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Fri 11th, Mar, 2011

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G’day ladies.

Do you have a blog?  And you want to know how to improve it?  Or do you want a blog?  And don’t know where to start?

Well I will hopefully be able to help :-)

I have been thinking about doing this for ages….I have so many emails about blogging, how to get started, what camera to use, how to get a voice, how to get traffic, whether to advertise, how to make it look pretty, styling tips etc etc.

And the other day someone was asking me a million questions about how to get their blog going…and I was talking to Mr BC about it and saying, what do I know???!  And he came up with, I bet you know a lot more than the average man about blogging…

hmmm…oh yeah, I suppose I do…

And for sure, there are already a plethora of blogs out there with tips on how to blog…and there are a couple of super bloggers out there telling us bloggers how to blog…but, for me, these sites, are just so repetitive, so boring and when they start to go on an on about SEO, Top Ten Ways to Increase Your Traffic, How Blogging in Lists Gives You Fame, How to Have a Killer Blog, How to Blog in a Different Language to Increase Readers, Secrets to Making Money with Your Blog

Well then I switch off and think what the heck am I doing over here reading this site anyway?

My eyes glaze over after a couple of minutes and the worse thing is that I know that these sites are putting into practice on me, poor housewife reader from Down Under all their little tricks and tips to make me 1. stay on their site longer, 2. click their links so their page views go up and 3. direct me to their advertisers time and again so they get the affiliate revenue.

I didn’t want all that stuff, and when I thought about it, I thought I just want simple little tips and tricks that are quick and easy for real people like me, who blog  but aren’t just bloggers…who have a whole heap of other things in their lives that mean learning the ins and outs of SEO is soo off the radar

So I’ve started Beach Cottage Sweet Blogging….Tips for Girls

…simple ideas on how to get a nice looking blog, how to get your blog voice and little tricks I’ve learnt through trial and error along the way….all things that have been done by a real blogger with a house to look after, laundry to wash, kids to run around and dinner to cook.

Today I am going to start with how I started abeachcottage.com, why I like and continue blogging and also we have Kate from Centsational Girl with her tips on how to blog successfully. The next part will cover finding your blog voice…


How I Got the Blog Bug

So, how did I get started in the land of blog?  Well, I’ve blogged here for a couple of years now and before that I dabbled with other blogs…one was a personal blog about our move to Australia…average number of readers : 2  …the other was just another blog about what I was doing day to day…average number of readers : 2

Before blogging myself, I have always been a big blog reader and a heavy internet user with a habit….long before the internet was big, about 10 yrs ago to be exact, I set up a computer, back in the spare room of our house in England and when my babies were asleep and in the evenings I surfed the net.  I am a huge lapper-upper of information.  And as a young mum with not much going on in her life but nappies I positively consumed anything and everything from candlemaking to vintage linens to rock climbing.  I found online diaries, became a member of a vintage forum and I loved being able to interact in people’s lives from different countries.

I found it astonishing, exciting and interesting this thing they called the net.

I began to read blogs then too…the early emerging ones…I read the Julia Child blog fleetingly, hooked up with Dooce long before she was famous, and read the early days of  some bloggers who are now super-powers and some that were brilliant but never really took off.

And then I moved to Australia and bought an old cottage and while by that stage the internet had moved on in leaps and bounds and blogs were everywhere, I still hadn’t come across home blogs.  Until one night, surrounded by packing boxes in the study, with a drink and very dis-heartened about the state of this tatty old cottage, I went online to check-in on the blogs I read…and somehow then I came across home blogs.

Oh my.  Real women like me, who were painting, decorating, learning to use power tools, making over, upcycling, thrifting….there were women out there, not in magazines, not with a stylist to help them but with a budget and kiddos and life stuff who were blogging about all the things I loved.

One of the first before/afters I saw by a real woman working DIY on her own was from the lovely Rhoda, from Southern Hospitality…who is a hugely popular blogger from Birmingham AL, she had decorated and made-over a dead space under her house and had herself a new patio….though very different to my style I was blown away….you can see that post here.

And then I came across Cindy from My Romantic Home, again a very different style to mine but I just loved to see how she had made her apartment over.

I was sooooo inspired…I loved making things over, goodness we had bought this house with that in mind, I loved my vintage furniture and I absolutely loved nothing better than scouring around the beachside suburbs looking for vintage junk!   These girls were after my own heart!

And so with that in mind, right there and then I started my own blog…the name? because we had laughed so much about the real estate marketing this place as an ‘original beach cottage’  …which was a real stretch of the truth, I decided to go with that.

And over the next couple of weeks, as I settled more into the cottage, I searched more blogs, I took photos of things I had already painted, I wrote about my vintage finds, I joined in other blog communities and more I began to see as I logged into my blog with my latest finds, or a picture of the beach, or a new thing that I had painted, that this blogging thing was making me look at life quite differently…my life was a long long way from perfect, but the blog made me see that what we had here was pretty darn good baby.  And blogging made me see that pure and clear.

Why I Love Blogging

Blogging has become for me a home, it’s the place I get to show what I am up to…it’s like I’m talking with friends…It focuses on the things in my life that are good, that I am enjoying, that I am grateful for and what I love.  It doesn’t show me complaining (well not that much), it doesn’t show off my kids (this is the place I am not mummy) and it doesn’t tell you the cr*pola I’ve been through in my life that’s got me where I am now.

Blogging has made me confident about myself and what I love…it’s made me see that yep there are other people out there who like to run around looking at old junk on the side of the road, there are other people out there who like ruffly shoes and taking pictures of them, there are other people out there who like vintage not brand spanking new  and stainless steel.  And I love that.

Here, I love smiling to myself when every single comment comes in, I love it when people say ‘I feel the exact same way’, I love the unexpected interaction of Facebook, making friends from all over the place.  I am humble and happy and proud that people just like what I go on about – on here, save the odd few little Blog Trolls that pop up every now and again I am not worrying about what people think or say or do….

I love that on here, I take a picture of ballet flats or an old trunk from a garage sale ‘cos I love them nearly as much as my kids and people get it.  I love that they like that about me.

And that is what I think makes a successful blog…blogging about what you are passionate about…in your own voice…

Blogging and my blog understands who I am when I am not having to worry about all that other stuff that people judge you on before you’ve even really told them what makes you tick.

And that is why I keep coming back…

Kate from Centsational Girl & BC Sweet Blogging

Now enough about me, I am very very happy to welcome Kate from Centsational Girl with her tips on blogging for girls like us..


When did you start your blog?

My blog began as a hobby in February of 2009 as a way to write about my favorite things, which include DIY projects, great design, and seasonal decorating.

Do you blog full time now?

What is ‘full time’ these days?  :)  I’m a busy mom running a household and raising my children, so I blog whenever I get the chance. I try to keep it all in balance, but there are those days this train runs right off the track.  Boom, crash!  But I just pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again, as the song goes.

What did you do in the early days to get your blog out there?

I concentrated on good content and writing in the beginning, then sent my work to a few larger sites and they featured me.  Word of mouth spread, and people started finding me through Google searches or featured on other blogs or sites, it was all very flattering and I’m grateful to this day.

What are your best ideas for increasing traffic?

Number 1, have good content in the first place that others will want to share.  Be creative, be original, use your voice, write well.  Build up a brand so readers know what to expect when they come to visit.  Number 2.  Be social and share your site with others in your niche, become part of an online community.  Number 3.  Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to connect with like minded people.

Three tips for great blog design?
1.  Keep it clean, no visual clutter.  2.  Have a site that’s easy to navigate.  3.  If you’re not savvy in HTML, invest in a professional site designer to pull a look together for you and to assist in organizing yoru site well.

Do you plan your blog posts or are you spontaneous?

Both.  I try to stay a few days ahead for any of my projects I plan to feature, like board and batten wainscoting or chair reupholstery.  Other days, I just post what’s inspiring me in the moment.

How do you interact with your readers?
I try to respond to as many emails as possible, and also respond to questions in comments.  I have a Facebook Fan Page where I also intereact and answer questions.  I often ask a question at the end of a post about a project ~ I find readers are savvy and often have something to add or a tip to share that will benefit other readers too.

thanks so much to Kate!

…you can find more from Kate with her amazing projects / tutorials here


OK, that’s it from Beach Cottage Sweet Blogging tips part one…more coming soon

and now it’s your turn…

If you have any questions or things you want to know more about re blogging and all that goes on with that,

please let me know in the comments…plus I’d love to hear your ideas on what to include in this series…





BC Alert : Super Giveaway Coming soon…stay tuned


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59 Responses to “Beach Cottage Sweet Blogging”

  1. Sarah
    This is your best post yet. Actually, it’s equal first with that great one you did last week, about your picnic at the Basin. Thanks for sharing. Without knowing it, you are a mentor of mine. I was hanging off every word. And I have been very inspired by you.
    Thanks for sharing the secrets of your sucess.
    Best wishes Carolyn

  2. Jem says:

    I’ve been blogging around 3 months so I suppose I’m still a newbie! I’ve wanted some tips here and there on how to get the best out of my blog so I’m thrilled that you’re starting a ‘help’ section! :-) Task number 1: find my voice. I think I’ve been a little all over the shop thus far and need to stick to one area and I’m definitely right there with you on getting help with blog design/layout since I’m not versed in HTML!

    You’ve given me food for thought, Sarah! Thank you :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. Rochelle Coote says:

    Thanks hun, inspiring as always. My baby is 10 months old now and I keep saying I need to start my own blog. Somehow I just dont know how to get started. I will be hanging on every word. Love your blog Sarah, keep up the good work.

  4. Erin says:

    Hi, I can so relate to you and how you started blogging and had only 2 followers…that’s me! I so needed to read this blog and it’s really made me rethink what I’ve done and where I want my blog to go.

    Thank you! xx

  5. Heidi says:

    Hey, what a great idea. I love your blog and what you have done with your home. You have a great eye for what works. I don’t have a blog but think I may like one. I have no idea where to start. So thanks for thinking of us blog virgins and look forward to hearing your wisdom. Cheers from NZ.

  6. Bibbitybob says:

    What a wonderful series idea, I look forwards to following x

  7. Deborah says:

    Great informative post today Sarah, I have been reading your blog for about 9 months, always look forward to a new posting… you inspired me to start blogging and everybody has been so friendly…. The frustrating thing i find with blogging is blog technology .. I learn how to make the pictures bigger then they dont fit within my margins so everything on the right overlaps :/.. x

  8. Sherry says:

    Oh my so enjoyed this blog post. Rhoda and Cindy were the very first blogs I came across too. They as well as you have been such an inspiration to us all. When I found yours I jumped for joy because your decorating was more in line with what I want to do with my home. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~Leonardo DaVinci. That is what I think of when I see your home. I have always loved yardsales, estate sales and junk shops. Finding just the right items to redo and live with. Keep up the good work and as always keep us laughing~~Sherry~~

  9. rebecca says:

    overjoyed to read your blog post… have been so thinking of starting one up lately ..but not sure where to start.. love yours by the way!… daughte off to uni this year and son turned 16 today… kinda thinking I gotta start a life for myself now.. hoping to head off to sunshine coast hinterland with partner soon… maybe a blog on my plans for a green/sea change..chooks and all! .. watch this space.

  10. sarah….this was brilliant….

    as you say blogging makes you see your life *pure & clear*….
    humbled to have like-minded people connecting with you…
    sharing your day from all over the world….

    i love that you have really focused on explaining how your blog is an extension of *you*….
    not your children…not your day….but the *moments* in your day that make you *tick* {as you say}

    this really made me stop…make another pot of english breakfast…& to really think for a bit…
    i love blogs that make me feel like i am *sitting* with the writer…where i feel i have snuck over from my busy day…to their busy day
    to share a moment together that is not only about the school run..or the supermarket…or the balance…but about the small *moments* that keep us all going…the thrifting…the collecting….i guess the “extra things” that we *choose* to have in our daily life….

    i love this first post of your new series….
    most of us would rather sit with you in your cottage and hear how to blog than follow some big impersonal blogging-how-to site…
    so thankyou….VERY much….

    looking forward to visiting those first ladies of inspiration for you….
    melissa x

  11. Katie says:

    Your post today is exactly what I need. I love your explanation of why you blog. That is exactly why I decided to start a blog. I should say I have the name and layout for the blog, but as of yet no blog posts. It feels so overwhelming to get started. Hopefully, your tips will give me the nudge I need. Bless you for sharing and helping out us newbies.

  12. I’m loving this new series! I’ve had my blog for over a year and am still learning so much.

    I look forward to reading more :)

  13. IAMSNWFLAKE says:

    I so hear you! I only found blog land nine months ago when I came across a website that encouraged readers to send pictures and layouts of the rooms they needed help decorating. From Monday to Thursday other readers sent in their suggestions, pictures, floor plans, etc. and then the architect in charge presented a solution based on his know how and the viable suggestions. At the time, I had lots of idle time at work and I gladly joined in. Soon I was posting suggestions in the blog and, well, you know, at some point, there was so much I wanted to share that the personal blog became a must. I received a lot of help from other bloggers who like you are happy to share their experience and tricks of the trade and save us newbies a lot of time from trial and error. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. sage parker says:

    great post, i’m looking forward to fallowing and learning more on blogging.
    i too have the blog bug and really enjoy it as an outlet.
    i have a couple blogs, a work blog and a fun blog.
    i am finding it really difficult to get traffic to my fun blog.
    my biggest source of traffic is my friends on facebook.

    could you address the issue on how to go about getting a blog featured on another blog?
    i’ve had no luck with this with my wedding blog:

    thanks again for such helpful information :)
    I’m looking forward to reading more.


  15. Marcia says:

    Thank you for the tips Sarah. I too love blogging. I love interacting with like minded people from all over the globe! People are so creative, I just can’t get over it! Sometimes it’s frustrating when I think I have blogged about something interesting or creative and get zero comments or just a couple. It’s days like that I ask myself “what are you doing? No one wants to hear about your life!” But then I remind myself that the reason I decided to start a blog was so I could express myself. I may not be as talented as 98% of the other blogs outs there, but since starting my blog, I’m far more open to new ideas and I have a lot more confidence than I had a little over a year ago!

  16. Heather says:

    “Blog your passion” that is so true!! It’s awesome that you’ve inspired so many busy mom’s etc.. IMO key to keeping sanity when being a Mom is finding that outlet.. that thing you’re passionate about and JUST DO IT! And don’t expect perfection- just expect to have a blast and be a much more cheerful Mom because of it!! ok that has been my experience anyway :)

    Thanks for sharing Sarah!

  17. kari says:

    Lovely!!! This “Sweet Blogging….tips for girls” could be a whole separate blog for you tied to your current blog by the same voice and design!!!! What a fabulous idea… You already have a very devout following and I’m positive that we all would follow that blog as well ♥
    Plus… you could pick up a whole separate following of gals trying to learn how to start blogging, that would in turn roll over to your current blog!!! Love it, love it!!

  18. Erika says:

    Such a great source of advice for new and old bloggers!

  19. Amber says:

    Yeah, just what I was looking for, I have done the e course and although I found it interesting I am no powerhouse, networking, sell, sell, sell. It is just me trying new things and making new friends. This is wonderful and I am looking forward to the next bit, you do know that you can charge 100€ for this and have 500 students, as on the course I took!! (Plus thats done twice a year and they invite you back and its the same info!) Hehe you are either that type or not and I most certainly am not. Have a wonderful weekend honey. Love from sunny Palma axxx

  20. glenda b says:

    Oh, Sarah. Thanks for this series. I do not have a blog and probably never will, but is so enjoy “visiting” with you every day. I am very new to blogland, but have often wished for such an outlet. My husband and I bought a really, really old farmhouse that was in terrible shape six years ago. I would have loved to be able to chronicle our progress as we stumbled through the rehab process, but I had never heard about blogs-let alone how to do one. We live in a very rural area and my only internet connection is my Blackberry, so I will just enjoy my visits with my blogland friends and continue to be inspired by all you do. :-)

  21. Becca says:

    This was such an encouragement to me to keep going and keep my blog real, in my true voice. The temptation to be all about the commercial is so in my face, but I just want to be true to myself. Thanks so much. Keep it coming.

  22. This was all such great info! One thing I would love to do, but just can’t with two kids in college and another headed that direction, is hire someone to help me without layout, design etc.

    But maybe someday.

    Right now I will say I am just really enjoying the fact that I can share some inspiration, and that people are blessed by it. Plus it’s a great way for my extended family to see what we are up to, and how the old farmhouse is coming along.

    Keep it coming Sarah! Good on ya!

  23. Kristasta says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing your story…I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and your experience is so inspiring….

  24. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the advice! I definitely need to start posting more DIYs…

  25. Alima says:

    Great post! I want a blog so bad but I just need about 5 more hours in each day! How do you find time with kids and a house to keep up and projects you are working on?
    I am in the middle of redoing several rooms in our house and I’ve done several DIY projects that I am excited about and would love to share, but 1 – my pictures are awful and 2- I just dont have time to sit down and edit pictures, upload pictures, get them in a blog and then type about the project too.
    I tried once and I spent my sons entire nap time doing 1 blog post and got nothing else accomplished. I usually have such a large list of to do items while he naps that I cant feasibly spend it blogging everyday.
    any suggestions?? do you get quicker at it with practice?

  26. Sarah, thanks so much for the mention on your blog!! I had no direction back when I started my blog in 2005 then I found other home decorating blogs and found my way! I think we are all out here in blogland inspiring each other which is what makes it so great!

    It’s so sweet of you to offer your expert blogging advice to others!!!

  27. Hello love, great post! Can’t wait to see your tips – you know I am always on the hunt for blogging tips xo

  28. Deb says:

    Fabulous introduction Sarah, great story behind your blog and a topic I am very interested in. But them I came over all despondent when your guest advised to get a professional site designer – groannn! Probably most of us need to be able to DIY blog including use of the templates and widgets, and to trouble-shoot when there are technical problems. Once blog tipsters start talking of outsoucing, upping your stats and advertising, they lose me. So. My needs are a bit like learning to upcycle vintage finds – I have to blog with no budget and lots of elbow grease — more old trunk than stainless steel. If you can keep the info pitched at this level, like a sewing tutorial for the craft-challenged, I reckon you are on a winner! That’s my two-bob’s worth :o)

    • sarah says:

      Hi Deb

      …will be including lots of info on how to get your blog looking good with the free resources out there…x

      • Deb says:

        Thank you for your heartening reply, Sarah. I’m looking forward to learning more! Please start with headers! (The ‘top down’ approach. {Smile}

        Or better still run a BC blogging workshop {by the sea, please} and I’ll come and learn in person. Wouldn’t that be fun… except when you see how remedial I am. Yeah. Maybe not. Just yet. x

  29. Hi Sarah

    thanks so much for the tips…


  30. marylou says:

    You sure know how to “pay it forward” Sarah;-) Thank you!!

    I may attempt this one day~~


  31. What about people like me….
    that talk about the kids…
    or the wine that gets them thru the day…
    or the ky jelly?
    Do we count?
    No worries…i still love you.

  32. tanya@TEEK says:

    Hi Sarah. What a fabulous series this is going to be.
    I have a blog but I am always on the hunt for information to make it better.
    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! You are very inspiring.
    Thanks for taking the time to get Sweet Blogging Tips for Girls started.

  33. Tami says:

    I’ve been blogging for about 6 months now. I have my look, (still saving up for a fab camera), found my voice.. but it’s consistent content that eludes me. I want to write about fixing up our new fixer-upper, but then I want to write about the new and cool Etsy shop I found, and then I want to blog about the concert I went to last night, and then the awesome supper I cooked, and then about how my Husband eats yogurt with a butter knife. I can’t seem to stay on track- and if I did, I would bore myself and lose my writing mojo. But I feel like people like/need consistent topics (more or less). *That* is what has me stuck. So I just keep writing about a whole jumble of stuff. Though, maybe that is why I only have 29 followers (including myself!) ha.

  34. Lovely post! So refreshing, and I totally know the other big posts you’re talking about, and I feel the same way, “You’re teaching me how to make people drones just like you’re DOING to me right this very second!” ha!

    Thanks for taking the time to share. :)


  35. Laurie says:


    I can’t believe how perfect the timing is for this post. My husband and I took a blogging class last Saturday to prepare for the kick off our project called New Way Home. I have been following your blog for awhile now for inspiration and I think you have such great and useful ideas. We are going to do an affordable, green upgrade to our 25 year old tract home (wish we had a cute cottage with some character but we will do our best with what we’ve got) The overall guiding principle will be the 3 Rs, reduce, reuse, recycle, in that order. We want to reduce our energy consumption, water use, and waste to minimal amounts while still enjoying a quality of life that allows for time to enjoy family, friends, gardening, and free time for activities we enjoy (surfing, camping, hiking, reading, etc). Even though our home is very small we want it to be a comfortable place to gather with others for meals and conversation. I like bringing the outdoors in through lots of windows and natural light. Natural materials and low maintenance are priorities.We want to grow as much of our food as possible as well as have a small garden for children to enjoy interacting with nature. We will have plantings that encourage a wide range of wildlife and create a backyard habitat. We want to do all this while keeping in mind that this can be a demonstration home for other to learn about what can be done to reduce our impact on the planet while enjoying an improved quality of life and new found freedom through self reliance and renewed connection to nature. We are hoping to document our progress on our blog so people can learn from our successes and failures. We just started trying to figure out all this blogging stuff today so is was great to read your post today. Look forward to your ideas and suggestions to come. We need all the help we can get!

    PS – We just entered a contest for a $25,000 grant. It officially start tomorrow, March 12. It is one of these deals where you win by votes so if anyone is interested in our project please check out our entry at https://www.thegreenawards.com. It is under my husband’s name, Gary Headrick. You can vote once a day for the next 12 days. THANKS!

  36. shari says:

    I know it!… I’m just positive that you started this new blogging advice because of the email I sent you after my first attempt at your linky-Good Life Wednesday…. Go ahead, tell the truth – you just couldn’t stand one more “ninny” (that’s what I called myself)! hahhah :-)
    Well, guess not everything is about me – so for whatever reason, I am SO GLAD that this will be a regular topic! Really need to learn many things. Not so clear to us newbies on how to accomplish much of what we want! And I agree with Deb – just can’t hire a pro!
    Thanks ever so much!

  37. this is just going to be a wonderful and helpful series and i so look forward to hearing more!

    i’d love to have you discuss cameras and photoshop (if you use it and any good reference books or online sources that help guide one through photoshop)

    also, is it better in your opinion to post on a schedule or spontaneously?

    best ways to increase blog traffic

    thank you, i love that you are doing this!!

  38. kathie says:

    I saw that it was mentioned about using facebook to connect with like minded people.I am anxiosly awaiting for you to ‘friend’ me on facebook……can’t wait for you to do so..for me to get updates on your blogging…I love your site!

  39. Rhonda says:

    I enjoyed this post – your honesty makes others feel like sharing in blogland and creating your own little internet space in the world is not just possible but welcomed. I’m losing my job in a few months and will spend the next few seasons at home doing what I’ve always wanted – which is to re-do, repaint, re-organize my home! I’m excited and maybe now I’ll blog about it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  40. Michelle says:

    This is a brilliant thing to do! thank you.
    can you explain it as if you are explaning to a 5 year old so that I can begin to understand the technical aspects :-)

    Really looking forward to Part 2.

    Thanks again, M x

  41. Ronda says:

    My friend told me about blogs about a year ago and now I’m a blog whore! I never really understood why people blog?? Now I do, thanks for the info. I get what you said about taking a picture of something beautiful and focusing on the things that are good. It’s fun to read about you living in Australia which is a long way from America, seeing your beautiful ocean pictures helped me get through winter here. I will probably never have a blog but am so inspired by others sharing DIY projects and it inspires me to freshen up my home. I feel a connection with you, because like you, I love fresh flowers, pretty shoes, white couches, old suitcases and the ocean. Thank you for taking the time to share beauty and light with all of us.

  42. Loribeth says:

    Great post, Sarah! A lot of great advice that was still fun to read. My eyes roll to the back of my head too when I read those dull sites that talk about SEOs and such, but I still follow them hoping to find some nugget that will help me get my blog off the ground…

    I keep hearing that you need to send your blog to other bigger blogs and get featured, but I don’t have a clue how to do that. Could you go into more detail about that?

    Thanks! (BTW, I still think you should do a calendar of your photography and sell it. I swear I would buy one!!!)

  43. Kristie says:

    Thanks Sarah, that was informative and entertaining :)

  44. Helen says:

    Hi Sarah

    I love your blog! You have amazing style which is all the more impressive considering it’s all done on a budget. Your ‘tips for blogging’ timing is perfect. I picked up the keys for our 1926 Cottage on Friday and would love to start recording our before and after shots. Thanks for the inspiration.

  45. Thea S says:

    I have liked reading your blog for a long time but this is extra special to be sharing your blogging tips. Thanks Sarah!

  46. Rach says:

    Love your blog! Delightful images!
    Is it ok to use them with credits in my blog from Brazil?

    Thank you!
    Love it!

  47. Lisa Porter says:

    My good friend Coty Farquhar suggested I stop by for a visit. So glad I did! Your blog is delightful!
    I’m a new follower here.

  48. Thx! This was wonderful. Different circumstances (son now in college) at the young age of 47 pursuing who God created me to be!
    Off to a great start :) I have been featured on several BIG blogs (I do event designing) and have been asked to be a contributor this week for a blog in NYC Ahhhh!!! Feel so technologically behind!! So much to learn, so THANK YOU!
    I am curious how you go about offering or getting sponsers, this is my next step (gotta pay for that college *WINK*)
    PS I LOVE THE BEACH!!!!! <3

  49. Megan Malkin says:

    Thanks for your casual real-life tips, Sarah! I just found your blog, and I’m just immersing myself in the possibilities. We just purchased a lovely 1874 home, that I am beginning my cottage make-over, complete with cottage kitchen garden! Thank you for all your inspiration, stories, pictures, It encourages me, adnd my hubby is looking over my shoulder wondering what I am drooling about.

  50. Kat says:

    Hi Sarah,

    This is awesome, so many websites on how to make your blog/website successful are written from those that already understand many of the technical terms – it is great to find something written in a language not that I only understand but enjoy reading. I can’t wait to read more!

    Kat x

  51. Hollie says:

    I really just discovered home decor blogs a few months ago and had come across your blog in the early stages before I was able to invest much time. Luckily I found it again, and now I’m a subscriber. I recently decided to leave my job, which has given me opportunity to get a jump start on all the projects I’ve been thinking about. I also decided to start a blog to document my progress as well as things that inspire me.

    Thank you for sharing your blogging tips (I’ve read through the whole series now), and thank you for all the other inspirational content as well!


  52. Megan Malkin says:

    Thanks for the honest advice ladies! I’d love to blog more, and create a great page. I feel like I have more ideas than time:) I’m excited to read more of your tips.

  53. As a new blogger just getting started your blogging tips will really come handy. Thank you for sharing!

  54. Michele says:

    Alleluiah! You’re just what I was looking for. Love the beginning part about not wanting all the over the top stuff but simple tips for real mums like us. Funny, I follow you on Pinterest and didn’t know you had this also until I was googling, Centsationalgirl was the first blog I started following so I was looking to see if she wrote about how she started…and saw you talking about it with her. And Voila, I found out you started sweet blogging. I can’t wait to go home and read some more!

    I love the idea of blogging as more of an online journaling and scrapbook device. Last year, I moved in with my “partner in love” and am in the process of combining resources, all the stuff we’ve both accumulated over many years. We have 5 children combined and a busy life working and living. However, it’s a large house with plenty of projects calling my name and I’d love to document the progress thru a blog. If only I didn’t work outside the home and commute a distance…I could decorate, organize, paint and sew to my heart’s content :)

    Thank you for taking the time to document and provide information for others so that we may reap the benefits of the knowledge you’ve gained thru blogging. I appreciate it and look forward to reading more.

    Best regards,
    Michele Desmarais
    Raymond, Maine

    • sarah says:

      hello Maine and hello Michele

      Kate at Centsational Girl is a lovely generous blogger…she is someone to look to for how to monetize your blog and keep it real, I love her work!

      wow your life sounds busy!

      enjoy those projects…not sure if taking on a blog too would be even more work lo

  55. Ellen says:

    Hi Sarah! I waited a month to reach the day I had budgeted to put this baby, Sweet-Blogging, into my “Shopping Cart”. And just an hour of looking around tells me you have given us women a real gift. Thank you so much for the time, creativity and “Voice” you have placed in this course.
    I hope to learn How to set up a great Blog. In the meantime, i’ve been writing “Notes” in my iphone, taking pictures of my oh so loved one room house. (I definitely need to figure out lighting for my indoor photography.), and deciding which furniture needs a new coat of white paint for it’s debut! I’m taking shots of what I love; old white furniture, vintage white enamel, vintage ticking, ironstone, and old galvanized garden watering cans, tubs, etc. and then there’s the garden and vintage markets I’ve shopped. oh my!!!I I know Sweet-Blogging will help me launch the Blog I’ve wanted for oh sooo long. Thank you for this opportunity. I know there will be little sleep tonight! Better get my mason jar oatmeal going:)

    • sarah says:

      my absolute pleasure! I am so pleased you like it so far…I wrote it as I blog and wanted it to be real! So far that has gone down very well with those who have bought it xx

      good luck with your blogging journey :-)