Easter White Table

Thu 7th, Apr, 2011

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Thanks for all the encouragement on the veggies…I have just been out to check on my aubergine, she is doing well…no possum has tried to eat her yet lol!  And to the many of you who asked the ruffle is from Urban Outfitters…

OK I am in Easter decorating mode…I don’t usually get into it that much, not sure why but this year I do feel the need to throw around some pastel colours and the like.


I don’t really do much more for Easter, other than giving up things for Lent, eating stack loads of Hot Cross Buns (purlease do not even consider fruitless or for that matter, spiceless) and buying more chocolate eggs for my kiddos than I would ever thought I would have done.  If one cannot stuff one’s face with chocolate at Easter when one is a child then what is life all about?

And for sure the decorating of things like the Easter bonnet for me were never too cheerily taken on board, I just could not take the competition with the crafty mothers.

I am much better being left to tables.

So here I wanted this to be really white, I am back into white again if you’ve noticed…so I ripped up some white cotton to use as napkin rings with a sprig of Easter daisy on each...



I used more of the strips of ripped up white fabric to tie around the chic little lidded mason jars that I seem to use all the time at the moment…

…and then I tied each one of these to the back of the chairs, filling them with just a tad of water in the bottom…I pulled the fabric really tight so although these look in the photos pretty precarious, in actual fact, they are tied tightly on and it mattered not when pulling out the chair…



though suffice to say if you happen to be Easter-table-dressing-with-white-and-mason-jars and you have little ones around I am thinking lady you’d better put those pots on top of the table ;-)




I loved how these jars tied to the chairs turned out, it is very simple and oh-so-very effective and of course suits my budget….this would be lovely for a special occasion I think…it’s really easy if you’re time poor too…the most effort involved is to rip up the fabric and tie it to the chair and jar, the most artistic flair is to stuff the daisies in the jar willy-nilly…


I used dahlias and vintage bottles too…




I loved how the mason jars caught the sunlight on the back of the chair, kinda unusual…




…the Beach Cottage shell spheres came out to play too…



and what’s a coastal tablescape without a thrifted old jug or two ;-)


I used some of my clay tags, (I am about to make a few new batches of these, I have some good ideas for new shapes and ways to use ‘em)…but these simple chic little disc ones I love just slung around the neck of a painted bottle & tied with string


you can find my Clay Tag Tutorial here to download..

.all the instructions you need to make these yourself…& they’re easy peasy



I dressed up that ladder too, it’s still in the corner, I have done literally nothing to it, I am thinking I kinda like it that way…




As of now we have only one plan for Easter…after lots of weekends away for sport and the weather problems we had in Noosa we are doing little more than making the most of beautiful Sydney at this time of year and will be mooching down the beach for long walks and a lot of reading plus getting out in the fresh air for picnics, I just love doing that…


We do have one special trip planned, it involves riding on a train, I am so psyched – this will be the first time I have ridden an Australian train, yes I am easily pleased…no my husband would not agree with that…



So what are your plans for Easter? I would just love to hear all about them!

I wonder if they involve the ritual tieing of Mason Jars onto the back of white chairs…?




p.s. Beach Cottage Giveaways (yep that’s plural lined up for Easter Week woohoo)




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35 Responses to “Easter White Table”

  1. Susan says:

    it’s so pretty…….

    and you answered my question about how much chocolate children should have… so you are going to think I’m a mean old mummy to too many small boys…… but hey, I’m the one who has to deal with the sugar low…… :)

    We plan to mooch around Noosa as the weather here is pretty good although today has brought on/off showers….. I like it as it seems fresh. It’s cooler at night so we all sleep well :)
    Days at the beach and dinners on the deck are right up my alley………. xx

  2. Aaron says:

    The table is just gorgeous! I just can’t get enough of white on white.

    -Aaron {the girl with the boy’s name}


  3. Luv it! So pretty and simple, just lovely Sarah.

  4. Alima says:

    I’ve never seen dahlia’s that color! Gorgeous!
    Love the mason jars tied to the chair – what a great idea! Unfortunately I am one of those with a wild 18 month old boy, so I will have to wait a few years for that part :)

  5. Robyn says:

    Gorgeous as always. Luv it!

    I’m just SO useless at tablescapes so will have to nick a few ideas ;-)

  6. Beautiful! I am absolutely smitten with those shell spheres…
    I’ve been saving some tin cans to tie onto the backs of chairs, but never thought of using mason jars – that’s wonderful!

  7. kim says:

    looove it looks beautiful!! i finally found shell spheres 3 in a pk at michaels 14.99 with 50 percent off had to get 2 pkgs i had just bought shells to make some saw them last yr at our local meijer and they wanted alot for just one ball so i decided to start buying shells and some styrofoam balls i am always looking at catalogs like p.b and looking for projects knowing i can make that stuff way cheaper!!! the white is so simple and elegant!!! at the same time!

  8. Alice says:

    Love the jars tied to the chairs. Love the whole look. Now I know why so many like dahlias, they are very pretty, first time I have seen one. Hoping to go to a mates holiday house up newcastle way with this Easter and spending it with thema dn a whole bunch of other friends and their kids. Might organise an easter hunt for the kids…

  9. Pearl Maple says:

    Delightful table Sarah,
    Easter is a nice long weekend on the nsw north coast
    Family, fishing, eating, beaching, and maybe even a little relaxing

  10. Rupa says:

    so beautiful … makes my heart goes flutter ! Love white !

  11. marylou says:

    Easter is such a special event for Christians and sweet Sarah you have certainly given graceful distinction to a very special event
    with elegance and humble beauty, just what this most holy occasion calls for…amazing!!

    AND I so concur, chocolate eggs for everyone is a MUST;-)


  12. emily says:

    Such a beautiful table setting!!! I love the little jars of flowers tied to the chairs….such a great idea!!!

  13. Kirsten says:

    Lovely! Beautiful pictures

  14. beachcomber says:

    lovely tables…like the white painted bottles! i wouldn’t be getting too excited about australian trains.

  15. Deb says:

    Beautiful table Sarah…love the little daisy jars! ~Deb~

  16. Ally says:

    Trust me Sarah, riding on Australian trains is not exciting at all.. at least not in Sydney or Newcastle. They’re smelly and filthy – or at least the ones I spend an hour and a half in every day on my commute are. They are a lot more reliable than buses though, I will give them that!

    Adore those lovely pinkish dahlias, so dainty and pretty…

  17. Maureen says:

    Goodmorning Sarah,
    Your last 3 posts, the bedroom, the veggies and now the hanging jars, it was all wonderful to read! (I know you hear this
    a lot but it’s true). And my sweetheart does the same as your Mr BC, when he is in doubt….so funny to read this!
    See ya! Maureen

  18. I love how you fix up pretty things Sarah! Mason jars on the backs of chairs? Crazy inspiration lady!!
    Easter? Well..I am doing it again..the BIG annual Easter Egg hunt. Giant Easter Bunny and all…expecting about 30 people this year..12 wee hunters. I do a big brunch. The Easter Bunny and his Hunny go all out! :-)
    It may be the day that kick starts me back to blogging so watch for that! :-) it’s time!

  19. Kimberly says:


    I could look at your photography all day! *Sigh!* The whole table seting is just gorgeous, love the mason jars on the backs of the chairs. Those dahlias look like a piece of heaven!



  20. Katherine says:

    Very pretty! The jars are great.

    I am looking forward to a peaceful Easter – sleepins, slow, easy days. Autumn sunshine, gardening….ahhhh! PJ’s, gumboots & ugg boots! All good! Too bad I have to go to school though : (

    I day ’til holidays. Yeah!!

  21. Hannah says:

    beautiful! i have been working on collecting “white” dishes and things…so you have given me something to shoot for! LOVE IT! :)

  22. Beautiful Table! Love the mason jars on the backs of the chairs- really neat idea!

  23. We always have a big dinner with all the families here after church. Then all the daddies go out and hide Easter eggs, and we turn the little ones loose. Our house sits on an acre and a half (not counting our fields) so it’s a nice big space.

    Thank goodness my cousin kept having babies because mine are all grown. Ever try to get a 23 year old out there with a basket?? Not easy! lolol Then later we bundle all the little ones and take everyone for a walk (except for the grandparents).

  24. Heather says:

    Your table is magazine worthy! I adore the mason jars tied to the chairs. Everything looks oh so pretty! Wish I was there! :)

  25. Deanne says:

    Well I can’t imagine mason jars and flowers on backs of chairs lasting too long in my house, a certain girl would move them all and certain men folk would just think I was completely mad- they probably do anyway!
    Easter is always casual relaxed at home soaking up autumn days.

  26. Hi Sarah…LOVE this table! Save a seat for me!

    Easter is very simple here…BBQ on the deck for my little family and my brother. Let’s hope the weather cooperates!

  27. Cerys says:


    The table looks lovely – a fresh take on Easter.

    I too am from the UK (S. Wales to be exact), and I can’t believe just how difficult it is to grow veggies and herbs in this extreme climate! We are getting better though and get very excited when a self-sewn tomato plant pops up! Strawberries are the latest addtion to the patch – just hope the scarecrow does his job.
    Raining today – any excuse to put my Hunters on!

    I love your blog and have serious house envy! I am trying to turn my 1970′s, Brisbane, brick house into a beach cottage (much to my husband’s horror!) – I tell him this is in preparation for our future home on the Sunny coast!

    Cerys x

  28. Loving that ladder in the background there. Easter, hmm being a tourist around our home town Olinda, if you live in a tourist area you tend not to visit the local attractions that much so this time we will and enjoy the full blown autumn experience in the hills.

  29. Tammi says:

    Your table is drool worthy indeed…can we come spend easter at yours ;p

    Seriously, I think you should publish a book, I would love to have it on my coffee table to peruse at my leisure.


  30. Paula B. says:

    Exquisite. The photography as well as the simple elegance of your decorating is breathtaking. So many ideas here that would lend themselves to other types of parties. And, I was thinking how professional everything looked. Even though you show us how you do things, it all looks so “magazine” perfect! You are one talented lady!