Ready? Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday Club Mission V

Thu 21st, Apr, 2011

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G’day Beach Cottage Saturday Clubbers, how are you all?

Yep I know I’ve already stopped by here today…but seeing as it’s Easter I have had a few messages to ask could the Mission go up early this week…

So, here you are….Ready for Mission V?

if you haven’t made time to join in yet, quit making excuses and start making time for you!




and seeing as this weekend is Easter you have permission to spend all weekend doing any, or all, or a combo of the previous Missions…

now just to re-cap, here’s what us Clubbers have been up to…

Norisah, one of my Facebook friends has completed all the missions…and taken pics along the way…

here’s what she got for Mission Number II – the brief here was to

embark in a hunt for all things lotion and potion

you must treat yourself to something nice

you must test and sniff and pour and rub-in

you must ooh and aahh and sigh and dream

and revel in fragrance and in softness

and really you must just delight in all things girl



doesn’t that look like lotion and potion fun?

and this is what she got up to for the Flower Mission


…we had to go treat ourselves to a bunch of flowers and then spend some time foofing it and adding a shell or two and a white thing…there was some amazing flower love going on out there in cyberspace…just loving these flowers with the light coming in behind them…and the little colourful polkas…yum!

and yep she was wearing boots…


I just loved Norisah’s photos…and yes she does nautical with colour and flowers just beautifully :-)  …hmm I am thinking perhaps a little dash of colour might be coming on in here after seeing these lol!


Ok righto let’s move onto this week

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

is this :

you must take yourself to a stationers

or paperie

and buy a fancy

or not so fancy


or just some sweet little paper thing

that you otherwise might not buy

you must then proceed

to a coffee shop


you must start to ponder

things you’ve always wanted to do

but haven’t

you must write down this list

as you drink your coffee

or tea

when you have your sweet wishes

you must muse

your list

then you must proceed

to plan how you may


in accomplishing

one of the things you’ve always wanted…

your choice

can be something simple

some little

or something




just sit


ponder awhile

dream awhile

think awhile

and delight

in your dreams

and your downtime

and for those of you with challenges in the completion of this here mission, be they monetary or logistical…well no, you are not left off of the hook…grab yourself a scrap of papers, warm yourself a little brew, find a quiet little spot in the sun or by the fire and indulge in the above…

I know the biggest wish dream of mine

..errm it’s like really big and it involves a little part of Europe…right down at the bottom…

Mr BC and I are scheming it right now

but it’ll take us a while before we get there

I’ll tell you about it next week…

Now, be off BC’ers…you choose this week, white t-shirts, ruffles, prairie boots or indeed wellies…go forth and indulge in downtime


p.s. I am sorry if I missed you off the list…I will be updating it again soon

complete list of missions right here – if you missed out, click here & jump right in…it’s free!


Don’t forget! Easter Week Beach Cottage Giveaways

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BC Tablescape Pack here




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13 Responses to “Ready? Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday Club Mission V”

  1. Robyn says:

    I’m back to normal after a few not feeling-so-well weekends now and ready to jump back onto the ♥ Saturday’s Club. Mmm, I LOVE stationary so a new notebook is right up my alley! And since I have some catching up to do now too, there’ll be flowers and coffee’s and dreaming and indulging and everything else I missed!

    Have a fantastic Easter weekend Sarah. Hope the Easter bunny doesn’t just come for the kids ;-)

  2. beachcomber says:

    funny…i’ve already been to a cute little paper shop, see my blog! i’ll have to go again on saturday.

  3. Susan says:

    hmmmm…. I like this one. Pondering is always fun

  4. Melody Borghesani says:

    Off to a much needed trip to visit family in Virginia Beach!!! Plan on shopping at a friend’s lovely shop filled with pretty things. Then off to my sister’s home for her hubby’s 50th b’day party…tents, champagne, hugs, flowers…can’t wait!! Then Easter Brunch with family. Happy, happy, happy!

  5. I’ll be spending Saturday on a long journey to Galway with 3 (probably cranky) kids and a husband who will be relying on me to navigate – give me a pretty notebook and a coffee shop any day!

  6. nicole beltane says:

    sounds like lots of fun this week.

  7. Pearl Maple says:

    Happy Easter Sarah and thanks for inpiring with the Saturday club
    This Saturday will be spent with family and creative friends playing with colours and textures.

  8. Alice says:

    Stationary, one of my favourites! I used to collect so many quirky and beautiful note pads and pens (still do with the pens)… Will get to this one tomorrow…. HAPPY EASTER Sarah…

  9. Katherine says:

    Actually made a little list and even crossed some of it off!! Was interesting just to see some thoughts on paper!!

    And had a coffee too……

    Been a really nice couple of days.

    Anzac day tomorrow. Will give our heroes some support & get teary when that bugle comes out – that is the most hauntingly beautiful piece of music I have ever heard.

    Happy holidays – nearly over now!!

  10. Eileen says:

    This Saturday was reserved for Easter food shopping because of just flying back home from Florida on Friday, so I took the morning time to ponder and sip and savor my coffee. I certainly spent time dreaming Sarah. Dreaming of going back to Florida and living there!! I found a cute little notepaper with my name on it and roses surrounding, so of course I had to get that, after all, it was part of this mission. Time is too short for a post about my Saturday #V, but I have to tell you I enjoyed forcing myself into some down time. And I did make a list of wants, hopes and dreams! I am a true believer in writing down what our desires are. Happy Easter to you!

  11. Kriszina says:

    It’s been a busy weekend and I did not manage to get out on my own like I planned. But last night I brewed a pot of tea, dug out a pretty journal with pink roses on it and curled up in my favorite chair to ponder my dreams for the future … Happy Easter, Sarah!

  12. Melody says:

    Celebrating Columbus day this weekend.
    I sat by the open wondow with my pink ruffled shirt and a pair of comfy cotton jammies pants.
    Drank my Starbucks and let my mind wander. Not a big job cause it does it all by itself!
    My dreams are all written down and most of them are practical cause I live in a “different” world than most.

    It’s funny but I already had a bright red journal unopened and a red & white pen unused. It even lights up…. too funny.
    That’s going to be my Saturday Dreamin’ Book.

    On a side note just to you….Sarah you have given me in more than you will ever know.
    I am using my Grandmother’s china.
    Am in the process of changing things up so that my flat shows who I am.
    I keep a box to toss things in to recycle and get rid of.
    SIMPLICITY is going to be my middle name! I am in CONTROL once again. :) :) :)
    Loved the posts about your recent trip too.

    Welcome home.

    • sarah says:

      well I am very happy to be inspiring

      thanks for your lovely comment


      p.s. I want a bright red journal and a light up pen ;-)