BC Saturday Club, Your Questions & Pale Blue Table Dressing

Fri 10th, Jun, 2011

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Welcome to Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday Club…the place we go to get away from it all…to take time out to smell the roses, sit back and love the little things…it’s good too if you like

♥ all things coastal

♥…nautical stripes, sea glass & starfish

♥ the sound of the sea, a coastal breeze

♥ and seashells and cockleshells on the seashore

But before we get into this week’s misison, I thought you might like to see my new pale blue bowls from the Nordic boutique?

I love these and I have had my eye on them for ages…in fact next time when I go back I will get the plates too…they fit in well here…




The shape of the bowl is easy and works for us and I am loving this sweet blue in here




….and the best thing? They are good value...that is important in this old cottage not just because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to indulge my tablescaping habit but also ‘cos it’s the BC Crew’s job to unload the dishwasher every morning and you know what that means...a whole load of our china has chips…




Chipped dishes or do-it-yourself…I go for the former…



I did this table dressing recently…it wasn’t for anything special…but we ended up having a bbq out here as the weather was so sunny & lovely

It doesn’t show up in the photos but the runner is a very pale blue too..it’s really pretty…it’s just a length of fabric from IKEA…it comes hemmed down the long sides…you just buy it off the bolt and it’s ready to go…I guess if you were more fussy than me you would also hem the short ends…I didn’t and anyway I kinda like the frayed ends…more casual…



The bottles are glass soft-drink bottles I painted white…these are a no-brainer for table decorating…massing them on a table creates instant simple impact in my book…throw around a few shells and some IKEA bits and you have a dressed up table without a lotta fuss..


The leaves are Australian Gum…I pulled ‘em off those branches I showed you last week in the Sitting Room Corner Makeover (here if you missed it)…I am lurving this quintessential Aussie icon the Gum, firstly the fragrance is lovely in here in the Winter…kinda spicy and deep and secondly this stuff lasts for ages…it’s still going well strong with no signs of wilting yet…anyone know if this stuff dries??? I will probably try it anyway…

Yeah so I just sprinkled those leaves through the runner…these leaves have a nice disk-like shape for sprinkling about one’s cottage ;-)




So while creating this little table dress-up I got to thinking how enjoyable this is…setting a table is one of those things in life that you can easily not do because you think you don’t have the time…or you think it’s too much hassle or nowadays I think just sitting at the table doesn’t happen so much….

…but it sets everything up for even a simple meal…and makes you sit back and celebrate the little things…like they used to in the old days…you know….not money or material things or what car you drive…but sharing a meal with a table you’ve bothered over…

I must just say here though you have to put all ideas of ‘messing’ it up outta the window right away if you have kiddos around…indeed anyone, not just kiddos…your work and foofing will not look the same once it is being used for life…nah, well not here anyway…but half the joy is the prepping, the doing and then the walking up to it and smiling before you sit down

I do this because I enjoy it…it’s my hobby and I love finding new little things to put on my tables…that is part of the fun and when I am out and about treasure hunting I look out for bits and bobs…spying things that are sweet and easy to use next time….



So this my friend’s is this week’s

♥ Saturday Club

you will need for this mission :  table linen, flowers, pretties, vintage things, chocolate, tipple

Your mission

should you choose to accept it

is this :


you must earmark some time

to dress up your table

you must shop your house

for pretty things



and sweet china

you must lay down

a tablecloth

or the like

and start to


you must indulge in


as you work

you must fuss over napkins

and position things just so


stand back

and take a look

and foof a bit more

move a bit here

and there

and now

go pour yourself

a drink

a cup of tea

or something stronger

and go back to your table

with your drink &

take your chocolate




and admire

enjoy the prettiness!

see you next time


oh and don’t forget to rock those ruffles…BC’ers wear white, boots and ruffles


p.s. I have had lots and lots of questions lately, both on here and via email and Facebook email…if that is you I am getting to it!…some I haven’t replied to yet as I am busy working on the E-Course & getting the shop stuff ready….

and someone asked me why I didn’t have a FAQ page?

hmm I have to say I am not sure why!

so I am putting one together…

..and if you have anything you want to ask leave me your question in the comments

I will answer it and get them up over the next few days…xx


oh goodness I almost forgot THANKS too for the doggie info…I hadn’t even thought about the hair…more on that subject soon!



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34 Responses to “BC Saturday Club, Your Questions & Pale Blue Table Dressing”

  1. I love your white painted bottles! I haven’t been able to stop myself these days, with vase and bottle painting, and the collecting of little glass jars…in fact I’ve been encouraging John to EAT MORE WAY-TOO-HOT SALSA just so I can grab the empty jar and fill it with flowers or greenery. :) I haven’t been much of a table setter, mostly because I hate our table, but it’s next in line to be refinished. Hoping that in a week or two I’ll be ready to start dressing it up properly… :)

  2. Katy says:

    Those bottles are absolutely adorable. I love this setting!

  3. Alice says:

    Baby is is down for his nap and I have just spilt(more like dribbled)tea all over me! He powers naps can you believe it? The most I get out of him is half an hour! At least my oldest can entertain herself while mummy has a break! I am loving this Sarah I can’t wait to do this! I’m hoping tomorrow will be a nice day so I can do it outside though it doesn’t look like it will be… never mind still exciting!

  4. Deanne says:

    Gorgeous table as always, I will try and live up to your beautiful example and make a pretty table for myself this weekend!

  5. Nel says:

    So simple and pretty…love doing up tables for guests for dinner, don’t do it often enough though. You’ve inspired me to do it more often :)

  6. yep- get the plates too…..!!
    great colour!!

    loving this weekends saturday club….

    would you believe someone once planted a gum in this garden with have in england- i’ll be bringing that to the table !
    …and let me know if you manage to dry it…brilliant idea!

    my question: *do you work on the front street scape of your house, as you do on the gorgeous back area & inside?*

    just thinking of your neighbours…& you know BC inspiration!

    melissa x

    • sarah says:

      wow really! enjoy it I love it!

      will answer your question in the FAQ’s …doing it this weekend…

  7. Robynne says:

    Lovely table setting Sarah, and your deck looks great. You can dry the blue gum as I once had a wreath made of it…I can’t remember what happened to it though…it may have gotten a bit mouldy when we lived in QLD…I’m sure if you asked a florist they would help out. Robx

  8. Shelly says:

    You ROCK!!! Love the beach club and all what it entails and means…It is the most wonderful thing Sarah!! Love ya!!!!

  9. What a lovely challenge! I’m having a casual lunch tomorrow and will take you up on your urgings to just enjoy and have fun with the primping.

    What a treat to be able to visit here. Thanks for welcoming us all in.

    Can I make a suggestion for a nice boxer or English bulldog? They are the very sweetest and VERY good with kids.

  10. HRH Sarah says:

    I LOVE froofing my table! Sadly, my dining room is packed with lumber at the moment, boo hiss. I just bought some little scalloped finger bowls at pier 1 imports that I’m dying to fit into a tablescape- gotta get my dining room back!!!
    BTW, I have those little bowls from that same boutique, except I bought a couple blue, a couple white because I couldn’t commit to one color!

  11. So lovely. I was at the Swedisch Boutique last week too, although with no time to browse. I was trying to convince myself I needed those blue bowls but due to too little time to hang around and ponder it some more I left them there. Now that I see them here, I know I will have to go back. It is decided I NEED those bowls :-)

  12. Blue and white is my FAVORITE combination! And with the pink?? GORGEOUS!

    China and linens are a huge weakness for me. I always try to be thrifty about it, but oh my goodness…..so much beauty!
    God bless you Sarah! Have a great weekend!

  13. Angie says:

    I love the table of course and the bowls. In my daughters house of many colors she choose the Ikea white china….who would have ever thought ! She said it will always match no matter what I do around it ! I am def going to paint some bottles soon !

  14. Ouch! Can’t do this one! But I will think of all the Saturday Club members laying a beautiful table, while I begin packing napkins and china in boxes in order to get ready for some remodeling of the dining-room in July! After all, the Little White House needs to deserve its name and “whitify” a little! I love your pictures! And those bowls have such a “dreamy sky” colour…

  15. joyce tx says:

    You’ve inspired me! IKEA here I come!

  16. Zosia says:

    You could get a white dog, like Jock from Hamish McBeth – you can tell I know A LOT about dogs as I am referring to the breed by “Jock from Hamish McBeth”. That doggie is so cute and would fit right in with your whites. Have a great weekend.

  17. Tricia says:

    Hey sarah

    My question is how popular is your blog? You don’t go on any of those top bog lists or blog rankings, any reason for that!

  18. Jeannie says:

    This is the way the French do it. Even for the simplest meal they will put wildflowers in a jar. It’s these little
    touches that add so much to life!

  19. I never tire of your beautiful table dressings! You kill it every time.

  20. Eileen says:

    Always such fun Sarah. With my morning coffee, I’ve tablescaped according to your instructions. A pleasant surprise for the kids when they awoke. I will probably post it for your “Good Life Wednesday Linky” Thanks so much for your inspiration. Of all the blogs I visit I always like to come back to your simple and enjoyable ways.

  21. Barefoot Liz says:

    I really like those bowls!
    I’d like to be able to make my table look all pretty but I just got rid of my table. I’m hoping to move this summer and am getting rid of things that I don’t love (or really need.) Granted, having a table would be good but I’ll put that on hold until after I move. THEN, I will dress it and make it pretty. :-D

  22. Suzanne says:

    Very pretty Sarah!!

  23. i thought those little leaves were coins at first!

    pretty, pretty.


  24. Marcia says:

    Did I miss the how-to on these white bottles? What kind of paint do you use? The whole table looks so nice. A neighbor was throwing out a white farm table (yes, out ready for the trash truck) and I went over and asked if they’d mind if I took it. They said “Sure, and we have 3 chairs too, do you want them?” They’re all sitting out on my patio now, but I haven’t decorated it up yet, our winds have been blowing for days, so nothing would stay there. Thanks for always inspiring us.
    Enjoy your week!

  25. Susan says:

    based on the ages and sheer number of my small children…. my table dressing is normally nothing….. I certainly leave no decoration on there to be admired during the day….. until very recently :)

    I have now managed to leave one hurricane lamp/glass candle holder in the middle of our table… and no-one knocks it over! I know…… excitement :)

    My twins {they are 2} say “hot, hot, hot” while they gaze at the candle flame through the glass….. so I have potential for these lovely dressings you do… I’m biding my time {for I know that when the time for table dressing comes I will no longer have small irresponsible tiny teeny messy hands….. and that will be just a little dismal….. :)

  26. Melhttp://decoratingmyworld.blogspot.com/2011/06/me-n-mineand-everything-that-makes-me.html says:

    So pretty and dreamy as usual!!
    great job making a cozy oasis ta have a nice meal with the fam :)
    Have a wonderful week!


  27. Rose West says:

    Beautiful table setting – simply elegant and fresh-looking. I really like the painted bottle idea too.

  28. susan says:

    your table is just lovely! i found some pretty old wood folding chairs last week at an estate sale and i’ve been thinking about doing another table…..thanks for the push! xo susan

  29. Catie says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m your newest follower. I found you through Thrifty Decor Chick. Love your pics! Gorgeous! I shared a link to a sunburst mirror I made on your Good Life Wednesday post. Check it out when you can, I’m new to the blogging world. Anyway, thought I’d say hi!! ~Catie

  30. Catie says:

    Hi Again, After looking through more of your post, I added you to my blog list and added your button. I LOVE your style!!! Hope you have a great day!! http://catiescorner2.blogspot.com

  31. tania mara says:


  32. kellyhicks says:

    This is just so pretty! I love how soft and light everything feels. And such a good idea using those glass pop bottles as vases. They look gorgeous white with those flowers in them. Love your blog!

  33. Jan says:

    I love your new bowls. Adds just a hint of color to your table. So glad you were finally able to get them and I look forward to see the plates on your table soon as well.

    Jan @ BellaCasa