Good Life Wednesdays Beach & Bush

Wed 15th, Jun, 2011

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The weekend just gone was a long one in my neck of the woods and because the BC Crew were off an extra day too it was a four-day weekend for us…the weather was a mix…one of sunshine so a long walk on the beach…the others rainy, so gumboots on and walking in the bush…


When the sun was out, it was amazing



the light, the colours and the air are all breathtaking…there is nothing better for this pommie girl than being here in this new land, walking on the beach in the crisper Winter air…(translation: a pommie is an English person in the land of Aus)




this is one of the local ocean pools I was telling you about…not the one where the ‘sea creature’ put me in an ambo…another one…


the ocean rock pools are built into the corners of beaches…when I first came here I was a bit surprised to see the concrete thrown in with the outstanding scenery…most of them have local swimming clubs attached to them, so they have a community around them too…

Mr BC loves to swim in them..




and they work with the climate….many of you have asked what are the winter temps here…well the average temperature in the daytime in Sydney in the Winter is mid to high 60′s though obviously on a sunny day in one of these sheltered spots it feels much warmer...so we are hardly talking the Arctic here :-)



But it’s not all just about the beach here you know…



one of the reasons I love it so much is that every which way you turn there is beauty…


for nature lovers and those who like to be out and about there can’t be many other places that offer this much diversity…and our journey with Australia is only just beginning…we are at the tip of the iceberg in terms of exploring this land…



I love going out to walk in the rain walking in wellies…you can can splash about to your hearts content…



and I love rain droplets




and taking photos of them…this can get tedious for your walking companion though :-)



we love walking to this waterfall in the winter..for most of the rest of the year everything is very dry and dusty there’s not much water flowing…


right now it’s gushing…and sounds divine…just like one of those meditation sound dvd’s…you know?….

I did record some on my phone…with two intentions…one to listen to while I am doing my homegrown yoga stretches and the other to put up on here for you to listen to…but blow me down I can’t work out how to get an audio clip on this here blog so bang goes that idea :-)

you’ll just have to imagaine

...drip drip plop, bubble trickle bubble



I needed to get out this weekend…



I had a lot of parenting things on my mind and knew that being out in the fresh air, with nature and getting moving would help…not that this is anything unusual, we trek most weekends for at least a couple of hours…



…I am such an advocate of the humble walk/hike…



no special equipment needed, no fancy gear…just your legs and if you are out for more than an hour or so some fairly sturdy footwear…



You see so many things you just don’t come across in the everyday humdrum of life…




Walking = talking too



I love discovering while you walk….



secret paths and stuff like that




walking and talking in the rain is also very good in justifying how useful your rather expensive to buy in Australia, English wellies are and how that because said footwear is so darn functional you really could well do with a pair in navy too ;-)



So that is it from me for Good Life Wednesday…this is, to me, how to live it good…getting out and about and loving the simple things in life….



Yours in raindrops & sparkles…








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51 Responses to “Good Life Wednesdays Beach & Bush”

  1. Meg says:

    Rainy and drippy walks in the forest, how marvelous!

    ps…thanks for the linky party

  2. Gorgeous photos, Sarah. The light on the water is just stunning. And many thanks for hosting the party every week! Lots of love from my hillside cottage to your beach cottage :)

  3. Marnie says:

    Love your photos Sarah.
    Thanks for hosting.
    x Marnie

  4. Fiona says:

    hi Sarah – looks like you had a lovely long weekend. I’ve just written and linked up a (kind of) similar post (linkedup) about the beautiful beaches and bush around my home town of Eden.
    I’m coveting your wellies with all this rain.
    cheers Fiona

  5. Kirsty says:

    That first photo is so beautiful.

  6. Alice says:

    Oh Sarah, those pictures of your bush walk brought memories of our hikes out in the Blue Mountains. Hubby and I used to do it almost every weekend from late autumn right through to mid winter. Yes it was a 2hr drive each way at the time but so worth it… We often walk the boardwalk near our place. It follows the river and leads us towards the national park but don’t venture too far because of the little ones. We do reminisce on these walks and have promised to return hiking again once the kids handle the walks. Lol I have started “training” my eldest little one and already she complains like a teenager only after 5 minutes! Thank you for bringing back happy memories, I need that after all this gloomy weather, not a ray of sunshine out our way…

  7. Catie says:

    Wow, great pictures Sarah! Looks like a nice, relaxing day. Have a peek at my sunburst mirror I put on your Good Life Wednesday. ~Catie

  8. Thank you so much for hosting! Your photos always astound me…they are just gorgeous…

  9. Deanne says:

    Oh, I really need to get out and do some nature photography!

  10. Lovely pictures Sarah. A walk is always good to clear the mind and sort through things. You have a beautiful area to hike through. Love the waterfall! Thanks for hosting :)

  11. Tammi says:

    Raindrops and sparkles….PERFECT!!


  12. Kelly says:

    Love your photos, and your views on Life.


  13. Nel says:

    Gumboots are way too expensive in Australia…think I still need to get some though ;) Lovely pics xo

  14. kari says:

    I love those lil pink flowers…. That image is beautiful!!!

    Anything in the mail yet?

  15. Eileen says:

    I love your pictures of raindrops Sarah. Gorgeous. And what a wonderful walk that must have been. That waterfall is incredible.

  16. Cathy says:

    Can I just say…Wow. Your pictures are always such a joy to look at. You make us feel as though we are wandering around with you in this beautiful place you call home. Thanks for taking me along!

  17. Audrey says:

    Hi Sarah! I am new to your blog, but must admit that i spent a couple of hours yesterday pouring through your posts (mostly with an almost 5-month-old sitting curiously on my knee). I’m in love! And i was wondering, how can i become part of the Saturday Club? Please sign me up! :)

  18. Thanks so much for hosting this link party. You always have the best photos!! What a place to live!

  19. What a great spot to think and talk. I’m going to grab the husband this weekend and just hang-out for a bit. Thanks for the kick-in-the-pants.

  20. Jacqueline says:

    spectacular! spectacular!

  21. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful photos! I am SO envious of the access you have to such beautiful beaches, views and scenery. I think I’d be out wandering EVERY day if I was surrounded by such awesomeness! Great photos, as usual. :)

  22. Kris @ HipChicGypsies says:

    Rain ,Hail or Shine. Yep, one thing I have discovered while travelling this wonderful country of Aus, is that no place is ever exactly the same on any given day. The simple things in life are always the best. Your Photos are lovely. Oh & Thanks also for hosting the linky party.

  23. Tricia says:

    Sarah. Can you do another fashion post? I love how you do casual chic even when you are out walking!

  24. kalanicut says:

    Gorgeous photos, Sarah. I would love to do a walk with you. Sounds delightful with a camera. I often find myself holding up others in order to stop and appreciate little sights along the way. Thank you for sharing these your lovely walks. Reminds us all how inspiring, healing, relaxing and bonding they can be.

  25. Deb says:

    Just beautiful Sarah…and thanks for hosting another great party!

  26. Like the cheeky pinch on the bottom picture!

  27. The Freckled Minx says:

    Loving the perspective through your lense.

  28. alison says:

    Hi Sarah

    I live across the road from a waterfall that thunders down when it rains and a huge gum tree that roars when a westerly blows. I just love it.

    I think you definitely should get the wellies in blue too.


  29. wellies…walking…
    sunnies…beach pools…

    the beauty of sydney in winter…well – the glorious northern beaches in winter!

    i love that you approach sydney in winter, like the english here approach walking and getting out in all winters!
    i think you are blessed in this attitude- as i have many friends emailing me that they are sick of the rain blah blah blah…they perhaps need an english sensibility to enjoy sydney in all weathers…
    we are going to bring home this attitude with us!

    love the pickies- melissa x

  30. PS- hunters in blue- a no brainer!

    tell the hubster i’ll order them for you!

    m x

  31. Clutterholic says:

    These photos are gorgeous! I LOVE the green rainboots!

    Thanks for hosting!

  32. Zosia says:

    Love the watery photos today: the water ring, the water bubbles, the rain drops on branches, the water splashes on the last photo. Oh, and let’s not forget the lovely embrace photo. Have a great day!

  33. izzie says:

    Just a beautiful poatto read on a miserable wednesday morning in West Sussex – Only 5 mina from the beach myself – must find the time to see it more often!!
    P.S Hunters have introduced a new ballet shoe – check it out – great idea for when the wellies are too much in your heat!!

  34. marcia says:

    Hi Sarah, you and mr bc always manage to take the cutest pictures together. is your camera on a timer, or does one of your bc kiddos pitch in to help? at any rate…they are always gorgeous, glistening pics! thanks for hosting sarah, marcia in cali

  35. Giulia says:

    Love,love,love your pics Sarah!

  36. Jem says:

    I know it’s the ingrained Brit in me but I’ll always love wet weather, beautiful photos Sarah!

  37. Laurie says:

    beautiful Sarah, beautiful blog!!

  38. thanks for hosting again! and, beautiful pictures! gorgeous!

  39. The only time I don’t go walking is when it is REALLY cold, AND really windy and rainy. When I say really cold I mean just above freezing or below. Walking and hiking is one of my favorite things to do, and when my health was barely hanging on by a thread, I truly think it saved me. It kept my body from giving up, and I think the fresh air just continued to clean my lungs and my system. It kept me alive and moving.

    A lot of times I walk alone, it’s a great time to gather my thoughts. But more recently my family has been joining me and I love it. One of my favorite memories now, is of us taking a night walk with both of the pups, in the snow through the woods here. I would swear we were in Narnia.

    I do try to walk and/or hike every day now. The outside is good for my inside.

    God bless you Sarah! Have a lovely day!

  40. WOW and WOW!!!
    What beautiful photos!! I really, really want to see Australia some day!!

  41. this was so calming I think I will stay on this page for awhile…thanks

  42. Ruth says:

    fantastic photos! Looking out on a very dreary ‘summers’ evening back here in the UK, so not jealous ;-)

    (watching ITV at the moment and it is showing a program called ‘poms in paradise!’ …… may be we should make the move!) Will attempt to link in this week after I have written todays post

  43. Sally says:

    What is the name of the fuschia & white flower?

  44. Emily says:

    Love the Wellies! I think I may need to invest in some soon, Seattle hasn’t had much of a summer yet.

  45. Erica says:

    WOW! How marvelous !Love your pics Sarah!

  46. Beautiful photos, Sarah!!! Thanks so much for the party… hope you have a lovely weekend down under :-} ~ osc

  47. Lindsay Jo says:

    I love the pictures in this post! They are beautiful! and make me want to travel to your part of the world :)

  48. Absolutely stunning pictures! Just stumbled on your blog and love your story of moving from England to Australia. We also have three kids and moved from somewhere colder and “inland” to somewhere warmer and on the beach (although we stayed within the same country), so I’m really enjoying reading about your journey.

  49. Shannon says:

    Wow, I just came across this post and your photos are beautiful, Sarah! Consider me a blog fan for life. :)

  50. Sarah says:

    I just happened upon this blog of yours and am in awww. Such beautiful pictures! What a wonderful blessing to be able to live around such beauty!