a day in the life

Fri 24th, Jun, 2011

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When I posted about the turn this blog made a while back and did the FAQ post, I was surprised to hear that people wanted to hear more about just life stuff..but I guess that’s not so strange ‘cos that’s what I love about blogs….I like reading about other people’s comings and goings…a window into a day in their life and I know I just love it when my fave blogs that I check into while I am in the tub, have a post with a little bit more of what they are up to…not a makeover or a tutorial or a how-to…just life..


So here’s mine

We are nigh-on a third of the way into Winter down here in Sydney and the days have been beautiful…mostly….blue skies and sunshine…

I am trying to simplify a lot of things in my life and really make more of the downtime…sometimes I find that tricky…it’s so very easy to get caught up in the busy hullaballoo of what you’ve got and what you haven’t, what you are doing or are not doing and just the general bustle of looking after this family and three sporty active kiddos…

…but I am trying to stop thinking too much and just enjoy it, right here right now…before those kiddos are all gone and it’s just me

loving watching these guys


loving the long Winter shadows




loving the colours…




I am taking little steps too to simplify other parts of my life…and to change the way we consume stuff…I was reading an article just before Christmas about the environment and rather than being one of those condescending lectures about how we must darn all our socks and never buy anything new again, buy everything organic and not use a tumble dryer it was oh-so-positive and was rammed full of little tips of things to do to just make a difference in your everyday life…and I have taken a lot of them up…

One of the main points of the article was about food…where it comes from and how it got to where it is for sale…this has been at the back of my mind for a long long time after watching a program in the UK about food miles and how one apple travelled hundreds of miles in the back of a lorry only to end up for sale about a mile away from where it was originally picked a week before…

Sooo, for the last six months or so I have been trying to buy food from nearby..this is not always easy if I am in a rush or haven’t planned where to shop…I always buy Australian anyway, there is no way I am moving all the way to this side of the world where the produce and food is glorious and buying stuff from elsewhere (though I have to say that stops at Peroni and tea) but now I try to look out where it has come from within Australia too…the nearer the better…which is tricky when sometimes I have never heard of an area…

So we have been making the weekly trip to the farmer’s market…it’s a different way to shop and I must say wandering around with a basket, deciding on what to buy from the people who grew it, picked it and got up at 4am that morning to sell it is a very very different experience to having some teenager behind the register at Coles




We drive up there, have a walk around, grab a coffee and most of the time, try something new to eat…


um, if a fried egg roll is organic that makes the calories less right? :-)


vegetables straight from the ground from a family business…when I spied these my plan was to make honey-glazed carrots, a much requested dish in these parts..but they never made it that far…just tasted soooo good on their own they were gone just like that…



I only buy bits and bobs organic, it’s not realistic for our family right now to go the whole way, but I am making the choice to buy stuff direct if I can, I’d rather give our hard-earned money to the person doing all the hard work….




I’ve bought stuff for the garden here too…it works out more economical and I like buying from the grower…




the fruit smells amazing…I didn’t realise that apples had stopped smelling since I was a kid until I came here…remember that heady apple-y fragrance?  ..it’s right here…




I loved this huge basked of Kale…I just steamed it and we had it with forty garlic chicken…






then there is this food mile irony…


it’s in a Farmer’s Market in the middle of Australia….all the way from the depths of France..

I still bought it anyway, I LOVE this and was very happy to speak to the leetle Frenchie gal selling it…. I look at speciality stuff a little differently to an apple travelling 1000 miles….little slices of this as a pre-dinner nibble with a drink reminds us both of France…we have just about polished off a whole one of these already

and I love dipping into this with some good bread









When we got back to our old cottage…we found this….

..much more comfortable to sit on top of the table…right?

I mean why bother with a chair?


and the music-practice room, slap bang in the middle of this old cottage…I love that my kiddos have had the opportunity to play an instrument…




I’m not sure what this was about…but I like the bargaining skills ;-)



lunch after the market…organic bread and goats cheese…




a game

..the old way :-)



making Limoncello



Also, little Mr BC and I took a Mental Health Day…no school or jobs, just me and him, hanging out…I’ve done that with all the kiddos…number 3 is the most, how shall we say, interesting of the bunch… ;-)

for my time off to assist my mental health I played with my camera and ISO



I washed my hair and put make-up on…


boys being boys there was one of these involved…


and there were mechanics





and somehow we ended up here….



and did this



I played tourist in my own backyard



& we sat down here & watched our new Aussie life go by










the colours are amazing…I still can’t quite get used to this…

clearly I am the odd one…a man came up to me and asked me what I was taking pictures of with my camera pointed at the sky…?

duh…why Australia of course!

… a beautiful flower and the bluest sky you ever did see








So that’s it from me for this week…I hope you enjoyed looking around where I hang out these days…



p.s. for those of you who asked about yesterday’s famous lady….ahem, sorry I can’t spill that secret..I promised her the corset secret would stay with me  xx


edited to add thanks to Jane Adventures in Dinner for this link to a 100milediet.org…this is just what I was thinking and I will be reading this with mucho interest






and Saturday Clubbers, I know we have been off for a few weeks, I am cooking up new things for us… but for this week…you know what….just get out there and be…




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79 Responses to “a day in the life”

  1. rebecca says:

    Hope you don’t mind but I regularly update my screensaver with some of your beautiful photos. Love the bee on the Hibiscus against the blue sky.

  2. Lynne says:

    I totally enjoy the “just being me” of your post. Your photographs of Australian views make me feel like I am there. One day I hope! I have saved your 40 lemon chicken recipe . . . and soon it will fragrant our little place in Mihigan.

    Best of all . . I like “your look!”

  3. Sarah says:

    of course not!


  4. lynn says:

    Each image is beautiful. I like “a day in the life of…” idea. It’s nice to take a look and see what others are doing day to day-guess that’s the social aspect of blogging that draws us to it. Thanks for sharing yours.

  5. Robyn says:

    As always great pics Sarah, and a very interesting read.

    I have to ask though, has anyone ever objected to you taking photo’s of their wares? I’ve had a request or 2 to not take pics when they’ve seen my camera even before I’ve had the opportunity to ask.

    Your hair and make-up look lovely BTW ;-) Just like you!

    • Sarah says:

      no but I don’t ever stick my camera in their face and normally it’s just me and Mr BC messing around taking photos of each other and the kids and then I snap a few other things…

      …though if I wanted to take a photo of something in a shop or a person doing something close up then I would always ask and if they said now then ….I wouldn’t do it..


  6. Karen says:

    Really beautiful post. Loved it. Loved seeing your daughter playing the flute. I play the flute and so does my daughter. She will be 21 next month and is still playing at college, at weddings and double majoring in music and multi media.
    Your photos are wonderful!

  7. Alice says:

    Just lovely Sarah, beautiful. I have been enjoying these winter days too (the nights are a different story).

    I used to go to my farmers market every week too once upon a time. I don’t know about the market you go to but the closest one to us takes about an hour each way (thanks to traffic in the area) and when we get there it is so jam packed with people!!! The noise and the continual bumping, pushing and shoving and sewer like smells is just not for me… I have been looking around closer to home but nothing seems to exist :(.

    That egg roll looks so yum. I’m still searching for that real Olive Oil taste that doesn’t seem to be there in the ones you buy from the super market. I wonder if it’s because they use a different type of olive? I remember living at my grandparents farm and helped to harvest the olives to make the most delicious olive oil I have tasted in my life!(I was 8 – it left such an impression) The last time I went back (to say goodbye to both grandparents as they were quite sick) I would practically have a bottle to myself with the most delicious fresh bread. My cousins thought it was very odd until I explained that olive oil in Australia is tasteless compared to this beautiful golden brew and I only wish I could take a whole life time supply with me…

    Winter and the smoke comming from the chimneys always remind me of my time at my grandparents farm… I miss being that little girl…

    • Alice says:

      P.S: The postman loved the smells comming from our house when I was cooking the 40 garlic chicken… He took a deep breath and said something like hmmmm that smells so good, what are you cooking? lol

    • Sarah says:

      the one I go to is very busy too!

      that taste of your olive oil is exactly what I am hunting for!

      and I’ve only found it twice before


  8. nicole says:

    love todays post so much. i always write about day to day stuff, you make it sound so much more interesting than just the same old same old.. the photos are beautiful as always.

  9. mommahen says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I was meant to be by the sea/beach instead…I live by a creek ………..sigh.

  10. . . . a delightful and fun post.


  11. jacqueline says:

    I LOVE where you hang out!! What a beautiful country, and a great family! Just realised you are right about fruit not ‘smelling’ anymore! Didn’t occur to me. Also, flowers have a beautiful scent when grown ‘normally’.
    Thank you for the lovely insight into your life, have a fab weekend….

  12. I love the Farmer’s Market. We’re trying to go there each Saturday with our wee one.

    Your beach pictures are making me VERY heartsick looking out onto my rainfilled, torn-up yard. The builders are valiently trying to put in beams right now. I think that a day trip is needed :)

    There is a terrific book that you will adore called “100 mile Diet” (http://100milediet.org/). It’s written by a couple other Canadians who decided to eat soley from a 100 mile radius for a year. It’s not preachy-just a lovely read.

    I hope to see some improvement in my photos soon as I’ve just upgraded my camera-thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Wonderful interesting post with amazing photos.

  14. There were some things you said that I totally identify with:

    You said you wanted to let the person doing all the hard work get your money. AMEN! I totally agree with that, and it just makes good sense to support the people that live and grow produce in YOUR area.

    You said that apples had stopped smelling (mass produced ones), and that’s one thing I love about being here. Even though our orchard is small, it’s OURS and the smell is HEAVENLY. Early in the morning I can still smell pears from last season. We dumped them on the compost pile but the ground when it gets warm exudes a sweet pear smell. We get the apple smell too, but for some reason the pear smell stays around year round.

    I too have been looking at things and trying to simplify. I have been examining each aspect of my life, and asking myself what it is that I really want. I actually made a list too of the things I can do to simplify around here. There is so much out there geared to grabbing our attention, and it takes away from the important stuff. My top two priorities are my health, and my family, everything else I am working in around that.

    This was a fun post! God bless you Sarah!

  15. Windsor says:

    I recently made a huge career/life change and am trying to simplify as well! It’s been a hard transition but feel like it’s all coming around. Everything from making little changes in the home life to global changes like you mention. If we all keep up the good work the world hopefully will be a better place!



  16. Lark says:

    I love going to the farmers’ market and buying produce that is local. In California it is hard to find fruit that smells like fruit or eat something that was ripened on the tree. This summer I’m going to make a point of getting out there and really enjoying fresh and delicious fruits and veggies and make sure my kids come along with me. They love running out to the herb garden on our side yard to grab a sprig of something to use while we are cooking. Next year I’m hoping to get a little vegetable garden going so we can grow our own. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us. It seems like such a wonderful place to be!

  17. Kriszina says:

    Amen to everything you said about going to a farmer’s market!

    All three of us (husband, child and myself) go every Saturday morning and we love it! We grab coffee and juice for the child, then off to get breakfast – apple fritters … and then we look around and shop for our weekly supplies … what better way to kick the weekend off?

  18. kari says:

    Oh my!!! The colors in that last image of the wave (just above your signature) are amazing!!! It feels like I am sitting RIGHT on the beach!! AAaaaahhhhh!!!

    I don’t care what anyone says Sarah, you are absolutely a VERY good photographer!!! Especially the composition of your images. I’m not sure if you try to compose your images or crop them to be what they are, or are even aware of the composition, but most of them are genius!!

    Glad to see your feeding the BC Crew organically! I hope to do more of that soon!

  19. Ronda says:

    Don’t know if you’ve read Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindberg, but it’s my favorite book. I read it at least once a year and it always reminds me to simplify and to create more space(what makes things beautiful is the space around them). I’m glad to see that you’ve toned back the Saturday Club(don’t know how you bloggers do all that you do and blog about) I enjoy your posts when you share how you feel. Love your pics of Australia. The smell of an apple is wonderful!

  20. Pam says:

    Living in San Diego I can relate to all of the fabulous pictures
    We are so Blessed and we should not take it for granted
    thanks for a great post and for the gentle nudge too, now I am just praying for some sun!!!!

  21. Sarah says:

    I just can not get over the color! The beauty that you capture in those pictures. I love reading about your comings and goings in Australia. A place I have never been and have ALWAYS wondered about. I will live vicariously through you and your blog! Thank you so much for sharing.

  22. Krista says:

    I love these so much. :-) My life is in utter chaos at the moment with boxes everywhere as I prepare for a garage sale tomorrow and moving to Amsterdam in three weeks. YIPES! :-) It so lovely to stop in here for happy, sunshiny pictures of normal life. :-)

  23. Kelley says:

    I just totally enjoy your blog! Thank you

    xo kelley

  24. Kirstin says:

    what a fun post. I too love reading about peoples everyday lives and what they do (C: Thanks for sharing

  25. Astrid says:

    I’m obsessed with your amazing photographs!!!
    Do you remember which of your two canons you used for the limoncello and which for theicecream sprinkles action shot? If they are the same camera, then that is the camera I want! So amazing, can’t stop looking! Do you use special lenses for those pics? Sorry, I know I’ve asked this before… I just can’t afford two amazing cameras so i want to get the one that you take those amazing photos with!!! Thank you!!!!

    • sarah says:

      G’day Astrid

      I took the limoncello and the sprinkles with the 50D with the cheapo kit lens on it…my fave lens

      some of the others were with the G10

      I would like a few other lenses but am still waiting for them so most of the time it’s with the one that came with it…

      the G10 is great to start with though it’s hardly budget for a point and shoot !

  26. hmmmmm…love it all….thankyou from this aussie northern beaches lassie…

    a friday night fix for me with my glass of wine planning for our village *CLub Day* tomorrow….perfect…thanks for the gorgeous-ness that is the sydney we love…

    happy weekend to you and all yours- love the flute pickie- we have the sax in our house!

    Melissa x

  27. Julie says:

    <3 <3 <3 it!

  28. Heidi says:

    I love how you have deviated to other ‘life’ things in your blog – I mean the house stuff is always interesting but it’s nice to see your gorgeous photos capturing other parts of your day. That photo of your boy “sitting” on the table cracked me up. Over here in NZ we are having a pretty mild winter too (so far) with some glorious days of blue sky and sunshine. Thanks for the inspiration to get outdoors and drink in the goodness of life. Keep up the great work!

  29. Kat says:

    I really love these kind of posts too!
    You are rocking our Cotton On scarf there Sarah ;) (nice hair style too!)
    With four children under the age of nine I often come away from your blog wondering how you manage to enjoy your down time so much and how I can do the same. but then I guess with older children it is a bit easier? Or maybe not, maybe you just make it a priority to BE in the moment.
    Have you read the Buddhism for Mother’s books? Very easy to read and a fantastic and realistic reminder to be in the moment with your children, which you have done so well in this post with little Mr BC. (how old is he?)
    Your pics are so sunny and relaxing.
    I am missing Saturday Club, so today I will try to just BE. (in amongst the washing, ironing, baking, kids and various other jobs that need doing in this place.)
    Happy Saturday to you, whatever you are up to!

    • sarah says:

      no I haven’t even heard of them…thanks

      sorry to tell you it’s not that much easier with older ones…just different…our weekends are a logistical nightmare of sport…the downtime for me is a necessity that I make sure happens…even if it is squeezed in between soccer games lol !

  30. catherine says:

    love tgis! thank you.

  31. Lassiegirl says:

    You remind me of me sometimes. You having started new in Australia, me having started new in Oklahoma. You mentioned the bluest skies. Well, I lived in Southern California for 25 years and the skies were always brownish or greyish…L.A. is known for it’s smog problem and I hated that smog! But, oh, the Oklahoma sky is really, really blue and many times it enchants me with the most beautiful puffy white clouds in the pretty blue. Also, the sky at night is filled with twinkling stars instead of muddled orange-ish city light. I say to my boys all the time, look at that sky, it’s so blue. They have only known that color and usually just look and say, yes, it’s blue, like I’m off a bit. Anyway, hats off to you for noticing the sky!

  32. Sarah says:

    Sarah….you know what I love? Coming home from work and finding one of your updates in my in box! You bring sheer delight and joy to my day with each post you write. I always feel I have come to a happy place here with you! Thank you for the gift my friend!!! And I just loved what you wrote today! Wish we were neighbors so I could have tagged along!

  33. Elle says:

    I am totally new to your blog and I have found myself beyond obsessed with some of your photographs. I love the idea of a “day in the life” post!

  34. corrie says:

    love the pics! manly is 5 mins away but we’re off for fish n chips and an ice cream because it feels like it’s hours away from home on a nice sunny day! must try out the markets as a lot of people have been telling me to try them outand there are lots more stalls now than a few years ago.


  35. What a fun post, pretty Sarah! I just adore seeing more of your beautiful country and how you spend your days away from home! Gotta love those farm markets. I truly believe that it’s very important to support local farmers! Plus it makes it so easy to eat healthy. :)

    xoxo laurie

  36. tami says:

    Sure don’t look like Winter My Dear…reminds me of home. My drink choice with the bread and goat cheese…a little bubbly, but the limoncello looks divine. My kind of girl, also very fav Saturday activity is the Farmer’s Market for fresh veggies and bread, and a hand full of gorgeous blooms. You’re cordially invited any time to Sunny Cali to spend a Saturday with me doing the same. xxx tami

  37. jenny says:

    I love your positive perspective on Australian living – you are helping me to appreciate the beauty I have all around me…Thank you!

  38. Rachael says:

    i am so looking forward to my first Saturday Mission Challenge! I’ve found the cutest coffee shop and bakery in Glebe and can’t wait to try the farmer’s market on Saturday, I forgot where in the CBD it is though…

    I will definitely go to the farmer’s market seeing as how you found kale! For some reason I can’t find it at Paddy’s Market or in Coles?

    I love being a tourist, but not, here in Sydney. Like when Aussies from Perth ask the American girl with the huge camera which way it is to Pitt Street and they aren’t so sure I know… lol

    I love reading your blog because it seems like we both found our “dream lives” here in the Lucky Country

    I actually have a series of posts entitled “Weekends in Sydney” if you’d like to check it out sometime?


  39. Chrisartist says:

    A delightful read. The photography and colours are beautiful.
    I remember someone very ill once saying, they would love to have ” just an ordinary day”.
    How precious our days are.

  40. Susan says:

    love just a normal day…… your pictures are gorgeous and capture your life by the sea so well.

    I have always lived near our gorgeous ocean {once or twice not.. but those times I have pined for it}…… I will never live further away than I do now, which is about 100m! It just becomes who you are……. LOVE

  41. catherine says:

    second comment on this post.
    can you give us some specifics on your bag? you probably have before and i just missed it.
    thanks again for this lovely glimpse…

  42. Jodi says:

    Lovely post. I am fairly new to your blog and am really enjoying. It is wonderful to see your pics and read your posts…it transports and makes this Canadian gal feel as if she has had a mini vacay with each post. Thanks <3

  43. Jeanni says:

    Absolutely beautiful pics…as usual.

  44. Neha says:

    Sarah, I totally enjoyed reading your post and looking at your wonderful photos. Australia looks so beautiful…I’d love to visit someday…
    I agree with you, I like reading my fav blogs when people just write about life in general.
    Ps: Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a note…

  45. Rebecca says:

    What a treat a visit to your blog is for so many of us….yes show more “day in life” posts….your photos are incredible and so is the world you live in Thank You=)

  46. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the farmer’s market inspiration, you are credited at the end of today’s blogpost.

    :) Mary Ann

  47. Kristi says:

    This post made me a bit weepy. My family lived in Australia when I was 8-12 years old. The plan was to be in Sydney for ten years, but my father was relocated and we returned to the States, much to our dismay, a bit earlier than expected. It was a magical three and a half years and I will never forget friends, school, beaches, food, and the beauty of the parts of Australia that I was lucky enough to visit. I can only hope that my husband and I are able to give that type of experience to our three little people. It is life-changing. You sound just lovely and I believe that your family is ever grateful for this time in your new place. Thank you for sharing your world with us and thank you for helping me to reflect upon memories that I adore.

  48. Lee Mills says:

    Hi there I am a local too, would love to know which Farmers market you head off to, sooooo much nicer to buy direct and its always a great way to start off the weekend – please share!

  49. Marnie says:

    I love the local Farmers markets. So many real ones n Melbourne to get to.
    Your photographs just get better by the day…love them.
    oh and you skin looks FABULOUS!!! Olay + good English genes?
    x Marnie

    • sarah says:

      Hmm. I think it is a very good pic for a start and cos there is no sun in England hahaha x

  50. peta says:

    those white sneakers …. love …..can you tell me about them?

    have you shared your limoncello receipe before? I cant find it here anywhere ?

    thanks Sarah

  51. Melissa says:

    Oh, yet another beautiful post where I just sit and read and without realising it I have a smile on my face…thanks for being so inspirational, you really change the way I think…

  52. Thanks for letting me visit with you Sarah…I too enjoy these kind of posts.
    I should try it myself once in a while!

  53. Carina says:

    Wow! Somewhere along the way I added your blog to my RSS feed. Today, I was scrolling down and started reading away. Such gorgeous photos – they make me long for a taste of home and Australian beaches.

  54. Hey there I have been doing some reading up on your latest posts ;) Cool Item you had with a day in the life ;) I think we all should do that sometimes it is indeed fun to just read this kind of things
    Stay well and happy ;)

  55. Caz says:

    Another fab post Sarah :) Fantastic photos! I felt I was at the Farmers markets with you and that organic bread and goats cheese lunch afterwards yummmo right up my alley.

  56. Katherine says:

    What a lovely post Sarah, absolutely beautiful photos as always., Thank you for taking us along with you. Hugs!

  57. Mandi says:

    It sounds like you’re having a wonderful trip- I love all the organic stuff and the relaxing. Sounds amazing!

  58. Barefoot Liz says:

    Love the ice cream action shot (with sprinkles.) Your post was so relaxing that I’m ready to crawl into bed.

  59. Janet says:

    Thanks Sarah another wonderful peek into your world.

  60. Henry says:

    Dear Sarah,

    thanx for this beautiful feeeling, but only a correction:
    its noc “a day in the life”, this IS “the life”!

    expecting more!


  61. Chookie says:

    My mental health day is planned for next week! It will be just for ME! But I haven’t decided what I’m doing yet.

    It’s interesting that you remark on the strong colours, given that Sydney is nothing like the Red Centre, say. I’d love to see a post about how the colours differ. I imagine it’s due to the angle of the sun, different latitudes.

  62. Hi Sarah

    The organic market in FF is great isn’t it? I think I saw you there last Sunday, with Mr BC. I was shopping with my bub for yummy organic fruit and vegies, we try to get there every week, totally agree it so much nicer buying your food from the person who grew it! Great post.

    Enjoy your week.

  63. As always, it’s a joy to visit your blog! Your photos are just beautiful and, in this post, they definitely tell a story. It was so much fun following you around for a day, seeing sights that are so unlike where I live. I’m envious that all this is right outside your door to enjoy every day. Thanks SO much for sharing with us! :)

  64. I totally get the taking photo’s of the sky thing – I do it all the time!!!! Since moving further South in this great southern land, I have found the air clearer and the skies bluer?! I think it has something to do with the low humidity!

    I love farmers markets, here in Adelaide we have great ones in the city as well as the surrounding regional centres, Adelaidians (sp?) take their food VERY seriously! Local produce here is just amazing – especially the apples YUM!

    If you ever have the chance to visit our little Ole City – please take the time to check out the central markets – food, flowers, organics, fresh yoghurts and smoked good, nuts and lollies, special Asian grocery and green grocers – that place is amazing! It is a weekly event for our little family – dinner at Chinatown and then we strol, eat and stock up on lots of local fresh goodness!

  65. Sarah says:

    I love Adelaide and have been LOTS of times…I was taking a course down there…loved it!

    • Dee Longmuir says:

      Cheers Sarah from Cronulla loved your day in the life and your site love love white so adored your beach cottage
      O how we cant wait for summer to return I organise a vintage inspired market here in Cronulla for those lovers of the shabby chic life
      regards Dee

  66. Janey Pugh says:

    Your images are wonderful. What camera are you using?