Beach Cottage Too Easy Recipes ~ Chicken Tortilla Soup

Mon 20th, Jun, 2011

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G’day lovelies, hope you enjoyed the weekend…we did…full on Sydney Winter Sunshine…sitting on the beach, walking in the bush and going to markets…what more can a girl ask for in life?

OK ladies, more BC Too Easy Recipes for ya today…the place to come when you want to get your dinner on the table for your hungry little beach dwellers without doing little more than throwing some natural ingredients in a pot…

Of course, the requirement for a recipe to make it into this special little club known as Too Easy, is it that though it must be simple and easy…it must in fact appear when it is placed on the table in front of one’s rabble as completely the opposite :-)

..if you are reading here from where I hail from or perhaps if you are from my new country though, this recipe may seem a little odd to you…’cos I know it did when I first read it and tried it…so brace yourself…and trust me


I promise you, this will make your kiddos love you…and your husband might agree that the new lens you want for your camera and the lovely white computer that you have had your eye on for like ever, will atually soon be yours after you serve up this in a polka dot apron…(I don’t do that really…but if you are trying to score extra points for a new lens, I reckon it’s worth a go ;-) )

So here is The Best Tortilla Chicken Soup in the World Ever…Beach Cottage Style…

I first came across this recipe in that vortex in my life, when after bambino numero tre came along we had been eating pasta every night for ever and I seriously needed to get my act together before Mr BC found another woman to cook him dinner…

This I found on that same forum I found Forty Garlic Chicken…it was under crockpot recipes…I was on a new found love-affair with the little gadget that had been hiding in the back of the cupboard since the day it got unwrapped after the wedding…using this contraption though meant that when third baby cried with colic from 4-7pm I could still get a healthy dinner on the table…I’d plop him on the front of me in the sling and carry on with all the other stuff with the other two knowing that dinner was sitting happily in the kitchen ready to go…

Here’s what I wrote on the site after I had tweaked it a bit to suit my babies and our palate

‘This is  to-die-for and will be on my menu forever! I had never even heard of Tortilla Soup but I came across the recipe when looking for new inspiration for my crockpot and I’ve made this a few times now, simply throwing it all in the crock and leaving all day on low,  I made a few changes, I added a lot more garlic and less jalepenos plus threw in some herbs & it is absolutely delicious, we were fighting over seconds!   It is the garnishes that really make it – I thought it would be strange to put avocado and chips on top of soup…wrong it was divine…though we added grated cheese, chilli sauce and spring onions too…this is a new fave of ours!’




You see, the secret to this is the toppings…the garnishes…the fixings…whatever you like to call them where you are…basically you throw together a pretty tasty soup and with some savvy shopping you have at your disposal a whole load of lovelies to shove on top to make it all taste divine…

The best thing about this recipe is that, when my kiddos were younger, they thought it was really cool man to be allowed to put chips or crisps if you are rather more British, on your dinner.…wooeee mummy is telling us to put chips on our dinner, yey we are diggin’ that!

What they didn’t realise is in actual fact they were eating tomato/herb/onion/garlic/pepper soup with cheese and avocado and spring onions…if at that time I had given them a spring onion/scallion to eat they wouldn’t have been over the moon about it…dump it on top of some chips on this though and not only did they love it…they thought it was cool..




…and the other good thing?  you can use up any leftover cooked chicken you have…particularly good the night after a roast chicken…I just make stock with the bones and gather up all the meat from all around the chicken and then use it for this soup…it doesn’t matter if you even have just a scant cup full of chicken because you can add the protein to the meal with the cheese topping…easy!


Beach Cottage Too Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

2 onions diced

2 cans chopped tomatoes

1 handful herbs (parsley/cilantro/basil good here)

4 chicken breasts cut into bite sized pieces

1 tsp cumin

1 jalepono chilli diced

3 cups chicken stock/broth

4 cloves garlic

1 red pepper/capsicum diced

1 tsp Tabasco sauce

1 tbsp olive oil

dash of vinegar

salt & pepper


avocado, shredded cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, spring onion,

cholula or Franks hot sauce & sliced pickled jalapenos

1. add oil, garlic, onion and pepper/capsicum to soup/stockpan to soften, about 5 mins on low

2. add chicken to brown

3. add tomatoes, herbs, chilli, vinegar, stock/broth, Tabasco, cumin, herbs

4. season with salt & pepper

5. simmer for a couple of hours

6. serve in deep bowls

6. add chips, avocado, cheese, sour cream and onions plus the hot component if you like it ;-)

*BC Notes

* if you want to make this in your crockpot…literally throw it all in in the same order as above…you don’t need to brown anything as long as you are cooking it for long enough…I don’t normally make this in the pan as above (but I do if I have left it all too late…the minimum this needs to get some flavours going on is about 45mins at a push…so you can chuck it all in when you get home, get all the other Arsenic Hour stuff done and before you know it this will be ready…I usually put this in my crock though late morning and just leave it on low all day or on high for about 3/4 hours (you may have to adjust the liquid just look & taste)
* I usually remove my portion from this if I can be bothered and add extra chilli…I like it mouth-numbingly hot, the rest of my family do not…I add chipotle pepper, red chilli to mine…plus I add jalapeno and Frank’s/Cholula on top…
* look out for reduced salt Tortilla Chips without any flavouring
* if you have a glut of fresh tomatoes this is great for using them up instead of canned
* I normally make double this & with the leftovers add a couple of cans of beans for another meal
* if you are on a budget or you have all the other ingredients which are mostly store cupboard you can lose the chicken
* I often use thighs (not mine, though I’d like to slice some off and chuck them in a pan)…more flavour & easier on the pocket..
* if I cook this on the hob I use the medium sized IKEA stockpot
* if you search ‘chicken tortilla soup’ you can find lots of other versions of this to try…though this recipe is where I have ended up after lots of different variations…


This sounds like a Winter meal but it’s lovely in the summer…it actually tastes really summery even though it is soup…we love coming home to this from the beach in the summer & eat big bowls of it outside with jugs of cold drink…though right now we are tucking up in the evenings happily with steaming bowls of this

Try it…don’t be concerned about putting avocado & chips on a bowl of hot soup…I swear you’ll want to come by my cottage, swoop me up in your arms and kiss me if you make this…you will have thrown a few things in a pot but your family will think you are a Queen and have been thinking about their welfare all day…

…and when they sit down to eat, your kiddos will wink and nod and nudge each other that yep their mummy has finally lost the plot and is giving them chips for dinner

See you around kiddos…I am going off to do a HUGE tidy up of this old cottage…I need a clear out…you know when it gets like that…for some very strange reason I feel like I am nesting…not what you are thinking…but puppy is the big talk around here…


p.s.  you can find more recipes that make you look like a goddess of all things cooking when really you have been reading blogs all day here




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38 Responses to “Beach Cottage Too Easy Recipes ~ Chicken Tortilla Soup”

  1. Christine H says:

    Hello BC Down Under! Living in the land of Mexican Food, California, I am loving this and am going to fool around with it and come up with a vegan version. Will share the recipe when it’s yummy! Thank you!

  2. Catie says:

    This looks soo good! I’ve been wanting to make this, I think you just convinced me. : ) Thanks for sharing!! Happy clearing out. I LOVE doing that! Oh don’t worry, I feel like I’m nesting all the time. ~ Catie

  3. Tiff says:

    lol about slicing your own thighs and chucking them in a pan!
    Thanks for the yummy inspiration – I used to make a version of this quite a lot but it disappeared from our menu for some reason . . . I’m bringing it back this week :)

  4. Melinda says:

    Well I certainly like the idea of my family thinking I’m a Queen so it Chicken Tortilla Soup here we come.!! This will really appeal to my youngest who is a jalepano fiend – thanks for sharing this. Xx

  5. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sarah is a crock pot a slow cooker that you plug in a power point, or does it go on the stove??
    I am obsessed lately with chopping timber chopping boards…yes I know really strang HUH??, but the shapes and textures are so varied, love the timber grains in my white kitchen… do you suggest any, do you oil them?I have three, but I am looking out for another!! Have to try this recipe!!

  6. Michelle says:

    I think this is definitely one for us to try! How I need simple cooking solutions!!

  7. mel says:

    mmm mmm mmm This sounds and looks soooo yummy!

    I have a really good recipe for taco salad You would love it!!
    I will post it for you soon.

    Have a wonderful day!


  8. gina says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Cannot wait to try this as it sounds yummy!! In the winter months I frequently get tortilla soup at a local restaurant and they put avocado slices on top as well as a wedge of lime. It’s delish!!!

  9. I love me some chicken tortilla soup. I think i might even have some tequila sitting around ….

  10. marcia says:

    I had made Tortilla soup for years, but since I became a vegetarian 3years ago I haven’t made it since. I think I will try your recipe without the chicken. You are making me hungry for it again! By the way, if you haven’t seen the movie “Tortilla Soup” I highly recommend it. It’s hilarious and the food is absolutely incredible! Have a great week Sarah, Marcia in California

  11. I have started a little file of your recipes- in a gorgeous old school book I bought at a country market for 40p!

    This looks as good as the others- I’ve not even doubting the avocado on the top!!

    Ta !

    Melissa x

  12. Katie says:

    If you are even more pressed for time (or lazier, like me) you can skip the majority of the shopping and prep by using a couple containers of your favorite, good quailty salsa (chunky, of course, like pico de gallo). Green or red to your preference, some chicken broth, chicken and then toppings to your liking…I am thinking that I will have to try and put a little more effort in and try this one of yours, however, it looks delish!!

  13. Barefoot Liz says:

    I’m going to try making this with tofu in place of the chicken. Yum!

  14. Samantha says:

    On the hob love? Explain that one for a Canadian girl right quick! :) I think it means, in a hurry? Love my crockpot and this was what I was looking for today. It’s a lovely almost summer day in Southern Ontario, windows open, curtains blowing…amazing! Crockpot day sounds perfect to me!

  15. Perfect! I have leftover chicken from Sudnay roast-guess what we’ll have tonight? Oh. Colic-cringe. I remember it a bit too well.

    Another Southern Ontarioan! It was gorgeous yesterday. Another beautiful one today. Not too hot-not too cold.

    The hob is the stove top :)

  16. The soup looks delicious, Sarah!

    Thanks so much for visiting the Back Porch.:-)

  17. Rachel Asher says:

    Just stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment:) This soup looks yummy! I’m your newest follower. Have a nice day!

  18. aubrey says:

    I LOVE this soup! And…I forgot how refreshing and summery your blog is! :) Today I’ve been summer-izing my home! It feels so beachy now! :)

  19. Peggy says:

    Having lived all over the US and parts of Europe I grew up eating, well varied cuisine. And this is a dish I absolutely love but forgot about for years. Oddly enough I rediscovered it when we moved to Alaska and I was looking for dishes I could cook on our woodstove. Now it is a staple in our house. I like to add rice to the leftovers as it makes up a nice “casserole” but minus the chicken due to allergies!

  20. Melissa says:

    Oh my, this looks amazing!!!! I made a copy of the recipe and will be trying this very soon. Thank you for sharing!!

  21. Sally says:

    Sounds delicious Sarah. I think it will be on the menu for this weekend. Thank you for sharing my friend!!

  22. I’m in Texas and we love Tortilla soup I have never made it i might just give this one a try.

  23. Liz says:

    This blog is wonderful!! I have finally joined the coastal blog world…THANK YOU for your inspiration! If any of you coastal lovers have some advice for me, you can find me at http://gonecoastalinaustin.blogspot.com.

  24. So glad your weather is perfect. Nothing better than a recipe that is easy and looks like you have slaved all day! Thank You for dropping by!

    G’day to you!


  25. Cheryl says:

    This is going to be a regular in our kitchen!!! Thank you Sarah!!!

  26. kristy says:

    oh, it looks so yummy!!!

  27. Marcia says:

    This is popular here in So. Cal. but I’ve never seen a crock pot version before. I think chicken tortilla is one of my favorite soups. I’m going to have to try this recipe.

  28. HRH Sarah says:

    My favorite “tex-mex” soup is, white chili. You basically cook some chicken (thighs are best, or use parts from a roasted bird) and onion, dump in cumin and garlic and salt to taste, add cannelini (also known as white kidney beans) some chicken stock, and canned green chiles. Then, . when it’s all cooked up, add chopped cilantro and enough sour cream or creme fraiche to thicken it slightly and turn it a nice white color. When you serve it, top with white cheese, chopped scallion, more cilantro, tortilla chips, and all that good stuff. Very similar, but with beans instead of tomatoes. It’s so delicious, and fun to put toppings on… You could of course spice it up by adding some jalapenos if you’re a spicy kinda girl ;)

  29. Flights Search says:

    I’m hungry i can finish it off, It looks so tasty.

  30. Terrie says:

    So delish, as are all of your BC recipes! My newest “trick” is to substitute good Greek yogurt for the sour cream ~ you can buy it in a variety of ways (full fat, 2%, 0% fat-free) and it cooks up just like sour cream, hot or cold. Even when baking! This is such a great way to get the right balance of good bacteria in our systems, and can make any dish edible for friends who are lacto-intolerant. Plus, there is nothing better on fresh berries or in a smoothie than Greek yogurt ~ it puts grocery versions to shame!

  31. This was wonderful and we’ll def. make it again! It’s so hot here in TX right now we put the crock pot out in the garage while it cooked – ha! The toppings really make it filling. Thank you! I linked back to you/this recipe today.

  32. Melissa says:

    have just made this for the family! And although it was a big ‘spikey’for my little ones (although they still managed to eat it!) hubby and I loved, loved, loved it! Thank you so much – what a beautiful recipe with beautiful ingredients! And the best thing was that it cooked away for most of Sunday in the slow cooker which left the rest of the afternoon to hang out with the family on the deck – so much better than the usual Sunday panic to get house/kids/myself ready for the school/work week! AND I think it tasted even better the next day for lunch! Again thankyou for sharing these beautiful recipes and making my life better!

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  34. Kathy S says:

    Hi Sarah, I am so intrigued by your recipes, I love to cook tastey but easy recipes, so yours look perfect ! I also love chorizo so that is the first recipe I will try. But I was wondering Sarah, do you have a failthful pasta recipe that you use ? Would love to try it if you do…
    Thanks for the great blog, sooo enjoy it !!