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Fri 22nd, Jul, 2011

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Wanna see what I have been doing?

Stringing vintage garlands on every available surface that I can…




I love garlands and pom poms and bunting…in fact I think that my love affair with old things and vintage started with bunting…there is nothing quite like old English bunting gracing the tents of a village beer tent…


oh to get my hands on some real vintage English bunting right now!





When we lived in England our village held a school fete every year in May …ahhh the joy of the May Fair…I look back now at that with rose tinted glasses and mucho nostalgia


The May Fair kicked off with a procession through the village …the road that ran right through the village was closed for a few hours and a procession went through…old cars, buses, floats, people dressed up in costumes, a band or two, the scouts and girls with pom poms.

20110722-06-garland 20110722-07-vintage-garland

This procession started at the railway station and ended at the school…whereupon a beer tent, throwing the sponge at the teacher, train rides and Maypole dancing all went on…and my two older kiddos both took part in the May Fair every year…first they started in the vintage bus that the kiddos in Reception travelled on…later they transgressed to parading with the drama group or sitting dressed up on a float.



Everything centred on the Maypole…an old English tradition where the children dance around the Maypole interlacing long flowing ribbons all the way to the bottom…and it all ended with the Tug of War…which I am sure you have your own versions of …indeed we have experienced the Aussie version on the beach but I don’t think many things can beat a whole lot of pommies, slipping around in an English field because it’s been drizzling and they have been huddled together in the beer tent trying to keep warm by drinking warm beer…I thought nothing of these old traditions then…now I look back extremely fondly and, for sure, with a tear in my eye…



By some miracle, nearly every single year that we attended the May Fair in our village it was warm and sunny (please read ENGLISH warm and sunny : translation for anyone from other climes means :-  air : tepid  sun : weak  clouds : threatening )


Apart from one year when it was freezing cold, raining and grim grim grim…you have not really understood why English people constantly go on and on and on about the weather, or indeed spend two weeks of the year in Spain toasting their skin to a deep red until  you have stood in a muddy beer tent in the heart of England in the cold in summer clothes pretending to have a good time…once you have partaken in this strange phenomenon you will for the rest of your life, wherever you happen to find yourself, base your whole existence on what the weatherman forecasts…even though you realise that what he says is totally unreliable you will make it part of your routine to hang on his every word every night…



Anyway I am rambling again, you didn’t come here to read about my memories of the Old Country did you?

So back to these little beauties…


Garlands made from old book pages…

oh so very simple to make



flower shapes cut-out from old book pages & stitched into garlands

they are very effective and I am gonna be making some of these for Christmas too…Christmas in July anyone?




Well that’s it from me from the beaches…it has been lashing down with rain here for the last two days non-stop…(not that I’m talking about the weather or anything ;-) )it’s cold and dreary (as you can see from the quality of the photos)…and so I am doing some cooking this arvo…decided to throw the towel in on any other jobs around here, put the Food channel on, turn the heating up and make some French Onion Soup and store & tear bread dough to sling in the fridge for the coming weekend…be a nice mummy and make some fairy cakes for Afternoon Tea…with buttercream frosting…

Have a lovely weekend..I’ll be back soon with the Giveaway winner, tales from Perth and house reno news…

So long friends


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44 Responses to “garlands, vintage, white, type”

  1. loulou says:

    Hello Sarah

    I love your “rambling” by the way.

    You take me on a journey each time, and I really do appreciate it.

    I love the garlands – I’ve got an old (and I mean old Peter Rabbit book I wanted to do something with – but didn’t want anything baby with it)

    Your photo’s also look so wonderful with the thought of rain beating outside and cooking channel inside :) My kind of gal!

    have a lovely day


  2. loulou says:

    PS I’ve got a post today you may like that would go great with a rainy day



  3. Kat says:

    Ah Sarah, your house always looks so blissfully serene. I just adore the way you decorate and truly marvel at how you keep it looking so uncluttered with children!!
    Love the garlands, very understated and stylish!
    Btw just got the latest Real Living magazine, which has a little booklet attached “Decor Style Guide,” and I do believe there is a pic of your little beach cottage table and chairs (an old shot) under the beach style section! :) Is that right??!!

    • sarah says:

      I don’t think so..although they did come here for a shoot…


      oh and the sitting room is the only room not rammed with kiddos clutter lol!!!! …my haven…

      • Kat says:

        I am guessing they used an old pic, as I have seen it used in Real Living last year when I first discovered your blog!
        How can I see pics of your glass canisters that you use in your kitchen please? (I had a look on your blog but could not see them.) I remember you got them from Ikea, but sadly we do not have an Ikea in Tassie and I would love to get some that are similar.
        Oh to have a sitting room!!!!!!! ;)

  4. Jane says:

    Ooh, loving your garlands, Sarah. Did you make them? If so, where did you find your punch? I’m on the hunt for one! J x

  5. Your so-called ramblings and these easy pre-Christmas in July images complete my night.. I should be a good wife and bake something too :)

  6. Cerys says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Love, love, LOVE the garlands – would be a lovely touch on the Christmas tree.
    I am missing Britain at the mo – nothing quite like a British ‘summertime’ – light evenings, beer gardens, farmer’s markets and village fairs… ahhhhh! Come on Aussie Summer – please hurry! Have a great weekend. Cerys x

    • sarah says:

      me too…you can’t beat the light evenings in the pub garden…ahem just a shame it only lasts a short time…tho perhaps that is the beauty of it????

      …not long to go now…I am counting down the days for sure…I reckon about 6 weeks of this cold and it’ll all be over again for another 9 months lol

  7. nicole says:

    i adore bunting.
    the garlands are lovely.

    made a mini maypole this year out of some wood and ribbons, with our name being beltane its a special day for us. it now sits on our tv unit in the lounge.

  8. Kirsty says:

    I just love those hooks and well… everything really! Hope the weather gets better for you soon! I’ve just been on to the phone with my grandma and she’s getting a little flooded up there! It’s freezing and yuck but it’s not that bad in Tassie at the moment thank goodness! :D

  9. Alice says:

    How gorgeous. These would look lovely around a christmas tree! After your bunting blog I actually made two sets from very colourful cloth and hanged them in my kids rooms. They look really cute and both kids seem to like it. Well my girl says she loves them as she lies on her bed admiring it all and my son who is one in a few weeks times looks at it smiles and tries to touch it every time we walk under it so I am taking that as I like it mummy – thank you :). I looove that door…. I’m hating this weather, my chill blains (curse them) are making me miserable and I’m sooooo bored! I need to get out but I can’t! Have you been getting thunder? We have I tell you it was so unexpected I almost jumped out of my skin, the kids though they have been quite brave (unlike me and the dog!).

    I wonder if one was to use clay tags whether it would look as nice?

    Can’t wait to hear about the renos! The trip! Hopefully more stunning photography! Even on such a dreary day your photos look great!

    • Alice says:

      Oh also love to read about your memories from the old country, it’s nice to be taken somewhere else…

  10. alison says:


    Your post about the maypole got me searching my bookshelf for a really old copy of one of childhood books, “The Giraffe Who Went to School”. The little school girls end up using the giraffe as a maypole. As a young girl I thought this was the best thing! When I found this worn out copy of the book at a junk shop I grabbed it for nostalgia purposes and it has sent me on a quest to try and find more childhood favourites. There is one soft cover book I’d dearly love to find but I can’t remember the title or author. I sat for hours just staring at the illustrations of the pixie lady who lived in the tree roots and cooked petals and whole flowers in a frying pan on a fuel stove. Sweet memories.


  11. Deanne says:

    these are very nice, looking at similar on pinterest, must make some- one day when I have five minutes spare LOL!

  12. The fourth photo down is perfect in mood with all white shells and the wood heart-so charming.

  13. We do have a bit of an obsession with the weather, don’t we :)

    Saw a great line on FB yesterday “I love the Northern Ireland summer – it’s my favourite day if the year”!!!!

    Maybe that is why we are obsessed! Summer is so short lived :)

  14. Robyn says:

    Aah, the village school fete. While ours didn’t have a beer tent at all, tradition every year for us was going to the local pub for beers, sitting outside in the gardens in the sun waiting for the village chippie to open. Nothing like being first in line for the fresh fish and chips! And mushy peas. The mushy peas here are just not the same are they?
    Great garlands btw! ;-)

  15. Susan says:

    Sarah the garland is beautiful! I’ve gotta get my sewing machine fixed so I can try it! Susan

  16. cheryl says:

    only found you today – through another blog.
    love the changes you’ve made to the place – and i’m now a follower!! (promise i won’t stalk!!)
    cheryl xox.

  17. Lynne says:

    I think the climate in England is a lot like Seattle. We are all so excited when we get a bit of sun here. In fact, this year we’re still waiting for it … someone told me we’re going to have sunny days in August …. I can’t wait!

  18. Sharilyn says:

    I love the garland! I think I am going to make one for my daughter’s birthday party- so cute!

    Also- FYI- we live in Canada- there has been no sun at all this summer- ahhh they dont call it the “Wet Coast”(West Coast) for nothing!

  19. Adventuresindinner says:

    Love the bunting-now I really need a Victoria sponge with jam in the middle :)

  20. Jen says:

    I read that part about living with the weather in your “home” country and, if I didn’t know it was England, I’d swear you lived here in West Michigan, where we too spend months with little sun, often stand in the cold in summer and where, despite its inability to be accurate, we make and revise our plans based on the ever-changing weather forecast. So much so, that one local station alone has a staff of FIVE meteorologists.

  21. Sharon Forward says:

    Hi Sarah, Long time no comment … but todays post made me smile cos as u know I came over to your ol country and we just had our annual fete and boy what a wash out!! Felt so sorry for the people who put so much work into it and this is our summer! Never mind love the pics and especially your old bevilled mirrors( my weakness). Anyway Sarah thanks for all the eye candy have a good week end!x

  22. Emily says:

    I love your definition of “English” warm. It’s a lot like Seattle warm.

  23. hi Sarah ~ the garland looks old fashioned and delicate and fresh as a daisy. all at the same time. love it! i have an ongoing love affair with anything paper so this pretty garland of yours is calling my name :) your reminiscing is so sweet – nice story and a little bit funny too :)

  24. I posted about Christmas in July the other day myself…going to remember this post and make some of these near the real holidays!
    I love reading your stories while looking at your beautiful pictures…feel like I get to know you a little better!

  25. Kat says:

    Sarah can you tell me where to look on your blog to see your Ikea glass canisters please?

  26. Eileen says:

    I like those little shapes to your garland, they are adorable. I have to tell ya, I am luvin that big clear vase full of big ole seashells. I love reading about your days gone by! Very cute. One question tho! what does Arvo mean? Is it afternoon? Morning?
    Luv & Stuff from New Jersey.

    • alison says:

      Hi Eileen

      “Arvo” is Strine/Strayun/Australian for “afternoon”. It’s quicker to say and write!


  27. i love this photo. so peaceful!

  28. Bev says:

    So sweet and did you say ebay or etsy where you bought them ? I hope i won :)

  29. Jeanie Brown says:

    Shall I send you some very English Bunting from Whitstable Kent….Let me know. Love your Blog

  30. Alaura says:

    Hello Sara; I enjoy your rambling,,,the stories you tell are wonderful.. The May fair sounds so fun, I have never been to one,, or even had one for that matter… hmmmmm maybe I should next May….. any way, your garland is really pretty, it looks great draped on your mirror. I hope you have a great weekend.


  31. gabrielle says:

    I do not mind you rambling one..it gives me a feel of how it is in the old country or in Aussie land…I love it…please continue..

  32. bianca says:

    I love reading about the “old country” I lived over there for 5 years and have been missing it a lot lately, but your warm and sunny translation was enough to snap me out of it!

  33. pam robinson says:

    l o v e l y….. your photos are so calm and peaceful… what a way to begin my sunday! thank you!! xx pam

  34. Chris L says:

    My husband and I have been living in York but I’ve had to come back to Oz for my ill Dad but I miss that sense of community you get in villages in the UK that is missing here. Love your blog :)

  35. Jos says:

    Check out emerald + ella online – based in Sydney they sell loads of fab bits and bobs including garlands – i’m an addict too – nothing better!


  36. Mary K says:

    So, apparently where you grew up in England is a lot like Minnesota – except without the really bad winters. Your description of endless conversations about the weather and stopping whatever you are doing to watch the TV news and weather (complete with inaccurate predictions) each evening at 10:00 PM – completely describes our experience!

    Enjoy the nesting, I’m enjoying my summer.

    Mary in MN