Coastal Table Decorating Easter Daisy Vintage Style

Thu 31st, Mar, 2011

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morning, morning morning!

how the devil are you?

shall we talk lemons, and mason jars and chic and nautical stripe?
The other day I was at the flower market on the way home from school and lemons were on offer along with Easter Daisies…I love Easter Daisies and even though now, Easter here in this new land is in Autumn, for me and in this climate, with Autumn bringing divine weather and sweet temperatures, it still makes me feel bright and cheery.


So anyway, I bought the lemons to make my own Limoncello, seeing as it is leagues above the stuff you buy in a bottle…I brought them in, plonked them into that big old mason jar I found recently and there they sat…doing nothing, not being made into Limoncello, but for sure looking good…


then when playing my favourite sport of tablescaping, where one day I do intend to compete and get a medal, I wondered how they’d look with the daisies


oh yeah…


I stuffed the daisies into little white thrifted jugs…I love white for a coastal look as you know ;-)


the fabric I ripped up to give frayed edges…it’s some nautical coastal stripe that I had hanging around…


…also used that to tie the napkins for a bit of coastal stripe

…the napkins are all mis-matched white vintage…very simple thrifted chic


the glass balls I have had for ages…


I got them from a chic little Beach Boutique that I used to pass by just about every day but sadly it’s now closed down and been replaced by a bank…I mean I ask you how many banks does one town need?

I used some of the vintage bottles which are growing rapidly in this place…the coastal stripe tied around those too…


and the tiny Mason Jars that I found in Vinnies for a few cents each…


this turned out really happy and bright for me, I love it, so cheerful

an idea for an Easter or Spring table perhaps

…and with most everything on the table vintage thrifted things and the lemons at about 2 dollars a net (I had two of them) and the Easter Daisies at 8 dollars

...a nice look on an even better budget ;-)



what do you think?? Does this make you wanna get outside in the fresh air?


Anyway let me know what you think of my tablescaping pursuits.

I will see you later with the next part of Beach Cottage Sweet Blogging (you can find all the other parts to this series here)

…next up is Blog Design, and I have an extremely talented blog designer here with her Top Tips..

so long…

yours in lemons

oh and p.s. are you ready my Beach Cottage Lovelies for the BC Saturday Club? ..the club where whether you are coastal or landlocked, sunny or snowing you get out and celebrate downtime…get ready for Mission II… on the way soon….(and if you missed the first Mission, you can find it here…no worries just jump right in and join us)


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49 Responses to “Coastal Table Decorating Easter Daisy Vintage Style”

  1. Karen says:

    OMG so sunny and bright! Do share your Limoncello recipe! Oh happy day!

  2. Alice says:

    I don’t know about going outside for fresh air but it certainly is making me wish I could sit at that table for a meal. How lovely. I’m loving that yellow….Your lemons in the jar remind me of when I used to put my fruit in a glass ice bucket we were given as a gift. I love the flowers too very cute…

  3. kim says:

    hey did you forget to mention that great ole ladder you found? looks great there on the deck! love it!!!! and limoncello sounds yummy!!!! do tell!!!!!

  4. marylou says:

    In Italy the lemon is highly revered….you just gave awesome homage to all lemon loving Italians including me;-)

    Gorgeous everything as always~~


  5. Hi Sarah, I love the way you used the lemons and daisies together, the pop of yellow against the white is beautiuful and the rustic look of your ladder makes it all perfect. I hope you have a great day!

  6. Brandi N. says:

    Lovely, lovely! Although, I have to laugh at your Easter Daisy, They look very much like the herb/weed Chamomile I planted a couple years ago and regret every minute of it. They are invasive, they’ve even jumped to my veggie garden… I want them gone! Ha!

    The pop of yellow is awesome for your Easter tablescape… would love to be sitting there in the sun right about now, we still have a heap load of snow here in Minnesota.

    Brandi N.

  7. Angie says:

    Hehehe Easter in Autumn ! Would take some getting used to ! LOVE the ladder, the darkness of the wood with the lemons is beautiful. And that BIG jar…oh my have never seen one like that ! What a talent you have girlie !

  8. Pearl Maple says:

    Delightful table setting with bright splashes of yellow
    thanks for sharing the creative inspiration

  9. Katherine says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Yes, bright and cheery. Spot on! Nice to see some tablescaping. Lovely to see after 3 days solid of study and education subjects!!

    Can’t believe we are talking about Saturday already! Yeah….(and double yeah) as I have all my school work done and so are free to enjoy the weekend!! Looking forward to it.

    Must fly to meet the bus!!

  10. emily says:

    I Love every detail! Love that you used lemons…such a great yellow!

  11. I love that your new (old) ladder made an appearance, too.

    Your tablescaping looks tremendous. The ‘yellow’ is so happy. I suppose I should start thinking about decorating for Easter…

  12. Wenche says:

    LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely LOVELY! Tell you what, you SHOULD get a medal!! .-)


    Have a wonderful and (hopefully) sunny day!

  13. Usually not a huge fan of yellow …. but this is stunning!

    Mind you I think my husband would think I’d “lost it” if I started scattering things artistically around on ladders!

    Does your husband and kids “get it” or just “tolerate it”?

    Would love to know :)

  14. beachcomber says:

    love love it! all the glass, yellow and white is gorgeous!

  15. Robynne says:

    Looks gorgeous…the lovely old timber ladder really anchors the whole scheme…especially with the lemons balanced on it! Love Easter Daisy…have great memories of my Nanna picking me a bunch every April to contribute to the Anzac Day wreath at primary school. We would lay it at the bottom of the flag pole at assembly. God that IS a long time ago!!! Robx

  16. Corieg says:

    Love it ! So happy and cheerful ,Daisys are an all time fav and the ladder with the lemons Devine.

    As the saying goes ” when life serves you Lemons, be creative and Tablescape” well maybe my new saying lol = )

  17. Lovely!

    I think lemons are probably the best fruits to use in decoration… or what do you think? Is there any other fruit (or veggie) that does it as good as lemon does?

    The table is stunning. Just wish it was that warm here.

  18. Susan says:

    Am sitting here in Southern UK, rain drops on the window, and your blog brings the sunshine right into the home. (Warm, sunny day forecast, though once this lot passes through.) The garden is full of yellow flowers – mainly daffodils and forsythia – such a wonderful colour for spring. The lemons would echo the colour and bring the outdoors indoors (if you see what I mean). They smell so gorgeous as well!!!!!!

  19. winnibriggs says:

    Well, what a tonic, as I sit here looking out at the rain, the grey pavements and the stormy sky. Who would believe 2 says ago I spent all day in the park with my grandson and we were ‘hot’!
    Your table is stunning. Love the fresh yellow and white and yes it does make me want to go outside, (even in the rain).

  20. yep yep yep….lemons…like daffs remind me of easter….
    fo us both – all in reverse to what we’ve known before….
    table is perfect….

    melissa x

  21. Robyn says:

    I really hope that those children of yours who refuse to jump out of cars to save wooden crates for you appreciate the effort you go into making their dinner table look this gorgeous! If not – feed them lemons! Or do you savour this all on your own and then pack it away before it’s time for school pick-up?

    Every thought of making a e-book of all your tablescapes? Just a thought and something else to ponder over ;)

  22. Susan says:

    I ♥ lemons in deedy doody yes I do :)

    and now all I want is Roasted Pool with Lemon & Thyme…… {have you ever thrown in a dash of Limoncello????? hmmmm }

    Noosa Susan xx

  23. Deborah says:

    Love it! yes I think you deserve a gold medal :) x

  24. Paige says:


    The table is so beautiful.

    I wanted to tell you the blogging series is inspiring me to keep my blog going. I was about to quit when you started the series. I got a new design yesterday!


  25. melissa says:

    Thanks for such sunny photos! I love the large jars and the little white pitchers, the lemons, flowers-and well, I guess, everything! :) Everything is so beautiful, yet so simple and achievable…perfect.

  26. HRH Sarah says:

    Ladder lemons! I love the whole thing, and can’t wait to do something similar here- spring is just around the corner, and I need it bad. This rainy cold cr@p is getting me down. So glad you’re here to cheer me up with lemons and daisies and beachy stripes!

  27. Sumer Melton says:

    Love the pop of yellow! So sunny and bright! Your blog is beautiful! I’m a new fan! So simple and stunning! Thank your for sharing. I can’t wait to read more.

  28. Absolutely beautiful!! The lemons add such a great pop of color to your already gorgeous setting.

  29. steph anne says:

    Gorgeous!!! Now I wish I had these colors as my wedding colors (instead of red,black,white)

  30. Dream Mom says:

    Very pretty. Love the yellow. It would be so cool if there was a medal for tablescaping, wouldn’t it? I’d love to compete too. I can see it now….all of the contestants would be lined up with exactly the same items to be used for tablescaping with the winner being the one who made the prettiest tablescape. That would be so cool.

  31. You did it again! Lovely tablescraping. I needed some inspiration and there you are…..awesome! I already have everything at my fingertips just need to get it together. Thanks Sarah!

  32. I totally enjoyed this post. The beautiful photos and you funny comments. Loved it. I also want the recipe.

  33. sue austin says:

    I love it when you say ” on offer”. Is that an English saying? Or Australian? Or maybe, it is a Sarah saying. . .

  34. Alima says:

    Love it! I used to always hate the word “tablescape” because to me it meant tacky floral prints and way over done napkins, placemats, fine china, etc but I LOVE your tablescapes! I am dying to get some of those glass jars with the lids attached that you have. I think about them all the time (is that wierd?) and as soon as I happen across some I will buy as many as I can!
    P.S. I was in the fabric store yesterday and I came across some putty colored fabric with small white polkadots! It immediately reminded me of you! I bought a yard and today made it into some ruffles and wrapped it around a wreath form. It’s super cute!

  35. Susan says:

    Sarah, this is lovely! Lemons are so fresh and beautiful in a table setting. You should link this to Tablescape Thursday…it’s beautiful! :)

  36. Stina Sæm says:

    I love it.
    You bring on a usefull blogg after another.
    My family and friens think Im getting wierd becous of all my glas jar collecting ,you just gave me one more good excuse ; )
    There will be some lemon shoping in my home these easter!

    thank you and I cant wait for your next blog tips

  37. Totally love your post today…crisp and fresh! My favorite photo is with the ladder against the white walls with the pop of yellow! Perfect to look at right now instead of the snow out my window!

  38. Loving the lemons – so cheery and bright. Adding in the putty stripes is just genius, my friend!

    Many hugs,

  39. Marnie says:

    Lovin the freshness of your tablescapiness….I hope you do a post with the recipe for Limoncello, please (I’ve never tasted it…is that sad?) we have a whopper of lemon tree, it is about 30 years old and produces very sweet “lemonade” lemons. I make lemonade and lemon slice and lemon butter, but would love to find some new uses.
    Have a lovely weekend. I’m doing my last wedding tomorrow, then I’m “hanging up” my brushes for a while.
    x Marnie {3pickles}

  40. Casey says:

    Love the lemons!!

  41. BEAUTIFUL!! I adore the lemons and daisies combo!

    And it made me want to bust out my fabric and pinking shears…………which I will do after I get better. :o(

    God bless!

  42. kerrie says:

    Who doesn’t like lemons?! I grew up with a pale lemon yellow room. It was a cheerful way to wake up everyday. I have tried to grow a lemon tree so many times that as of date I am on a break…of trying. Maybe next spring. I dream of picking lemons from my own tree in my own gardens someday. Anywho, your Easter tablescape is perfect! Sea tidings.

  43. katie says:

    Hi just wondering what colour is that decking ?? Thinking of painting ours was going to go grey but love yours xo