Linky Party! Beach Cottage Good Life Weds & The Butter Box

Wed 20th, Apr, 2011

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Hello lovelies!

Before we get started with Good Life Weds…

if you want to win a chance to win a sweet little Canon camera that will slip in your pocket on the way to the beach…go here


Thanks for all the comments on the Mr BC &  I post yesterday…errm it’s funny how that came about but it’s nice to think back to the old days sometimes isn’t it?

Anyway, overnight, while Australia tootles off to bed while many are out to play, oh actually even before that too, I had rather a lot of emails about the box that I found at the market.  I even had someone offer to buy it from me…truly…for a tidy little sum too…clearly not a regular reader of this blog, ‘cos I can assure you that if I find something that makes me do The BC Vintage Treasure Dance, something that has been on the Beach Cottage Most Wanted List for a very long time, then there ain’t no way I’m parting with a new member of this household baby.



So yesterday I thought about what I was going to do with it, but as you know, I have quite a few old boxes now, including that recent one that I found, whitewashed and stenciled with pencil that is now on the deck holding decky things, click here if you missed it

As I took a good look at it and moved it around I did a little bit of research…it seems that these boxes were used as storage for factory butter with the purpose of distribution and sale…roughly made, which is exactly what I thought when inspecting this one, with crude wood and nails fixing it together

….and on the side with the company logo that they could be easily returned from where they came.

here’s a close up of her…




This one is Allowrie brand of butter box, used widely throughout NSW and would have carried about 56lb blocks of butter…the butter itself was apparently destined for overseas markets, including the UK, which I find amazing that in those days such perishables as butter were transported all that way…




A bit more internet googling and research and it seems that somewhere where we are going this school holidays may have been the dairy where Allowrie got it’s name…cool and I will be visiting!


So I’m not doing anything with this box really, apart from kinda stroking it and looking at it and loving it.

Though I thought the butter box and my boots, a mason jar and a shell sphere thrown in for coastal measure might just be a divine combination…


and so yesterday arvo, my friends, I took some time to clear up the one hundred and one pairs of kids’ shoes that seem unable to actually make it to the shoe cupboard and I picked up sports bags that were, to be quite frank, smelling rather suspect and moved pairs of my shoes kicked off when I walked in the door..


and here she is, in a very tidy Beach Cottage coastal hallway…posing for us all to see on Good Life Wednesday…



She is, the BC Butter Box, the epitome of it all for me…a day spent with my new family just having simple, easy fun, drinking coffee, looking for treasure and finding a thing that makes me do the Treasure Hunter’s Dance.

Now that’s worth it.




So, hit me with what you’ve got, ready and waiting

oh & I need your votes…click this link, check my blog box & run through to the end…thanks!





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40 Responses to “Linky Party! Beach Cottage Good Life Weds & The Butter Box”

  1. Chas says:

    Your butter box is just divine!

  2. Eileen says:

    Love that butter box, I’m guessing your jaw dropped when you found that one. And the stool is great too. I am also loving that dash of blue scarf thrown in there on the oar. Just so gorgeous!

  3. Angie says:

    Oooooohhhhhh I love the box !!! The boots have a home at last !!!!!

  4. tami says:

    Sarah, your Butter Box is beautiful. I also loved the story of how you met your Husband, and loved seeing your Children with the Bagels.
    I have fond memories of my first date too, ain’t Love wonderful? Thank you for hostessing , your photos are beautiful as always. I really love the subtle colors of the scarves and bag mixed in with the rustic box. Have a Wonderful Wednesday, xxx tami

  5. Jen says:

    I love the box! So simple, so pretty.

  6. Nicole says:

    I think the butter box would look divine just about anywhere! What a fabulous treasure. I just LOVE the look of the boots peeking out of the top! :)

  7. beachcomber says:

    hi sarah… something strange happened when i was linking just then! could you please delete the image (don’t know where that came from) no 15 the blue smiley face! grrrr! thanks a lot. cheryl ps love the box you got at rozelle markets!

  8. Nicole says:

    Oh, and so what if I don’t live down under? I just voted for you. ;)

  9. Thanks so much for hosting this blog party.

  10. Deb says:

    I love the butter box and I like the inside, it is a perfect green. Have you seen the re-purposed basket lamp shade on your linky? How good is that! It’s raining cats and dogs to day so I am packing and de cluttering.

  11. Jessica says:

    That butter box is great. I love your entry way. Thanks for the link up.

  12. pamq says:

    I was hoping you would show more of that fabulous butter box……….

  13. Fleur says:

    Nice box!
    Voted for you x

  14. bj says:

    I do love your butter box….like you, most ANY box is awesome and especially when it has writing or graphics on the sides.

  15. I like the butter box as a wellie container. Very BC.

  16. Helen says:

    Hi Sarah, I love that Savon de Marseille shopper! Did you purchase here or OS?

    Have a lovely day :)

  17. Suzanne says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I have a very very similar Allowrie butter box that I bought from Balmain markets many years ago, I always get comments on where did I get it, the colour of the timder from back then is amazing!! They are a real piece of Australian history don;t you just love Rozelle/Balmain!!

    Have a fab day!!

  18. Love that box!
    Thanks for hosting again, Sarah.
    x Marnie

  19. The butter box is delightful, love it! Thanks for stopping by My Dream Canvas. Hope to see you again!!

  20. I have an old butter churn base that I use as a garbage bin…in Summer when it is hot I can still get a whiff of
    Beautiful pictures..and the box is lovely.
    Is that market anywhere near downtown Sydney?? Just askin’…. lol

  21. I am so happy that you wrote that you had to clean up all the shoes. Looking at my own closet, it very rarely look as organized or empty as I would wish. We are only two people but seem to have a thousand feets, and I am always kind of happy to hear that all bloggers out there does not live in perfect shoeless homes either. ;-)

    Very nice to hear the history of your box.

  22. Carly says:

    Love the butter box but to honest I am more in love with the fact that you had to clean your hallway to take the photos! I always feel incredibly domestically challenged looking at your wonderful blog… so many wonderful decorating ideas floating around in my head, now if I could just *see* the floor…

    • Carly says:

      P.S. I lifetime membershipped myself to <3 Saturdays very early on in the piece but didn't see my name on the last list you posted. Not that I would let that stop me from participating… just saying :-)

  23. Sue says:

    Love the box, Sarah. Must do some research on the box I picked up with a metal mesh bottom. Don’t know what that was for! Also voted for your blog – Good Luck!

  24. Such a beautiful BC Butter Box! I had never heard of butter boxes before. It’s so nice to know a little bit of the history behind treasures like these. And thank you for hosting Good Life Wednesday… I’ve come to look forward to it every week.
    - Andrea

  25. I’m hoping to find a box like that just lying on the side of a road one day. Wouldn’t that be awesome? People from back then would probably laugh if they new what we were paying for their old storage bokxes….but don’t they realise how awesome they are?!!

    Thank you so much for hosting today. Have a wonderful Easter.


  26. Great butter box Sarah, looks great in your hall, also loved it in your living room with all the white. I know what you mean about getting attached to newly found treasures :) ….. did you paint the little straps on your wicker bag? Lol anyway love it! x

  27. Alice says:

    I did notice that gorgeous box. It looks great where it is. A nice find indeed…

  28. Maggie M. says:

    Thank you so so much for hosting!
    I adore your butter box…if you ever feel the need to send a present to someone you don’t know, I’d be happy to be that person…;)
    And I voted for you!!! Best of luck!

  29. Nathalie says:

    I just discovered your blog yesterday and love it! I feel very inspired by your beautiful home and lifestyle!
    Off to check out the voting thing! :D

  30. Natalie says:

    I think I have linked up properly..the info link was broken so hope I did it right…I am in love with that paddle coat hook!! I have been hoarding paddles so I will have to find some hooks..what a great idea for my bathroom,with 5 kids we use loads of towels..they need to hang them up and use them twice!!
    P.S I love the little box with all the white..just dreamy

  31. mommahen says:

    *gasp* your home is gor-ge-ous!

  32. Hi Sarah! Lovin’ that sweet butter box AND the sweet story of you and Mr. BC! You two are just the cutest!!!! :)

    I desperately need to know where you got your Marseilles shopper bag!!!!!!!?????? I want one so badly to take with me when I go junking this summer!!!!!!!! Please tell me!!!!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  33. Sibylle says:

    beautiful beautiful box!

  34. paulette says:

    Thank you for sharing and hosting all the creativity & inspiration !
    You have my vote Sarah!
    ( Easy peasy, love that you are at the top of the 1st page )

  35. Cricket says:

    Sarah.. I am tired! I have been from Nj to Australia a million times…:))))) tonight! But I am lovin it! Sorry for the lateness…
    You are way too much fun!

  36. Thanks for the Thank you note and the nice comments about my porch! Your blog is wonderful and so inspiring! I have been a reader for a few months now. I have always wanted to visit Australia and your blog makes me want to go more!

  37. i just love your blog….truely inspirational!