Bakers Delight & A Beach Cottage BCNA

Thu 5th, May, 2011

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G’day!  Hope you are well.

I was recently invited by Bakers Delight to take part in their Pink Bun Fundraiser Campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Australian Breast Cancer Network…they contacted me to see if I wanted to make my very own Beach Cottage Pink Buns in support of Breast Cancer & BCNA…an offer a girl cannot really refuse…one’s own pink buns…:-)  and y’all know how good I am at baking lol!

Bakers Delight is passionate about supporting the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA), the national voice of women affected by breast cancer, raising more than $4.5 million over 11 years of partnership. And from 28 April – 18 May more than 613 bakeries across Australia will donate 100% of the sale of their Pink Finger Buns to BCNA.


The aim is to raise $1million for BCNA to continue the work they do in informing, empowering, representing and linking together women living with breast cancer.

This network works to ensure that women diagnosed with breast cancer, and their families, receive the very best information, treatment, care and support possible, no matter who they are or where they live.

BCNA are  represented by the Pink Lady silhouette, symbolic of the focus on the women diagnosed with breast cancer and all those around her.


So you wanna see just what I’m really like at baking?  Read on…

When I arrived at Bakers Delight I was looking out for Matt Smallwood, the franchisee owner who would be taking me through the bakery process & helping me make some Beach Cottage Pink Buns




…I didn’t really need to wonder which one he was…Matt had ahem added a lil’ bit of colour to his hair in support of BCNA!

Matt is a very enthusiastic supporter of the Bakers Delight Campaign for Breast Cancer, in fact he is so passionate about it that his shop has won the competition for who can raise the most in NSW 4 years in a row now…it’s not surprising though, he does crazy things like dye his hair wild pink and auctions himself off for charity…yes I did say I would like to win him for the day and no not what you are thinking…to do some baking ’round here ;-)…we all know I could do with a little help!

So first off we got to some buns…and then came the fun bit…


…working with pink icing


Matt first got involved with the campaign when he went along to a Bakers Delight conference and listening to the speakers and watching a video on the work of BCNA he suddenly realised that this could be him or any of us the very next day, it ‘stabbed him in the heart’.

…and he was so motivated to help that the following May for the campaign he set to it and raised $5000 for the cause compared with the year before where he had raised just $500.




And this year Matt is again striving to get some serious fundraising done….in fact he is so passionate that not only does he have wild pink hair for a while he will also be donating a whole day’s takings to the cause this year, not just the pink buns…everything…pretty impressive huh!

In 2011 it is estimated that over 14,000 women in Australia will be diagnosed with breast cancer, affecting thousands of families and communities across the country, so the passion of people like Matt and Bakers Delight is crucial.




I also met Liz Klaes a representative of BCNA, who herself has had breast cancer.  Liz and I had ourselves some BC Bun Fun and she told me a little bit about her story when as a mummy to young ones, one day, after dropping off the kids at school and running and rushing to her neurologist appointment for another condition she has the doctor questioned her breathlessness



…she poo-poohed it telling him in no uncertain terms that, like many of us women, she was running around as a busy mum doing a million and one things at once…no wonder she was breathless.

But the doctor decided he wanted to know more and fortunately he did and what followed was a mastectomy and treatment…and a long journey for Liz and her family…a journey where Liz was supported by the BCNA.

Liz now is very thankful for the support and advocacy of the BCNA and her story is inspirational…she is now a BCNA representative, carrying on the advocacy of the BCNA….oh and she likes wearing pink & icing pink buns!



don’t tell Matt, I don’t think you’re meant to lick the knife when you are a real baker


or scoop up a fistful of sprinkles when no-one is looking ;-)




So that’s it from me and my morning with a crazy man with pink hair, rather a lot of sugar that went straight to my wobbly bits and my BC Pink Buns..


we had a lot of fun & the world is a better place with people like Matt & Liz…

…to support the Baker’s Delight Campaign this tatty old cottage has gone a little bit pink..I’ll show you soon…

Catch ya later



you can make an online donation to BCNA here

& if you wanna see a man with mad pink hair

& buy a bun from him go find him at his shop at Dee Why Grand




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28 Responses to “Bakers Delight & A Beach Cottage BCNA”

  1. Tiff says:

    What an inspiring guy. I hope he reaches his goal and beyond. If I lived down there I’d go buy some buns right now – they look yum!
    Looking forward to seeing the pink BC :)

  2. Nicole says:

    They both sound like amazing people. Thank you for sharing this! My mother in law was able to beat her breast cancer. I have only heard little bits and pieces of those days of her life and they are truly heart wrenching. Everyone needs to be aware, not only for what those affected go through, but for prevention as well!

  3. Casey says:

    Wonderful cause…

  4. Alice says:

    Thanks, will be making a trip out that way on saturday so I’ll stop by…Love to support people who actually are inspired and passionate about the cause not just going along with it for show… My hubby will be pleased, his mother had breast cancer twice and though no one in the family likes to talk about it much , I do know that it was very difficult for everyone…

    On a side note… Loved your pictures from yesterdays blog… Amazing!

  5. Marcia says:

    Great post Sarah. Love Matt’s pink hair…it actually looks cute on him! Not too many men can claim that pink hair looks cute on them.
    Sarah you always look so adorable. Are striped shirts your trade-mark? If not, it should be. So “Beach-Chic”. Marcia
    ps best wishes for the Pink Bun Tally

    • sarah says:

      wow thanks Marcia…I am kinda into stripes at the moment…and ruffles lol!

      yes um Matt still looked good with pink hair…I asked Mr BC to try it..sadly he doesn’t quite have the same amount of hair hahaha


  6. paddy says:

    Luvin’ the hair flicks!

  7. What a great cause. Hoping the fundraiser is a great success. Gotta love the pink hair.

  8. Marnie says:

    A great cause. I didn’t realize this campaign had started (thanks), so I’m off tomorrow to get some BD pink buns.
    x Marnie

  9. Susan says:

    there is no greater charity in my mind….. my best friend died from breast cancer 17 months ago…. a long, long, long 17 months.

    Baker’s Delight do an amazing job publicising this, our local one gets covered all over the walls with that icon of the pink woman.

    I shall be buying plenty of pink buns again this year….. and no doubt in years to come.

    {what an honour to be asked to help out. Bravo}

  10. Robynne says:

    Oh Sarah, I miss Bakers Delight…I have to buy my bread from the supermarket here as you know!! What a great day for you and a great cause…I thought you were very clever icing two buns at once!! Good on you Matt…what a great concept to promote the pink finger buns for the cause! Good Luck! Robx

  11. great post sarah…what an inspiration people like matt & liz are…

    your day is just put a little more into perspective isn’t it…

    i had to learn how to make bread when we moved to england as i missed Bakers Delight so much!


    p.s- i would’ve licked the knife too!
    p.p.s- love your pearl bracelet- did you make that or was it a special buy- it’s just gorgeous!

  12. sharon says:

    my daughter LOVES their finger buns and we actually bought one of the pink sprinkled buns a couple of days ago, fantastic cause!

  13. A sweet and fun post for such a good cause.

  14. HRH Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing, what a great use of your time and talent- not to mention getting to play with pink frosting ;)

  15. Jenna says:

    Pink-my favorite color and I love how it represents Breast Cancer Awareness! Thanks for supporting the cause and sharing the lovely pictures-makes me hungry and wanting to get out there to volunteer.

    I actually wrote about the color pink today on my blog http://www.sequinedsunsets.blogspot.com so please stop by to visit!


  16. how sweet and i bet those are tasty to! you look smashing Sarah! Hope they raise tons of money for such a good cause.

  17. Ruth says:

    Great cause. Hope it goes amazingly well.

    The buns look yummy.


  18. sheila says:

    Good for you Sarah! I wrote to you before I started my chemo treatments for breast cancer to tell you how I was sure your blog would brighten my “chemo” days. Well, I just finished treatment number two and you sure do keep me smiling! Thanks for supporting us women (there are so many of us) fighting the fight against breast cancer. Wish I could be there to sample one of those delicious looking goodies!

  19. Deb says:

    I shall pop in to Bakers delight on my way home from the Mothers day classic breast cancer walk to get some buns. Great post.
    I too spied that bracelet and let me tell you, I have questions. !

  20. Zosia says:

    What a fun way to do good deeds!

  21. What an awesome way to share your love Sarah! You are an amazing individual!…..

  22. Anne says:

    What a great post!!! LOVE all the pink for a wonderful cause….I think KitchenAid should gift you with a pink mixer!! ;)

  23. What a wonderful post for a wonderful cause! I think I need to have a pink finger bun teaparty to support this!

  24. Mat says:

    Hi Sarah,

    look farward in seeing you down at Dee why Grand this Sunday for a great day of fun!

    when the days takings will be donated to BCNA.


    The pink hair Man!!!