White Coastal Love

Fri 17th, Jun, 2011

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G’day, how you going?

Guess what?

We got the sunshine back!  Woot woot!  It was FIVE long days of grey skies and rain…and there is only so much wellie-wearing one can handle…even if they are to-die-for…

So welcome to another installment of white lurve.

white, breezy, sheer and with a sweet print…



Back in the summer I took down my linen and white curtains to wash them and get them drying outside in the sun…I love how they naturally bleach like that…but, once they were down, I liked just the bare look of the white wooden blinds and somehow the curtains never did go back up…

Now though being Winter, in the evenings, I like, as the night draws in, the routine of going around drawing the curtains to keep the warmth in and everything cosy…that was tricky in the Sitting Room ‘cos there weren’t any curtains to draw…

So the other evening  I put them back up and finally got around to adding these with the print..

Now you get one guess as to where I bought these.

Bet you can’t in a million years get it right?



Hahaha, of course you know…

the little Nordic boutique I frequent…

So now I have three pairs of curtains up on those double layer poles…the plain heavy white denim ones, these and the natural linen ones…(they just sit on the poles and layer up behind each other)….

drape overkill?  probably

humour me here…I don’t have much in my life ;-)

I had been looking out for a print for ages…I wanted something patterned and was thinking along the lines of the tablecloth with the block print, in fact I was thinking about using those as curtains in the end when I couldn’t find anything…as they are lovely and light..and exactly the kinda print I was after…



Everything I found with a pattern was a large pattern, I am guessing large, geometric kinda patterns are trendy right now…if you want a large black based pattern on a white background in a curtain, email me, I tell you what I could write a book on where to find them actually…as you can imagine a big old black print was not what I was after ;-)




I am happy with the print…it’s just what I was after…and in Spring I’ll lose the heavier ones and just leave these up to move in the breeze when the windows are fully open…they are lovely and sheer and diffuse the light beautifully…

And they go very nicely with my new chair…

I will be sitting here tonight…it’s Movie Night here…playing at our old cottage is The King’s Speech….love me a little bit of Colin Firth…I am going out to buy supplies now…Walnut Whip, here I come…

Bye for now




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34 Responses to “White Coastal Love”

  1. nicole says:

    such beautiful breezy photos today love love love.
    and i so get the using tablecloths as curtains thing i have been toying with the same idea as i was able to get two of the same table cloth at the op-shop and they would make the loveliest curtain.

  2. Looks fabulous Sarah & i am glad some sunshine has appeared up your way..~~

    Bit of a mixed bag re the weather here in Melbourne..

    ps..you will LOVE the movie…it is fab…& if you get the chance to see the ORIGINAL documentary about it all is brilliant (makes you realise how good Colin Firth’s acting was)..
    doco has been on the ABC recently & foxtel…

    xx andrea

  3. Alice says:

    lol first image I saw I thought to myself… Those look like those curtains from Ikea I was looking at buying for my daughters room until hubby put his foot down and said no more! The poor credit card can’t handle such a heavy work out!

    I love it. The window looks divine! Glad to have the sunshine back but boy is it howling over our way or what?!

  4. Last weekend I found a bargain at Lincraft..lovely lace at nearly $20 for 12 metres!! I love the way they look with my beautiful old 1930′s sparkly windows behind them. I like your idea of layers of curtaining too!

  5. Erica says:

    Love the curtains Sarah, I have them too. You can’t beat Ikea for stuff like that. I love the place! And the meatballs are always handy for coaxing my fella into joining me on an excursion! x

  6. Deanne says:

    Love the curtains, love The Kings Speech, Love Colin Firth, but what on earth is Walnut Whip????

  7. Rachael says:

    if you haven’t seen the king’s speech you’ll love it. i moved to sydney in january, from the us, and saw it on the day it was over 31, remember that?!? in the movie i was quick enough to catch a few jabs slung at the aussie therapist by the english. i could feel the theatre around me resonating with aussie pride.

    i’m so glad for the break in the weather as well! of course, i’ve had to stay home from work the last two day because of illness. it gets so grey but i love watching waves in the harbour when the weather takes a turn for the worse as i walk along circular quay with a hot chocolate on saturday mornings! i hope you got to enjoy the sun, i spent the day walking around in glebe.

  8. Melissa- says:

    Loving the layers!

    Works with cardigans & knits in Autumn …& works, by the look of these gorgeous windows, with curtains!

    Glad the sun found you again-must of thought you were on the wrong side of the Globe!!

    Can’t watch the King & that speech enough in thus house-the teen gal loves it!!

    Melissa x

  9. Heaven says:

    I bought the exact same curtains on my last trip to Ikea. I love them, they’re light, airy and so pretty!


  10. Susan says:

    Your curtains look so light & breezy even if our winter is upon us…….

    {you know the table cloth you had and I have the same but in blue? I think the shop you got it from is Casa Noosa, in Noosa Junction. Could that be right? I recall someone asked you where you got it form??}

    I really must find a reason to drive the 3.5 hours to Ikea……

  11. Deborah says:

    Love the curtains, suitcases and all your whites…and the flowers!
    Have a great day and enjoy that sunshine Sarah!!

    Deborah xoxo

  12. Serene :) I’m heading to the Nordic boutique tonight to look for some patio lounge furniture. Your white scheme is going to keep me on track (I sometimes get way-laid by shiny things).

    “The King’s Speech”, we must have watched this at least 5 times by now and I would see it again in a second.

    I haven’t had Walnut Whip since I left England :(

    Popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar is on the “menu” for us.

  13. Candy says:

    Love the curtains (Ikea, here I come) and ‘The King’s Speech’ is one of my favorite movies. Check out ‘The Next Three Days’ with Russell Crowe…it will take you on a wild ride!!

  14. sarah says:

    Can you get Walnut Whips at home?!? I can’t quite imagine ever leaving London now-mainly ’cause of M and S and their little pack of 3 WWs…sad-but (nearly) true!!

  15. Franka says:

    Wonderful this deep RED in contrast with the WHITE!


  16. susan says:

    just lovely! i love the white suitcases and the flowers are just the perfect pop of color!! hope you are well!! susan

  17. lisaroy says:

    so pretty! The perfect pattern! You will LOVE The King’s Speech – have a lovely night :)

  18. catherine says:

    will you take a picture at night? i would love to see the contrast.

  19. The drapes are lovely! I love the print, it’s not TOO much. And I know you know what I mean! lolol

    King’s Speech is a FABULOUS movie. I loved it so much my hubby bought it for me. Enjoy! You guys have fun!
    God bless you Sarah!

  20. kamana says:

    that is a great movie. really loved it.

  21. Laura says:

    I was a blind gal until recently and now like you I have started laying adding curtains over the top. I found white beautiful eyelet panels by Shabby Chic at Target. They look so delicate blowing in the breeze… I even managed to get them by the hubby’s ‘too girly’ radar! Love the delicate pattern on the ones you picked out. My movie pick at the moment is Gnomeo & Juliet … the kiddies love it and are now singing along to the Elton John soundtrack… me I’m just happy it’s set in Blighty! Have a great weekend. Lx

  22. Amy says:

    Not sure what I would do without your blog on days when it is so drizzly and rainy here in Seattle. I just feel lighter after seeing all the white and “hearing” the distinctness of your blog voice. I come for inspiration for my own home and for soothing of my slightly dampened spirits:)

  23. Just beautiful Sarah…do you frame any of your photos to use as art around your home?

  24. Suzanne says:

    Fab photos Sarah love the pop of colour!!

  25. Jane Coslick says:

    Love thes photos! I am an Ikea curtain junkie!!! I drive 4 hours from Tybee Island Georgia USA to buy curtains…the Linen are my favorite and so are the grommeted one. (Perfect for our cottages). My last count was 253 pr purchased . They are the best bargin and add grace to any window. I have not seen the ones in the blog , but I am headed back in that directions and will definitely be dropping my the drapery dept at Ikea.

  26. Tanja says:

    Hi Sarah, first of all I want to thank you for al the tips you set under ”How to blog”‘ it is been a great help for me to organize my blog.

    I really love your blog and I am a new follower.

    Thank you again


  27. {oc cottage} says:

    The curtains are perfections itself! Now, “Walnut Whip”…noooooooot so sure about that! But, if Colin Firth offered it to me…I just might be game! ;}

    m ^..^

  28. Ruth says:

    Sorry to post here but it will not let me post another comment on the chicken recipe post. But I needed to say thank you so much for the recipe, it is father’s day over here in the UK today and I made the chicken for dinner, everyone loved it! I wrote a little blog post about it and directed people back to your page – hope thats ok!

    Thanks again,

    ruth x

  29. Rose West says:

    Love all the beautiful photos! You have quite the eye for beauty :)

  30. Loved this post.

    Love your blog.

    If there was ever a blog made after my heart, this would be it.

    I want your life.

    I just discovered you not too long ago, and already you are my favorite blog.

    Thank you for using so much white… all the time.

    Oh, and you’ve made me obsessed with the word “cottage”.

    The end!

    PS: Do you take all the freakin’ amazing photos here on your blog?!?

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