Bedroom Makeover – Beach Cottage Coastal

Tue 5th, Apr, 2011

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It’s a funny day here, started off raining this morning, but that has kinda turned into sunshine here and there so the garden is dripping with glistening bits…my veggies didn’t need watering this morning and when I went out to check on them they were all sparkly with rain drops…love that…and I spied my very first home-grown aubergine, I think some of you will call that eggplant…talk about psyched, I nearly kissed her that little perfectly-formed egg-shaped purply lady blooming in the middle of my veggies, right there and then

…and yes I did spend the next 20 minutes sitting in the sprinkling rain with my camera taking photos of an eggplant when I should have been getting my children to school.



Anyhoo, this is the bedroom makeover I was talking about last week


I had a couple of not-so-nice things happen last week and so in true Beach Cottage form I decided on the best therapy, I retreated spectacularly for a whole day with some foofing and moving around, and cleaning and pottering and playing stylists…



I moved the bed to the other wall and the suitcases and old pie cupboard to the other side…and added the ruffle to the window (yes that is a hole in the wall…it is an air vent..old Australian houses like this have them…I love how the breeze comes in, no it doesn’t seem to make it cold in the Winter, but then again people, this part of Australia, though I moan to high heaven about 2 weeks in about how cold it is, really we don’t see very lowly temps here).




Now this bedroom has been the scene of many changes and I love doing that…it saw daffodils and caterpillars one Spring, it started off the other way round, the bed is normally under the window in the summer and it has rather a lot of different linen now (including two new doona covers, oops no Mr BC I mean really old ones ;-) – did I say one of those new old ones had a million ruffles and is waiting for Winter, or that the other one is full on polka and waiting for Spring..haha )



This time I wanted to bring in a few more coastal things, together with a hint of Prairie Chic, seeing as that is on my mind at the moment and I wanted to prop the boots around too ;-)



Most of this stuff I already had, a frugal makeover…the only new thing the new ruffle curtain (you can find out more about that and where I got it here)…





The side tables are really old, in fact the one on the right is one of the first things I ever bought to do over, back in England, it is actually a sewing box, the lid lifts up an inside it is lined in red satin…the other one I have had for ages, thrifted on the beaches and I madeover a while ago with some aquayou can find that here


The first night after I moved this around I was really excited to go to bed…it had not taken very long but I had also done a deep clean…stripped everything from the bed, hoovered and turned the matress, found about a million dust bunnies, wiped down all the skirting boards, zapped the floors with my trusty Dettol, purged under the bed of cr*pola that I seem to accumulate faster than I can get rid of, pared down the huge pile of books that was beside my bed, and threw out a load of lotions and potions that were beginning to make the opening of the side table somewhat like a miliatary operation…




There is nothing like this feeling for me…call me boring and suburban but a deeply cleaned bedroom all crisp and waiting for you after a long day, a million and one trips to sporting events, the general day to day looking after of 3 kiddos, and a deep bath is pretty much one of the good things in my life.

So in my pj’s I walked in and sighed, and tucked up in this bed just doing nothing but sitting there with the lamps on, propped up and thinking about what had goneon…I was there like that for ages…


In the morning I woke up, sat up and thought goodness I had had a good sleep in this new setting… and with that looked around and thought

‘oooh my bejesus this bedroom is sooooo WHITE!’


I turned to Mr BC….errrm what do you think..does this bedroom have too much white?

To which he refused to reply.

I am not sure if this was for one of a few reasons…1. if he had said yes I would have forced him to decorate it in a different colour or 2. if he had said yes I would have sulked all day  3. if he had said yes I would have bored him stupid for weeks talking about incorporating new colours into our bedroom.



So as is usual in this house, when in doubt Mr BC makes no comment.



…and yes it is looking very very white, save a pop or two of colour from flowers and old boots ;-) but you know what, that’s they way I like it…

most everything you see here is thrifted, or IKEA, or budget or from from my treasure hunting searches ’round these beachside suburbs…with a few specials from my days in England thrown in for good measure…a bedroom on a budget by a real girl who dreamt of sleeping on an old white bed, with a coastal breeze, old vintage things all around and living in an old cottage near to the sea…


Let me know what you think, I hope you like it

and with that white coastal porn I will be gone!

…and yes I would like your comments


you can find the story of this bedroom before and all about that including a picture of what it looked like when we bought it here

& the one with the daffodils and the caterpillar here


blogged for show & tell thanks!

and FF at Shabby Nest


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89 Responses to “Bedroom Makeover – Beach Cottage Coastal”

  1. carla says:

    Sigh…………its beautiful Sarah! How can a room possibly ever be ‘too white’? Its not possible, and for a bedroom white is the best, like sleeping in a cloud. Cxx

  2. HRH Sarah says:

    I adore your bedroom- the putty and the white are so soothing, and the boots and ruffles are heaven! Your link for the ruffle story isn’t there, could you let me know where and the how on that ruffle curtain? I’ve been wondering about it for ages! Loving the room, maybe swish some more aqua around until you get over your bejeezus, it’s white! feeling…

  3. pam in oregon says:

    Love. It. An all white bedrom is heaven to me. I’m in love with your duvet cover and all of the ruffle goodness on your window. Will you share all the details with us? I am in need of some ruffles in my life!

  4. Alice says:

    I Looovvee your bedroom. it looks gorgoeus. I like all the different textures and thewhite on white it makes me think crisp and airy and the lighting must be divine. I know the feeling of having a freshly cleaned bedroom and bed. I’m like that everytime we change the bed linen. I can’t stop rubbing my feet and hands on the new, fresh linen. I’m instantly relaxed and oddly at peace though not well rested at the momment – little bubba keeps waking me up during the night so I’m quite sleep deprived and not making much sense at the momment. I laughed at the whole too white thought…. I sometimes do that only our bedroom is all blue with white trimming and I am often tempted to change it all to white especially after poppping in here and viewing great photos of a certain fabulous bedroom ….

  5. Hi Sarah, Your bedroom is so beautiful, I love all the white with the contrast of your lovely wood floors and of course your boots. I don’t think it could ever be too white, it’s perfect. I hope you have a great day and I hope you enjoy the evenings in your bedroom!

  6. Katie says:

    Lovely! Just lovely. Did I miss the link to the adorable ruffly curtains? If you could pass that along, I’d appreciate. Thanks much!

  7. Kara in Indiana says:

    I have been lurking your site for a long time now… you were the first blog that I “followed” and put in my favorites list. Your style has moved me from day one. I love the casually planned details of your rooms. They feel so natural, lived in and soothing. You have inspired my redo of our tiny little lake cottage here in rural Indiana. Your room is perfect! I could totally see me laying on that bed for hours and daydreaming of gardens, cocktails and my babies not needing anything for oh, about 5 minutes :) Please don’t change a thing, unless, of course the mood strikes you, then change and snap some photos for us!

  8. Tiff says:

    Nope. Not too white. Gorgeous, ethereal, calming, peaceful . . . but not too white!
    I love it and I could get in my pj’s right now and hop in that bed for a wonderful nap . . . but I won’t invade your space, I’ll just have to work on my own bedroom and get it as white as yours ;)

  9. Sarah,

    It is breathtaking, relaxing and beautiful!! This looks like it would be the perfect retreat at the end of the day, or anytime. :) Love the pops of color!! Enjoy!


  10. kerrie says:

    It’s never too white for me. Though I am wondering what happened to your beautiful vintage dresser and propped up mirror from last years bedroom re-do makeover?

  11. kim says:

    hey sarah
    i am loving the new redo!!!! looks good!i missed the link too for the curtain i looove that ruffle!!! would like one myself i think for the living room huge window i have now!!! looking good
    have a great dAY!

  12. joyce tx says:

    What a glorious room to wake up in! Love!!!

  13. lovely! after 3 home remodels …i’m still waiting for my white bedroom…the next one please!

  14. Cerys says:

    I think your room looks lovely. A haven for rest and relaxation! x

  15. katie says:

    SARAH! i LOVE it! and yes, it is SOOO MUCH WHITE. but as i look at that room….it is all the LAYERS. i LOVE it! i am HOPING to be like that in our home. i fear just having white…sterile walls. i hope i can get the latered white look that you have! LOVE IT!!!!
    thx for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Pearl Maple says:

    Too funny the questions about too much white

  17. antiquechase says:

    I love it!!

    Mr. Antiquechase has stopped commenting as well… poor guys!! :)

  18. Robyn says:

    I don’t think I would like to spoil such a gorgeous bedroom by sleeping in it! But then for me there isn’t anything more luxurious and inviting as sleeping in a bed with freshly laundered linen on big puffy pillows and lots of warm doona’s and comforters to make sure I don’t freeze my tootsies off in these cold Aussie nights.

    I can’t decide though which is worse. Mr BC not saying anything, or Mr BC saying something.

  19. Danielle says:

    Hiya Sarah,

    I recently questioned my transition to being a white person (or should I say cream) and I realised that it grew out of my love of wood, nothing makes rustic/glossy/faded/warn/bleached/battered wood look as good as whites and creams…your whites rock your wooden floor boards man! :-)

    Danielle ;-)

  20. Susan says:

    Have to agree with everyone else…it’s just gorgeous. And not too white at ALL! And i love the ruffly curtains and the comforter……

  21. Rebecca says:

    I agree – never can you have too much white… especially in the bedroom. Sarah when I go to sleep a night I dream that the Beach Cottage Fairy has visited my house and I wake up looking at a beautiful calming bedroom just like yours… then reality sets in and I really do wake up and No … the Beach Cottage Fairy hasn’t visited so I turn on my computer just so I can look at your rooms and pretend they are mine !!!! its very peaceful here in BC world……

  22. Our former bedroom was all white and I just loved it. I slept better in it than anywhere else, so I definitely agree that white can be calming and good for a bedroom.

  23. siggie says:

    Love your bedroom Sarah! Thanks for the beautiful pics, you’re blog is my fallback for when I need a dose of calm!

  24. it is so white!! really, really, really gorgeous!!<3

  25. Gorgeous gorgeous bedroom! But where’s the pic of the eggplant!

  26. beachcomber says:

    i really really like it!!
    cheryl x

  27. Paige says:

    I think your room is just beautiful! I love a clean room too! Mr. Wandering Cottage would tell me if my room was too white without hesitation. The curtains in my bedroom were inspired by your bedroom curtains and the budget. I layered khaki under white. Have a great day!

  28. Marnie says:

    Ah, the serenity………
    Will have to give you my Moussaka recipe for when your eggplants are ready.
    x Marnie

  29. Nicole says:

    just one question sarah, where on earth do you keep your clothes. In the pie cupboard? I love your room. I dream of the same but at the moment I find my 6 year old and my 4 month boxer puppy often in bed with me so my whites are covered for a while!!!
    Keep up the great work. Love your blog.

    • sarah says:

      there is a wardrobe on the other side, I forgot to photograph it…we found it on the side of the road and strapped it to the roof of the car one day coming home from the beach…I have blogged it I think so if you search it’ll be there…it’s a lovely old wardrobe from the 40′s….I must turn my camera round and take some photos of it…the pie safe has just t-shirts and undies xx

  30. Lois says:

    I love this bedroom even more than before! While I haven’t gone with the all-white look, my own bed is shades of beige, tan, and cream, and very soothing. The slider in the bedroom has sheer cream colored lace floor length draperies. It is a work in progress, as is my whole apartment; ever in transition, as I see something else I like.

  31. Cindy says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Your bedroom is perfectly gorgeous!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  32. Jenn says:

    Oh my your bedroom looks gorgeous!! We’ve been doing some updating and it will be an inspiration for me when we finally get our home back together. Our bedroom has been the dumping ground for all the furniture. I’m longing for a pretty room again. Think I may have to go buy some new bedding today!!. Love this post! Love your blog! Have a fantastic day ~ Jenn

  33. shirl' a. says:

    Oh my you did make a change. Now maybe I’ll be able to finish what I have started dedoing. Never too much white because you always splash with just enough other colors AND boots! He! He!

  34. I want to curl up and take a good, long nap in there. It’s simply beautiful.

  35. Di Scott says:

    Hi Sarah
    Bedroom is Gorgeous! Never too much white I reckon….! Although when my bedroom gets done (I have no idea when!) I am having a blue wall on one side as we have an ensuite with no door just a walk-through space which we have enhanced with a beautiful piece of custom made glass to let the light between filter through…. We have lovely white shutters and it makes both bedroom and bathroom light enough. In this house (not by the beach) I am trying to keep a chic not shabby look… (I’m saving that for the beach house! )
    Yay!..Easter break looming and beach house to ourselves for 4 days! Heaven….
    Love your blog!

  36. lucy says:

    too much white?? never!!

  37. marylou says:

    WOW…simply WOW…so beautiful Sarah and never too much white…..if it is good enough for Heaven it is good enough for me;-)

    The rearranging is lovely, I adore the full on window view and those ruffles make me drool((*_*))

    Always such a pleasure to visit your blog, number one for me~~


  38. bec says:

    Help -i’m addicted to your site. I just love it. So fresh, clean and inspiring.
    I’m sure deep down your hubby is grateful to have a wife who keeps the place so fresh and clean. And it probably warms his heart too whilst he is at work to know his wife is making his house a lovely home to be proud of!
    Thanks for your site…..gorgeous from top to toe.

  39. Robynne says:

    Gorgeous….restful…..serene….calming….I could go on. I think you’ve done a wonderful job. I love the touches of gal with the easter daisy and I especially want that sewing table…love quirky things like that which can be turned to a practical use. I too love having a spring (or in your case, Autumn) clean, especially in the bedroom. A lot of dust accumulates under and around the bed and lets face it, unless you’re a bit o.c.d., we’re not going to lug the bed and side tables away from the wall every time we clean. Once or twice a year will do it! Just remember, keep an eye out for creepy crawlies in your bed down under. I could tell you some stories….. Robx

  40. Lynna says:

    Love your bedroom. Decorators always talk about how neutral spaces need texture. I picture a handsome, rugged, Mr. BC as the PERFECT all-white bedroom accoutrement (with day’s end stubble as value-added texture!) Ruffles contrasted against muscles and five o’clock shadow… I call that delicious decorating!

  41. Lynna says:

    Sigh… Want to replicate this decor. The ruffles I can do. The stubble and the muscles might be a bit harder to find. :)

  42. Alima says:

    Like it??? I LOVE it! My favroite is the mix of putty polka dots and putty stripes on the pillows. That bed looks very inviting!

  43. Shar Y says:

    Love it! I am so inspired to go redo my bedroom, currently dark and gloomy. I tried the Ruffle curtain link, seems to be missing. Can you tell us what that is? The white questions were so funny! thanks for sharing such beauty with us.

  44. Ros Wyatt says:

    I love it – it makes me feel so calm just looking at it and no, there isn’t too much white!

  45. beth says:

    Hi Sarah!!!!
    White…ruffles…polka dots…Oh my!!!!
    Fantastic!!! Love-Love-Love!!!!!
    Beth xx

  46. Deb from Maine says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I adore your white bedroom! How can anything ever be too white? You are a marvelous decorator and I wish we lived next door to each other – we’d spend lots of time moving furniture around and painting it!
    love, deb

  47. Simple Daisy says:

    Love…Love…Love it!!! It’s perfect! Coastal casual:)

  48. Tovah says:

    For me it is a bit white. But obviously you love it and THAT is what matters. But golly I totally love your bed and the duvet covers. I have a pin tucked cream duvet cover that is one of my favorite things in my bedroom. But I’m looking at yours and thinking…I want that too:)

  49. catherine says:

    i love the room, my husband on the other hand would probably not, but like yours would know better than to say.
    i was wondering what your thoughts were on rugs? also, do yall take off your shoes when you come in the house? just wonderin.

  50. Tammi says:

    I could so easily sleep in that peaceful space :) It evokes a sense of relaxation, something seriously lacking in my room with all the clutter including a cot and bub.

    Were you still considering wallpapering one of your bedroom walls?

    I feel the need for a change….bedroom here I come ;)

  51. Sherry Hicks says:

    I am completely blown away by your style. There are so many things I love, the curtains, bedding, white stacked suitcase/box with french water can……..awesome boots in all the fluffy white……..the list goes on it is absolutely stunning!

  52. I love it! so nice and bright and cheery!

  53. So refreshing and beautiful. I love the bedding especially. Gorgeous!

  54. Stephanie Thompson says:

    Sarah, love the iron bed..I have one, and have been trying to decide the color to paint it…what color did you choose, and did you prime it? (with what?) Love your style…and your sweet spirit..

    • sarah says:

      hi it is a repro…and it came like that :-)


      • Kylie says:

        I love the iron bed too, you said it was a repo but where did you get it from? was it a speciality store? also have you had any experience with Ikea bed frames, I have heard that their mattress size might not be standard.

  55. Wow it’s beautiful… White really is very comfy to look at.. Plus you can mix and match some colorful stuff on it..

  56. jan says:

    Too white? never…love the seasonal pops of colour
    Hope you are feeling better cause your spring (autumn) clean makes
    us all feel great…Great pics, great writing…Enjoy!

  57. Your room is beautiful. I love that bed and it reminds me of an white iron bed I have. I’d had it for years and still love it. Thanks for sharing your room with us.

  58. Ohh how I love to sleep now and have a good night rest! White is really a romantic color.

  59. meghan says:

    i think it’s great. so peaceful and relaxing! love (lurve) all the bed linens too!

  60. Cheryl Pieper says:

    I love your bedroom! The white is perfect beyond measure. Where did you get the ruffle curtains? I want them!!
    Thank you!

    • Kristina says:

      It looks beautiful- I love how it turn out! Its such a great mix of country, prairie and coastal and shabby chic. And than this dark wood floor with the white…. mhhhh.

  61. Katherine says:

    Hope all of that glorious foofing made all the bad things go away, Sarah?

    No wonder you slept so well – who wouldn’t in such a serene room! Looks beautiful!

    Can’t wait to see those “new,old” covers!! ; )

  62. WOW. I can’t get over this bedroom!! I am obsessed with the calm tranquil feeling…the white with pops of color is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Where did you get that bedding?!?! I need to know!!

  63. Cindy says:

    I just LOVE the calm feel of this room! I am looking to take most of the color out of my room, Your room was such an inspiration for me! Thanks for sharing! :o}

  64. michele says:

    one can never get enough coastal porn, can one?

    the photography, the styling, the vibe, the essence…it all sucks me right in makes me do this: SIGGGGHHHHHHHH.

    GORGEOUS stuff and so happy to find you. i’ll be partying with you!


  65. Your bedroom is gorgeous! And I am in love with your floor!

  66. Dianna says:

    sarah just love your bedroom, no never too much white, I love it. Couldn’t see the link though to the ruffle curtain would like to find out about that.

  67. Herman Grans says:

    Nice :) Love it :)

  68. gorgeous.. gorgeous!! I love the two white chests in the corner.. and the boots… wow!!

  69. Jodi Robertson says:

    Love Love Love.
    I long for a bedroom that looks like the ones in magazine photo’s. Your room is so beautiful and calming.

  70. The room is just beautiful. I just looked at Antro bedding… so fun to see it in a real room! I could not link to the place where you got the ruffle curtains and I luv them!!! Please, oh please, tell us where to find them. I am in the process of redoing a beach condo in Destin, Florida and would love to get some… Thanks! CeCe

  71. Neima says:

    This is so beautiful! I really love how you have managed the different shades of white and how the flowers add a touch of colour. So peaceful and calm.
    Would you mind if I feature your beach cottage on my blog? I would love it ^^

  72. the bedroom looks divine, the white color and the matching accessories make it so beautiful that i cannot express it in words, just too good!

  73. alison says:

    You made me laugh about the hole in the wall. I was thinking ‘What hole? I can’t see one.’

    I grew up with those holes. It’s funny how culture and climate affects our architecture. I never thought for a moment when growing up in Sydney that those holes would make a house cold.

  74. Becky says:

    I’m with ya, NOTHING better than a clean crisp bed to end the day with. Love all the white, but could never do it here in South Dakota. We have such cold winters that I have to decorate in warmer colors to keep the house cozy feeling—but I do like to sneak some cottage touches in during the spring and summer.

  75. Where did you get your fabulous comforter? I just love it!

  76. Jamie says:

    Hello and Good Day to you! Oh how I adore your creative decor. The kind of decorating that makes you feel something. A longing of the soul. I can almost feel the softness of pillows and the curtain softly dancing as cool air rushing by. Thanks for sharing! P.S, I’d love to be apart of your Saturday Club. Vintage, old and discarded are my cup of tea. It’s the love story of the item I’m drawn to. The where it’s been, a life well lived. I’m new to the blog world. I read and admire from afar but I plan to get your how to book asap so I can get my blog on its way! Blessings to you, Jamie

  77. Nena Lira says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m from Brazil and also live by the sea. Your house is gorgeous, I loved it!!



  78. Lexie says:

    Nice Prarie chic look. I agree that a deep clean is very good for the soul. I wish I could paint my beach cottage bedroom but I am not allowed as I rent. Still i make it my own beach decorated shabby chic decor design with my Moms antique headboard and bed from the year 1600! It is 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide so it makes quite a statment. I pay homage to the antique with beauitful bedding that is lux and gorgous. We each make our own home unique and beauitful in our way, good job.,

  79. Harley says:

    i really love the bed! where’s it from?