The Late Good Life Wednesday on Thursday & Servers

Thu 30th, Jun, 2011

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G’day BCer’s.

Ooooh dear…no you are not going mad and yes this post was up for about 20 minutes yesterday and then poof, gone… eaten up by cyberspace!  …and to those of you who read that post, added your link and left me a comment, I am very sorry but poof they were eaten too!

Thanks for all of those who have emailed me about being missing-in-action, I am fine…the shared server I was on was not…you see I have had to upgrade my server to my own one ‘cos I had exceeded the bandwidth on the shared one…still with me?  …or am I speaking gobbledeegoop to you?


…basically I have had to do techie speak for the last two days, and I ain’t too good at that…hopefully all is now working smoothly and normal transmission will resume from now on in

So I decided to still do Good Life Wednesday, only now it’s Thursday night, well at least it is in Australia, I guess for some of you reading this, it’s still early on on Thursday…

Anyway, welcome to the Good Life…and I am not including getting one’s own server and migrating to it in that ;-)  …at least I was a grown-up, didn’t whine and best of all didn’t blame it all on Mr BC…are you suitably impressed?  I do hope so.


When I came to Australia the first time, it was after the 6 months Mr BC had spent networking with Australian business contacts and we were on our way to a new life in the sun…we had booked a holiday, staying by the sea, near the city and Mr BC was hooked up for meetings about potential jobs…

Sitting on the plane I opened the magazine in the back of the seat…you know the ones provided by the airline, that after 65 hours of boredom you pick up in desperation?  That’ll be the one…

Well, this time, there happened to be something that took my interest…it was an article on someone, I can’t remember who, but knowing this blog someone will be able to enlighten me, about a guy who started writing thank-you notes and how it changed his life.



I mused it for just about the whole plane ride..and almost immediately I began to think about all the good things in my life…and my life was not, and is not now perfect...but right away I looked at things differently...wow how grateful am I to have the opportunity to be sitting on this plane, with my 3 healthy children on the way to a new life Down Under by the sea!

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not about to go all moochy-moochy-pyscho-babble-moo on you…it isn’t all roses in my life and I can and do frequently whinge on for England about things and I do bleat on and on to Mr BC when it isn’t going how I want it to go…

…but looking at the small things, the everyday things with new eyes has changed my life...like completely…



We arrived in Australia for this holiday and from that day forward I began every night to write down something I was grateful for in my life…I didn’t have a special book or anything…in fact being away from home, I didn’t have anything and I used one of those little hotel booklets that you get by the side of the bed.

The very first thing I wrote in that book was that I was grateful for the surfers! How very very strange…here I was an English girl, her first night in Australia and I wrote that I was grateful for the surfers…but I remember overlooking the sea that first morning, very very early about 5.30am and being totally floored by seeing people all over the place...the little black dots of the surfers on the waves and it made me smile…and I was grateful to witness that…

…as I began to write those things down every night I was AMAZED at how differently I looked at my life…it seemed almost as if literally my eyes opened to a whole new world…and on and on it went…from big things like being on the Manly ferry, turning the corner and seeing the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge to little things like the colours in a flower, a cup of tea and the food we were eating…


Back home in England I carried on with writing down every night the little things in my day that I was thankful for…I kept it small and I kept it in that scruffy little notepad…I resisted all grand ideas for a big journal or turning it into a project or joining one of the sites that I have since come across that are all about just this…I knew that if I did that, made it all official I would quickly lose interest…

and the funny thing was, that time and time again, what came up, was not material things, things I had bought or possessions but what repeatedly hit that little pad was firstly nature…a flower, the country lanes I took walks on in England, trees….the weather…clouds, sunshine (if I was lucky) and the rain…my kiddos health & silliness, things we were eating and  little vintage things I had come across for pennies on my treasure hunting escapades..


After a while, I stopped physically writing down those things…I kinda found that I didn’t feel the need to actually put it down on paper, that now, especially since the discovery of my camera I saw the little things more anyway

…and I think this blog became the place where, though I didn’t actually write it down in words, I wrote my gratefuls…and because of this blog, the freedom to write, the blossoming of photography I have found beauty in everyday things in life…and consequently it turns up in all manner of places…constantly surprising me..




Doing the night-time gratefuls thing made me look at  this tatty old cottage in a different way…I focused on the good things about it..I thought about what I was thankful for….I revelled in finding old vintage furniture for it and instead of bleating on about the bad things about it, of which there were plenty (and still are)… I decided to be grateful…that we had reached our dream of moving to a new life in the sun…it wasn’t quite perfect…but baby this would do...we had an old cottage….fairly near to the sea…in the Lucky Country…we had beautiful weather nearly year round, we were living an outdoor lifestyle, we had the wooden floors and sash windows I had always dreamt about, oh and a huge old fig tree..




…don’t get me wrong, I certainly do not sit here ensconced in white thinking about how wonderful everything is, while angels flit around playing tunes…I have a whole long-as-my-arm list of things I want to do to this place, an even longer list of places I want to visit, an even longer list of things I want to try…

my life is far from perfect…

but I am living it



I hope to be back tomorrow…if that Server Boy don’t start acting up again…

I have someone really really really really really really really lovely to show you in this old cottage…


p.s. pictures of little white things around and about my place that I am thankful for…

I am adding the linky thing below, even though it is not Wednesday…

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32 Responses to “The Late Good Life Wednesday on Thursday & Servers”

  1. Susan says:

    hmmm… timely post my friend….. I had a whinge for England {I am half English after all *wink}…. just this past Monday….. but have taken stock well and truly by today and am quite back on track about how wonderfully blessed we are.

    thanks…… x

  2. siggie says:

    You just made me smile :)
    I’m grateful for a lot of things and one of them is having your blog to escape to on my lunch break!

  3. Amanda says:

    That server thing would definitely have been gobbledeegoop to me, but then the rest of your beautiful post, icluding the photos, just made total sense. I love that you wrote everything down in the way you did, and know what you mean about the photographs taking over. When I find myself obsessing over tiny details in my photo, and looking at everything with fresh eyes, I know I’m more aware of everything around me. And I am truly grateful for all my riches.
    Amanda x

  4. Tiff says:

    Sarah, you are so right. There is so much to be thankful for and the breath-taking beauty of creation is full of reasons to smile. Thanks for the reminder :)
    Look forward to what’s coming next.

  5. Tammi says:

    Being in the throes of pnd last year taught me to appreciate the little things in life and so I started jotting down one or two things that I was grateful for every night….it’s still something I do nightly and like you I look at life in a completely new light now. How blessed are we to live in such a beautiful country …not that NZ isn’t gorgeous, the opportunities are just better here.

    I love those measuring cups!


  6. Giulia says:

    it’s nice to see that your dream of living so far away are still making you happy. Lovely photos once again.

  7. Simple Daisy says:

    So nice to hear all about your big move…..
    I dream of moving away but always think I would miss my hometown too much! Glad to know you miss yours but that you’re still happy with your move!!!
    Lovely…Lovely photos too!!!

    ps….i’m have a give-away at my blog!! Stop on over if you get a chance:)

  8. Megan Brewer says:

    We are in sync. I was feeling poopy and down yesterday so when I went for my evening run/walk around a pond I listened to inspirational music and thought of everything in my life that I was grateful for. It was amazing how long my list was and how much better I felt when I was finished. Who doesn’t feel uplifted watching duck, geese, turtles, and heron? Thanks for letting me get a glimpse into your life.

  9. HRH Sarah says:

    Congrats on your bandwidth upgrade. This was a fantastic post, Sarah. The pictures are gorgeous, and may even inspire me to run outside with my camera and capture some of my flowers before the heat destroys them! I have been pondering writing a gratitude “journal” though, like you, it would have to be less structured and “official”. So many times I feel grateful for some little thing, and then the feeling and the memory of it are pushed out of my mind by everyday worries and cares. If you write it down, you can go back and revisit it.

  10. Marnie says:

    Great post Sarah. I don’t think I’ll make it to the party this week. :(
    I’m having trouble seeing most of your photos in this post. Thought you might like to know. Have a great weekend.
    x Marnie

  11. izzie says:

    Was just thinking the same thing – been out for lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in ages and sat outside on an English summers afternoon. Life is as good as you want it to be sometimes and remember – It’s never too late to be who you want to be. :)

  12. Fiona says:

    hi Sarah, i read that book last year. 365 thank yous (or something like that by John kralik. Great book and a worthy practice.
    Cheers fiona

  13. barbara woods says:

    i have 25m grandkids and 2 greatgrands with 3 more on the way. i take many many pictures of them. love your bolg here in ga. and just love the way u look at things

  14. kristin says:

    Always love coming over for a visit and learning a little more about your fabulous life and of course seeing your beautiful pictures!

  15. marcia says:

    Yeah! So glad you are back Sarah! Isn’t it frustrating though? Honestly, I don’t know how things don’t disappear more than they do. I can’t get over all the blogs there are now! It must be hard to get everything perfect. Have a wonderful rest of your week Sarah, and thank you for hosting. Your friend out in California ps if you are ever here in the States, please look me up! I live about 2 hours from the coast and we would have a blast together I am sure:)

  16. Rebecca says:

    Hi Sarah. I’ve been lurking around your blog for awhile now… mostly through my phone’s rss reader. Actually I think this may be the first time I’ve ever visited via the computer. I love relaxing with a glass of wine in the evening and reading about what you’re up to and seeing your great photographs. I don’t even remember how I found you, probably via a link on one of the other popular coastal blogs. Anyway, I just wanted to stop for a second this time around and say “G’day” (I’m not from Australia but man I really adore the accent). Even if you don’t hear from me much, I’ll still be lurking around here regularly and thoroughly enjoying myself doing it.

  17. Melissa- says:

    Honey-Soo lovely to have you back Sarah…..

    I love that we understand one another’s ‘move’ so well-I get ALL your very wise words about moving away, your love for non-material
    possessions & how blessed you feel…but what I love most is that Australia will always be HOME to us both- I feel blessed to travel & to live in hour old stamping ground with our three Kiddos…. But hat I love most is that their hearts will always lay firmly in 2 wonderful countries….

    As I said….lovely to have you back….happy Thursday in Oz…from earlier Thursday in ol’Blighty…

    Melissa x

  18. Melissa- says:

    Errrr… I also love my I-phone like life itself- but can’t bare that it changes all my spelling to what it ‘thinks’ I am trying to say!!!!!! Grrrr-hope you can ‘read’ the comment above!!!!!!!!!!!!
    M x

  19. I love the white flower with blue photo. So perfect.

  20. Jadyn says:

    I looove this post so much Sarah! I started a gratitude journal a couple of years back, which I do on and off, and I can also honestly say that it has transformed my life (and my marriage) without any exaggeration. I think for me too, taking my life into my own hands and moving across the ocean because we wanted to has changed my outlook. We really are as free as we think we are (like a saying that I read somewhere said).

    Your photos are gorgeous by the way! And thanks for sharing so honestly. It can be easy to assume things about each other, like thinking that your life is a lot more perfect than mine because your blog is so beautiful…but the truth is we’re all living life with its ups and down and making the best of it with what we have. You do seem to do that very well, though! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  21. I totally get what you’re saying, Sarah. There’s an U.S. author who hosts a TV show who wrote a book on being grateful for everyday things. Even the tiny, miniscule, non-descript things. She wrote that when we look at life with gracious gratefulness, that our whole outlook on life – through all the bumps in the road that tend to throw us off kilter – tends to be happier, brighter, and more loving. We become the people that God wants us to be. Thankful, happy, and giving. A direct reflection of who HE is! ♥ xoxo laurie

  22. Lee Mills says:

    Ohhhh so glad I was not going totally mad – was sure I had seen, read and loved your post! Decided to join in …after all we northern beaches girls certainly get the “good life”! Glad to hear all your techno issues are better, have a wonderful weekend, looks like the weather is a changing – yay!

  23. So serene and beautiful…..lovely images.

  24. Robynne says:

    What did you do with all your little notes…did you keep them hidden away somewhere…can you imagine when you have gone to that white beach cottage in the sky and your grandchildren are going through your stuff….do you think that they will think Grandma was a little nutty…can you see the raised eyebrows…’grateful for chippy bits of furniture’!!…poor Grandma… Robx

  25. Kerry Rossow says:

    Thank you for being the hostess with the mostest!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  26. Anonymous says:

    I consider, that you are mistaken. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM.

  27. alison says:


    I have been sending people thank you cards and letters, sometimes anonymously, for a couple of years now. I get such a buzz out of it.

    Sometimes my cards and letters lead to unexpected and wonderful experiences. Once, quite by chance I heard one of my cards read out as part of a very funny radio program promotion.

    I am very keen to get a copy of that book you mentioned. I’ve noted the details supplied by Fiona in her post.