The Beach Cottage Ruffle Part I

Fri 4th, Mar, 2011

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It’s Friday night.
*that’s means we in this cottage that are tired and blog
*blog in lists
do you like my ruffles?
I opened the Ruffle Package
*and this is what the ruffles traveled in
this is my kinda Package
where the ruffles arrive
in ruffles
I’ve been waiting for the Ruffle Package ever since the non-event of Valentine’s day
every day since then I’ve smiled at the Australia Post postie on his motorbike
and he’s revved on by
and I have gone back inside ruffleless

the ruffle bag that the ruffles arrived in is hanging on my lovely husband’s side of the bed
he hasn’t seen what was inside the ruffle bag yet
I wouldn’t get away with ruffles on the bed even with favours,
unless Valentine’s had not been forgotten
so far this Valentine’s non-event has provided me with

one pair of Flicky Cloud’s
one ruffly curtain
*four little French cafe au lait bowls that speak to my heart
one ruffly doona cover
a rather a large amount of macarons
(please yes we prefer the French spelling)
one pair of delightfully gorgeously (yes in BC land we can say gorgeously) lovely Frenchy plimsolls
and rather a lot of white painting
I wonder what other day Hallmark has on it’s books?
‘cos there’s a little pad that caught my eye, apparently it’s something called second generation
it means I could blog-on-the-go
shame it doesn’t have a ruffle
see you all next time
it’s a serene and lovely late summer evening here on the beaches
I’ll be out in the deck
with a Peroni
and a book
and a ruffle
should you wish to join me

oh & p.s.
if you like ruffles, & rosettes & pewter
& DIY & linen & stuff like that
check out Jami’s blog…you’ll be a while
make sure you take a Friday Night Beach Cottage Peroni
and tell her I sent ya


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29 Responses to “The Beach Cottage Ruffle Part I”

  1. nicole beltane says:

    so much prettiness.
    adore ruffles.

    i have an ipad (got it in january), devastated that they have brought another out so soon, and that they release them in australia the day before my birthday. Your blog is wonderful to read on the 1st gen one by the way :)

    • Alice says:

      I don’t know if you heard yet but you are allowed to refund any recently purchased ipad that was bought just before the annoucement of the new one. You may have to check with apple to find out the exact details :)

    • Alice says:

      Sorry just double checked you would only get $180 back and it would be if you purchased it a fortnight before the annoucement… Sorry wires mixed up….

  2. So sweet!

    Blogging on the go is great, but it kind of depends on the type of your blog. I use it quite frequently for my personal blog, where I just blab about my life, but I found it hard to use for my interior/diy-blog, because then most of the time I want better pictures. So it all depends.

    Your short comment about it beeing a nice late summer evening really had me longing for just that… oh, if only this snow would disappear!!

  3. Pearl Maple says:

    Happy Weekends!
    Seems a shame we only get 52 weekends in year, there is so much we can do with them, adding ruffles and white paint is a good place to start.

  4. Ashleigh says:

    Every time I visit your blog I am convinced I need something else. Shoes, polka dots, ruffles and pleats, a cottage on the beaches of Australia…

    Well, that last one is kind of out of the question. Ruffles will do.


  5. Simple Daisy says:

    I love it!!!! Ruffles are the sweetest:)

  6. Those ruffles are so pretty! Love them :)

  7. Kari says:

    I love it, you are through your Friday and going to sit on the deck when I read your blog ~ and here, I just woke up it’s Friday morning…. seems so weird!!

  8. marylou says:

    Gorgeous bag and fits perfectly in your bedroom…….hmmmmmm, I was gifted roses for Valentines Day, now I almost
    wish my dh had forgot ((*_*))

    Happy week-end;-)


  9. VERY cute ruffly funness!!! Enjoy your summer evening!

    Our days are getting more spring like here and I am SO EXCITED I can hardly stand it.

    Once in a while it DOES pay to have them forget an event or holiday…… ;o)
    Hugs and God bless!

  10. Lolo says:

    Soemthing is wrong with someone if they dont like ruffles…seriously. I got a ruffled laundry bag from Urban Outfitters last year and I LOVE LOVE it! Its grey and ruffley. So sweet and romantic.

    Oh, and I too love a Friday nite Peroni. It is the BEST beer. Hands down. Those Italians are damn good……thats why I married one ;)

    • sarah says:

      lucky you, I made a mistake there, mine is English…they’re good at humour tho roflmao

  11. Lolo says:

    ps – I love that this is titled Part 1 :) I cant wait for the ruffle sequel…..hehehe

  12. tami says:

    Oh this is sooo pretty Sarah! I love when you get a bonus package in an order. This makes a nice laundry bag also. Can’t wait to see what came inside. You so inspire me. xoxo tami

  13. Katie says:

    I think I might spend some time with my own beverage of choice on my deck and enjoy a couple books I just snagged from Amazon. Great idea. :) Weekends should be so much longer.

  14. Barefoot Liz says:

    Ruffles are definitely growing on me. I think I’d like curtains with some sort of ruffles. Does that sound odd?

  15. I’m sure you can conjure up a little ruffly cover for you ipad. My pickles got them from Santa and I “confiscate” them often lol.. They are sooooo good, but have limitations when blogging. Still great for a surf.

  16. shelley says:

    hey i just saw a great idea for your deck and old box you found….if you email me i’ll send you the photo!

  17. Alice says:

    Loving the ruffles… Curious about part 2…

  18. Lauren says:

    Oh MY!

    What gorgeous rufflely (sp?) ruffles! I want me some..

  19. May your husband always forget Valentines Day . . . you had fun with it.


  20. krys says:

    Ruffles are pretty anywhere…anytime. Such sweetness for a home. Lovely spot you have created here.

  21. Buckeroomama says:

    Oh, I wouldn’t mind one of these… SO pretty! I’d get one and another one for my daughter… and my husband would shake his head in resignation. :)

  22. indiansummer says:

    I want one!