Linky Party Good Life Wednesday & Happy Birthday Mr BC

Wed 8th, Jun, 2011

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We have had a birthday to celebrate at our old cottage…the lovely Mr BC got through another year with me ;-)

We came down to this beach in the morning for a bit of a coastal walk, and ended up right here after a nice coffee…there was not a soul around apart from a couple of old surfers….we did a lot of talking here…we are both in a funny kinda place at the moment…and this birthday made us stop and think…

phew we finally got here…

we made this huge move to the other side of the world…we bought an old cottage on the beaches…our kiddos are growing up bringing us new challenges…and we escaped the corporate rat race and started our own business -

and all of this over the last few years has been a tough and amazing ride, especially for our marriage…I don’t think you would want to hear the ins and outs of that…but we have come out the other side of it..and it seems we are much stronger…which surprises me a whole lot…I still throw vintage glass bottles and saucepans at Mr BC when he annoys me and I still kick him when he snores for Australia but somehow we are stronger ;-)

and life continues to move on for us…but it brings up for me questions….

Is this it Mr BC?


You and me on this journey?

You and me and our three?

You and me since that day in the pub all those years ago?


You know what Mrs BC?

…this lady, is quite as good as it gets…you don’t get it much better than this in life….

now all we have to do is

just be


you don’t need much else now

You walk down a little path and steps…


you swallow and say G’day to new friends


you look on


you smile and wonder at the little things


you love


you are amazed


you run and laugh and look silly

beach cottage sarah birds

you sit back and sigh

20110608-11-sarah-birds 20110608-12-birds-ocean-sea

you stop and smell the roses


you continue to admire shoes ;-)


you take a ride to celebrate this special day on a ferry


you gulp it all in


you are leaning over the side of a ship the wind in your hair


you turn the corner, amazed


you spend the day with those that you love…and you walk and look and gasp and smile and hold hands and jump in the air

and at the end of the day


you know finally

this is the Good Life

and that yes

it’s time to just be


p.s. if you are new here, which I know a lot of you are, you can read more about our seachange to the other side of the world here



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Cheers, have a good one…

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62 Responses to “Linky Party Good Life Wednesday & Happy Birthday Mr BC”

  1. Jeannie says:

    Happy Birthday to a cool junkin’ husband, Mr. BC.
    Great pics, Sarah!

  2. Marnie says:

    Looks like you had a great day. I love Sydney Harbour, just so beautiful.
    Thanks for hosting Sarah.
    x Marnie

  3. Suzanne says:

    Beach, ikea, makeovers, cooking tips, more beach, beautiful words, photography!! WHAT a beautiful and interesting blog you have here Sarah!! No. 1 blog for sure!!
    Have a lovely day today!!

    • Suzanne says:

      PS Happy Birthday Mr BC!!

      • sarah says:

        thanks Suzanne for the kind words…No 1 blog ;-)

        have a lovely day yourself…I am for sure, it’s beautiful winter weather here…sunshine & blue skies!


        • Suzanne says:

          You are so welcome Sarah!!
          Just went for a walk and yes what a beautiful but cold day here in Sydney town!!


  4. {oc cottage} says:

    The Aussie tourism board had better be paying you!!! You make it look like a wonderland!

    m ^..^

  5. Jo-Anna says:

    Beautiful, inspiring photos as usual! Love!

  6. Looks like you had a lovely day. Life changes are challenging but I’ve come to understand that each step we take is for a reason, though sometimes nothing seems to make sense. Glad you and hubby can talk things out and just “be” with one another. That’s a special thing. Thanks for hosting and sharing your beautiful photos.

  7. Kirsty says:

    Happy Bird-day Mr. BC! Love the seagull shots!

  8. Beautiful as always! Lovely shots and nice write up! …and I know as well how tough it is to escape from the corporate rat race!!
    A Very Happy B’day to Mr.BC!:)


  9. Jacqueline says:

    A good life and a great post! You sure know how to do some fun stuff. On the beach, and on the post!

  10. Such a sweet post and sweet photos today, Sarah! ♥ I didn’t know that you both started a business. What business? Would love to hear about your new adventure together. :) Loved this, girl!!

    xoxo laurie

  11. Oh! And Happy Birthday to Mr. BC!!!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  12. beachcomber says:

    happy birthday mr bc…the same birthday as my son..19 yesterday. another gemini. lovely photos of sydney!
    cheryl x

  13. Christine H says:

    Aww…happy, happy birthday and marriage longevity!! When I read your posts I am transported to your beach similar to the one I grew up next to but on the other side of the World! It’s so much fun to ‘hear’ how similar we live, so far divided, but so on the same wavelength. I love to read your posts, your shopping finds, your remodeling, redecorating, repainting, doing and re-doing and your Saturdays….I’m always smiling when I read your posts. You are my smile across the seas! Hugs from Southern California

  14. Jennifer ( Qld) says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Why is it your writing always seems to make me cry but it is often just what I need to read at the right time to make me realise how good life really is and how lucky we are here even when the clouds are low and we need to wear jumpers during the middle of the day.

    Happy Birthday Mr BC, wishing you all the best!

  15. Happy Birthday to Mr. BC. Lovely, lovely post! Your blog is inspirational and aspirational. Thanks so much for hosting the link party.

  16. alison says:

    A great post Sarah. I’m in awe of what you both have done to follow your dreams. I’m trying to “just be” after a dramatic lifestyle change. Oh my goodness it’s hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But…it’s also very interesting to think and reflect with the support of my wonderful Mr Alison.

    Happy birthday Mr BC.

  17. Cas says:

    That was a lovely post, Sarah. I hope you and Mr BC and your family have a great day!

  18. Thanks so much for hosting this link party. Great photos!

  19. Ava says:

    Beautiful Photos Sarah ! Even more lovely than usual !!
    Thanks for hosting the link parties :)

  20. Oh my goodness, Sarah – your photos are unbelievable…thank you so much for sharing them with us…and thank you so much for hosting!!!

  21. Meg says:

    Not all of us can live on the ocean, but I’m glad that someone who does enjoys it, blogs about it, and passes it on to me! Thanks!

  22. Kim says:

    ~~~~~~ Happy Happy Birthday to Mr.B.C.!!!~~~~~~~looks like you had the perfect day!!!!! love the pics sarah so beautiful and the way you ended the post with the shadow sillouhette!!!! the beach looks divine even in your winter!!!!
    KIm xoxoxo

  23. Jo B says:

    Hi SArah

    I am one of your newer readers and I also live in the same area as you and a friend of mine told me about you. I love your blog so inspiring but surprised to never see pictures of the BC crew.

    Why is that? Especially as I know one of your kids is very talented and doing more than one sport at an elite national level – representing at that level is huge in Australia I thought you would be proud of that and show it off! I know I would!

    Thanks for the blog so inspiring I even bought a camera to take snaps of my local beach which is a bit further north than you


  24. Esther says:

    Happy birthday to Mr. BC ! :o)
    Love your pics!

  25. Marnie says:

    I left a message before and forgot to say Happy Birthday to Mr BC….so
    Woot, woot, woot

    x Marnie

  26. Nicole says:

    Happy birthday to Mr. BC! When is his birthday? Mine is June 6th, and I do believe that June birthdays are the best! ;)

  27. Robyn says:

    Happy Birthday Mr BC!!

  28. Susan says:

    Happy Days to you both… what a beautiful post :)

    I sure do love your photographs of my old hometown…. have you climbed the bridge yet??

  29. sarah says:


    no we haven’t…yet…we will be soon!


  30. Marcia says:

    Happy Birthday to Mr. B.C! I’m glad you get to “just be” now :-) You continue to inspire Sarah. I did a post today about your strawberry pear crumble recipe. Oh, we soooo love it around here!

  31. Jane says:

    Hello Sarah

    Beautiful shots of your new country, I love them all actually.

    I would love to know what camera you use, tried to find out through looking back at old posts buy could not see anything.


  32. kathy says:

    Another lovely post, all those beautiful photos made me feel quite peacefull = thanks. Happy Birthday Mr BC. Going to cook banana pancakes now – yum!

  33. Heather My Vintage Place says:

    Wow such awesome pictures from the beach and it’s winter for you guys, I love the colors so many depths of blue.

    I have been married for about ten years, I am wondering how long you to have been together? There are ups and downs they don’t tell you at the altar aren’t there? Glad to hear you have got through it, and thank you for your honesty, it is more and more rare in blogs now and I am reading less and less of the perfect marriage, perfect life blogs or even worse perfect parenting blogs but here you seem to get the mix right, you don’t post unbelievable pictures of your children dressed in hand sewn gear or holding hands with the ‘love of your life’ instead you tell us you throw pans around! That’s the reason I am now only reading yours and a few other blogs now and I canned the rest.

    Happy born day to your man too!

  34. Kat says:

    Ah I love a birthday to celebrate and reflect upon, even if it is not mine :)
    I think with each year we become a little wiser about how it is the simple things that matter the most and how to really soak them up and appreciate them.
    I hope Mr BC had a fabulous day with you!

  35. Zosia says:

    Happy Birthday to Mr. BC and congratulations on sticking it out and making it through a big change which moving to another country, let alone a continent, is. I wish you good wind in your surf for anything that comes your way in the future.

  36. HB to the salty husband…love the photo of you both- feet firmly planted on the sandy shores of australia!

    Looks like a perfect sydney day….nothing in the world like it!

    melissa x

  37. Tessa says:

    Happy Birthday Mr BC…. Gotta love a Sydney Winter…ok it was a bit too chilly today but even when its cold the sun still shines, happy, happy days x

  38. Your photos are just beautiful! What a perfect way to spend a birthday, with loved ones, on the beach, surrounded by all that blue water, blue sky and nature. I’m so envious, we don’t live anywhere near the water. An inspiring post as well, I think we’ve all wondered at times “is this all there is”? I’m so happy for you to have found your “good life”. Thanks for sharing & G’day! :)

  39. Poppy says:

    Beautiful post, Sarah! Made me a little emotional….. how beautifully written! Happy Birthday to Mr BC and its a “good life” indeed! Your post make us stop and think… shared years with each other, shared ups and downs give strength to a marriage and creates memories you cherish forever. I’m happy that you had a lovely time with your love! Amazing photography!Thanks for sharing and being a gracious hostess for us each week!~ Poppy


  40. Helen says:

    Hi Sarah, it looks like you had such a lovely day celebrating Mr BC’s birthday and your wonderful beach life together!

    Thanks for hosting once again!

  41. Hi Sarah-

    What a great ride bumps and all – you are living the best life ever in my book. Keep on enjoying. Happy Birthday to Mr. BC.

    My best- Diane

  42. Happy Birthday Mr. BC!
    Thanks for the reminder Sarah to never give up on our dreams!!

  43. Jenni says:

    Hi Sarah~

    This is such a sweet post, and what amazing photography! That first picture is so cute. :) And I hope your husband had a lovely birthday! :) Your blog is simply gorgeous, and I am so glad to have found it!

    I hope you have a beautiful day! :)

    Blessings to you~

  44. Oh…the water. I’m in land-locked Ottawa (Canada) and so would love the beach right now. Thanks so much hosting. What a talented bunch!

  45. Lori-Anne says:

    Yep, those would be the spiders I’m talking about >.<
    Happy Birthday to Mr. BC!!

  46. Jan says:

    Nice post & good photos!

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  47. Dianah says:

    Super post sarah!

    Do you use a tripod?



  48. Now that’s a birthday! Thank you for sharing Mrs. BC

  49. Beautiful photos! Looks like a perfect birthday. Thanks for hosting.

  50. Florentina Galante says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I truly assume this website wants way more consideration. I’ll in all probability be again to learn far more, thanks for that info.

  51. the freckled minx says:

    Isn’t it such a wonderful feeling when you realise that this is as good as it gets – it’s kind of like a peaceful calm to just be and love.

  52. Rebecca says:

    First, Happy BD to Mr. BC! How lucky your are to have been a team to go through all the changes life brings! Love the photos! Your post was lovely and heart warming. Thanks for hosting such a fun party!

  53. A beautiful post. It’s so odd that it’s sometimes hard to find time to just stop and just be as you say. Got to do more of that.

  54. Caroline Piorra Maison says:

    I am your newest follower and I just joined in the linky fun. What a lovely post. It is nice to have someone to share life and your passion with. Just “be” so many people keep searching and can’t enjoy NOW! Looking forward to following and going back to your history.
    Thanks for hosting

  55. Angie says:

    I somehow missed this post…so sweet Sarah. Im guessing you all are maybe around 40? I know there are always things/trials that go on behind closed doors. Things are not always rosey, and challenges to meet. Being married for 31 years and with my hubs for 4 years before that. I must say I think you have to kind of sit back and reinvent your marriage every few years. Take a good look at what you have and together make new goals and new interests. You my girl are surely Blessed. Good health (I hope),a beautiful family (even the teenagers)and the Lucky Land !

  56. Melhttp://decoratingmyworld.blogspot.com/2011/06/me-n-mineand-everything-that-makes-me.html says:

    Love it!!

    Its the only way to be!
    Happy B-Day Mr.BC all the way from Nova Scotia Canada!!

    Here’s to it n from it n to it again
    If you ever get to it
    do it
    cause you might not get to it
    to do it again!



  57. beth says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Lovely post.
    I have linked a Good Life Wednesday post about moving and settling in Australia that you might find interesting. Only thing is, your button doesn’t seem to want to play and wont appear on my blog. I have tried to put it in my sidebar and under the text in my post. There is a little box that appears with the words “link broken” when you hover on it – sorry. It’s worked every other time.
    Enjoy the weekend, sun is shining in Brisbane but it’s blooming cold!

  58. Hi Sarah, a belated happy birthday wish to your husband. You’re so right – finding the center of this moment and the gratitude to experience it fully IS enough. Life is beautiful. And, coincidentally, your photographs are too :) They always are. Just one of the many reasons I so love to pop over. ~diane

  59. Cricket says:

    Girl… you made me cry!
    For Starters.. Happy Birthday Mr. BC!
    Your post was wonderful…. and I am glad to see you made it!
    Coming from someone who is in the middle of the ugly “D” word.. and losing slowly…
    Your post was a breath of fresh air…
    Many more happy years for you both!