♥ Saturday Club Mission Number Three

Fri 8th, Apr, 2011

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G’day!  How’s things…?

All good here, I have been for a walk and mega-leg exercises this morning…that means 350′s plus extras…I tried the sitting down with your back against the wall thing…phew….that sure works um just about everything….my goal was to hold it for 2 minutes, I think I managed about 1 min 20…I love exercise like that…full on wham-bam-thank-you-mam in a coupla minutes…and hopefully strong pins as a result…and I stuck a few more in my exercise routine because of tomorrow’s event for the ♥ Saturday Club…


Anyway I am here this morning for Beach Cottage ♥ Saturday’s Club…you ready for our next mission…?

Remember this is the place in the weekend (or any day of the week if you can’t manage that) where we take time out for the little things, the things just for us, silly little things so that life doesn’t pass by in a huge old round of laundry and sporting events and blogging and blah….

… here, in this club, we love to love things like old linen, vintage china, newspapers, ruffles, coffee, old things, treasure hunting, things washed up by the sea, pots of tea, thrifted things…


here’s what went on from last week’s Saturday Club Mission

Melissa wanted to try out her own potions

‘I’ve been wanting to make one of your home potions forever, so I’m going to take some time to go out and get what I need, meet up with a friend for a coffee and a chat and then, buy myself a lovely fresh, springlike candle.’

Teri decided to smell lotions and re-start her blog!

I love pretty smelling lotions and I just happened to run out of mine too! I hope you don’t mind me joining, but I think you have inspired me to start up my sleeping blog again! Thank you!

Grace did it at home…

‘Oooh…this is right up my alley! I love yummy smelling stuff…and have been needing a little something to freshen up my daily dressing routine…so this is perfect! (Is it okay to drink a coffee and shop via the internet (I don’t think I’ll be able to get away tomorrow)…so long as I’m wearing ruffles?!!)  Blessings, Grace’

Sarah bought ruffle socks just for the occasion

‘I have just bought myself a pair of ankle socks with ruffle to wear with plimsolls-will christian them tomorrow on smelly treasure hunt (that doesn’t read quite as glamorous as you made it sound!!!) Yes, I bought the socks in the kids department…no, I do not care! Have a great weekend everyone. xx’

Alima from this blog thought about wellies and ruffles

ooohhh I so want to be a life long member, but its supposed to be a sunny 70 here tomorrow and people might laugh at me if I go out wearing my wellies.
I might do it anyway – we shall see :) I will most certainly wear some ruffles!

K from VintageSkye took a much needed day off with her man

Haven’t been out with my special guy in a loong time. He owns his own business and it takes up so much time when you have employees. I sometimes (most of the time) dream of him having a job working for someone with set hours and a lower paycheck. Note to you all~ money is not worth all the time away!! Anyway, I made him promise that tomorrow is our day so it will be twice as fun! Can’t wait!

Beth Anderson was excited

Oh yessssssss!!!! Mission #2 is right up my alley!
Can’t wait until tomorrow!!!!!

Sally was looking forward to it

Sarah…thank you so much for coming up with the “Saturday Club”!! Have to tell ya, I’m loving it sister!!!
Looking forward to checking off my list tomorrow.

Sending you love and hugs…….Sally

and Liz  from Pharmgirlfollies blog is a thoroughbred BC’er…she took her Teenager!!!!!!!

I will drag my teenage son along. That should inspire plenty of LOLs!

(you can read more of what people got up to here)


we also like to rock ruffles and we take time out on ♥ Saturdays just for us, albeit 15 mins or all afternoon, to hunt out the good stuff and celebrate life, no matter what it’s like, wherever you are.

…you must be prepared in being part of this club to embrace the value of down-time & dwelling on the good little things…finding the good in life…this club is so not about money, how much you have or haven’t got, or time, how much you have or have not got, it’s about working with all of those things to rock your life before you blink and it’s all over

so ladies here we go

this week’s

BC ♥  Saturdays mission

should you choose to accept it

is this :

you must head out

to a place

that sells things

that are naughty-but-nice

you must


indulging in the thing

you love but

you never let yourself eat

it must be full of calories

and it will certainly help

in the live-the-good-life-factor if

it incorporates








or all of the above

you must

take long, slow


of pure indulgence

you must embrace

the power

of downtime

and watch


as you enjoy your treat

the world go by


I have mine ear-marked…it involves Greece, and I am gonna absolutely one hundred and fifty percent delight in the pleasure of it

I will be wearing ruffles, wellies may make an appearance, it will also involve the beach and I will be back here to report it…


You can click here to see the new list of  BC ♥ Saturday Clubbers!






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61 Responses to “♥ Saturday Club Mission Number Three”

  1. Katherine says:

    THIS I CAN DO!!!


  2. Alice says:

    lol! My all time favourite, freshly baked portuguese custard tart. Baby I know how mounds of butter go into the layers of pastry to give it that perfect flake and how many eggs go into the custard not to metion the sugar lol and a little dusting of the sweet scented cinamon! Yes very heavy in calories, it is my once in a blue moon treat (used to go crazy on these as a kid and believe me it showed). Are you ready for the mission? You ask. I was born ready baby… Looking forward to tomorrow, I think I will go alone this time round….

    • Susan says:

      Ooooh you have brought back such memories…..Layers of flaky pastry just melting on the tongue………The incredible flavour of the smooth custard filling…………..The warm Portuguese sun……………The incredibly beautiful old buildings, their balconies of cascading scarlet geraniums………….Ooooh yes please. Trouble is I have never found their equal here in the UK!

      • Alice says:

        I know good tasting ones are hard to find. The new cafe that opened here (at the end of my street lucky me yeah!) last year actually makes them better than the ones from Lisbon (I couldn’t believe my first bite! The flavour and texture explosion was phenomenal). It’s a family business and the father is a baker that actually specialises in baking these delicious treats both here and once upon a time back in Portugal. I feel so lucky because (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I trully missed Portuguese cuisine especially the deserts and bread. To make my day even better as of last week they have started baking fresh bread too, my husband and I had a whole loaf to ourselves today… After almost 4 years in exile it’s heavenly….

        I know what you mean about the old buildings, the geraniums all of it, it’s gorgeous. I wish it was closer so I could visit more often…

  3. nicole beltane says:

    When it involves cake i’m in.. cant wait.

  4. Robyn says:

    This sounds like just what I need for tomorrow. I have suddenly been hit with a head cold which I NEVER got in the the UK, and have already told Mr C that I am having tomorrow “off”.
    Gonna drag Miss M along for the occasion too and we can spend a little “girl” time together. Rain is predicted for tomorrow so my wellies (sorry, gumboots) might just make an appearance.

  5. Carla says:

    Yup I can def do this one! ;o)

  6. beth says:

    Ooooh can I join in please?
    I love the sound of this and I can tell husband that I HAVE to go out and eat cake because it’s my mission!
    Beth x

  7. beachcomber says:

    i’m thinking ricotta cannoli…… : ) mmm

  8. Pam says:

    Will homemade scones with strawberry jam and creme fraiche eaten outside in the garden qualify?

  9. Martina says:

    Last weekend I wasn´t feeling all too good, this weeked, I have a feverish boyfriend on the sofa, therefore we had to postspone my b-day celebration which was suppose to happen tomorrow (sat.) BUT, I did have plans to bake a chocholate- raspberry cake for our guests – thinking I still have to do THAT one, right?! I meen, in the name of the mission…. Maybe I can presuade boyfriend to go down into the garden, he needs some fresh air anyways! And since it is raining as we speek (or maybe I should say as I write) I might be forced to have my wellingtons on! Love them!

  10. Nicole says:

    it will have to be a delicious lemon tart for sure for sure!!!

  11. melissa says:

    LOL! I have to say when I read the first couple of lines, I thought you were sending us to an “adult” store. Is it horrible to admit that I’m much happier that it’s a decadent dessert?! :)

  12. Marcia says:

    OK, twist my arm. I’m thinking turtle sundae. A good friend of mine just opened an ice cream treatery a couple miles from my house, so Sarah, since you asked me to do this, then I shall. More P90X on Monday.

  13. IAMSNWFLAKE says:

    WOW, as I started reading Saturday’s Club mission, I thought you were sending us into sexy lingerie shops … and I thought “that’s daring” and it could be a lot of fun, and funnier still if with a friend or two along the way. Treats it is! I think I’ll be baking then.

  14. Dina says:

    Sign me up for your brilliant Saturday Club Pretty Please with sugar on top!! I NEED to make time for me, me, me. Delicious Treat here I come…hmmm what to choose?

  15. Susan says:

    Shall do…… *if I HAVE to then….. *sigh

    Yay & yum! X

  16. Tiff says:

    Considering that I haven’t eaten sugar since before Christmas and that tomorrow is my birthday party, I’M GONNA EAT CAKE!
    Perfect assignment Sarah :)
    Oh, and I’ll do it in my putty ruffled shirt x

  17. It’s Friday here in the states VA. and it’s my Daddy’s 80th birthday so I will be starting my Sat. mission today. YUMMY!!!!
    Great meal this evening cake and ice cream to follow!

  18. Grace says:

    Ooh, can’t wait for this mission…I am already ready to get my sweet on! ;) Oh, and add me to the Saturday Club List, please!!!

    Much love, Grace

  19. beth anderson says:

    WooHoo!!!! This is my kind of mission!!
    I’m gonna have my cake and eat it too!!
    Kindly add me to the Saturday Club List !!

    Beth xxx

  20. No guy for this one~ he has to work. Gonna go by myself and enjoy some peace and quiet:) Really gonna enjoy the treat!

    Didn’t get a post up for last Saturday. Had such a wonderful time exploring antique stores and wandering around with my love. It was a rare and treasured day and I just couldn’t get myself to take time away from our time together to take pics and write a post.
    I promise I will this time though!
    (I even found myself a lovely smelling new hand butter that my little girls want to sample but I am very miserly with it and only give them the tiniest little speck:)

  21. Cottage Gal says:

    Well, this is a mission that I can accomplish. I am 8 months pregnant and L-O-V-E easter candy, so this gives me a good excuse to incorporate it into my weekend. Of course, I’ll hit up a sinful bakery too, which is
    {sadly} a weekly ritual for me during this pregnancy! Please add me to the BC Club list! Enjoy your weekend!

  22. Stacy says:

    Uggghhh and I was just thinking about how I needed to lose weight for my wedding–oh well, this an assignment I can’t refuse. :-)

  23. Deanne says:

    Hey Sarah,
    Just notice I am not on the Saturday Beach Club list.
    Please add me and I promise I will post about the mission completed this week!

  24. I love knowing that all over the world is a club of people with the same hearts and mission on a Saturday. Im looking forward to this afternoon. Fiona

    • Susan says:

      I so agree, Fiona. That’s why I was so disappointed not to be well enough to go out yesterday! Daft in a way because as we ARE all around the world we are in different time zones and while I would have been out enjoying my treat some one else would have been there, done that and be fast asleep – but it FEELS like we are all together!!! That’s one of the wonders of the internet!! Sue

  25. Sally says:

    Yeah!! It’s almost time for the BC Saturday Club! I can’t wait! My list is printed and my plans are in order!
    Thanks for making Saturdays such a fun Day to look forward to Sarah.


  26. Ummmm…. I’m not going to waste this on “just anything.” I must figure out the bestest-yummiest, most decadent treat…

    Funny — when I first start reading, the phrase “naughty but nice” made me think we were to go shopping in a lingerie shop. (A future mission, perhaps?) ;)

    • lg says:

      I thought that too! I was thinking all Mr BC’s dreams had come true!!!!! Oh the favours you could wrangle out of him then…………

  27. Lassiegirl says:

    I just love your cheeky English way of speaking, so much so I now subscribe. I’m an American, of British heritage, land-locked in Oklahoma, though I grew-up close enough to drive to the beach in an hour or so depending on traffic (So. California). I stumbled across this blog looking for inspiration for my new “beach cottage look” bathroom which is now spreading to my bedroom, living room, and who knows where this will end. It is Saturday and I’ve had my coffee in bed, enjoying the cotton, off-white flowered sheets (things are getting lighter and whiter, or cream as I say to the boys’ cringes, all over our house). Will be wearing wellies today, as I will putter around the gardens planning now that only one more frost is on the horizon, and possibly one more round of river-beach combing (live a 1/2 mile from the Arkansas River) with my boys…all boys in the house including one grown boy called husband, except me and our smooth collie. Ruffles, well? I can’t get out as much as I’d like, but I bought a copy of Romantic Homes magazine ($5) to peruse at leisure on the back patio swing to get ideas from the cottage looks they have in the mag. Love this club and enjoy all the pics! Keep it up, it brings joy to my land-locked domestic hum-drum :)

  28. Lassiegirl says:

    Oh, forgot to mention that last night (not quite Sat.) had the yummy, a mocha chocolate shake…all the boys participated, too, and got strawberry, and extra-dark chocolate shakes to support me in the club. Loved that idea!

  29. Susan says:

    Oh dear! I was really looking forward to this and had my plan all worked out. I woke up in the night feeling dreadful. Streaming head cold and cough, shivvery, achey and generally horrid. Shall have to defer to one day next week. It won’t feel the same but I’m NOT missing our!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Peggy says:

    Oh how absolutely delicious! I just found you due to your chalkboard backsplash and immediately fell in love!!! You see we have two homes… one in Indiana and one in deplorable condition in the hills of western New York. A once classic 1840′s farmhouse which was ravaged between the 1950′s and 1970′s. Think shocking pink in one bedroom and mirror gold-veined tiles in the “master” bedroom, hideous beige carpeting which had been using as the toilet for many a cat, and peach linoleum/ceramic tile. Yes a truly lovely! Did I mention you can see through the floor of the bathroom into the hand-dug, hand applied, cement walled basement/cellar? A true beauty! At least it will be once we are finished!!

    and today I took time with my hubby to enjoy a decadent cuppa Starbucks caramel macchiato and share a piece of lemon pound cake for his birthday while listening to jazz and watching the rain cascade down the large pane windows. it was so nice as we had the shoppe to ourselves!

  31. Andrea Hartman says:

    I didn’t leave the house, but had a Skinny Cow chocolate truffle ice cream bar while in my ruffles! That should count for something! I sure was looking forward to the biggest, most fattest ice cream sundae at Brewsters, but way too busy to leave the house today. I did take time for a break with my Tuffles and Ruffles though! Gotta love Saturday Club!

  32. dramaqueen says:

    I headed down to “The Captain’s” shop in Freshwater in my grey ruffle dress and green boots. I bought myself a bunch of pink dahlias that are sitting next to my computer here at my desk. I also indulged in a small Cadbury Cream Egg – soooo sweet! I have been eating all simple, healthy foods for the last 8 weeks – it was the first explosion of pure fat and sugar I had had for while!
    (Great panacea for a woman with a “touch” of PMS this weekend, lol)

  33. Di says:

    Sorry you are not feeling well Susan. Hope you get better soon. I had a great Saturday as I was on my own all day – no kids or partner (don’t want that every Saturday but it’s a nice treat every so often) so I headed off to the Farmers markets and bought home bunches of flowers to fill the house, did a bit of op shop thrifting and found some sweet linen tea tray cloths and although I didn’t go out and buy something naughty, I did bake some delicious brownies and devoured one with whipped cream and strawberries. Put the photos on the blog this morning and now I want another one! Can’t wait for next weeks challenge.

    • Susan says:

      Thank you Di. Feeling much better this morning, though. It’s still brilliant weather here in the UK, but it’s forecast to cool down next week. Oh well – nothing lasts for ever!!! Sue

  34. Alima says:

    I’ve pretty much been BC Saturday Clubin’ it all week :)
    I’ve been on vacation in Florida and it’s been a week of shopping and delicious food and a trip to Ikea where I stocked up on lots of white linens and down throw pillow.
    No naughty but nice shopping cause I’m with my parents, but I’ve made up for that with plenty of ruffle and polka dot clothes shopping :)
    Oh and thanks for the shout out above Sarah!

  35. The Imaginista says:

    I would love to be a part of the Saturday Club – sounds fun!

  36. Nicole says:

    had my delicious lemon tart,
    was creamy yet crisp,
    pastry was flaky yet moist
    I think people were looking at me strangely as I sat there with my eyes closed as I ate and enjoyed my quiet moment!!
    I must add also went for a 3 hour walk so there was no guilt what so ever!!
    see you all next week

  37. Shari says:

    How ’bout if I went a wee bit overboard? Indulged and LOVED it on many items today! Maybe I thought I deserved it after an 11 mile hike???…… well – the creamiest, stinkest, BESTEST cheese ever – for appetizer. Then a (small portion) of a pan seared steak! Put REAL butter (just a tiny pat) on the baked tater too! Whoa.. you really gave me all sorts of leeway today, Sarah. THANKS!!
    Sorry, no ruffles today!

  38. Mary K says:

    Boo! First – I can’t play this weekend (but only because I’m doing something else I love – spending the weekend at a needlework retreat) and second – I thought I was part of the club all along, but don’t see myself on the list! Too bad – I’m just going to keep coming!

    Mary in MN

  39. Laura says:

    With a full-time baby to look after, it’s been tough to get my SC missions accomplished. I feel like I’m only partially getting the good stuff done — I spent time in Target at 9 pm last week, tired and in artificial light, looking at creams and potions, but that was hardly relaxing! I need to work on rediscovering those lovely little hideaway shops that sell sweet and wonderful stuff to sample. Anyway, I found myself this morning in the Atlanta airport, traveling back from a conference, and having breakfast at an unusually lovely airport French cafe/bookstore. How strange! My husband took the baby for a quick turn through the terminal so that I could eat my strawberry and nutella crepe and drink my hazelnut steamer without juggling her on my lap. I sat at the linen draped table, staring across the concourse at a stylish Kiel’s lotion shop, listening to French music, and realized I had about three minutes to enjoy this! I closed my eyes, enjoyed the feel of that large, wide, shallow coffee cup in my hands, and just tried to take a few deep breaths. Sometimes we have to take that peace and private time where we can find it, am I right?!

  40. Dar says:

    Mission 2 & 3… COMPLETE!

    I sniffed and slathered on smelly good lotions and potions! I took time to relax with the hubs. Let the sun shine on my face for a bit too! I totally over ate at dinner which left no room for dessert. However, I did fit in a little chocolatey goodness topped with whipped creme later in the evening! All in all…it was a fabulous SaturMEday!

  41. Dar says:

    I posted some pics of my latest mission if you want to check it out!


  42. 1. Can I please be put on the list of Saturday Club members? PLEASE??
    2. Went to the beach today~fab dinner at a fav BBQ place~tangerine sorbet with choc. chips…sigh…what a great day :)

  43. Jodi Robertson says:

    Loving the Saturday club & this satuday I enjoyed my moment. Dinner with friends at a great wood fired pizza place followed by Moccachinno Swirl Ice Cream in a freshly made waffle cone and a walk in the moon light on a really beautiful Autumn night with Hubby & our baby girl.. So good to enjoy the moment.

  44. Zabdy says:

    I love all of your decor ideas& your blog is beyond adorable. Hope to one day be as talented as you are :)
    Love, Little Flapper

  45. Sarah please add me to the Saturday Club list! I checked and I’m not on there. Would love to be included. :o)

    Hugs and God bless,