Beach Cottage Anthropologie, Blue Pillowslips & WINNERS!

Fri 29th, Apr, 2011

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Well hello!

You know what?

Here I am today taking my own advice from BC Sweet Blogging yesterday and  just blogging something I love.   This was going to be a before shot post of a black bedside and a bit about something that is happening to me next week…but I thought this bed was more just what I am about right now!




My bed this morning..with sunshine through the window it looked so pretty that I briefly considered making the kiddos walk to school, stripping off my exercise gear, putting my pj’s back on and hopping in.  For the day.

Reality stopped that pretty quickly.



Anyway…the Anthropologie quilt I purchased ages ago and because it has been summer here hasn’t really been used to its full potential…it’s been thrown on the floor more than it’s been on the bed…but now it has firmly claimed its place on our bed for the winter, though I have to say here that I do also have a new (splutter I mean old Mr BC) ruffle quilt in hiding in the back of the wardrobe, which will be coming out on the next bedchange.




It is amazing how versatile white bedding is, which is one of the main reasons that I like it, one of the main reasons I like white everywhere actually…and contrary to popular opinion it means that you can play around with colour and different accessories really easily….I play around with the colours and textures in here all the time, just about eveyr bed change…you can see it here all pale and breezy with some balloons and vintage processing, and then with yellow and springlike flowers it was bright and cheery when when, in my wisdom,  I decided to stuff daffodils all around it and then found a caterpillar in my bed with me that night, and then here a month or so ago when I cleaned out, cleaned up and moved around my bedroom for a coastal makeover and added grey polka dots, nautical stripes and pink flowers…




…here it is with these new blue pillowslips.

A few days ago I went to the mall with my teenager to buy some school supplies for him and something for dinner.

And I came home with things for the cottage…that always seems to happen doesn’t it?…when you aren’t looking for anything you just happen upon something that is pretty and floats your bed boat.





Now I have to say I don’t usually like anything too patterned but when I saw these (Morgan and Finch) I just loved the blue…French Blue, Powder Blue…I am not sure what you would call it, but it jumped out on me and I thought it would team up pretty nicely with the Anthropologie quilt.

Whaddya think?

I don’t spose it will last long knowing me…next week there’ll be ruffles ;-)

Righto I am so outta here, I have a very* busy weekend coming up, so there’s no Beach Cottage Saturday Club this week… one of my kiddos is in a big event, keeping my fingers well and truly crossed…send us some good vibes…



We have BC Winners

Congrats to

Rachel Peffer from Girls and Curls Canon Camera & Sonya BC pack


p.s. BC Sat Club is postponed this week b/c of the wedding & my busy weekend…see you next week!




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20 Responses to “Beach Cottage Anthropologie, Blue Pillowslips & WINNERS!”

  1. Vicki K says:

    The blue and white looks very pretty – and cozy – they look like they are quilted. I’m also curious – it looks like you have rectangular pillows like we generally use in the US? Not Euro squares?

  2. sarah says:

    yes you are right they are rectangular…you can buy both here and they are quilted, first time I have had these…love!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Good luck with the big event this weekend!! I just got a brand new WHITE iphone 4!!! (released today!!)SO Preeety!! Need to work out twitter !!it is a bit tricky!!!!
    Have a great weekend Sarah and the BC crew!!

  4. Nicole says:

    I’m loving both of those bedspreads! I have to say, though, my favorite is the white. Big shocker there!

  5. Marnie says:

    Ah, the freshness!
    Good luck with the weekend sports. My 9 year old is playing his first soccer game tomorrow! I better learn the rules, eh?
    x Marnie

  6. Norell says:

    I love to read your blogs about changing small things constantly. I do it so often that I know it really does drive my family crazy. I think I just look at one thing too long and I can’t fight the urge to move it – then in the next few days several other things have to be changed. My oldest daughter is convinced I do it just to drive her crazy – my secret is that at times she is right. I do it just to see her expression!!!

  7. Alice says:

    Hee…heee…. My eyes were glued to the iris flowers (the ones pictured are my absolute favourite). The pillow cases are nice too. When I was still in high school the first thing I bought for myself with my first wages was a blue and white quilt similar to these pillow cases. It gave my bedroom that prairie feel I was after at the time(though I didn’t know that’s what it was called at the time)…Fingers and toes will be crossed for you…Goodluck!

  8. Tami says:

    They are beautiful!!

  9. corine says:

    hello Sarah :), i often visit your blog bcz I like your style very much :) but i seldom leave messages…. but today you really made me laugh, I like your sense of humor :)
    Voila ! thanks for all and have a good day !
    corinne (from Geneva/Switzerland)

  10. catherine says:

    very pretty.

  11. I like the pop of color ties all together with the pretty ruffles! Have a great weekend!

  12. Vintage says:

    Looks fantastic – I love the colors!


  13. Deanne says:

    All weekend sport was cancelled due to wet grounds so I went garage saling instead with my 11 yo after a desk for his new room, came across exactly what he wanted at the first place we went for 10 bucks- how cool was that!!!

  14. Merry says:

    Beautiful! I love white. Have you ever read Victoria magazine’s book about the color white? It’s lovely!

  15. Annette says:

    Your bed looks great and the pillow cases were a great find. I think I would have bought them too for our guest room.

  16. So pretty and soft-looking! I can see why you were tempted to just cozy up and not leave it. I love white bedding; I’ve had my white matelasse coverlet and shams for probably 15 years or more. I like that your Anthro quilt isn’t overly poufy; the bed corners always flare out oddly on poufy comforters instead of draping prettily like yours. I don’t have the budget to change things up, but I love seeing others do it and dreaming of changes I’d like to make, too!

  17. Angie says:

    BEAUTIFUL ! French Blue as my sweet mom would have called it !

  18. Mimi says:

    I love the blue pillow shams with the white comforter!!! My daughter fell in love with that very comforter at Anthropologie but I couldn’t justify the price since she already had one that was in great shape so I thought… I’ll try to make one cheaper… Long story short, it was a bad idea and a whole lot harder to pull off than I anticipated!!!! All the tucking and trying to get the centers poufed just so!! It made me want to pull my hair out and run screaming from the room! ( well maybe I did run screaming once now that I think about it! Lol)
    You’re very smart to have purchased said comforter — Bravo!