloth is such a pretty color, I can’t even get over it! Wonderful work! Thanks for hosting!

  14. Renee says:

    I’ve just come across your blog – your beautiful blog, I should say, today. What a pleasure it’s been to read to go back and read some of your posts. Good luck for the doggie hunt. And well done for the save on the grey linen tablecloth – looks lovely.

  15. Kate says:

    oh wow, worth the wait then! will be checking out the fabric section a little more on my next IKEA visit! i have already been twice these school holidays!! love the creases that come with linen, so might have to shout myself! Kate x

  16. Can’t believe that I haven’t said this before but I’d love to be part of the Sat. club :)

  17. kari says:

    The way the natural light streams into all your photographs is SO incredibly beautiful!!! As is the tablecloth ♥

    And as for the dog…. I’d still go with a Vizsla… A lil thing may have trouble keepin’ up with you girl…. LOL

  18. Kylie says:

    Love Love Love. Why would you pay $400? I did once pay an obscene amount of money for an Italian woven tablcloth and napkin set in San Giminano, Italy. I think I got caught up in the whole tourist thing and that I might never come back again. The problem with expensive tablecloths is that you get too scared to use them – so what’s the point? You just have to use it and if it gets red wine spilt on it then so be it.

    Well done with the sewing

  19. Miss Bee says:

    Looks great! I am all about finding a way to get the look for a fraction of the price:) I also adore the pink camillas in your photos! That’s one of my absolute favorites. Gorgeous! I may have to frame the close-up shot!

  20. Jacki says:

    The Table Cloth looks lovely very Elegant and good luck with the Rescue Dog we have one and he is the most loving Creature and he’s Fantastic with the Cats as well.

  21. Cas says:

    Nice job, Sarah! I love how commited you are to being thrifty and having a go at doing it yourself, rather than whipping out the old credit card…you are certainly a girl after my own heart :)

  22. HRH Sarah says:

    Excellent choice, Sarah- love that gray. And I love the way linen just gets better and better with every washing. Now I want to head to Ikea for a little home retail therapy!!!

  23. marcia says:

    Love it Sarah! I splurged on a vintage French linen tablecloth last year. I washed it, and it got all spotted. I paid close to $100.00 on it, more than I have ever spent on a table cloth in my life, so I really hope I can get the discolorations out of it! Thanks for hosting, Marcia in California

  24. Love your photos. I am your newest follower and am going to feature your Wednesday party on my “Who What Where Wednesday” which is a new feature on my blog.

    Susan and Bentley

  25. teres says:

    love linen! love that tablecloth! proud that you made it on your own! good for you! i try not to buy tablecloths or curtains – they are both soooooooooooo easy to make if you can sew in a straight line! and linen is a very forgiving fabric to sew. love that grey too!

    i made a grey linen floor to ceiling shower curtain for our bathroom a few months back and i love it. “doesn’t it get wrinkled a lot?” you ask. one word – steam. and what happens in the bathroom when you have a bath or a shower? steam baby! :)

    personally, i love the wrinkled look of linen tablecloths. make them softer and more casual.

    enjoy your new diy! good on ya’!

    teres from winnipeg, manitoba canada where summer is upon us big time and it is +35 celsius during the sunny days now – hot hot hot!

  26. Your tablecloth turned out marvelous! I wonder if our Ikea had this fabric…I love it! Always enjoy your posts:-)

    Kathleen @ faded charm

  27. Jacqueline says:

    So smart AND beautiful!!

  28. You are talking my language Sarah I love linen it’s my favorite fabric of all. It’s crispy! I want linen sheets and I talked about why on my blog last week. I have been a fan of this fabric for many years. Love what you did with it and it looks great on your table.

  29. Wow your house is stunning, so inspiring , thanks so much for sharing your pretties, I am a scrapper who has just realised how addictive restoring furiture can be… OMG i look at everything in my house totally different and want to paint everything in site LOL. I just finished my first ever project and love it ……

  30. Love the grey linen! It draws your eye right to the table and looks lovely with those georgeous pink flowers too!

  31. kerrie says:

    I do like your new table cloth. The grey gives a room such softness. I am in a season of ‘not’ using table clothes…just liking the bare wood right now. Your photos are always beautiful and i especially like the one of the garlic(close up all by itself).

  32. Susan says:

    I LOVE it…… can’t we all just come around to your house to sit around the table and enjoy it?????

    Gorgeous :)

  33. Robynne says:

    Sarah, that charcoal grey looks amazing…it really anchors the room and compliments all the white…good find. Robx
    p.s. I’ve got three and a half metres of the natural line from Ikea put away for just the same use…just haven’t gotten around to hemming the ends.

  34. Tina says:

    We did get a rescue dog – our golden retiever – lovely temprament. I would like to get another one – same breed but this time from puppy stage (we got Oscar at 16 months old) – we do not have his history and would like to have had some photos as a pup and the cute things he would have been up to! Tina

  35. kalanicut says:

    Love the gray tablecloth, Sarah. It is so lovely with all the natural browns, creams and pinks. Excellent find and budget friendly solution. I love linen.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Sweet pics of your table cloth and tablescaping Sarah. We love our Henry, who is a Maltese Shitzu. He’s adorable and he even fits into our decor. Teeeheee. :)

  37. Anonymous says:

    Opps sorry…. didn’t mean to post as “anonymous”…. and blast it i left a space between table and cloth…but you know what i mean’t….sigh

  38. Robyn says:

    I love grey! And I think it looks stunning with all the white. As much as I don’t like pink, I’ve strangely always loved the grey/pink combo and your flowers give it all a very subtle pop of colour!

  39. Amanda says:

    It all looks fabulous Sarah – and your photos are beautiful. The perfect still life composition. Just hope you’re not really chopping the mushrooms on your gorgeous new tablecloth!! (Fairly certain you are not!) P.S Have joined in with your Good Life link for the first time.
    Amanda x

  40. Barefoot Liz says:

    Sarah- Well done! I love the shade of grey. Hey, speaking of grey, I’m trying to make a decision. I want the Ektorp sofa from Ikea and am trying to decide if I want the white or the grey. I do have an 8 yr old but the sofa cover is machine washable. Opinion? (it’s going to take me a long time to save up for the sofa.)

  41. Sarah says:

    I never would have thought of grey linen for a tablecloth but it looks lovely!! You’ve gotta love Ikea fabric!!

    S x

  42. Jen says:

    I seriously heart Ikea. Lovely cloth.

  43. Candy says:

    What’s not to love about linen and it being gray to boot!! Very sophisticated. So glad you’re planning to rescue a dog. Somehow, they know they’ve been rescued which translates into so much love and affection. That’s the case with our Mini Australian Shepherd. Perfect size at about 35 pounds. He was one year old when we brought him home and weighed 18 lbs. Already knew to potty outside, loves to go for walks, is a champion (in our eyes) Frisbee catcher and so very smart and senstive. Hope you find just what you’re looking for. He will be one lucky dog!

  44. Amazing!!!
    I love it!!! I love that color!! wow!!

    And who spends $400 on a table cloth!? What if you spilled sauce on it, or oil, or RED WINE!

    My IKEA opens July 27th!! I can’t wait!!

  45. I love that you made your own. Such gorgeous pictures. Table clothes don’t last long at my house. My kids just got paint all over my last one.

  46. Gotta love Ikea! It always saves the day! Your table cloth looks beautiful (and expensive) – I love that shade of gray paired with the pink flowers!

  47. Shellbelle says:

    Your tablecloth is fabulous. I know there are a lot of folks who don’t believe grey is necessarily a coastal color, but I disagree. Grey reminds me of early morning walks on the beach when the sky is overcast and the only sounds you hear are waves are pounding the shore and gulls circling overhead. Such a peaceful stroll.

    Now, whatever will you do with all the money you saved?

  48. Becky says:

    Oh my, just lovely. I am enjoying going through the pictures on your blog, they are so inspiring.

  49. pamq says:

    Wow. I didn’t even know they made a $400 tablecloth.

    So you can see what a sheltered life I lead.

    But you done swell to make your own!!!

    I sure know how it goes….you know you have the skill to make something you want, but somehow, you just keep putting it off.

    And off.

    And off.

    Excellent job, Sarah!

  50. Fabulous!! I just bought some beautiful cream linen to make a set of curtains for our triple windows in the living room. I am doubly inspired by seeing this post. I can’t wait to make them now :)

    Love the mushroom shots.

  51. Patience is a virtue and it sure paid off for you!!!

  52. jodi says:

    what a beautiful table cloth! I just love the color; gorgeous! I would love to visit an IKEA, unfortunately I don’t have one close by.

    Take care!

  53. Ruth says:

    LOVELY tablecloth! Looking forward to the time when I dont have to have a wipable oilcloth on the table to protect it from my little monkeys!

    Fantastic photos as always


  54. Terri says:

    Oh my gosh how beautiful it looks in your dining room. I will have to check out ikea as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing. Terri

  55. Hmm, must have a look at the Swedish boutique’s fabric next time I’m there… which will not be in these school holidays!

  56. Ludo says:

    Great inspiring images.

  57. Tricia Rose says:

    Making just one linen tablecloth just for yourself is the thin end of the wedge you know Sarah…

  58. Isn’t it wonderful that you ended up with something so beautiful and you created it yourself. They say all good things come to those who wait. I always spray all of my table clothes with Scotch Guard fabric protector. It lasts through quite a few washings and has saved many of my cloths from stains.

  59. posinoe says:

    yeah! I have the same… saw this great linen about half a year ago and had to have it. ;-) The next IKEA is five minutes away….I go there every month. Next big thing I want to have is the white sofa you have….but I have a two year old son….which means I have to wait a few years for that WHITE sofa. ;-)

  60. Kelley says:

    Creases? In linen? I love to press them crisply there. Speaks of richness, value, and intention. Even at a tenth of the price.

  61. deborah says:

    Don’t you just love IKEA? Your table cloth is lovely. Great job!