Saturday Club, Bagels & The Story of me and Mr BC

Tue 19th, Apr, 2011

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G’day Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday Clubbers

Did ya enjoy your serious Saturday clubbing this weekend?

Oh boy, I tell you what I had one of the nicest weekends for a very long time…and spent most all of it totally indulging in all that is Saturday Club.

BC Ramble Alert issued:

You see, this weekend, being the Easter Holidays we had no sport.  Not a sausage…not a thing to attend.  It was most strange indeed.

If you Facebook with me, you’ll know it started off with a cooked breakfast in bed, delivered by my husband, involved gardening and digging, walking by the sea, iphone playing, coffee and tea in the afternoon, and flower shopping.









there was rain though, it wasn’t a typical beautiful Sydney day, but that kinda made it nicer…nothing like sitting in a wet garden digging in the earth…though maybe that’s the English gal in my blood :-) …and there I was with my new Aussie Citizenship thinking that she was so very long gone…


While we were out on our Saturday Club Mission, Mr BC and I were having a cup of tea and the most wonderful piece of Ricotta stuffed chocolate shell thing that I believe held about a week’s worth of calories in every bite (100% worth it)…when we suddenly realised that without sport we also had the whole of Sunday free…save digging the next veggie bed…




so we started to ponder…we love going out exploring…and extending Saturday Club Missions to last the whole weekend…


and decided we’d like to go over the two, in fact 3 bridges that keep us over this side of the water and visit the older side of Sydney. I LOVE going over this side, bundles of character, things to look at, people watching…just life really and a big contrast to the beaches lifestyle…


it was a grey but warm day & threatening to rain…what a shame I had to wear my wellies…my kiddos cringe when I go out in public in these…you know what there are worse things in life than a mummy in wellies..right?




if you have a camera over here there is an abundance of things to tickle your fancy and snap away at…



…there just happened to be a market here too…full of vintage stuff….funny that….



I had an absolute ball walking around here…we mooched here for a couple of hours…


…at the market an abundance of stalls and characters and funny things and life buzzing on around us…unpretentious life – this now is one of my favourite places to be…strolling in Sydney with a coffee lusting after vintage things…



there were prayer plants



and old flags…


and crochet, old terracotta and women doing funny dances in excitement at finding old boxes….




we messed around with photography and had lots of fun with this…there are rather a few limitations when working with ahem models who have wrinkly bits…the photos of the BC Crew though, well they turned out really well…

this is the one where I got to stand in the street while we tried to get sunflare…we learnt that it was too middle of the day to get this right…Mr BC was squatting  on the floor in the street to point the camera upwards…the kiddos were meant to be watching for traffic…guess what?  they forgot their part in this and a car came and Mr BC wasn’t umm very happy with the kiddos and started muttering…


we didn’t get sunflare, we did get shadows though and a nearly flattened Mr BC



But what I didn’t tell you, and the real reason we went over there…the Bagel Shop.




This may seem, to any normal person, nothing special, but not for us two.

Bagels hold a very very high significance for Mr BC and I.

You see.

We went to the famous Brick Lane Bagel Bake in London’s East End on our first date.  Yeah he was really really trying to woo me rolfmao.

So, I first met Mr BC in the pub in our village, he was a friend of a friend of my friend and he didn’t come from our village…he was an outsider…one night two of us girls were standing in this lovely old pub (yes girls do this in England as part of life, no I was not some kind of brazen scarlet woman), minding our own business when these two guys one of whom my friend knew spied us from their seat in one of those English pub-style nooks…all dark and lovely and full of wood and beer mats…by the fire.

Now I must say that on that first night Mr BC was a teensy bit worse for the wear and I was rather, umm how shall we say…snooty.  He called over to my friend…’oooh who’s your friend’

I hissed to my friend not to tell him my name…but she didn’t listen, though I continued to look down my nose as he continued to tell us that he was rather tipsy ‘cos he was about to emark on a round Europe trip backpacking…and would be gone for nearly a year…

Well that was that, and I continued to look down my nose as he went on about his trip and after another drink, we left and moved on..


And I didn’t think much more of it...in fact I didn’t’ think anything of it…until many months later, in another pub, in the same village, but this time on the cricket green (think Midsomer Murders, big old conker trees, men in whites who can’t play cricket, warm beer, long summer days if yer lucky, soft drizzle, deep green grass and soft cloudy skies and yep, if you are wondering, there are many more than one pub in this small village)….and the pub…named the King’s Arms with a low stooping roof, lots of little rooms, old oak beams, a wobbly floor, picture windows, a lovely old bar and interesting things plastered on the walls…oh and the faint, musty, dark, dank smell of stale beer…

…so it was New Year’s Eve and here we were bumping into them again…though this time  the pub was packed with celebrators…absolutely teaming with lots of people, all different ages, standing shoulder to shoulder in groups,  out on New Years Eve for a good time English style (boy I miss pubs…)…anyway we knew most of the people in the pub and  were chatting and having fun and kinda circulating with people from the village…lovely fire was burning, the bar propped up by men with pints of beer and women dressed up for a fancy evening..



And on his way out and on our way through to the Public Bar which was down a few steps we passed them…and this time I wasn’t quite so snooty and I thought he was rather short but I kinda liked his brown eyes and he invited us to his New Year’s  party… and then he was gone…it was a fleeting passing in a very packed-like-sardines pub on New Years Eve in a little village in England.

And somehow we  ended up at that  party…he doesn’t know this part, but we were actually on the way somewhere else…but we pitched up at his big old rambling English style house and there was a big old good time going on…music and drinking and lots of different people, none of whom we knew apart from him and his friend.


So we stayed a while and chatted and he made me a cocktail…he fancied himself a bit of Tom Cruise…on a big trestle table there were laid out lots of different spirits and mixers and cocktails shakers and a book named Cocktails…so he asked me what I wanted and, being me, I didn’t want one from the book (he shoulda seen that red flag right away) and so he mixed up this stuff on my request using Bezique…the epitome of naff in the late 80′s early 90′s...and funnily enough out of all the drinks he shaked and rattled that night, my Bezique one was the only one written inside the dust cover…we still have that book…


Anyway there was a kinda evening out arranged…for all of us…but it was obvious to the other two apparently that it was for us…and so my friend refused to come and she said that I would just have to phone him up and tell him that she was sick (I think that was the excuse)….and so the evening of the night out came around and I can remember like it was yesterday picking up the phone in the hallway of our house (you know, or actually perhaps you don’t, when phones were in the hallway and you sat on the stairs for hours chatting to your friends?) and making up this cock and bull story that it was just me who was coming…and would he mind that?

And so I drove to his house, in my little white Ford and in he got.  He asked me where should we go and I said I fancied going up to town (that means London, and in those days before the UK was bedridden with dreadful traffic problems that wasn’t too far of a ride) and he said great, I’m up for that…let’s go to this great Spanish tapas bar I know.  Oooh yeah I thought to myself, this is my kinda place.


And so we drove up the motorway and went into this lovely old English building full of Spanish ex-pats, living it up, loud, noisy, fun and happy…and we sat and ate tapas at the bar…and talked and talked...well actually he talked a lot and I listened.

Now, on the way home we had to go through the East End of London…a bit rough and in those days, not even a sniff of the trendiness that envelops it (and makes me vomit) now…there certainly were not any jumped-up little boutiques and rich girls trying to be cockneys…nup…back then it was working class and poor at that, working hard, scuttling around, dirty, grey and teaming with life.

He said ‘shall we stop at the Bagel Shop”…to which I replied, what on earth is the Bagel Shop, what on earth is a  Bagel and what on earth kinda bakery would be open at this time of night?

Well it was open, because it was Brick Lane Bagel Bake, an East End institution no less, and open 24 hours a day and so we drove down that tiny lane that is Brick Lane and squeezed into a spot…all was dark along the way apart from this one place, that was not only teaming with life, there was a dirty great queue out the door and down the street, with all sorts and I mean ALL sorts of characters in the line…a girl from the village hadn’t quite seen some of these kinda people….but along with those there were the local police officers on the night shift queueing up for their ‘lunch’, girls on their way out for the night, cleaners coming home from work…

…and we lined up and watched…lines and lines and lines of bagels, stashes of bread and challa bread and masses of pastries…




not knowing what to have I had what most people were…a still warm from the oven bagel smothered in cream cheese…and a coffee served in a white plastic cup with instant granules and thin milk…


…and we got back in my little white car, pulled down the glove compartment and laid out our feast

and right then I nearly died and went to heaven...

my first date with Mr BC, the night I discovered bagels…


A few nights later, I happened to be in town again, this time on the way home much later, in the early hours of the morning...and I took my friend to my newly discovered place and she loved them just as much as me…but this time as we lined up…still dressed in our work clothes from the West End there was a photographer with a dirty great, and I mean huge camera pointing at the bagels and the customers and everything…and we took the mickey out of him, laughing and sniggering and being snooty….and just acting like the silly young single girls that we were…

and the next day my picture was slathered all over the pages of the Sunday Times newspaper, no less….me in the bagel shop

…and then came a phone call from Mr BC…about my photograph, in his shop, slapped all over his newspaper

And that was it..the bagels sealed it and I’ve been with him just about every day ever since…not long after we were married, I’m still not quite sure why we jumped into it quite that quickly, we were so young!

…though the best bit about the story is that someone somewhere gave us the best present on Honeymoon that would ever come into our lives…a boy with a gentle soul and big heart…who has taught me lots about life



there have been many many ups and downs though, it has not been one of those things I often read on blogs and think shoot my marriage hasn’t been all roses and singing angels like that…but for sure, and now I am in this happy new place of mine, looking back Mr BC has been pretty darn good…and boy have I thrown some cr*pola at him…

And in all of this journey…since that first night in the East End of London and the little white car, bagels have been along for the ride…we would often pile the kiddos in the car when they were little and drive up to the bagel shop, buy them by the sack load, bring them back to our village and freeze them…

all through our married life a bagel and a coffee or morning tea has been our love…


Until we got to Australia.

Whereupon we thought we’d never eat an East End Bakery style bagel again… we found them in the supermarket, tried dozens from various bakeries, ate them filled from delis.

Nup.  Not a single sausage cut the mustard.

And so when I was bagel-hunting on Google a long while back I didn’t even get excited that this bagel house deep in the heart of Sydney existed…so nonchalant was I that I didn’t even tell Mr BC as I thought it couldn’t be anywhere near the calibre of the Bagel Bake…and so we didn’t go.

Until Sunday.

When our journey to Australia…the arriving with 5 suitcases, the nightmare that the job we came here for turned out to be, the interesting business happenings, the kiddos settling into a new life, the finding of friends, the journey of Citizenship all became complete when I entered this place



And we found the Australian version of our bagels.

And so that’s it from me…this was meant to be about Saturday Club but turned into a BC Ramble, I hope you enjoyed it…yeah yeah I’d lurve a comment or two ;-)

Be seeing ya kiddos


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67 Responses to “Saturday Club, Bagels & The Story of me and Mr BC”

  1. nicole beltane says:

    what a fab story. its funny how the little things stay with us through the years.

    • jenna Carey says:

      Sarah, such a sweet story of love and life! What a beautiful gift we are given every day to have healthy, tho bratty kids, and wonderful, supportive and very sweet husbands who support us through thick and thin. Thanks for sharing your story!

      ***Jenna Carey

  2. Laura says:

    Oh Sarah. Your story makes me think about how tenuous our whole lives are, how our kids might not have come along if we’d been chatting up somebody else that night way back when, how we would never have moved to our towns or houses or communities of friends had we happened to fall in with somebody different. Not sure I quite believe in fate, but the happenstance of an entire solid family is so humbling. It makes me remember the temporary nature of our lives, our little tiny moment of life in this big huge history of the planet and the gazillion other dramas of human kind. It’s so good to realize this and make our lives really count, to live the way we really want to live, to do something as crazy as moving to the other side of the world for sunshine when that’s the sort of thing that really brings us a deep sense of peace and satisfaction. For me, that’s the most important message of your beautiful blog project. Linger over the lovely little moments. Maybe even wallow in them to remind ourselves that *this* is what really counts, and to teach the little ones how to do it, too.

  3. Marcia says:

    I wish there were a “thumbs-up” icon on my computer. I loved your story, thanks for sharing!

  4. Melody Borghesani says:

    Loved your love story…thank you for sharing it with us!!

  5. marylou says:

    Watch out Hollywood, this would make a great “chick flick” and I for one would happily pay to see it…now of course you would get the option of choosing who plays you and who plays mr. bc…..I am thinking Johnny Depp and Naomi Watts….hah**

    ♥ this post and I know I have said this before, but really and truly, this one is my fave………….until the next one((*_*))

    Happy everything to you and mr. bc AND to all of us, hopefully doing & living what we love~~


  6. Oh my goodness. I loved reading this. I read it on my google reader, and kept reading, and reading, and reading. Mr. MBL and I have always loved our bagel dates. We used to go every Saturday morning to our bagel shop, and sip our coffee, and watch people, and enjoy that we could do whatever we wanted. Now that we have two little ones, that has changed a bit, but not our love for good bagels. We LOVE bagels. And you are right. There are many bagels out there, but not many that are delicious bagels. I loved reading how you all met, and the pubs, and how it has been your little tradition. If we are ever in Europe, or Australia, I will make sure that we have the directions to these places jotted down. Thanks for letting us into a glimpse of your life. It was wonderful.

  7. bec says:

    gorgeous photography Sarah. and I just voted for you. You are my #1 fav blog….i always stop here first :)

  8. Vicki K says:

    Thanks for sharing your story – I love knowing how couples met. I’ve not heard a story that revolved around bagels – love that! Bagels have been a household favorite – I try to have them in places known for them, like New York and Jerusalem. But now you’ve given me two new bagel destinations!

  9. Sarah, Thanks for sharing your story. You know it is the litle things in life that make it all worth while. Sat. clubbing was great. It poured rain almost all day as we have had flooding as well as tornadoes in our region. However, my niece and cousin joined me on my Sat. clubbing this week. A whole day full of eating and shopping and thrifting and…..eating and shopping and thrifting……..and well you get the idea. Great day spent with two of my favorite people. Thank you for reminding me of the little things through your blogging!

  10. Nicole says:

    This story is adorable! I absolutely loved reading it. It’s always fun hearing the back story of a romance.

    And as for the bagels. I am drooling right now. I grew up in southern California and we had bagles *ALL OF THE TIME*. Whenever my mother would take me at 5:00am to a cheerleading competition, we would always stop and get a few. Shortly after I became engaged, I had to put my love for bagels on hold for a while. There aren’t ANY good bagel shops in Oklahoma, USA, but I was able to find some tasty packaged bagels. I would literally have at leeeeast one bagel with cream cheese every day of my life, sometimes two times. I kid you not. But I had a wedding dress to fit into, so I had to force myself to stop buying them.

    I’m so very glad that you had a great weekend, and that your bagel love is able to continue. :)

  11. Brigid says:

    What a sweet story-brings to mind my engagement ring that was inside of a bagel;-)

  12. Lynn says:

    Well you made me want to fall in love again at age 65…loved your story and I have always loved bagles…we eat them with cream cheese, thin slice of raw onion and a healthy slice of fresh tomato….Thank you for sharing…

  13. Cricket says:

    Forget the bagel..the markets.. Even the green Wellies I adore… I WANT THE BAG!!!!!
    Great awesome post!
    Will see you Wednesday!
    Gypsea Nurse

  14. Tami C. says:

    What a sweet story, now I’m hungry. (BTW my hubs and I had our first serious relationship talk in our fav bagel shop, we like to call is “the bagel shop talk”.)

  15. Elizabeth (ejay) says:

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely story with us….

  16. Michelle G. says:

    Oh Sarah, I enjoyed my little trip to the pubs with you!! Great story-telling, I’ve got the warm and fuzzies!

  17. Such a lovely story…thanks for sharing!!!

  18. Kat says:

    Aww Sarah, what a beautiful story!
    Thanks for sharing another little piece of you and Mr BC.
    Love a love story and one that is not all perfect and a bed of roses.
    I had a bagel when I first went to London 10 long years ago now and also thought they were great!
    You always look so effortlessly stylish in your pics and can you PLEASE tell me where you got your scarf?
    Rocking those boots – I had mine on for Sat club this past week too ;)
    What flowers did you buy? Mine were red tulips, but they are now drooping and dropping petals. (with a little help from my 4 kiddo’s who keep touching them!)

  19. Kat says:

    Ps I mean the scarf you wore on Sat.

  20. Mary K says:

    Beautiful story – the best ones are the true ones! Thank you so much for sharing,

    Mary in MN

  21. Jaci says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the lovely story of how you and Mr BC got together Sarah! I love hearing how couples get together – especially fun stories like yours. Another place to head for bagels across the other side of the harbour is the Eveleigh Farmers Markets on Saturday mornings – The Bagel House always have a stall and there are fantastic flower stalls and yummy food too.

  22. sarah says:


    thanks so much for the kind words

    I got the scarf in Equip…right after seeing the one I really wanted in Country Road and not wanting to pay over $100 for it..

    and I bought Easter daisies for my flowers…& trying to find the time to photography them!

  23. Jacqueline says:

    One of the most interesting, lovely, romantic tales I have ever read. Somewhat James Joycean.

  24. Sharon Smart says:

    Aawwwww what a fab story! Love hearing/reading stories like this, makes you all warm and fuzzy….and wanting to visit NSW to go to the bagel shop ;) lol

  25. Alice says:

    That was such a lovely story. I love listening to/reading stories of how people first meet… I can always feel the magic in those first few tentative meetings…

    I love Rozelle markets. It’s one of the places my husband and I used to hang out on a regular basis whilst dating and after we got married. There are some beautiful grounds in the area plus a path along the water, we used to go for our “jog”(more like stroll) there… Paddington(? – near St Vincents hospital)markets are awsome too…

    I have never been a fan of bagels but you made me realise that it may be because I haven’t found good tasting ones, might have to try these out next time I’m out that way (during easter holidays perhaps)..

    I had a ball with this saturday mission. Love my flowers in the house, I have to do this more often!

  26. Peta says:

    I loved reading your story – AND i so want to go to that market …even though I’m no where near it!

  27. Karen says:

    This story reminds me of the donut place called daylight donuts in my college town. They were open weird hours like 2-4 in the AM. Love bagels and now must have some!

  28. April says:

    I miss Bagels Sarah….I first had then at Uni when I was living in Wollongong. No such thing in this country town…I can’t believe you have me wanting to move house for want of pastry :) I enjoyed this one particularly smiled at the sun flare bit ! A lovely read xx

  29. Pam says:

    Aww really enjoyed reading that Sarah! As you were describing the village Midsomer Murders came straight to mind..hopefully your village was a safer place to live!!
    Good luck with the Blog Vote! Might be worth reminding voters they have to go to the last page after ticking your box and register – otherwise their vote will be lost!

  30. Nice that you took us along on this lovely weekend. Looks like great fun that market!

  31. sarah says:

    I love that bagel shop! I am a Sydneysider who has moved to London, and before I became too old(!!) I used to love going to Brick Lane at some ungodly hour for a sobering snack…aaah-youth-those were the days! Like you, I find the whole area a bit vomitous now…but still love an early morning Columbia Market run. So, just for you BCers in my old home town, I will go to the bagel shop next time I am on a flower hunt. I will wear my ruffle socks, drink copious amounts of coffee (it will be early-and I’m oooooollllddddd), sniff the roses and enjoy a bagel.

  32. Love the story, thank you for sharing!!

    It almost made me teary-eyed reading about how you found your bagels at last. :-)

  33. Marnie says:

    Lovely story, but now I have a bagel craving! Thanks.
    Voting, done.
    x Marnie

  34. I am SO taking my hubs on a bagel date. I figure that I dont know what a truly divine bagel tastes like anyway so I wont be easily disappointed till I find a super dooper one. Does that make sense?! Need to find out where the good ones are in Melbourne though, might ask on facebook! Fabulous story, a great read!

  35. Suzanne says:

    Gorgeous story Sarah!! You really should write and photograph some sort of inspirational book !! I would be the first to buy it for sure!! As for bagels…… Have to try the shop in Rozelle I have gone past it many times, I will have to buy some at this shop on your recommendation this week-end!! I have tried bagels at ” Muma Moses” in Rose Bay they are lovely (I think it is a Jewish shop it is closed on Saturdays). Thank you for sharing your early “Bagel days with us!!

  36. Deb says:

    Awe shucks, you do know how to spin a good yarn Sarah. I must take my hubby bagel shopping. What a lovely story.

  37. Heaven says:

    I love love LOVE this post! Sarah, you are a very lucky lady.. Mr BC sounds like a great guy!! I love the pictures and don’t listen to the kiddos, the wellies are adorable! LOL


  38. kim says:

    loved reading that lil story and loved taking the journey throuh the streets and across the bridge with you right into the bagel shop i had to stop and ohh and ahh at the pics a bit! thanks for the journey!!! i enjoyed it!! i voted for you the other day!!!
    have a G’day!!!
    Kim xoxoo

  39. Karen F says:

    I loved your story, and read every single word. I loved the reality of it, as a lot of us know, sometimes the very best marriages are the ones that have hit “bumps in the road”. Those bumps sometimes knock some sense back to us and make us appreciate the big and little things that make a terrific life here on this good earth. BTW, I went and voted for you, you so very deserved it !!!

  40. Diane says:

    Oh how I truly enjoyed this post!!

  41. Ashlee says:

    You are so gifted in the way you share your beautiful life stories with us. Thank you for letting us in on your journey past and present.

  42. kerrie says:

    Ahhh, love hearing your love story. My favorite kind of stories are the real life ones. Hubby and I met while I was in college, young 20, and we married quickly too. Began having babies before planned and bagel shops were part of our mornings with wee tots in tote too. We have quirky places that we’ve always gone to in the city that our children, now growing and entering their young adult life, go to all the time without us. Those places are special to them. My girls just left this morning on the bus and light rail to go to a favorite coffee shop in the city and then to stroll through the vintage/thrift shops…somethings weve always done…now they are old enough to go themselves. Your kids will probably be dragging their own kids down to the bagel shop one day and rummaging through the flea markets too.

  43. Oh Miss Sarah i so loved your blog post, but I want to know where did you get that tote? did you make it? I think I might need one like that.

  44. Vicki Miller says:

    Loved this post! My husband and I are planning a trip to Austraila for our 25th wedding anniversary in 2 years. Since my husband works for an airline (I use to), I can’t believe we haven’t been there yet. We’ve always talked about going, I just think the flight is so long from California that we just kept putting it off. Anyway as I ramble on, I just wanted to thank you for posting photos of areas that you never see on the travel shows or in travel books, places I now must visit.

    Thank you,

    P.S. I hope you win the contest!

  45. Angela says:

    I loved that story….it made me cry. It is so lovely that romance lives, and in difficult times with other halves it’s lovely to know it can be like that again….I love how you write and I loved reminiscing with you. I am in England, and loved the descriptions of the village life, the pubs with the fires….especially the phone in the hall that you sit down on the stairs with to chat for hours to friends. Brought it all baclk. Thank you, a gorgeous piece. xxxx

  46. Oh Sarah, I loved reading that story of how you two met! That was great!

  47. Lisa says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Great post, thank you. Are your green wellies Hunters and do you know if can you get them in oz?
    Thanks!! Lisa

    • sarah says:

      Hi Lisa

      Yes they are Hunters and you can sometimes can them in Aus…but they well out really quickly apparently…I got mine in England :-)

  48. This was like reading a great romance novel. Now I have to go get some bagels.LOL Thanks Sarah!

  49. Neala says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I’m up in the Hunter and have been searching everywhere for good bagels!!! I’m Canadian and always loved them but can’t find them for love nor money here. And boy I miss good Jewish bakery/deli food from GGreen in London!! (Carmels … swoon). I’m going to see if they have a website and fingers crossed they can send me some…..

  50. Judy says:

    Late to the party but loved your story! Met my old man at a New Year’s eve party too – the first thing i said to him was that he couldn’t sit in my girlfriend’s dad’s chair and he says i’ve been telling him what to do ever since ha ha! And that was many moons ago……………..

  51. Katherine says:

    Very romantic!! And guess what? – I have never had a bagel…..maybe my next love will buy me one!!

  52. debbie says:

    I do so miss bagels, and french bread, since I have become wheat intolerant, sigh. I hope you enjoy the next one for me.

  53. Ceinwyn says:

    What a lovely story! I wish I was able to find a bagel that…transcendent. Alas, while there are some good Mexican bakeries where I live, no fresh bagels are to be found.

  54. Lori-Anne says:

    I have been to that East End bagel shop!!! It was many moons ago, back when I was a university student in England (I’m from Canada). Reading about it made me miss it all so much!! Someday I would love to do what you did and just pack up and move – but *to* England.

  55. Elisabeth says:

    What a great story and photo essay! Love it! We got married young too- I was 20. We knew eachother for about a year and a half before we got married. Anyway, now we’ve been married 19 years and have an almost 18 year old (plus 4 other kids!).
    Thanks for sharing!


  56. Sweet story… I love those kinda stories! Thanks for sharing, Sarah <3

  57. Heather Blewett says:

    Looove your sweet story and your blog…I happened upon you when I googled vintage milk bottles a couple weeks ago, and have been reading and in love ever since!!

  58. Dale says:

    Hi Sarah …. I LOVE this story and I think there are alot of marriages out there that have their ups n downs, that’s what makes life interesting.
    PS …. Loved your story about the bite on your ankle thanks to an Aussie Sea Creature, thank god it had a happy ending….
    LOVE YOUR BLOG ….. you’re a very talent lady.
    I too live near the Beach on the Central Coast, NSW and wouldn’t live anywhere else ;o)

  59. stacie says:

    Thank You for sharing with us. So romantic!

  60. Wonderful bagel tale! Keep those hertwarming stories coming!


  61. vicki says:

    Wonderful story Sarah. So instead of a wedding cake did you two share a bagel instead:) My husband and I met each other at a wedding~this Sept 28 it will be 26 years.